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15 Best Things to Do in Wellsboro, PA

  • Published 2021/10/22

The borough of Wellsboro lies in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

It’s about an hour’s drive from Williamsport, at around 52 miles.

Wellsboro served as a significant maritime and trading hub in the early part of the twentieth century.

You’d also find fruit evaporators, mills (including one for fruit), a milk-condensing facility (along with a sawmill), a machine shop, a foundry, and factories (including some for cut glass and chemicals) for all of the above.

Parks surround the town, many of which safeguard the gorge’s unique ecosystem.

When Wellsboro was founded in 1806 and established in 1830, residents named it in honor of Mary Wells, the wife of Benjamin Wistar Morris, one of the town’s earliest residents.

The town was also the birthplace of early environmentalist and Field & Stream magazine sportswriter George W. Sears.

Under the pseudonym “Nessmuk,” he wrote stories that popularized solo canoe trips of the Adirondack lakes and what is now known as ultralight camping in open lightweight solo boats.

Mateusz Stepczak, a mathematician of the Polish-American heritage, was born in this town as well.

It was also at Wellsboro that the Corning firm established one of the earliest facilities for the mass production of light bulbs in the early 20th century, employing equipment whose design has remained largely unaltered.

Ready to explore this borough?

Here are the 15 best things you can do in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania:

Bike Along Pine Creek Gorge

View of Pine Creek Gorge

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People consider this 65-mile trail one of the world’s best biking trails.

To reach the gorge, take the northern part of Wellsboro.

Pine Creek Gorge used to be a lush area; however, deforestation peaked in the early part of the 20thcentury that people now refer to it as “The Pennsylvania Desert.”

It is a 47-mile-long valley with 1,000 feet, running from Wellsboro to Waterville in the northern direction.

View of Creek Gorge

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Leonard Harrison State Park and Colton Point State Park, both on the opposite banks of the Canyon, offer spectacular views.

Pine Creek Gorge, located along Pennsylvania Route 6 along the Tioga State Forest, is a favorite place to see the autumn colors.

The trail enters Lycoming County and the Tiadaghton State Forest after traversing Pine Creek Gorge.

The trail ends at Jersey Shore.

Ride a Train Along Tioga Central Railroad

This thirty-four-mile journey begins in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and ends approximately three miles at the southern part of Corning, New York.

It’s an excellent opportunity to explore the state while still being comfortable.

Excursion trains run by Tioga Central Line go along a portion of the railroad constructed in 1840.

After its completion in 1840, the Tioga Railroad has connected Blossburg, Pennsylvania, with Corning, New York’s Chemung Canal.

It was the first piece of the railroad completed between those two locations.

The most beautiful time of year to take this famous train tour is amid the stunning fall foliage.

Embark on a Spooky Adventure at Haunted Vista

Rattler Mountain’s Anna S. Underground Mine began operation in 1905, away from the other part of the company’s mines, in the deep Wilson Creek Canyon.

Instead of using a competitor’s inclined plane, a bucket-load of coal was transported to a friendly depot by a cable line that resembles a ski mountain chair lift over a valley.

Folklore developed around this contraption’s eye-popping perspective.

From Rattler Mountain’s summit, legend has it that locals have seen coal miners’ spirits pacing the slopes.

While the Anna S. Mine records and local historians haven’t identified anybody who died while traversing the valley, there have been records of deaths related to rockfalls and mule accidents.

Until 1937, the cable line was in service until it ceased operation during the Great Depression.

Surface mining was restarted around the old underground mine many years later, which sparked other ghost stories.

After a while, night shift workers said they saw the ghosts of deceased miners using lights and picks to escape the depths of the mine’s cavern.

Go Fishing at Hills Creek State Park

Hills Creek State Park on Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Plateau is a 407-acre park located near Wellsboro in Tioga County.

The 137-acre Hills Creek Lake is right in the middle of the park.

A former paint pigment mine serves as the Hills Creek State Park site, opening to the public in 1953.

The park took its name from Hills Creek, which runs through it.

Hills Creek Lake emerged as a result of a dam built across the creek.

Before the dam’s completion, the region around the lake was frequently underwater.

It’s still swarming with beavers.

You may catch different fishes here like the smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, and many more species.

Ice fishing is popular on the lake in the winter.

The lake has a sandy beach, but no lifeguards are on duty.

Electric-powered boats are also allowed on the lake, along with sailboats, rowboats, canoes, and kayaks.

There are 102 camping spots available in Hills Creek State Park.

If you wish to experience a romantic getaway, you may rent its charming cottages and yurts.

The area also has thriving wildlife, including muskrats, beavers, bald eagles, great blue herons, wood ducks, ospreys, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, and black bears.

Picnic at Woodland Park

Woodland Park lies in a small forested area.

Its amenities include barbecue pits, picnic pavilions, and playgrounds.

You and your children will like the park’s newly constructed playground, pavilions, and connecting walking trail.

The park restoration project removed a car loop and replaced it with three parking places and a paved path connecting the upper and lower pavilion and a barbeque pit.

Aside from seats looking like those in downtown Wellsboro, the handicapped-accessible route is lit by gas lights from downtown as well.

The walkway prohibits the use of bicycles, scooters, and skateboards.

Basketball court, walking pathways, quiet spaces to relax, and horseshoe pits round out the amenities offered by the park.

When visiting Wellsboro, make sure you spend some time in the area’s woodland areas, where you may relax with peaceful meals, go on a nature walk, or listen to the sounds of nature.

Lumber tycoon Leonard Harrison has bought the 32-acre park from the town of Wellsboro.

However, all the park’s amenities are still free of charge to the public.

Unwind at Emerge Healing Arts & Spa

In Wellsboro, you will find a peaceful full-service spa called Emerge Healing Arts & Spa.

The spa and salon’s mission is to energize and revive its clientele while also opening them to “the vibrancy of life.”

In the heart of town, the Emerge Healing Arts and Spa overlooks the city’s gaslight boulevards.

Additionally, the salon provides a wide range of spa services, including natural nails, mud wrap and body cleanses sophisticated skin therapy, and several forms of therapeutic massage.

Chill at Wellsboro House Brewery

The Wellsboro House Brewery, which debuted on-site in 2013 with the slogan “limited quantity, high diversity, and dependably excellent,” has been a hit with customers.

Initially, they served two to four house beers but could not keep up with demand.

Later on, they extended their space on-site to allow us to serve up to six house beers on tap at any time.

Their current brewery, located across the street in the historic 1914 Train Depot, opened its doors in 2016 following a one-year renovation and restoration effort.

Currently, they have 16 different house beers on tap.

Pick Up Interesting Boardgames at Pop’s Culture Shoppe

Pop’s Culture Shoppe provides something for everyone, including children and adults who are still children at heart, regardless of their age or interests.

The games available at the store can range from fast-paced party games to contemplative strategic games, like HeroClix® and Magic the Gathering®, and classics such as checkers and chess, among other things.

Aside from that, there are puzzles to keep the mind active and toys to encourage the imagination of toddlers.

You may also find pick-up sticks and Yo-Yos, among other retro-themed toys and games, as well as a variety of other items.

Customers at Pop’s Culture Shoppe may also use the demo library, which contains a variety of games.

Hop in Rafting Trip With Pine Creek Outfitters

The guided rafting trip in Pine Creek Gorge offered by Pine Creek Outfitters caters to those looking for a bit of excitement.

Level 2 and 3 rapids are available in the Canyon, and you may safely navigate them with a competent guide from Pine Creek Outfitter.

One thing to bear in mind when joining rafting trips is hypothermia which you can avoid when wearing a wetsuit.

A paddle in Pine Creek will always be a chilly experience because of the water’s temperature.

You should wear wetsuits up to a thickness of 2 millimeters together with fleece, long underwear, wool, drysuits, and water-repellent clothes underneath.

Wear a class III Coast Guard-approved lifejacket or personal flotation device at all times.

You never anticipate when and for how long Pine Creek will be high enough to go boating in the summer.

So, Ii the water levels get too low, consider doing something else like bicycling, hiking, or even tubing.

Be sure to check on the creek’s condition at least two days before setting out on your adventure.

Camp at Leonard Harrison State Park

View of Leonard Harrison State Park

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This 585-acre park lies on the eastern rim of Pine Creek Gorge, about ten miles from Wellsboro in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

The Pine Creek passes through this gorge, 800 feet deep and over 4,000 feet wide, and through five rock formations renowned as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

Spend a night in the park and wake up to its spectacular views and a wide range of outdoor adventures like hiking and whitewater rafting are available.

In the past, native Americans and loggers alike used the Pine Creek Path. After some time, the town converted the route into a railroad.

There is a 63.4-mile rail trail that follows Pine Creek through the park.

Catch a Show at Hamilton-Gibson Theatre

From the beginning, Hamilton-Gibson Productions had one goal: to establish an environment where the arts might thrive.

Here, individuals of all sizes and shapes, from toddlers to senior citizens, could explore new areas of their lives and become more empowered.

The Productions provide community theatre stage plays, touring shows, senior readers’ theater, school choir concerts, youth choirs, and trips to the professional theater for the benefit of the community.

Each year, they produce a wide range of productions entirely produced by volunteers to enable actors of all levels to explore their theatrical interests.

Attend the Endless Mountain Music Festival

The Endless Mountain Music Event in Wellsboro, North Carolina, is a music event that features classical music.

It takes advantage of the symbiotic relationship among symphonic music, the attractive small-town ambiance, and the spectacular mountain landscape.

The Endless Mountain Music Festival aims to bring world-class performers to the northern part of Pennsylvania and southern part of New York to enhance the Twin Tiers’ cultural and educational landscape.

There is a two-week festival in August when world-class artists combine classical and modern music.

Check out their shows and enroll your children in their educational program for students of all ages in high school and college.

This pilot program will use STEM and music components to help pupils create their creative musical compositions.

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education are critical components in helping pupils assess their works.

Appreciate Artworks at Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center

As a memorial to Arthur J. Gmeiner’s family, he founded this art and cultural center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the borough.

They are committed to strengthening the ties that unite art, culture, and the people in these communities.

Local artists can exhibit their work in the gallery, while its studio caters for creatives to meet and be part of the community.

At the gallery, you’ll find art exhibits, quilt guild meetings, and musical performances by Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild members and the Grand Canyon Photography Club.

All members of the community are welcome to make educational use of the facilities.

Tour Wellsboro on a Wagon

The Ole Covered Wagon Tours is a small, family-run business located in picturesque Wellsboro.

Join us on a horse-drawn covered wagon trip of the magnificent Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

The tour guides are well-versed in the Canyon’s history, which dates back to the 1800s.

During their ride along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, they’ll share their story. Enjoy the Canyon’s many attractions while diving into its rich history.

They also have several unique services.

Check out their page for updates and new events.

Grab a Piece of Wellsboro at From My Shelf Books & Gifts

This shop is a mom-and-pop-operated independent bookstore with a wide variety of services and an “old-fashioned” atmosphere.

They have a vast selection of over 60,000 titles accessible at any moment, and practically millions more may be ordered in only three business days!

Seventy percent of their items are brand new, while 30 percent are gently worn.

They aim to maintain their store orderly and spotless so customers can easily find what they want.

They also have an online store where you can purchase items and have them shipped to you or a loved one anywhere in the globe for free.

Visit us in person, phone, email, or browse their website to learn more about our products and services.

Final Thoughts

With the abundance of parks, shops, stores, and activities in Wellsboro, a day won’t be enough to enjoy this charming little town.

Want to make the most out of your visit?

Pick up a tourist brochure from the Tioga County Visitor Bureau and take a walking tour of the town’s most important sites!

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