15 Best Things to Do in Grenada

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Also known as the “Spice Isle,” Grenada is a Caribbean country known for its fantastic wildlife, beautiful nature,  rich history, and notable spice industry.

From clear blue waters of beaches to strongholds brought about by the French and even the spice plantations that once thrived here, you will find many interesting places to explore in this island nation.

Ready to discover this beautiful island?

Here are the 15 best things you can do in Grenada:

Pay a Visit to Fort George

View of Fort George
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Found in St. George, many tourists visiting Grenada stop by Fort George.

Formerly called Fort Royal during the French occupation, this stronghold has stood in its place since 1705.

Its name was changed when Britain took over the island, dedicating the fort to King George III.

View of Fort George
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From this place, you get to witness a majestic view of St. George as well as the harbor near this place.

Known as one of the island's oldest structures, you can get to know this attraction, along with other historical places, by going on a tour.

Consider stopping by this impressive fort on the island of Grenada.

Buy Spices and Souvenirs at St. George Market Square

Don’t let your holiday in Grenada end without some shopping.

The best place you can go for this activity is St. George’s Market Square.

Here, you can find souvenirs that you can take home with you, including handmade products.

Being known for its spices, you can also purchase some of them here and other fresh produce that you can consume while on the island.

If you’re interested in coming here, this marketplace can be found at the end of Young Street.

If you want to experience how busy this area can be, consider going on the weekends.

Spend Some Time at Grand Anse Beach

View of Grand Anse Beach
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The small island country of Grenada boasts of having up to 45 known gorgeous beaches.

Arguably the most popular one of them is Grand Anse Beach.

This beach stretches up to two miles, featuring pristine waters and fine white sand.

View of Grand Anse Beach
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Along the beach is a myriad of hotels and establishments that makes any tourist’s holiday more comfortable.

Looking for a home base for your adventures in Grenada?

Consider staying at one of the places near this beach.

Try Barbecue at Jam Down Jerk Chicken

Apart from delicious seafood, Grenada is famous for some delicious barbecue.

So, while on the island, don’t forget to try some out and discover just how unique and tasty their barbecue offerings are.

While many places serve delicious barbecue, Jam Down Jerk Chicken is one of the restaurants that stand out.

Don’t forget to get some amazing drinks to go with your meal as well.

Learn About Chocolates at the Belmont Estate

View of Belmont Estate
dpursoo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many people find chocolate irresistible, and in Grenada, you can find out more about this product at the Belmont Estate.

Standing for around 300 years, this plantation focuses on agritourism and features cocoa as its premier crop.

You can go on a tour to learn more about the plantation and the produce cultivated here.

The tour will show you how cocoa beans are grown, fermented, and made into the chocolate most people know about.

You can even try some of the chocolate products they offer and buy some to take home.

After taking part in the tour, you can stop by the on-site restaurant here to dine at.

You will experience an educational and fun time while at the Belmont Estate, so consider adding this attraction to your itinerary.

Play Some Golf at Grenada Golf and Country Club

Established in 1936, this golf course features nine holes that you can play through.

Given how its terrain was designed and some natural factors present in Grenada, you can test your golfing skills while you visit this place.

If you want to learn, some expert teachers are around to guide you through this sport.

Apart from learning or playing golf, you also get to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, which is just a part of Grenada’s allure.

Discover the Remnants of Dougaldston Estate

View of Dougaldston Estate
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Many people worldwide know Grenada for its rich and expansive production of spices, earning the nickname “Spice Isle.”

You can learn more about this when you visit Dougaldston Estate.

Here, you can find the ruins of what used to be a plantation and a distillation facility for nutmeg oil.

Currently, you will only get to see certain areas of the building that were once used for spice production.

Even though this estate is no longer processing spices, you can still visit this place to educate yourself about what made Grenada famous.

Additionally, if you want to buy spices, marketplaces around the island still sell them.

Go Bowling at Lavo Lanes

Bowling might not be the first activity that comes to mind when going to Grenada, but you might discover that it’s one of the best things to try while on the island.

While it’s new to Grenada, you can find Lavo Lanes conveniently along the road going to the airport.

Here, you can pass some time and go bowling in one of the eight lanes it features.

Apart from the lanes, you can also find a party area and bar on the rooftop of the building.

It’s a great attraction to head to if you find yourself short of activities to do while you’re here.

Check Out River Antoine Rum Distillery

Outside View of River Antoine Rum Distillery
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Established back in 1785, this rum distillery claims to be the oldest one in the Caribbean that’s still running.

Found in Tivoli, you can stop by River Antoine Rum Distillery and learn how this drink is produced.

The place features every facility and equipment used to brew this drink.

To get to know this art form more, you can go on a 30-minute tour and even try out some of the rum they produce.

While you can buy their products, do note that its flagship brand’s strong flammability bans it from getting on the plane.

Go on a Tubing Adventure at Balthazar River

From beaches to rivers, Grenada finds itself blessed with majestic natural wonders, most of which you can visit and have fun in.

A great activity you can do on the island is go tubing along the Balthazar River, also known as the “Great River."

Tours that will take you down this river are available both in the morning or in the afternoon.

Expert guides ride along with you to help you find your way through the rapids of the islands.

You also get to stop by a few swimming holes to relax in the water while surrounded by a great scenic view.

Surrounded by tropical rainforest, this experience will leave you in awe of mother nature’s beauty.

Discover the Beauty of Grand Etang National Park

View of Grand Etang National Park
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With all the fantastic nature-based places in Grenada, knowing where to start might be hard.

A great place to visit if you want to appreciate the great outdoors and discover the island's beauty is Grand Etang National Park.

View of Grand Etang National Park
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Here, you can find countless hiking trails that surround you with this island’s incredible flora and fauna.

You can encounter many fascinating animals here, including the popular mona monkeys.

View of Grand Etang National Park
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While here, you can head over to Mount Qua Qua, where you can witness breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.

You can also head over to the Grand Etang Lake or the world-renowned Seven Sisters Falls.

Go back in touch with nature by visiting this amazing nature park.

Go Birdwatching at La Sagesse Nature Center

If you love the great outdoors, don’t forget to stop by La Sagesse Nature Center.

Located near a private estuary, one of the most popular activities that you can do here is bird watching.

Come here equipped with binoculars, as you can see some of the most majestic birds that you can find in this part of the Caribbean.

Apart from birdwatching, you can also head over to the beach and spend some time relaxing.

Alternatively, you can also follow some of the many hiking trails that start from this attraction.

Discover the most interesting wildlife in Grenada by visiting La Sagesse Nature Center.

Take a Trip to Annandale Waterfalls

View of Annandale Waterfalls
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Grenada is chock-full of natural wonders, and you won’t get tired seeing each of them.

If you want to find one of the most beautiful falls on the island, head over to Annandale Waterfalls.

Located just a few minutes' drive away from St. John, the gorgeous rock formation that makes up this waterfall will leave you awestruck.

It is also surrounded by magnificent plants and wildlife, which makes for an impressive nature trip.

If you’re worried about getting there, you can book a tour that will guide you to this gorgeous attraction.

Head Over to Hog Island

Looking for a quiet place to rest and relax?

Head on over to Hog Island for some R&R and unwind while staying next to the island’s most amazing beaches.

If you want to visit this place, make sure to pack some amazing food and recreational items to amp up the fun.

However, if you want to try out what this palace has to offer, go on a Sunday.

While crowded, you can experience a lovely day filled with music, dancing, and food.

Interested in coming here?

You can head over to Hog Island via car from Mt. Hartman.

Alternatively, you can also take a boat heading towards this place from Woburn.

Learn About the Past at Grenada National Museum

View of Grenada National Museum
Annelis, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Apart from the gorgeous nature, the island of Grenada also went through a lot throughout history.

You can learn more about this by heading over to the Grenada National Museum.

The building housing this attraction itself has had a lot of roles throughout the years - from being the barracks of French forces to being a warehouse.

View of Grenada National Museum
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It features exhibits that share the life of the people on the island throughout history, including ones about the topics of slavery and of the spice plantation industry that thrived here.

Grenada has a lot more depth, and you can delve deep into the island’s past by visiting this amazing museum.

Don’t Miss Out on Fish Friday at Gouyave

To get the best seafood experience in Grenada, head on over to the town of Gouyave.

Tourists from around the world know Gouyave for the fresh fish catches it offers everyone on Fridays.

Many locals and tourists flock here to buy seafood and try out some sumptuous meals made from them.

Some of the luxurious seafood you can find here include lobster and different kinds of fresh fish.

Their busy Friday streets become even busier if you visit at 6 pm, which is when many activities and festivities start.

This continues early the next day, complete with live steel pan music to serve as your entertainment while you chow down on amazing seafood dishes.

Stay at Le Phare Bleu

View of Le Phare Bleu
dpursoo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking for a place to stay, consider booking Le Phare Bleau.

Apart from being a boutique hotel, this place also features a place to eat as well as a nearby marina.

Here, you can enjoy amazing meals at the hotel’s restaurant, or you can book a boat for some drinks just by the docks.

You can find this amazing accommodation at Egmont, which is also an interesting place to stroll through.

If you want to visit Grenada, staying at a gorgeous yet smaller boutique hotel like Le Phare Bleau is a must.

Final Thoughts

While in Grenada, you get to be surrounded by gorgeous natural wonders.

From pristine beaches to chocolate factories, many sights and sounds in Grenada can make your vacation here the best that it can be.

Explore this part of the Caribbean and see what Grenada has to offer

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