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15 Best Things to Do in Fredericksburg, TX

  • Published 2022/05/25

Fredericksburg is a charming town in Texas with award-winning wineries, dainty shops, outdoor attractions, impressive natural landscapes, and a national historic district.

Moreover, Fredericksburg is famed for its unique German and American culture blend because of first-generation German settlers and Americans living in the same area.

The town’s name, Fredericksburg, came from Prince Frederick of Prussia, which once was part of Germany.

Feel the authentic German spirit mingle with the American heart as you explore the wonders of this town.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Fredericksburg, TX:

Look into the Past at Pioneer Museum

Welcome sign of Pioneer Museum

Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pioneer Museum provides a detailed look into the lives of 20th-century German people in Fredericksburg, Texas.

This museum has several old artifacts to explore, from old equipment such as kitchen stoves, pots, and log cabins to preserved bedrooms, classrooms, and dining areas.

Browsing this place returns you to the past when life wasn’t as easy and as convenient.

An old wagon at Pioneer Museum

magraphy /

It’s a great way to preserve history and, at the same time, draw inspiration from those artifacts and how to improve upon them.

Do you want to know what it was like for Germans in the 20th century?

Don’t miss out on Pioneer Museum’s exhibits!

Taste Local Wine at the Lost Draw Cellars

Wine lovers should put this brewery at the top of their bucket list for their trip to Fredericksburg.

Lost Draw Cellars is home to award-winning wines which highlight Texas-inspired and Texas-grown flavors.

Opened in 2014, this wine company has managed to distinguish itself from other wines with its unique flavor, achieved only through the semi-arid climate of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Guests who want to try wine-tasting in Lost Draw Cellars can choose options that include complimentary food or solely the taste of their authentic Texas wines.

If any of the wines end up suiting your taste, you can purchase a bottle or two in their store.

Taste this one-of-a-kind local wine in Fredericksburg, located near E Park Street.

Learn about History in the National Museum of the Pacific War

Exterior of National Museum of the Pacific War

ShengYing Lin /

Situated along E Austin Street, this museum is the absolute go-to for history buffs, especially those interested in anything related to World War 2.

Built in 1967, the National Museum of the Pacific War is credited worldwide for its comprehensive World War 2 exhibit composition.

A person taking a picture of National Museum of the Pacific War's memorial walk

Malachi Jacobs /

The museum covers a wide array of World War 2-related artifacts and events—Pearl Harbor, atomic bombs, airplanes, and even original weapons used in the war.

It’s a great place to learn more about history, the events, and things that contributed to a significant turning point in the whole world.

There are videos, webinars, and guides to help you better understand the exhibits, but you’re also free to explore the area on your own with pamphlets and instruction tablets for self-learning.

National Museum of the Pacific War's memorial courtyard

Malachi Jacobs /

Relax at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park is one of Fredericksburg’s most guarded treasures when it comes to recreational parks.

With 330 acres of land available to the public, this park houses many amenities: pavilions, picnic tables, playgrounds, various sports fields, a swimming pool, and a fishing spot at Live Oak Creek.

It’s the quintessential park for people in need of some tranquility.

You can gaze at the vibrant flowers and plants and smell the fresh air of a rural town as you hike down a quiet, casual trail.

You’re also free to exercise and play with other people on the sports fields.

Visit the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park and see its beautiful scenery along Lady Bird Drive.

Feed the Animals at Long Neck Manor

The Long Neck Manor offers a surreal wildlife experience with giraffes and rhinos that you can meet and feed safely.

While you interact with their animals, the staff will teach you a bit of trivia about the animals, their declining rate, and how to conserve them.

But their most famous attraction is their so-called “giraffe suite,” where guests can stay for two nights in state-of-the-art hotel suites with the bonus of being up close and personal with friendly giraffes in a parallel location.

The minute you wake up, you can head to an overlooking view of the giraffes’ barn where you can freely greet the animals and see them in their natural habitat.

Located on Beyer Road, the Long Neck Manor gives you an interactive safari experience without the hassle of traveling to other countries.

Book a ticket and meet some of their kind animals in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Relax in the Japanese Garden of Peace

Daytime view of the gorgeous Japanese Garden of Peace

ShengYing Lin /

Inside the National Museum of the Pacific War, a garden exists that deserves special mention.

Taketora Saita designed the Japanese Garden of Peace in 1976, which served as Japan’s gift and peace offering to the Americans after the bitter fighting in World War II.

Landscape of Japanese Garden of Peace

ShengYing Lin /

It’s a beautiful garden that fully embodies Japanese culture, from the rock sculptures and koi ponds to the scenery of trees with Japanese-scripted plates and a small Japanese-looking home.

If you’re interested in Japan and Japanese gardens, the Japanese Garden of Peace is a definite go-to.

Browse Ambriz Jewelry

There’s no doubt that Fredericksburg, Texas, is home to many local artisan talents.

Ambriz Jewelry is one of the places in town that sell locally crafted jewelry inspired by their Texas spirit.

Founder Adolfo Ambriz is an internationally-known silversmith who devoted 30 years of his life to his passion, jewelry-making.

The result is a collection of intricately designed jewelry that showcases a piece of Texas culture.

From Texas stars and maps to barbed wire bracelets, bolos, coins, and many other types of jewelry, this humble shop features a wide range of materials and designs.

If you’re ever in Fredericksburg, you should check out their items and bring home your little piece of Texas.

Experience Nightlife with the Club at Barons Creekside

The grounds of Barons Creekside

Malachi Jacobs /

Explore Fredericksburg’s nightlife in style at the Club at Barons Creekside.

The place features open-air outdoor seating with fire pits, an array of lights, and umbrellas for a chic, rustic vibe.

The Club at Barons Creekside stays away from the modern trend of loud nightclub music and instead takes musical inspiration from the classics like blues and jazz.

Log cabin accommodation at Barons Creekside

Malachi Jacobs /

Meanwhile, their menu includes diverse cuisine from different countries, such as European cheese plates, Italian paninis, and American surf ‘n’ turf, while their drinks have craft beers and wines.

Expect a chill night with delicious food and drinks while their musicians serenade you with excellent, soothing music.

Play Golf at the Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course

Built in 1969, the golf course first contained only nine holes for simple golf games with little challenge.

The course expanded to 18 holes and became a landscape with difficult spots and rough grounds as it became popular.

Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course has become a premium destination for golf players of all levels.

It comprises 6,600 yards of playing area with diverse terrains, from elevated hills and simple plains to dangerous water creeks and desert holes.

Located along Golfers Loop, this course aims to provide golfers with a fun and challenging experience.

Support Local Craft in Artisans – A Texas Gallery

There are plenty of talented people in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Artisans – A Texas Gallery can prove it, showcasing artworks of local citizens while allowing them to earn additional income through selling.

It’s an excellent place to learn more about the community’s culture and tradition since many of its artists take inspiration from their lives and homes.

Browse the gallery’s assortment of craftsmanship, from ceramics, quilts, and textiles to jewelry, mosaics, paintings, and wood carvings.

Purchase a souvenir in this art gallery and support the locals in town.

You can find this museum along West Main Street if you’re curious.

Spend the Day at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Rocky hiking trail of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

srhtk /

Are you a fan of the outdoors or folklore?

If you’re either one of those, you must visit the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

With scenic landscapes and exciting myths surrounding it, this popular hiking trail has become a staple destination for Texas locals and travelers.

Close view of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area's rock formations

Roschetzky Photography /

The star of the destination—a daunting pink granite rock—is almost ethereal.

The myths that surround it vary from the granite being haunted by spirits, being a holy portal to other worlds, or it’s believed to be a lost silver mine, among many others.

One thing’s for sure: this enchanted rock makes for interesting conversation and dialogue.

Head towards Ranch Road and visit this tourist spot to view the towering pink granite.

A vulture flying over Enchanted Rock State Natural Area's summit

Paul S. Wolf /

Watch a Concert in the Rockbox Theater

Down Llano Street, you’ll find the Rockbox Theater, a cozy concert venue in the equally comfortable town of Fredericksburg, Texas.

It’s a theater specializing in homage performances and tributes to famous former musicians such as Elvis Presley and Elton John.

The venue itself isn’t the most spacious, but it provides an intimate seating arrangement where guests can fully view the performances and hear the music coming from the stage.

The Rockbox Theater also features talented musicians with prior experience in their craft.

Visit this theater to reminisce on your past favorite performers and enjoy a panoramic view of the stage.

Enjoy the View at Wildseed Farms

Exterior of Wildseed Farms' building

Malachi Jacobs /

Wildseed Farms is a gorgeous, dreamy paradise of wildflowers.

With over 35 years of wildflower production, it’s no surprise that the farm has become the largest wildflower farm in the whole nation.

Walking along their trails with a massive collection of colorful, vibrant wildflowers growing almost everywhere you look makes for a surreal experience.

Scenic view from Wildseed Farms and its lovely flowers

Malachi Jacobs /

It’s a testament to the wonders of nature, especially when it’s carefully nurtured and taken care of for decades.

There is no entrance fee for the trails, but you can purchase their flowers in-store to support the farm and keep a souvenir of the whole experience.

If you’re interested in flower-viewing, you can find this visionary farm at Legacy Drive.

Monarch butterflies on Wildseed Farms' flower

B Norris /

Admire Antiques in Larry Jackson Fine Art and Antiques

Located on the historic downtown side of Fredericksburg, this antique store is one of the best in town, having collected many antiques and artifacts over 20 years.

Inside, the store is filled with a collection of quality antiques and fine artworks, which you are free to admire.

Their collection ranges from old clocks, watches, and paintings to sculptures, lamps, and antique cabinets.

The potential story behind each antique gives it a mysterious, intriguing charm.

Visit Larry Jackson Fine Art and Antiques to see their authentic assortment of antiques firsthand.

Ride a Horse with GF Ranch Trail Rides

What else can make the beautiful scenery of Texas Hill Country even better?

Fill the landscape with the Texas staple: horses.

Fredericksburg boasts horses, too, of course.

Enjoy a nice, scenic ride in nature with the horses while one of their professional tour guides directs you to Texas Hill Country’s best spots.

Besides the gorgeous views, you can also ride their friendly horses.

Horseback riding is a different experience from typical walk hikes, perfect for guests getting tired of constantly walking during travels.

Head to French-Dahlstrom Road and give it a chance.

Final Thoughts

The German flavor of Fredericksburg gave it a unique reputation within the Texas state, which piqued the interest of curious travelers.

Still, the Fredericksburg attractions and destinations keep people interested and invested in the town.

From preserved historical sites and museums to local stores, galleries, theaters, and many others, there’s a myriad of things to do in the small town of Fredericksburg, Texas.

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