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15 Best Things to Do in Comfort, TX

  • Published 2022/03/19

Nothing in the United States is cozier than the German-settled town of Comfort, Texas, and its fine folks; but that’s not the only thing it’s known for!

“Cozy in Comfort,” as the locals call it due to its cold weather and rustic Bavarian feel, is a perfect getaway for tourists who want both excitement and relaxation.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day trip from San Antonio or access to great activities like wine tasting or shopping at the numerous antique stores, Comfort is your destination.

Comfort, Texas surprisingly has a lot of truly wonderful experiences to offer that top many travelers’ “must-do” lists.

From mountain biking at Flat Rock Ranch to camping at Pot O Gold Ranch, you’ll surely have fun here.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 15 best things to do in Comfort, Texas:

Indulge in a Serene Escape at James Kiehl Natural Area

Autumn trees at James Kiehl Natural area.

Silvio Ligutti /

There are so many hot spots to visit in and around the Texas Hill Country, but the small county park known as James Kiehl Natural area is by far one of the most interesting places you can go while in Comfort.

Situated on the Guadalupe River, this scenic region is totally different than nearby state parks like Pedernales Falls State Park and Guadalupe River State Park.

The life of James Kiehl was tragically cut short when his convoy took a wrong turn into an ambush while serving in Iraq.

Thankfully, there’s the James Kiehl River Bend Park that serves as a living memorial to him and other patriots who gave their lives during wartime.

Here, you can enjoy a dip in the clear water and have a picnic under the crystal-clear blue skies or go fishing and explore nature in all its glory with lush, dark green forests filled with stunning touches of wildlife.

Bite into Manny’s Delectable Mexican Treats

If a light, delicious Mexican meal entices your pallet, head to Manny’s Cafe, a fabulous Mexican restaurant at 7 US-87 BUS, Comfort, Texas.

It’s as if once you’re inside Manny’s, all your troubles melt away because it’s so peaceful.

If you’re looking to capture special moments with your mobile camera, you’ll find it hard to do so because you’ll not have the time needed to snap even one picture.

Ride at Flat Rock Ranch

Comfort’s secret to success is more than just a nice hideout for some pleasant day-to-day living; it also features surprisingly one of Texas’ best mountain biking trails.

Sitting in the hill country of central Texas and just a short drive away from Comfort, Flat Rock Ranch is about two hours away from Austin and about three hours from Houston but won’t take an hour from San Antonio.

Although there are 27 miles of trails, all in all, the course that the 2013 TMBRA Cat2 XC race used only consists of 19 total miles that wind through fields, hills, and through creek beds, pausing only when necessary to cross the waterway.

The ranch is a 1,300-acre haven of rugged natural thrills and has been under the care of the same family for more than a century.

Besides providing ample room to ride mountain bikes, they also raise Angora goats and Black Angus cattle.

Taste the Best Wines at Singing Water Vineyards

Founded in 1997, Singing Water Vineyards is a family-owned winery in The Texas Hill Country AVA.

It’s one of the first wineries to open up shop here and is only a short drive from San Antonio.

Their 124-acre property lies peacefully nestled between oak-studded hills, with a meandering creek adding soothing sounds to the beautiful landscape.

Singing Water Vineyards serves the finest wine that’s guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s palette, the perfect thing anyone could want before taking in the scenery around here.

The ambiance also lends itself to having fun, meeting new people, and relaxing as they have attractions fit for all ages.

And you won’t just enjoy the gorgeous views and breathtaking sceneries, but you’ll also enjoy their live musical entertainment and delicious food for drinking.

Find Your Treasure at Comfort Antique Mall

Exterior of the Comfort Antique Mall.

JustPixs /

Comfort Antique Mall occupies prime real estate in a historical landmark just off the main street in this small but bustling Texas town.

Secondhand aficionados will feel right at home among 30 quality vendors offering antique curios and collectibles galore.

Though seemingly old-fashioned, Comfort Antique Mall is fully computerized with an up-to-date inventory management system.

That lets busy shoppers peruse from afar and allows experienced dealers to keep informed about exactly who is simmering on the hook now, so you’re never left twiddling your thumbs for too long.

And while you’re browsing through their selection of items, it’s great that they always have cold water and sodas stocked on hand as well.

So if you’re looking for a place in Comfort, Texas, to shop some lightly used antiques and a few ’50s records, then Comfort Antiques Mall is the perfect location for you.

Camp under the Stars with RV Park USA

Texas is home to RV parks, where you’ll find spectacular scenery and gorgeous campgrounds for a cozy night under the stars.

One particularly stunning Texas campsite is found in Comfort, located just minutes from downtown and accessible via Interstate 10 and State Road 87.

You can enjoy some fun recreational activities during your stay, such as touring several restaurants or visiting historic downtown Comfort.

There’s the Wander’n Calf Espresso Bar and Bakery, where you can grab a cup of coffee, and you can even browse among several antique stores that are near the interstate.

It’s not the accommodating host, the pull-through spaces with a picnic table, the well-maintained restrooms and laundry facilities, or the very clean and quiet park itself that you’re going to love about RV Park USA, but the affordability that it offers is!

Stop by Wander’n for a Tasty Treat and Great Coffee

At 817 Front Street, in historic Comfort, Texas, the friendly and cozy Wander’n Calf Espresso Bar and Bakery will treat you with locally roasted coffees and scrumptious meals.

Their menu includes some tasty Kolache, amazing GF Breads, CinnaMuffin, Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese, Ham and Cheese Biscuit, and more.

They don’t only serve coffees and baked goods here, but they also serve smoothies like their Berry Pecan Smoothie and teas like Iced Matcha and Blended Chai, and Iced Caramel Macchiato, to name a few.

People usually come here for the unique blend of milk and syrups they like to customize their espressos with – just the way they like it in a laid-back environment and a cafe that feels more like they’re hanging out at home than at a hip new spot.

This quaint little espresso bar and bakery located just around the corner has plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors with a modest parking lot.

Explore More of Nature at Joshua Springs Preserve

With its 400 acres of parkland and dog-friendly enclosures, Joshua Springs Park is the perfect spot for you if you and your pet both enjoy exploring nature together.

There are benches, barbecues, shelters, and wildlife observation blinds to help you get up close and personal with feathered friends.s

For a guaranteed bite, bring your fishing pole with you and try your luck at the stocked pond (and don’t forget some catfish sense!).

Other amenities you’ll find at Joshua Springs Park include pavilions, picnic tables, grills, and many different types of facilities for holding large, small, and even group activities.

And then there’s the 3,000-square-foot Ring Mountain Event Center that sits on a hilltop overlooking the countryside, which provides 150 much-needed seating spots.

Learn Pottery and Create Your Own at Hill Country Pottery

The Hill Country Pottery has long been a pottery hub of Central Texas because it’s where you will find Hill Country Pottery – an old-time, family-owned business from Comfort, TX.

The shop’s owner, master potter Brian Burckhardt, first became renowned around 1996 when he opened his very own place called Hill Country Pottery.

There is something about being out in nature that inspires his unique style; whether it be a hilltop meadow or branching creek, the human body or form is always present in some way or another.

Brian also teaches pottery to people who are interested in learning the art of ceramic clay and exploring their creativity as an artist.

If you’re looking for a special present for someone who loves pottery (and who said only artists can make beautiful creations), stop by Hill Country Pottery when you visit the town of Comfort to get something hand-crafted to gift your loved one!

Try Amazing Cocktails at Hill Country Distillers

Name sign of Hill Country Distillers.

JustPixs /

Those who are looking for a local spirits distillery in Comfort, Texas, will enjoy Hill Country Distillers as your one-stop-shop for any and all of your spirit needs.

With their own line of craft creations like vodka, gin, whiskey, and moonshine, this location creates spirits that are as one-of-a-kind as the Lone Star State itself.

Since its inception, Hill Country Distillers has been wowing locals, visitors, and anyone in between who happens to pass through with their phenomenal spirit and cocktails.

This amazing distillery prides itself on its house-crafted spirits made with local ingredients sourced from throughout the state.

Hill Country’s diverse portfolio of craft spirits showcases a variety of the regional fruits grown in Texas, including sweet Hill Country peaches, prickly pear cactus, zesty jalapeños, and more.

Browse 8th Street Market for Some Epic Finds!

The 8th Street Market is a place where you can find all sorts of goods that can enhance your lifestyle no matter what it may be.

Housed in a building constructed from repurposed silos, (one of which dated through the 1940s!), 8th street Market is a unique space that comes complete with steel ceilings and architecture true to its origins as a local Ford dealership.

Curated and re-purposed items make up the majority of the selection, which is always changing.

Whether you want some industrial items, repurposed furniture, vintage kitchenware, or any other item that’s architectural in design, you’re sure to find something at this cozy shop on 8th street.

Make Some Art at Studio Comfort Texas

Comfort, Texas, is home to a unique group of artists and educators at Studio Comfort Texas, which you’ll find in an exclusive historic building on High Street in downtown Comfort.

The friendly studio environment combines display with instruction in art classes, catering to anyone who would like to improve their skills, including children.

At Studio Comfort Texas, professional artist Jeannette MacDougall and artist/designer Cara Hines have an extraordinary collection of gorgeous art pieces that are sure to take your breath away.

Here, you’ll find beautiful works created with a variety of different mediums, from traditional oils to handcrafted jewelry, wood burning, and so much more.

Your visit is sure to be pleasurable as you engage the bustling community feeling of Downtown Comfort and meet the amazing people behind some exceptional pieces of fine art, which can now be found at Studio Comfort Texas!

Score a Fun Night Out at the Cocky Rooster Bar

You probably won’t need to see the Cocky Rooster on a map; you’ll be able to smell it coming down the street because this place is packed with an attitude that you’re going to love!

Tucked away in what seems like an old garage, this bar boasts plenty of free parking and lovely pub grub.

They have live music for your entertainment, pool tournaments for your chances at winning prizes, darts for surefire ways of showing off your skills, and more.

If this isn’t enough entertainment for you, they have TVs everywhere, giving you even more options for fun.

The friendly staff and owners make it a welcoming atmosphere and surely an unforgettable night out.

Visit the Treue Der Union Monument and Honor the Fallen

Far side view of Treue Der Union Monument

Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Also known as the Loyalty to the Union monument, Treue Der Union Monument was constructed to commemorate German Texans who came together following the infamous Nueces massacre in 1862 and made Texas a part of the Republic of Texas stands tall in Kendall County.

People from all walks of life are welcome at this religious pilgrimage site, standing where German descendants would visit to honor the fallen soldiers.

Front closer view of Treue Der Union Monument

It’sOnlyMakeBelieve, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The “Treue der Union” monument (1866) is widely believed to be the first monument commemorating the Civil War, as well as the first Union monument ever erected on “Southern” soil.

This monument is an impressive site, flying the Star-Spangled Banner at half-mast since the moment it was made available to the public.

And now, after all of these years, the Treue Der Union Monument also made it to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places records.

Send Your Kids to Jesus at His Hill Ranch Camp

If you’re planning a vacation to Comfort, Texas, this summer and want someone to care for your kids while you explore some of the city’s finest sightseeing spots with your favorite person, consider hiring some of God’s most trustworthy servants.

When your kids come to His Hill Ranch Camp, they’re not just distributing fun activities—they’re giving the gift of real resolutions.

It all starts with a week-long stay in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, where youngsters can feel welcome and bond as part of a team, safe in the presence of caring mentors and staff.

Each day is filled with exciting adventures like riflery, horseback riding, archery, canoeing, high ropes course building, and more.

But as the days go on, campers learn lessons that matter.

They’ll soak up God’s Word at night around campfires and cabins, hearing from their cabin leader about how God is using them to change lives all over the world.

It’s an experience that helps kids gear up for school – or even better – by getting ready for life.

Final Thoughts

While many other Texas towns are popular for their museums and historical sites, Comfort has a bit of something special.

A great mix of old-fashioned stores and historical places to visit, Comfort is world-renowned as the best place to go when it comes to finding that perfect family relic or even the piece of art that completes your home.

There are things to do year-round, but don’t forget to take advantage of all that this charming little town offers in springtime – you won’t regret it!

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