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15 Best Things to Do in Cazenovia, NY

  • Published 2022/07/18

Cazenovia is a small village in New York that defies the norms associated with the famous state.

When you think of New York, you might think of busy crowds and towering buildings, but Cazenovia sets itself apart from those ideals.

The humble village of Cazenovia shines through historical sites, quaint establishments, and natural assets.

Incorporated in 1810, the village sits across the eastern shores of the beautiful Cazenovia Lake.

A trip to Cazenovia typically entails touring the sights, visiting local establishments, and reconnecting with nature.

Here are the best things to do in Cazenovia, NY:

Take a Guided Tour at Lorenzo State Historic Site

Beautiful gardens of Lorenzo State Historic Site

Jeffrey M. Frank /

Once the cherished home of Cazenovia’s founder, this Federal-style building is the village’s historic treasure.

John Lincklaen, the founder of Cazenovia, had a house built in the village in 1807.

This house became the Lorenzo State Historic Site.

His family, servants, and staff also lived in the mansion.

You’ll see remnants of their presence throughout your tour around the area.

The Visitor Center offers a chance to learn about Cazenovia’s 19th-century architectural styles.

You can also check out an impressive carriage/sleigh display.

Exterior of Lorenzo State Historic Site

Lvklock, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The center also screens an introductory video to help you understand the site and its importance to the village.

Aside from the mansion, there are beautiful gardens on the site’s outdoor grounds.

Ellen Shipman designed the pretty gardens, featuring two main areas: an elegant, formal garden and a dark-themed arboretum.

With so much to see and learn, this historic site is a splendid destination at Rippleton Road, Cazenovia.

Unwind at Lakeland Park Pier

Nestled along Foreman Street, this park/pier gives you access to the stunning Cazenovia Lake.

Bask in sweeping lakefront views, feel the cooling breeze, and unwind in the peaceful atmosphere that pervades the premises.

You can swim, kayak, and fish in the lake.

Lifeguards enforce safety protocols on the water.

Lakeland Park Pier is a lovely place that offers simple ways to connect with nature in the village.

Undoubtedly, this park is one of Cazenovia’s natural gems.

Don’t miss out on the lake’s calming effects and drop by the area.

Sip Fine Wine at Owera Vineyards

Amidst the green rolling hills of Lake Road lies Owera Vineyards, a family-owned winery in Cazenovia.

With abundant greeneries and sweeping views of Cazenovia Lake, the vineyard is already a sight to behold from the moment you step through the premises.

The vineyard was once a start-up in 2007, but they became a well-known wine establishment with assorted wines and a sophisticated tasting room.

Their perseverance in producing wines with locally sourced ingredients is at the core of their business.

You can match award-winning wines with custom small plates designed to pair well with your chosen drink.

Savor those flavors in a warm-toned, wood-embellished room with cozy vibes.

Owera Vineyards is a place to unwind in the middle of an elegant yet at-home environment.

Explore Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Inc

This park on Stone Quarry Road combines a mix of two remarkable things—art and the outdoors.

Established in 1991, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park carries a seamless blend of sculpture art within vast, open plains and a dense forest backdrop.

The sculptures present an incredible contrast to the empty plains.

From metalworks and wood furnishings to abstract art and towering structures, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park invites you to reflect on the meaning of its pieces.

There aren’t any information plaques, so making sense of the artworks lies solely in the viewers’ imagination.

Otherwise, you can choose to visit the park during summer, where they hold guided tours on scheduled dates.

Art doesn’t have to sit inside a closed museum; this fantastic park in Cazenovia proves just that.

Drink to Live Music at Meier’s Creek Brewing Company

With good food, live music, and refreshing beer, visiting this brewing company is a full-packaged treat for travelers looking to unwind.

They have seasonal menus containing an assortment of American comfort meals like chicken wings, burgers, and pizzas.

Meanwhile, their handcrafted beers feature 16 distinct flavors ranging from basic pilsners and ales to unique sour beers.

On Thursdays and Sundays, musicians play live, lifting the building’s mood.

They have both outdoor and indoor seating, but the patio gives you a peek of their brewing facility through tall, clear windows at the front of their barn.

Meier’s Creek Brewing Company features a casual ambiance, the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the restaurant freely.

See All the Attractions at Critz Farms

Situated along Rippleton Road, Critz Farms present an array of diverse farm-related attractions that all ages can enjoy.

Award-winning ciders for adults and country-side activities like animal-feeding for children are popular ventures on the joyful farm.

There are also cornfield mazes, games, and wagon rides that the whole family can enjoy together as a fun bonding experience.

They also have a “pick your own fruit” event where you’ll receive a wagon and get the freedom to gather fruits straight from their gardens.

If you get famished, you can go to a full-service cafe that offers breakfast, lunch, and early dinner meals for its customers.

You can also buy a souvenir from their gift shop in a historic barn, open from summer to the pre-Christmas season.

Finally, the farm also has tours available with an array of themes, including apple cider tours, pumpkin farm tours, brewery tours, and educational farm tours.

Whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation, Critz Farms has your back.

Reserve a Room in the Brewster Inn

The rooms in Brewster Inn blend modern convenience with vintage decor to highlight old elegance without missing out on comfortability.

Some rooms have premium amenities like jacuzzis and fireplaces overlooking views of Cazenovia Lake.

One of Brewster Inn’s top attractions is a memorable fine-dining experience.

It’s a four-course meal for two people at an authentic 1890s table inside a gazebo tucked in flowers, plants, and direct frontal views of the shoreline.

The experience offers an authentic taste of luxury dining at its finest.

It’s no surprise that Brewster Inn has won awards for its elite restaurant and splendid wine cellars.

Experience upscale, high-class lodging, even in small-town Cazenovia, with the Brewster Inn.

For those interested, you can find it along Ledyard Avenue.

Admire Local Crafts in Cazenovia Artisans

Exterior of Cazenovia Artisans

Idawriter, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to see local crafts and artworks, Cazenovia Artisans should be your next stop.

Plans for a collaborative gallery began in 2002 when Bob Hood met up with area artists to discuss an art venue in Cazenovia, New York.

What was once a dead-end alley riddled with weeds and trash has now become a cultural treasure in the village.

All the works you’ll see in the gallery are handcrafted.

Local artists within the area have created these pieces.

See sculptures, jewelry, greeting cards, and other knick-knacks knacks around the gallery.

They’re perfect for gifts, souvenirs, or other decors for your homes.

Check out this gallery to browse handcrafted arts and support Cazenovia’s artists.

They’re located along the well-known Albany Street.

Shop in Nelson Farms Country Store

At Route 20, Nelson Farms Country Store opens as a one-stop venue for all types of local products.

The origins of this store remain unclear, but it re-opened in 1886.

The store continued its operations until it expanded to its present-day version.

The current Nelson Farms is a specialty New York market with an impressive selection of grocery needs, including edible items, gift sets, and hygiene products.

They also have a tap room featuring four types of locally crafted beers.

If you’re new to New York State, Nelson Farms Country Store offers fresh products adorned with the region’s unique flavors.

Get a taste of what New York State is all about!

Play Games in Caz Sports Bowl

Caz Sports Bowl is the go-to destination for exciting games and entertainment in Cazenovia, New York.

Founded in 1938, Caz Sports Bowl was a small entertainment venue with only a few lanes.

Now, they have two types of bowling.

For example, you can try the usual and a particular kind of bowling on Friday and Saturday.

Play under neon disco lights and bubbly, retro music.

But more than a bowling venue, Caz Sports Bowl is also a restaurant, arcade venue, and bar.

Their restaurant is well-known for preparing tasty homemade meals, including the local favorite mushroom burger and antipasto salad.

This way, they’ve managed to cater to many people’s entertainment needs and tastes.

Caz Sports Bowl offers plenty of ways to have fun with families and friends.

You can find them in Carriage Lane.

See the Falls at Chittenango Falls State Park

Scenic view of Chittenango Falls State Park

Jim Vallee /

One of Cazenovia’s natural gems is the Chittenango Falls State Park.

It’s located along Rathbun Road and offers a picturesque adventure in the untamed outdoors.

A towering 167-foot waterfall is the highlight of this destination.

People believe that the waterfalls took over 400 million years to become the picturesque vision it is today.

The water flowing to Chittenango Falls State Park

Jim Vallee /

There are trails around the waterfalls that can lead you to the top of the attraction.

Take a closer look and one that leads you to a footbridge.

There’s plenty of animal wildlife and flora along the trail.

Keep an eye out, and you might find something rare.

All things considered, make sure to explore nature’s beauty in Chittenango Falls State Park.

Cascades of Chittenango Falls State Park

Jim Vallee /

Wander the Albany Street Historic District

Buildings along Albany Street Historic District

Doug Kerr from Albany, NY, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Masterful pieces of architecture line the streets of this historic district.

It has over 68 buildings, comprising mainly commercial establishments with a few residential homes.

In 1978, the National Register of Historic Places added Albany Street Historic District to its record.

Exploring these streets gives you a variety of old-style architecture, including Greek-Revival, Neoclassical, and Renaissance-Revival designs.

For those who appreciate distinctive, traditional buildings, a walk or drive along Albany Street Historic District can be a pleasant experience.

These streets have a historic charm that you won’t find in modern cities.

Catch a glimpse of the charming buildings in Albany Street Historic District.

Relax at Fairchild Hill

Along the southern ends of Cazenovia Lake is another natural destination, Fairchild Hill.

They once built a golf course on the hills.

However, people more often visit the 1.5-mile trail system that takes guests through an array of woodlands and meadows.

The trails lead you to the top of beautiful rolling hills with stunning views of the lake right across the location.

There are also historical markers scattered across the trails that you can check out while you hike through the path.

In terms of difficulty, the trails in Fairchild Hill are relatively simple.

If you’re interested, look for the kiosks behind the brown building of Routes 92 and 20, where you’ll find trail maps to guide your way.

Dine and Drink in Madison County Distillery

There are plenty of reasons to try out Madison County Distillery on Route 20.

They’re a family-owned distillery using only the finest local ingredients and top-of-the-line German-engineered technology.

With wooden furnishings and minimalist decor, their tasting room features a warm, cozy feel to relax your senses.

One of the secrets to their perfect drinks is their water sourced from limestone-filtered natural springs in Cazenovia.

You can drink hard liquors, cocktails, and local beers in the Madison County Distillery.

Couple those drinks with flavorful homemade meals from their own recipes for the whole experience.

Meet the Farmers at Cazenovia Farmers Market

Cazenovia Farmers Market connects you straight to the sources of products without the middleman.

It’s a great way to try locally sourced goods and handmade items from producers and artisans in Cazenovia.

The prices also tend to be more affordable because you’ll meet with the farmers and artists themselves.

The farmer’s market opens every Saturday from May to October at Memorial Park and a few times in winter at American Legion.

Check out agricultural produce, woodworks, baked goods, and homemade drinks at the market.

Final Thoughts

Cazenovia is a serene village with heaps of pure rural beauty and old-style architecture.

There are many great breweries, natural destinations, and a booming local scene to support their community.

It may not be a bustling city with endless attractions, but Cazenovia enchantingly wields its small-town allure.

With that said, a trip to Cazenovia will show you a good time.

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