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15 Best Things to Do in Greeley, CO

  • Published 2022/02/19

You probably didn’t know that a lot of cities in the United States have people’s names as their namesake.

Named after the American journalist Horace Greeley, a strong proponent of the “Go West” movement encouraging people to move to the frontier states, the picturesque and friendly Greeley City was one of the first planned settlements in the United States.

Greeley is considered the most populous Weld County municipality and tenth most populous city in Colorado.

Greeley blends the charm of the 1890s with 21st-century amenities in a vibrant, artistic community.

It’s as if you’ve squeezed all the best elements of every other U.S. city right into one convenient location!

Situated 79 km north-northeast of the capital city, Denver, Greeley is a very agricultural community with lots of things to do and see.

If you’re new to the town and looking to explore the area with some fun attractions, check out this list of the 15 best things to do in Greeley, Colorado, that will make your time in this astonishing city enjoyable.

Explore the Poudre River Trail

A man riding a skateboard at Poudre River Trail.

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If you’re looking for an excellent way to enjoy more of nature in Greeley, the Poudre River Trail that winds down through Windsor for a total of 21 miles is begging for your visit.

It’s a well-maintained, smooth pavement that allows people to walk, cycle, roller-blade, or jog for an exceptional experience.

Trail at Poudre River Trail.

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The trail also provides connections to other trails in Larimer County and is highly accessible from areas such as Windsor Lake Park and Island Grove Regional Park.

The Poudre River Trail has signs pointing out all of the historical sites from ancient times to the present-day within Windsor and Greeley.

Treat Yourself to Some Ice-Rink Time at Greeley Ice Haus

The Greeley Ice Haus is like a little piece of frozen heaven nestled along the Front Range west of Loveland.

You’ll find this beautiful rink in the middle of town.

There are offerings such as public skating lessons from staff and volunteers, youth and adult hockey leagues, graduations, parties, and even figure skating.

Greeley Ice Haus holds up to one thousand fans, can be set up with a mix of chairs and benches in the seating section, and has private function rooms on its upper level.

It also hosts some major leagues, including the Mountain View Skating Club and Colorado Bears Hockey League.

Discover the Magic of Island Grove Regional Park

Located only about 5 miles north of downtown, sprawling over 145 acres in north Greeley, the picturesque Island Grove Regional Park offers its visitors scenic views of the city for any event, large or small.

Island Grove Regional Park comprises 60,000-square-foot of unobstructed space for banquets, sporting events, exhibitions, livestock shows, conventions, and more.

The park’s Greeley Stampede is one of the biggest venues short of world championships, and it was created with rodeo fans in mind.

At Island Grove Regional Park, you can also take a tour of the 25,000-square-foot Exhibition Hall, the 6,600-square-foot 4-H Building, the 1,500-square-foot Bunkhouse, the 90×100 feet open-air facility Island Grove Pavillion, the Livestock Building, and Saddle and Buckle Clubs.

If you’re coming from Denver and want to visit Island Grove Regional Park, take Highway 85 north.

If you’re coming from Cheyenne and would like to enjoy a day of excitement at the park, just head south down the 85.

For either direction, the easiest thing to do is take 14th Avenue west since that way, you won’t get lost so easily.

Embrace Your Inner Child at Centennial Village Museum

A seven sided wood silo at Centennial Village museum.

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Centennial Village Museum is an impressive neighborhood playground for families, schools, and young professionals that showcases more than 35 iconic buildings.

Here, you can enjoy heritage farm animals, living history performances, shops, and outdoor spaces nestled in a scenic 8-acre village setting.

The museum is the perfect place to blend history and entertainment while embracing your inner child.

From the sugar industry of the early 1900s to Nathan Meeker’s utopian philosophies, the Centennial Village has a great history, with residents from all over the world coming to Colorado to settle down.

This peaceful and beautiful community in one of the most prosperous counties in America showcases not only the diversity and complexity of this history but also its importance in shaping the present.

Have a Blast at 2454 West

If you find yourself eager for some entertainment in Greeley, please don’t hesitate to visit the concert venue and bowling alley along 8th Avenue, known as 2454 West, for fun-filled activities.

At 2454 West Street, Chipper’s Lanes is where you can enjoy a nice game of bowling.

Located inside of this center, you’ll also find delicious handmade pizza, jumbo 1/2 pound burgers, or The BIG Salad at their restaurant.

2454 West’s Chipper’s Lanes also has an excellent series of iconic arcade machines from the latest developers and kept up with air hockey, pinball, and pool.

This amazing space also features “Live on the Lanes” series, where you can enjoy music from Spliff Tank & The Nova Kicks, Infected Rain, Neon Steve, and more.

And with a new state-of-the-art arena that boasts the latest in laser tag technology, massive amounts of both color and greenery, and brand new and classic arcade games, 2454 West’s ChipTAR Laser and Arcade is also something you’ve got to taste to believe!

Escape for the Day at HD Escape Rooms Greeley

Escape rooms are a true test of teamwork where you and your fellow players must work together to reveal clues, solve riddles, and escape the room before the time is up.

This game gives you the chance to put your wits to the test with friends in an interactive and fun environment that’ll get your heart racing as you race against the clock.

At HD Escape Rooms Greeley, you can challenge your mind in two of their newest, never-before-seen brain teasers: “Curse of the Coven” and “Out of Time.”

If you’re looking to spend a day at the beautiful Greeley with family or friends, don’t ever hesitate getting exercise and trying your hand at cutting-edge puzzles.

See Amazing Shows at Union Colony Civic Center

Front exterior of the Union Colony Civic Center.

Peter Romero, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Constructed in 1988 through private donations and public funds, the UCCC features two performance venues, the 214-seat Hensel Phelps Theatre and the 1,686-seat Monfort Concert Hall.

With more than 100 events hosted per year (thanks to dedicated local dance groups and orchestras), the UNC offers a wide variety of Broadway hits, comedy shows, and concerts.

They also host student performances from The Dance Factory, the Stampede Troupe, the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, and other regional and local productions.

In addition to being home to the performing arts, the Union Colony Civic Center is also full of awe-inducing artwork by student members of the university and around town.

Side view exterior of the Union Colony Civic Center.

David Shankbone , CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get to Know Rattlesnake Kate More at Greeley History Museum

The Greeley History Museum, located in Greeley, CO, features a wonderful learning environment that’s fun for the whole family.

Here, you will see an excitingly eerie collection of rattlesnake-skin apparel from the 1920s and learn more about Rattlesnake Kate, who made these extremely rare pieces almost 100 years ago.

The museum stays on top of its game by hosting professional touring exhibits throughout the year.

This museum also has a room where one does not only solve a murder mystery but also get to read about some of the more notable crimes in Greeley.

Hit Weldwerks for Greeley’s Best Beer

You’re going to find Weldwerks Brewing Company one of the most admirable breweries in all of Colorado.

They offer an incredible set of beers, ranging from at least seven different IPA varieties to stouts and sours.

The refreshing taste of their draft offerings will have you hooked from the very first sip because these brewers have a refined palate, so they can make anything they make-every flavor just bursts with flavor.

Its upbeat atmosphere makes you feel like you have just stepped into a happy oasis.

If there was ever an excuse to go to Greeley, then this pint-full brewery is it!

Join the Stampede!

A man riding a horse at greeley Stampede.

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The Greeley Stampede is a very community-minded organization that manages the stadium in Island Grove Regional Park and provides citizens from all over Northern Colorado and visitors with activities and chances to have fun with family and friends.

The best events at the Greeley Stampede Grandstand include the Greeley Stampede, a Colorado celebration for western enthusiasts.

A downed bull rider at greeley Stampede.

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The Greeley Stampede is a popular 10+ day summer event held in Greeley, CO.

There are multiple activities you can take part in, including the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame museum, outdoor music series, American Bullfighting, PRCA rodeo, a large midway carnival with food, and all sorts of rides, vendors, and even more fun activities for kids.

It is here where you’ll also see the Greeley Independence Day Parade and other P.R sponsored events that promote youth involvement in rodeo programs and entertainment, attracting visitors from across the state.

Horses at greeley stampede.

Colorado Senate GOP, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Reach the Heart of Art at Showcase Art Center

Artists and art lovers flock to Colorado with its awe-inspiring landscape; but the Showcase Art Center and gallery stand out as a centerpiece for the artistic community right downtown in beautiful Greeley, Colorado.

The breathtaking artist Colette Pitcher owns this well-known lovely gallery space that displays some of her fantastic works and other local artists.

With a lifetime of art-making expertise, she has Jr. Art Shows, received numerous awards, run popular galleries, created art for public spaces, and is a notable member of the Colorado Watercolor Society.

Here, you can buy her wonderful art pieces, from paintings such as Angelique and Monarch Iris to sculptures and prints.

The artists at Showcase Art Center also offer framing, a service that helps your artwork blossom into the best it can be.

Colette also generously teaches her wealth of knowledge in all her classes, which are taken by very many people.

See Live Shows at Moxi Theater

Moxi Theater is a nice concert hall at 9th Street in Greeley, Colorado, that you definitely need to check out when you visit Greeley.

If you want even more than music, you can yet book your event from weddings, parties, conferences, or concerts to the theater here.

In addition, the staff here will treat you like family, and there are clean venues that offer a good sound system for all attendees of any concert taking place at this great place.

The bar area has TVs with a view of the stage, so it’s great for chatting up friends and catching any opening acts for the bands about to go on stage.

Not only are the parking lots of Moxi Theater well lit, but there are many bars just outside playing a variety of music and other establishments that sell pizza if you aren’t yet ready for the night to end.

Peek into a Miniature World of Wonder at the Colorado Model Railroad

A model railroad at Colorado Model Railroad.

Morn the Gorn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Model trains are small while trains are big. So it’s always cool to see a model of something.

One such place is at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum.

As you can imagine, when it comes to model railroads, this one is absolutely huge, with an entire 5,500 square feet of space dedicated to showcasing its extensive collection.

Miniature train model at Colorado Model Railroad.

James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You’ll find the museum at 680 10th Street, Greeley, Colorado, filled with hundreds of interesting features that make this a must-see attraction.

The museum houses thousands of handcrafted items, including 28,000 handmade trees, 80 scale miles worth of vintage train track, and 500 scale locomotives.

And make sure to check out the 1919 Colorado and Southern caboose, too.

Rails model at the Colorado Model Railroad.

James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy a Day of Excitement at Greeley Family FunPlex

Twin Rivers Community Park is a unique kind of community park, but what makes it even more amazing is its location next to Greeley’s first family fun center.

Not only can you enjoy fun activities at the FunPlex, but you can also take advantage of all kinds of other amenities.

You have the grassy areas around FunPlex for picnicking and shelters to accommodate friends and families when playing sports.

There’s even an amphitheater where you can rest after competing in any such activity and trails that facilitate exploration.

Greeley Family FunPlex also has a trendy toddler and baby section in terms of its appeal to small children.

This area is visually pleasing for the kids and offers them several options for play.

Take in the Sights of Glenmere Park

In 2000, Greeley’s Glenmere Park became a historical landmark with amenities for locals and visitors.

The park’s landscape architect W.W. Parce of Boulder created the vision for this park as a part of the City Beautiful movement in the early 1900s, which aimed to improve city living through more natural beauty.

With trees surrounding this particular area and pathways winding around ponds, it gives off a warm, fatherly vibe.

Glenmere Park is a top choice for camera enthusiasts, hobbyists, and picnickers.

With its picturesque landscape and stunning gazebo overlooking the lake, it’s no wonder that Glenmere Park has been the location of so many photoshoots.

While beautifully maintained, the quaint park is relatively quiet, making it an ideal spot to relax while enjoying nature in a town that rarely sees such gorgeous settings.

Final Thoughts

Greeley is a popular Colorado travel destination best known for its Agricultural significance in shaping the state.

Its famous landmark monuments and natural wonders are known for their unique beauty, which captures the attention of countless people who visit this city year after year.

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