15 Best Things to Do in Frisco, CO

Frisco, CO
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“Main Street of the Rockies” – this is what most people call the mountain town of Frisco.

Located in Summit County, Colorado, Frisco earned its famous nickname because of its delightful downtown.

Frisco is also world-famous for being one of the best getaways for different kinds of outdoor adventures.

Here, you can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, sailing, camping, and many more.

There are diverse activities for different seasons – a total outdoor fun destination all year round.

If you want to treat yourself or your family to a unique and fun-filled outdoor travel, you have found the answer.

Here are the 15 best things you can do in Frisco:

Visit Frisco’s Main Street

Main street in Frisco
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Frisco is popular for its naturally beautiful mountains and fun outdoor activities and charming Main Street.

Aside from admiring its charm, there are so many things you can do while walking around Main Street.

If you are a fan of shopping, there is a wide variety of shops to choose from – boutiques, music, even wine, and liquor are all within easy reach once you are around Main Street.

Here are some of the shops you should visit on your Main Street walk.

First off, The Flying Crane Boutique.

This local women’s clothing boutique has been part of Main Street’s shop collection since 1998.

The Flying Crane boutique specializes in combining style and comfort with all of its high-quality jeans, leggings, dresses, shirts, jackets, shapewear, and handmade accessories.

For music lovers out there, you should definitely add Libby’s Old School Records to your shopping list.

Here, you can find vintage vinyl and stereo records you can add to your collection.

This old-school record store will surely take your trip to the next level.

Another Frisco classic you should stop by is Antler’s Liquor and Wine Cellar.

For over three decades, Atler’s has been serving high-quality wines, beers, and spirits.

With 850 beers, 2,500 wines, and 1,700 spirits in their selection, you can surely find one that will suit your taste.

Snack on Sweets at Foote’s Rest

The best way to end a trip is to end it sweet.

You might want to fulfill your sweet tooth dreams at Foote’s Rest.

This old-fashioned sweet shop will surely take you back to your childhood with its candies and treats.

Your favorites wax lips, candy buttons, candy necklaces, Necco wafers, and Willy Wonka Candy are all available at this sweet shop.

They also make the best homemade fudge and ice cream.

Aside from the retro candies and other good finds, this sweet shop’s story is also something that you would not want to miss.

Explore Frisco Adventure Park

Just a few minutes away from Frisco’s charming Main Street, you can find Frisco Adventure Park.

True to its name, this is the best place for you to start your outdoor adventure.

You will never run out of outdoor activities to choose from, such as snow tubing, hiking, biking, and skateboarding.

You can also try its beginner ski and ride hill, and disc golf.

No matter how tiring these activities may be, Frisco Adventure Park’s natural, picture-perfect landscape will certainly leave you relaxed and amazed.

This park is perfect for people of all ages.

Water Fun at Frisco Bay Marina

Frisco Bay Marina
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Frisco became popular for its ski resorts, but it also has something in store for water lovers.

From hiking to skiing, it is now time for some water adventure!

On the eastern end of Frisco’s Main Street, you can find the pristine Frisco Bay Marina.

With its natural, picture-perfect view of how Dillion Reservoir meets the mountains, you will surely have the perfect moment to relax.

Entrance to Frisco Bay Marina
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Aside from its beautiful view, this place also offers many activities, such as canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

If you are new to these activities, you can try attending lessons or go on guided tours.

For guided kayak tours, one name is popular for the locals – Adventure Paddle Tours.

Their tours are carried out on tandems.

You will be paired with experienced and fully certified guides.

In Frisco Bay Marina, you can also go fishing!

Boats are available for rent.

For powerboats, there is a limit of 5 people per boat.

There are also pontoon boat rentals if you are looking for a boat that can accommodate more people.  

Up to 10 to 18 people can ride these boats.

Amazing views and activities – you can enjoy these at Frisco Marina Bay.

Join Frisco’s Festivals and Challenges

Frisco is also known for having unique challenges and fantastic annual events.

If you visit right on time for these events, you should definitely join them!

The town of Frisco hosts the popular Colorado BBQ Challenge.

If you are the biggest BBQ fan, this Colorado summer tradition should be on your travel list.

You can witness the competitors’ face off in different categories, such as Anything Goes, Sauce and Salsa, Side Dish, and Dessert.

But before the competition starts, you can enjoy the free concert and dance with street performers.

If you want to visit Frisco during the winter, there is another world-famous event for you to try.

Known to be the longest-running Nordic event in Colorado, Frisco Gold Rush Nordic Races is something that you should look forward to.

This event is open for racers of all ages and skillsets.

They are also free to choose between classic and skate races.

Aside from the amazing races, Frisco Gold Rush also preserves and celebrates Nordic culture.

Try Two Below Zero Sleigh Rides

Here is another unique experience you should not miss on your Frisco trip.

If you are looking for another way of adoring Frisco’s Rocky Mountain landscape, you should definitely include Two Below Zero in your itinerary.

This place will offer you a one-of-a-kind sleigh ride along Frisco Peninsula.

This is best for those traveling with their family and friends because a private sleigh ride will be waiting.

At night, you will be delighted with the night sky's magical view.

In the morning, you will have a clearer view of the snow-capped mountains highlighted by the sunlight.

Your unique experience would not be complete without Two Below Zero’s famous hot chocolate.

This will make your sleigh ride extra magical.

Wander Through Frisco Historic Park and Museum

Frisco Historic Park and Museum
Elkman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Before trying out the famous outdoor activities Frisco has to offer, it would be nice to get to know the history of this mountain town first.

Frisco Historic Park and Museum is an actual park dedicated to preserving and presenting the local history of Frisco.

This place will surely give you a chance to travel back in time as you explore its 11 historic buildings with different photographs, artifacts, and exhibits.

You can also book a tour or a guided hike.

You can even attend special events and regular lectures.

Another great news: There is no admission charge to visit Frisco Historic Park and Museum.

Break Free From Frisco’s Escape Room

Are you a fan of the “Escape Room” movie?

If so, it is now your chance to finally try it for yourself.

With Friso’s Escape Room, you have the opportunity to be the main character because all the themed rooms have different backstories that will help you solve this interactive puzzle.

Locks, hidden items, clues, and secret compartments – these are just some of the things you must take note of to escape the room before time runs out.

Frisco’s Escape Room has three different themes to choose from.

If you are a fan of heists, Finders Keepers is the one you should try.

It was set in 1908, and your goal is to sneak into a classroom and steal the watch without the kids seeing you.

If you want to travel back in time and help investigate a murder, Dueces Wild awaits you.

Here, your task is to locate the murder weapon to catch the bad guys before they successfully skip town for good.

For the last room, A Winter Fall, you need to find a missing agent and identify those responsible for the agent’s disappearance.

All these rooms can accommodate 2-8 players at a time.

It is a fun activity you can do with your friends and family.

In Frisco’s Escape Room, you can be the star of your own action movie.

Eat Out at Frisco Prime

True to its name, Frisco Prime is truly first-class.

A sister restaurant to Vinny’s, this is also another name for Frisco Prime.

It is the most recent creation of Vincent Monarca, who also manages Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant.

Frisco Prime uses organic ingredients straight from the farms.

Rest assured that the dishes are all flavorful, fresh, and had-crafted.

They are serving both Vinny’s and Frisco Prime menus 7 days a week.

You can also enjoy fresh food in a fresh al fresco setup.

Experience Copper Mountain’s Activities

Ski lift in Copper Mountain
Steve Boice / Shutterstock.com

Copper Mountain is a resort best known for having naturally divided terrain of about 2,527 acres that allow skiers and riders to enjoy the mountain.

If you are a beginner, Copper Ski and Ride School would definitely love to assist you.

They have a wide terrain for beginners and award-winning instructors to ensure that your experience is safe and fun.

Professionals also have something to look forward to in Copper Mountain.

Copper Mountain
James Doss / Shutterstock.com

Woodward Copper Barn’s 19,400 square foot facility is dedicated to experienced and expert guests.

Copper Mountain may have been world-famous for skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing in Copper Mountain
Steve Boice / Shutterstock.com

You can ride their American Eagle lift and Woodward Express lift.

These two will show you breathtaking views.

Of course, your visit would not be complete without souvenirs.

Copper Mountain has shops where you can buy gifts and other crafts to remind you of your fantastic experience.

Dine at Vinny’s

After all the fun and exciting activities, it is now time for a delightful food adventure.

Vinny’s Euro-American restaurant serves a wide variety of Euro-American cuisine.

Their dishes are homemade with fresh and natural ingredients.

This fine-dining restaurant is known as one of the bests in Colorado.

The balance in the flavor of the dishes makes it stand out among other restaurants.

Other than that, the ambiance that Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant offers is really world-class.

For an enjoyable dining experience, Vinny’s is the place to be.

Visit Frisco Nordic Center

Another world-famous place for outdoor fun is Frisco Nordic Center.

Like Copper Mountain, it offers a lot of activities to choose from.

Aside from that, you can expect that the trails are all well-groomed.

A total of 30 km of trails are open for people of all skill sets.

If you are a first-timer who wants to learn new things, you can try their ski lessons that take around an hour.

Frisco Nordic Center makes sure that you enjoy all their activities at your own pace.

You can either rent gears or bring your own.

You will surely enjoy skate-skiing, classic cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing while admiring the fresh and flawless view.

Grab Your Breakfast at Butterhorn Bakery and Café

Since Frisco is known for its amazing outdoor activities that may drain your energy, it is a great idea to grab an amazing breakfast that will set the mood for the day.

For that, Butterhorn Bakery and Café will surprise you.

It has been the local’s and tourist’s favorite spot for breakfast for over 40 years.

All of their recipes are handmade.

Even the fresh and soft bread and goodies are baked daily.

They also have the best cappuccino and lattes!

If you want to try cocktails, they also have a bloody mary and bubbly mimosa.

Enjoy an unforgettable breakfast experience at Butterhorn Bakery and Café.

Relax at Meadow Creek Park

Meadow Creek Park
D BREW, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After all the tiring adventure, Frisco would not let you leave exhausted.

One of the perfect spots to chill and relax is Meadow Creek Park.

This park has a pavilion, a grill, and picnic tables - perfect for those who are traveling together with their families.

Aside from that, it also features a small playground and a pond.

During summer, tourists can fish in this pond.

In winter, some try to ice-skate – only when it is safe.

Meadow Creek Park will give you the breath of fresh air you need.

Glassblowing at GartherHouse

Still located at the heart of Frisco, GartherHouse is ready to help you acquire a new skill on your Frisco trip.

With this studio and gallery in one, you are free to choose whether you want to admire their amazing collections of handmade glassware, lighting, vases, ornaments, and sculptural pieces.

You can even make some yourself!

You can attend their classes and learn from the best artists in Frisco.

In these classes, students will assist John Hudnut, the studio’s owner, in making a large piece of glass.

After that, John will assist the students in making their own glassware.

The good news is that the students also get to keep their masterpieces!

If you want to learn more about the art of glassblowing, GartherHouse will make that happen.

Final Thoughts

Whether it be an outdoor adventure and a scenic destination,  you have all the reasons to add Frisco to your travel wish list.

Do not miss out on the fun all year round!

You deserve a once-in-a-lifetime adventure Frisco has to offer.

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