20 Best Things to Do in Fountain, CO

Fountain, CO
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The city of Fountain is in El Paso County, Colorado, bounded to the north by Denver and the south by Pueblo.

Fountain is full of charm and old western appeal, and it's known for its natural scenery and proximity to many parks.

Day visits to adjacent places such as Colorado Springs are another fantastic way to experience and discover more about the neighborhood.

It's where travelers will find great dining, accommodation, and all types of recreational activities.

Are you curious about this city?

Here are the best things to do in Fountain, CO:

Admire Nature at Fountain Creek Regional Park

The waters of Fountain Creek Regional Park
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Fountain Creek Regional Park is a park with a land area of approximately 460 acres.

Fountain Creek Nature Center, Hanson Nature Park, and Willow Springs Ponds are part of the park.

Trail lined with trees at Fountain Creek Regional Park
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Fishing is permitted in the regularly stocked Willong Springs Ponds.

The Nature Center, located south of the ponds, is a great place to learn about Fountain Creek, the river basin, and its ecology.

The Duckwood active play area, located further south, is a 12-acre complex featuring a playground, picnic areas, and multi-purpose grounds.

A sunflower at Fountain Creek Regional Park
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Try Burritos at the Last Drop Coffee Shop & Café

You're in for a treat because Last Drop Coffee Shop serves tasty snacks, soups, breakfast burritos, and sandwiches.

This café also offers locally made baked goods.

Aside from the delicious food, you will want to return because of the shop's peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

This place also has a great selection of drinks and desserts.

Don't miss out on this hidden gem around Sante Fe Avenue, Fountain City.

Have a Nice Picnic at Metcalfe Park

The 54-foot gazebo in Metcalfe Park is in the center of the park, near Skate Board Park.

Metcalfe Park is a lovely spot for gatherings and appreciating Fountain's great community.

A range of activities such as skateboard courts, dog parks, pump tracks, horse riding facilities, and playgrounds give everyone lots of action and pleasure.

Metcalfe Park Pavilions 1 and 2 include electricity, tables, and grills.

Metcalfe provides party pavilions and a gazebo for celebrations and other occasions when the weather permits.

Grab a Drink at Peaks N Pines Brewery

Peaks N Pines is a welcoming and comfortable spot for beer fans, veterans, and novices, to savor a fine craft brew at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Peaks N Pines typically offers ten to twelve seasonal and trademark beers in-house, so there's something for everyone.

Peaks N Pines delivers great beer to beautiful people out of the passion of four beer lovers.

Their staff provides a high-quality experience for customers, starting with a beer crafted with the finest ingredients.

Peaks N Pines Brewing Company has a resident food truck, Brewside Eatery, stationed on the northern side of the brewery.

The truck serves a broad and rotating range of premium bar cuisine!

Brewside Eatery's superb cuisine is available in the bar or to-go-to complement Peaks N Pine's fantastic beers.

Peaks N Pines Brewing Company is the ideal location for your next birthday, party, or event, with private spaces in both taprooms.

Play at Cross Creek Regional Park

Scenic view of Cross Creek Regional Park
CaroleHenson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cross Creek Regional Park, with an area of around 59 acres, has many amenities.

Among the amenities are a restroom or concession facility with an adjoining pavilion, a playground, multi-purpose fields, and trails.

You can also find the Cross Creek BMX track, Hale Reservoir, and an open area.

Reserve the pavilion and field so you can have them all to yourself.

Paid bookings guarantee exclusive access to the reserved amenity.

Alternatively, park visitors are asked to share the space allocated for their enjoyment.

The Park is also a birding hotspot, with more than 170 bird species documented!

Visit the Cross Creek Regional Park to unwind and enjoy the lovely view with your loved ones.

Savor the Finest Pizzas at All Star Pizzeria

John Farkas and his three children own and operate All Star Pizzeria.

They've built their own private heaven where family and great pizza come first.

Look no further if you're seeking an activity for the entire family.

Drop by, say hi, and try one of their high-quality pizzas created with only the finest ingredients.

Remember to grab their specialty pizzas and great deals and discounts.

Play Games at Aga Park

Aga Park is the longest-standing park in the city.

Two covered pavilions, a wide multi-use field, and play structures are all accessible at this park.

The additional features include picnic spaces with grills, a basketball court, tennis courts, refreshments, and a ball field.

This area also hosts recreational young flag football matches.

The splash pad is perfect for kids' parties because it is proximal to party pavilion 1.

Besides electricity, pavilion 1 contains four tables and a grill; it's also closest to the toilets, concession stand, and splash pad.

Learn Disc Golf at Jimmy Camp Disc Golf

Jimmy Camp Disc Golf is an easy walk with 18 short holes.

This is an excellent course for beginners and family outings.

It's an excellent course for advanced players wanting to work on their short game.

The golf site is conveniently located along Jimmy Camp Road at Fountain, Colorado.

The golf course is an ideal avenue to learn the sport, with multiple settings for each hole.

Enjoy a peaceful day at Jimmy Camp Disc Golf.

Go Bike Riding at Adams Open Space

Adams Open Space is a beautiful space that offers a dog walk and a crushed rock trail suitable for strollers.

The park is a lovely place for toddlers and adults.

Other fun activities at the Park are bike trails, a boardwalk, a playground, and tree climbing.

Take a breather and enjoy quality time with friends and family at Adams Open Space.

Take a Relaxing Walk Around Fountain Mesa Park

Fountain Mesa Park of Fountain city features two soccer fields with one bathroom.

This incredible park has everything from a pavilion to a large field, to a skate park, to a playground for the kids.

The facility is well maintained and taken care of.

Pavilion 1 is closest to the playground and has two tables and seating benches.

Pavilion 2 is closest to the parking lot and has two tables and seating benches.

Watch Car Racing at Pikes Peak International Raceway

Far view of Pikes Peak International Raceway
Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you're into car racing, the best place to go is Pikes Peak International Raceway on Midway Ranch Road.

Opened in 1997, the racetrack hosted several races, including the Indy Racing League, as well as the two NASCAR series.

Car shows and festivals are also held at the racetrack, including the Slush Festival and the Festival of Lights.

The racetrack can seat up to 40,000 spectators; featuring a drag strip, road courses, banked and flat oval, outbuildings, and more.

If you have your own vehicle, Pikes Peak International Raceway has programs for drivers like you!

Join Yoga Classes at Zenner Yoga & Healing

Injuries, traumas, and all other hindrances to your overall well-being are carefully managed by Zenner Yoga & Healing on East Ohio Avenue.

The studio offers classes for skill levels—meaning, even when you're a beginner, you are in good hands.

It hosts different yoga classes in a comfortable and relaxing setting; giving you more time to focus on yourself without the noise from the outside world.

It's like a quick escape from the real world, which gives you better feelings afterward.

Zenner Yoga & Healing also hosts special group classes—both online and on-site.

Buy Fresh Produce at the Fountain Community Metcalf Park Market

Lots of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants are on sale at the Fountain Community Metcalf Park Market.

Located in Metcalfe Park, the market features local vendors and artisans selling their own products.

There will be homemade jarred products like jams and jellies, handcrafted jewelry, paintings, cards, delicious food, baked products, and a lot more.

So, if you're in Fountain sometime in August to September or October, support the local businesses at the Fountain Community Metcalf Park Market.

You might find something special for yourself or for your loved ones back home!

Read a Book at the Fountain Library

The Fountain Library is part of the Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD); a perfect spot for traveling bookworms who can't let a day pass without a reading session.

Though small, the library holds a great selection of books, e-books, magazines, music, movies, audiobooks, and many other helpful resources.

It also hosts several programs, events, and contests such as Poetry, Art, and Reading Events for kids, teens, and adults.

Its reading nooks are comfortable enough for you to spend an hour or two of reading sessions while in Fountain.

The history of the Fountain Library and the PPLD can be dated as far as October 1885.

You can find the library on South Main Street.

Grab Delicious Barbecue at Colorado Smokehouse

If you're a barbecue buff, you can satisfy your umami cravings at Colorado Smokehouse.

The restaurant serves mouthwatering mesquite-smoked barbecue in many varieties and daily specials in a simple, family-friendly setting.

Its delicious brisket, burnt ends, hot links, and ribs, among others are popular.

Also, it serves delicious sauces with your choice of flavor; from sweet, spicy, or Carolina vinegar.

Colorado Smokehouse also hosts special events and catering.

You can find it off Camden Boulevard.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Look at Breathtaking Views at the Garden of the Gods

Welcome sign of Garden of the Gods
John Hoffman / Shutterstock.com

In one spectacular stop, achieve nirvana at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Garden of the Gods Park has been designated as a National Natural Site, located just 26 minutes away from Fountain city.

Imagine 300-foot-tall sandstone layers of rock against a background of Pikes Peak covered with snow at the top of a clear blue sky.

Scenic view of Garden of the Gods
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With all-new interactive displays, this international Visitor & Nature Center and the exhibit is the most frequented tourist spot in the area.

The Geo-Trekker cinema experience, screened every 20 minutes, will teach you how the beautiful red rocks were formed.

While dining in their glass-enclosed café or on the patio facing the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, take in one of the state's favorite photographed sights.

A trail at Garden of the Gods
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Listen to Live Western Music at the Flying W Ranch

The Flying W Ranch, founded in 1947 as a highland cattle ranch, evokes the romantic atmosphere of the Old West.

The Flying W Ranch opened its doors to eleven guests in 1953.

Since then, their guests have numbered over 1,400, becoming one of Colorado's top popular tourist attractions.

See the famed Flying W Wranglers, the world's longest active Western musicians, perform after a western Chuckwagon meal of roasted meats and all the fixings.

More than seven million people across the globe have been entertained by the band's three-part vocals of timeless open-range classics, great accompaniment, and pure bunkhouse comedy.

The Ranch is available for special events, parties, and gatherings throughout the year, such as the summertime Chuckwagon.

In December, there are special Christmas performances.

Visitors visiting the historic ranch will see red rock formations, ranch animals, and hiking paths.

Check out historic Old West exhibitions such as Navajo rug making, metal works, and horseshoeing.

At the Flying W Ranch, the Old West's traditions and romantic spirit carry on.

Explore Regional History at Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Exterior of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
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The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) is dedicated to protecting and promoting the cultural past in the Pikes Peak area.

It achieves this goal via creative displays, educational engagement, activities, and the conservation of its object and archive collections.

Each exhibit makes a significant contribution to Colorado's history.

Likewise, the museum has arranged these artifacts chronologically, around ten each decade.

Interior of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
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They also include a non-circulating book collection and a Special Collections and Records of the CSPM, kept in the Starsmore Center for Local History.

It comprises manuscripts, pictures, ephemera, maps, and plans.

The collection focuses on the Pikes Peak Region's widely diversified history and culture.

They actively look for resources to help you better understand the community's history.

Plan a family field trip to Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, just around 15 minutes from Fountain.

Prepare to be amazed by the in-depth stories this place offers.

Exhibit in Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
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Get Some Exercise at North Cheyenne Cañon Park

A person with his bicycle at North Cheyenne Canyon Park
R McKown / Shutterstock.com

In North Cheyenne Canyon, summer is a favorite period for recreation.

North Cheyenne Canyon Park is a small park on the southwest edge of Colorado Springs, an 18-minute drive from the city of Fountain.

Find mountain lions, mule deer, and black bears at this 1,600-acre park.

Likewise, see the small water birds like the broad-tailed hummingbird kingfisher and American dipper.

The Daniels Pass Trail System, about seven miles long, is now operational in North Cheyenne Canyon Park.

The beautiful helen hunt waterfall at North Cheyenne Canyon Park
Jean Faucett / Shutterstock.com

Tourists can drive, walk, or cycle from the canyon's entryway to Helen Hunt Waterfall.

The road of North Cheyenne Canyon continues past Helen Hunt Falls until it comes to a halt at Gold Camp Road.

Bikers, climbers, and joggers may access more routes from a vast parking space.

Red canyons at North Cheyenne Canyon Park
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Meet the Animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Welcome sign of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
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Connect with the animals, feed them, pet them, and take photographs with them, so it's more than simply watching.

Visit for family enjoyment, featuring up-close encounters and animal demonstrations to a spin on the carousel or the Mountaineer Sky Ride.

You can see new exhibitions, participate in entertaining activities, and visit destinations to keep you occupied.

Giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Meet creatures from around the world at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

You may also hand-feed the majestic giraffe herd at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, among the biggest in the United States.

Visit Rocky Mountain Wild to see native animals such as prowling mountain lions or swimming grizzly bears.

A meerkat at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
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Final Thoughts

Plan your trip to Fountain City, Colorado, and set aside time for your next exciting getaway.

Visit parks, exhibitions, and restaurants in the city.

You may participate in both daring outdoor and peaceful indoor activities during the day, making your vacation memorable.

Book your Fountain trip today!

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