15 Best Things to Do in Broomfield, CO

Broomfield, CO
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Like other cities and towns in Colorado, Broomfield has a rich railroad history.

Its development intertwined with the growth of the railroad, with several rail companies establishing themselves in town.  

In 1873, the Colorado Central Railroad laid down a narrow-gauge line from the Broomfield area to Golden.

The Denver, Utah, and Pacific Railroad arrived eight years later.

Then, Denver, Marshall, and Boulder Railway built Broomfield lines in 1886.

The railroad has deeply influenced Broomfield that its first name was Zang’s Spur, because the railroad spur crossed Adolph Zang’s grain fields.

Today, the city sits on a stretch known as the “technology corridor” along US 36.

Its proximity to Denver and Boulder has also attracted major tech companies, driving its economy by drawing in professionals needing a short commute.

Do you want to know more about Broomfield, CO?

Here’s a list of the best things to do in the city:

Shop ‘til You Drop at FlatIron Crossing  

Shop at FlatIron Crossing  during Halloween
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Broomfield is proud to host the FlatIron Crossing Mall, a vast shopping complex taking design inspiration from the Colorado landscape.

It’s also got more than 200 stores inside, so you’ll easily spend the entire day just visiting them all.

Likewise, the mall shows pride in its Colorado connections.

Interior view of FlatIron Crossing
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You’ll find natural stone waterfalls and decorative pools on the grounds to signify the link.

Also, you can set up a group tour through the mall at the concierge during your visit.

After shopping at the mall’s upscale stores, you can also grab a bite at the various dining options.

Zaika, an Indian restaurant at FlatIron Crossing
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Practice Your Swings at Eagle Trace Golf Club

Teach your kids the beautiful game of golf by dropping by the Eagle Trace Golf Club, an 18-hole course stretching over 6,600 yards.

The course’s highlights are the numerous sand traps and the vast lakes, along with the cottonwood groves surrounding the fairways.

If you know someone who’d played there, they might tell you the course is challenging but fun, and with gorgeous views all around.

It’s a terrific place for kids or newbies to learn the sport.

The golf club itself offers a full-service bar and restaurant.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, the club also offers banquet rooms for rental.

Honor the Patriots at the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum

In 2002, the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum opened in Colorado, becoming the only museum devoted to all the veterans of all wars America joined.

This museum also started from a single room inside the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, dedicated in July 1963.

The museum took over the library’s first floor in 2009.

Filling the space were permanent and temporary exhibits, including the Gordon Bennett Memorial Library.

This library contains several volumes of military history, documents, and videos.

In 2013, the museum underwent a further expansion to fit artifacts tied to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

These artifacts—ranging from military equipment to personal narratives and multimedia items—are now inside a room dedicated to America’s latest war.

Try Craft Beer at the 4 Noses Brewing Company

Since 2014, the 4 Noses Brewing Company has provided delicious craft beers to customers from Broomfield and elsewhere.

Their products have built them a loyal following, who love their intimate setting and the 20 beers they have on tap.

For example, you can try their cold pilsners to IPAs, along with their porters and stouts.

They also offer fruit-infused beers if you want to spice up your drinking.

The family-owned brewery also has onsite food trucks for the company.

Pair your beer with tasty and savory food from these trucks.

The brewery provides outdoor seating during summer and spring, making it easier for you to catch its regular live entertainment.

Spend the Day at the Broomfield Community Park

Sign of Broomfield Community Park.
City and County of Broomfield, CO, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bring your family and friends to the Broomfield Community Park for an afternoon’s worth of fun and games.

This 40-plus-acre park teems with amenities and activity options for everyone of all ages.

For example, you can bring your kids to the four playgrounds while you and your buds can play softball or tennis at the lighted sports areas.

You could also let off steam at the batting cages.

There’s also a swimming pool if you need to cool down in a hurry.

If you have older kids, you might want to bring them over to the inline skate park and let them make new friends.

After playing, you can enjoy a cozy lunch with family at the picnic areas with barbeque grills.

Catch a Show at the Broomfield Auditorium

If you want a night out in Broomfield, you won’t go wrong with catching a live performance at the Broomfield Auditorium.

See local performers sing, dance, and act in concerts, recitals, or other productions.

The auditorium also uses cutting-edge equipment, with expert technical teams at the helm, to deliver audiences only the best in modern live entertainment.

Moreover, you can also rent the place to stage a production yourself.

The auditorium gives you access to its resources, including a 6,800-square-foot interior space with 286 seats.

It also has a full lighting system, custom audio rigs, and video capture and playback system for live-streaming and recording.

You can find the Broomfield Auditorium across the Broomfield Library.

Learn Local History at the Broomfield Depot Museum

During the glory days of trains, you could go to Canada or Mexico from anywhere in the United States.

You could do this from Broomfield, too, when the Broomfield Depot opened in 1909.

The depot operated for 16 years. Back then, travelers could rest in the bedrooms and eat in the kitchen or hang out at the parlor.

Today, the Broomfield Depot has become the Broomfield Dept Museum. It houses several artifacts from different periods of its history.

For instance, items from the interurban period of the 1910s are inside the depot’s ticket office, baggage area, and waiting room.

The artifacts inside the station agent’s quarters reflect the changes in the depot during the 1930s.

The city of Broomfield has named the depot as a city landmark.

Likewise, the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties put the depot on its list in 2016.

Savor Indian Cuisine at the Azitra Indian Restaurant

Expand your palate by trying the spicy food at the Broomfield location of the Azitra Indian Restaurant.

This place prepares delicious Indian food, such as old favorites masala and garlic naan.

You might not expect an Asian restaurant deep in Colorado, but Azitra is a pleasant surprise and a hidden gem.

Likewise, this place is close to many popular hotels, so it’s an easy dinner choice.

The restaurant also offers a fine selection of wine, so wash down the spice with a bottle or two.

Spend the Day Indoors at the Paul Derda Recreation Center

Far exterior view of Paul Derda Recreation Center.
Dmannsuperdude, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You’ll need to find Lowell Boulevard in downtown Broomfield to arrive at the Paul Derda Recreation Center.

Bring your loved ones to this 90,000-square-foot facility with amenities catered to all members of the family.

During the summer, the facility opens its water park that’s a surefire hit for families and big groups.

The park comprises a lazy river, a pool, and some slides.

Keep yourself in peak physical condition by taking a few laps in the pool.

Likewise, you can challenge yourself at the indoor climbing wall.

Don’t worry about your kids.

You can also leave them at the licensed childcare facility inside the complex.

Go Flying with Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures

Bring a date and go cruising hundreds of feet in the Colorado air with Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures, a company in Broomfield.

Once you soar in the sky inside the basket, you’ll see an infinity of blue, speckled with mountain peaks and clear summer weather.

There’s a reason hot-air balloon fans come back to the experience again and again.

If it’s your first time, it’s going to be an unforgettable memory.

Since 1979, Aero-Cruise has taken passengers up in the air on their hot-air balloons.

They’ve established a reputation for safety in that span, flying passengers for four hours and letting them enjoy a hovering view of the marvelous landscape.

Sample Great Food at Ooka Sushi & Asian Cuisine

Many people visit Colorado restaurants for their burgers, steaks, and chops.

However, if you want to try something new, head to Broomfield and look for Ooka Sushi & Asian Cuisine.

They’ll expand your eating horizons using familiar and traditional Japanese dishes like sushi.

Likewise, Ooka sets itself apart from other restaurants because it wears its Asian culinary influences on its sleeve.

Besides sushi, Ooka serves fried rice and Vietnamese pho (noodle soup), which are also some of the restaurant’s highlights.

You can also browse the menu and order something you might not have heard of before.

Who knows?

Maybe it’ll be your new favorite dish.

Remember Heroes at the 9/11 Memorial

In honor of the police officers and firefighters who gave their lives to save people on 9/11, the city of Broomfield has erected the 9/11 Memorial.

Pay respects to the modern-day heroes by visiting this place as part of your itinerary.

During your visit, you’ll find three statues, all made of bronze.

One of these statues also contains a piece of steel taken from one of the towers.

The statues represent the heroes who saved lives during the tragedy, some even giving their lives in the process.

Besides the statues, the memorial also has three bronze panels containing the names of the people who died on that day.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See the Butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion

Entrance of Butterfly Pavilion
photo-denver / Shutterstock.com

The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster aims to introduce guests to the majesty and wonder of the world of invertebrates.

These animals may be small and weak-looking, but they support much of the world’s ecosystems.

Without these tiny animals like spiders and butterflies, the world’s ecology would fall apart quickly.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has accredited the Butterfly Pavilion as the first stand-alone and non-profit invertebrate zoo in the world.

An orange butterfly resting on a green leaf at Butterfly Pavilion
Merrimon Crawford / Shutterstock.com

During your visit, you’ll find various insects like butterflies, tarantulas, and ocean invertebrates.

For instance, the Wings of the Tropics exhibit houses 1,600 tropical butterflies; meanwhile, the Crawl-A-See-Em exhibit features the popular Rosie the Tarantula.

You’ll also explore the unique habitats these animals call home in Colorado.

The Butterfly Pavilion also employs specialists who’ll teach you about the plants and animals living in the zoo.

The zoo also demonstrates feeding the animals every day, guides guests on tours, and stages animal encounters.

A butterfly collecting nectar from an orange flower at Butterfly Pavilion
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Get Spooked at The Frightmare Compound

Drive 12 minutes away from Broomfield to reach Westminster, and find The Frightmare Compound to give your vacation a jolt after visiting museums and parks.

The Frightmare Compound has terrorized guests since the early 1980s, so be prepared for the scariest experience of your life.

Likewise, Frightmare is the oldest horror attraction in the Denver area, the brainchild of a local man obsessed with haunted houses.

Some of the attractions on the compound might be too scary for kids or people who get spooked easily.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.

The terrifying attractions at the compound are the Monster Museum, the Coffin Simulator, and Mini Escape Rooms.

Among the three, the Coffin Simulator might be the scariest.

The staff will lock you inside a casket and simulate burying you alive.

This ride is not for the faint of heart, so think twice before getting in there.

See Big Ben’s American Cousin at the Westminster Bell Tower

Stay in Westminster and look for the City Hall, a 14-story and 130-foot bell tower with a steel mesh structure at the summit.

Locals know the bell tower as a community landmark.

However, the bell tower is famous for another reason.

The city built the structure as a symbolic nod and gesture to the original Big Ben clock tower in Westminster Palace, London.

You might say the Westminster bell tower is Big Ben’s American cousin.

In 1986, the city unveiled the tower, with the mayor of Westminster, England, in attendance.

Today, you can find an English Oak standing on city hall property, a gift from Westminster, England, to Westminster, Colorado.

Final Thoughts

Broomfield is a terrific place to rest for a weekend in Colorado.

Take a breather and recharge your batteries by visiting the museums and parks in town.

Likewise, venture outside to nearby towns like Westminster to visit more exciting attractions like a spine-chilling horror park.

Why wait?

Book your Broomfield trip today!

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