16 Best Things to Do in Cripple Creek, CO

Cripple Creek, CO
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Settled at the foot of Pike Peaks and southeast of Colorado Springs is the historic town of Cripple Creek.

As of 2021, Cripple Creek holds a population of 1,258, and with a history that dates back to the gold mining period, the town is rich in history.

Another thing that the town of Cripple Creek holds plenty of is an array of casinos.

In addition to history and casinos, Cripple Creek also offers a fair share of other attractions and shops for you to browse.

With that said, below are the 16 best things to do in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Take a Trip to the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

A unique sight to have for your first stop in Cripple Creek is the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine.

First discovered in the 1890s and featuring thousands of feet explored over the years, the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine gives a unique look into the history of gold mining.

View of Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
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The gold mine attraction allows guests to go down a hundred feet and view different exhibits depicting the evolving mining methods over the years.

Guests can also see the remaining gold veins in the mines and receive a free item at the end of the tour.

All tours involve twenty-plus people, and you can find any updates about them on the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine website.

Discover Brothel History at Old Homestead House Museum

Cripple Creek has its fair share of unique historical sights, and one of them happens to be a museum housed in a former brothel.

The Old Homestead House Museum features the original design of the building that came to be in 1896 before it became a museum in 1958.

Back in the day, the structure, built by the famous madam, Pearl DeVer, became known as a highlight location.

It featured incredible service and glamourous performances with plenty of prominent customers.

Today, the museum opens its doors for tours from June to October and features a gift shop you can peruse.

Aside from this, the museum holds different events, which you can learn more about on their website.

Meet the Cripple Creek Donkey Herd

View of Cripple Creek Donkey Herd
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If you happen to visit Cripple Creek from May to October, you have a chance of seeing some donkeys roaming around town.

The Cripple Creek Donkeys are a free-roaming herd under the care of the Two Mile High Club and managed via donations.

You are free to feed the donkeys with healthy snacks and take photos.

View of Cripple Creek Donkey Herd
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During the middle of August, you can check out a derby where the donkey herd race around people enjoy festivities.

To learn more about the donkeys and how you can support them, check out their website.

View of Cripple Creek Donkey Herd
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Revisit History at Outlaws & Law Men Jail Museum

Another unique historical sight to visit in Cripple Creek is the Outlaws & Law Men Jail Museum.

Due to the gold rush period, Cripple Creek's population not only went through an unexpected increase, but the population inflation also resulted in a rise in the crime rate.

Then, Teller County Jail came to be and held several prominent criminals.

Today, the former jailhouse houses the Outlaws & Law Men Jail Museum.

A fascinating feature is the still preserved jail cells, and you can find different displays depicting the stories of the many outlaws once held in the jailhouse.

You can also learn about the different authorities that watched over these men during that period.

Check out their social media page on the best time to visit.

Get to Know a Past Broadcaster at the Victor Lowell Thomas Museum

Cripple Creek has its share of prominent figures, and one of them is broadcaster Victor Lowell.

To learn more about this past figure, head over to the Victor Lowell Thomas Museum, and you can browse through the different exhibits depicting his story.

In addition to the displays about Mr. Lowell, the former hardware store turned museum also features exhibits on the gold mining period and the tools used during that era.

There are two floors you can explore in the museum.

What's more, there is a gift shop you can check out and activities you can find on the museum's website.

Dive Into the Town History at Cripple Creek District Museum

View of Cripple Creek District Museum
Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every town has a classic museum depicting local history, and here in Cripple Creek, it is the Cripple Creek District Museum.

The Cripple Creek District Museum came to be in 1953 and currently holds a selection of displays and artifacts on the town's evolution.

There are five buildings you can explore at the museum, each of which holds historical exhibits.

From a look into people's rooms from yesteryears to displays of those who went through the mining period, there are plenty of sights available in the museum.

Aside from the different exhibits and general historical beauty of the buildings, the museum also holds a book store you can find on their website.

Get a Taste of Vegas at Wildwood Hotel & Casino

For a different take of the usual casino scene in Cripple Creek, head to the Wildwood Casino.

The Vegas-style casino features hundreds of slot machines and card games with some of the highest stakes around.

If you are interested in earning unique rewards, the casino offers a membership with exclusive deals.

You can also check out the casino promos for other ways to earn more rewards.

Aside from this, the casino also has an app where you can do sports betting from anywhere.

Have a Tour at the Cripple Creek Railroad

View of Cripple Creek Railroad
James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get an extensive tour of Cripple Creek and its different sights by taking the Cripple Creek Railroad.

With a locomotive that goes back hundreds of years and train tours that run as far as four miles, riding around on the Cripple Creek Railroad offers a different way to explore the city.

View of Cripple Creek Railroad
James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Cripple Creek Railroad runs from May to October, and you can find any updates on the tours on their website.

All tours run for an hour and ten minutes each, and while waiting for your time slot, you can browse through the gift shop and order a shipment to your home.

Browse the Displays at Cripple Creek Heritage Center

Aerial View of Cripple Creek Heritage Center
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A new historical attraction you can check out in Cripple Creep is the Cripple Creek Heritage Center.

With over ten thousand acres of space and state-of-the-art technology for its displays, the center provides you with a unique look into the city's history.

With a design reminiscent of the city's best period, the center provides different interactive exhibits you can try.

More than the different displays you can explore, the center also features various exhibits that present local geology and fauna you can admire.

Not only that, but the center also holds different activities you can try.

Try Your Luck at the Bronco Billy's Casino

Just as there are plenty of historical sights in Cripple Creek, there are also a variety of casinos you can visit.

A top casino to visit is the Bronco Billy's Casino.

Known as the best in all of Colorado, Bronco Billy's Casino offers multiple facilities for you to try.

From hundreds of slot machines to video poker and classic card games, there are plenty of games you can enjoy at Bronco Billy's Casino.

In addition to the multitude of casino options, there are also a sports betting area and delicious dining options in the venue.

To fully experience everything the casino has, you can book a stay at the hotel section on their website.

Check Out History and Games at The Brass Ass

Sign in The Brass Ass
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Head to The Brass Ass and discover a combination of history and casino games, plus a unique feature of a brass donkey statue displayed.

The said statue holds a history that dates back a hundred years, and you can say the same thing for the building.

While the building is known as one of the oldest locations in the area, the casino games you can enjoy are far from old.

The casino makes sure to keep up to date with all of its casino games; and a nickel slot collection that beats all other casinos.

Aside from the different casino features, you can also book a stay at the casino hotel or have a bite at their restaurant for some downtime.

Do Different Activities at the Cripple Creek Parks and Recreation

Outside of the different historical and casino sights available for exploration in Cripple Creek, there are plenty of other activities you can try when visiting the city.

One of them is heading to the Cripple Creek Parks and Recreation.

Whether you want to do some workout or try different classes, various options are available at the center.

You can also enjoy recreational activities such as hiking their trail or skating around their skate park.

To check out all of the facilities and activities the center offers, you can browse through their website for what's available and upcoming for the year.

Book a Ticket for a Butte Theater Performance

For anyone that is a fan of the arts, make a stop at the Butte Theater Performance.

Established over a hundred years ago, the theater went through various transformations before becoming the theater it is today.

Currently, the theater holds a variety of performances for the community.

If you are interested in watching any of the performances currently available, you can book a ticket online.

You can also learn more about the theater's history and show details on their website.

Aside from this, the website also features a list of convenient list of eateries and lodging you can check out.

Indulge in Old Fashioned Sweets at Cripple Creek Candy & Variety

Anyone who loves sweets needs to visit the Cripple Creek Candy & Variety.

The store features a variety of handmade sweets you can try.

More than the selection of handmade chocolates and candies you can peruse in the store, there are some classic sweets you enjoy as well.

Not only that, but the store also features fresh doughnuts for you to taste.

Outside their food products, you can check out their different gift baskets.

For further information on what they offer and the current status of the store, check out their social media page.

Enjoy a Stay and Games at Colorado Grande Casino

Are you looking for a more old-fashioned style of casino to enjoy?

Head over to the Colorado Grande Casino and try your luck with their selection of both new and old games.

You can find this casino located within the Fairly-Lampman building, and a unique feature you can enjoy is loose dollar reel slots.

Other than this, there are less than ten rooms you have a chance at booking, and they are just above the casino.

If you manage to book a room, the casino offers a cafe and restaurant you can check out.

Enjoy Tea Time at Creations Everlasting Boutique & Tea Room

Do you like tea? What about shopping?

If yes, you can do both by visiting Creations Everlasting Boutique & Tea Room.

Featuring a boutique with different women's clothing and accessories you can peruse and a tea room you can relax in, the Creations Everlasting Boutique & Tea Room is an ideal spot to visit for some shopping and relaxation.

If you are interested in having tea time, make a reservation by contacting their number on their website.

With their tea room, you can enjoy a selection of teas and treats you can enjoy along with different tea items you can purchase.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are into history or casinos, or neither, consider Cripple Creek as your next destination for exploration.

Cripple Creek has plenty of options for you to check out and have fun.

From unique historical landmarks to various games and shops to browse, there is plenty you can choose to do in this town.

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