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15 Best Things to Do in Glasgow, MT

  • Published 2023/03/27

Glasgow is a tiny yet relatively bustling city in Montana’s primarily barren northeastern part.

Spanning an area of 1.4 square miles, the city is home to 3,202 residents per the 2020 census.

Besides being the county seat of Valley County, Glasgow is also the most populous city within its 110-mile radius.

As such, the city serves as the commercial and administrative center in the region.

Before the city’s founding in the late 19th century, Native Americans lived there for centuries.

Herds of buffalo and pronghorn antelope also serve as a steady food source for the nomadic tribes.

Glasgow’s modern history began in 1887 when it was established as a railroad town by James J. Hill.

Hill was the chief executive officer of the Great Northern Railway at the time.

Hill and another railway colleague decided on the town’s name by spinning a globe and choosing where their fingers landed.

Today, Glasgow exudes a modern city vibe with restaurants, retail stores, and other business establishments.

Here are the best things to do in Glasgow, Montana:

Grab a Slice of Eugene’s Pizza

Exterior of Eugene’s Pizza

Mcheath, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Voted by Montana Mint as the state’s best pizza, it’s unsurprising Eugene’s Pizza is one of Glasgow’s best-kept treasures.

Founded in 1962, the family-owned pizzeria is located along Klein Avenue in the south-central part of the city.

Their pizza offerings come in 14 options, ranging from the meat fest named Heart Attack, Taco Wabo, and BBQ Chicken to healthier options like Vegetable Gonzo.

However, you can also try their create-your-own pizza option.

Mix and match different types of meat, cheese, and many other toppings for your unique recipe.

As a bonus, diners can also watch the pizza makers tossing the dough high in the air.

As a wholesome and family-oriented restaurant, the pizzeria doesn’t serve alcohol.

Eugene’s Pizza is a Montana must-try because of its phenomenal pizza and family-friendly environment.

Learn History at Valley County Pioneer Museum

Established in 1972, Valley County Pioneer Museum is a repository of the region’s history spanning hundreds of years.

Located along U.S. Route 2, the museum is hard to miss thanks to the vintage fighter jet on its lawn, which also serves as a stark reminder of the city’s airfield past.

Upon entering the museum, you’ll see many artifacts representing different eras in the county’s history.

Along with an ornate teepee made from animal hide, you can find numerous Native American relics such as garments, weapons, tools, and other everyday items.

Moreover, the museum houses taxidermied wildlife, ranging from iconic American bison to the tiny yet menacing wolverine.

The museum also boasts a mini town and a railway car which harken back to the city’s founding in the late 19th century.

The museum’s vintage collection is also displayed in life-size dioramas, including a 1950s-era clinic and a switchboard operator.

On the other hand, the museum hosts special events like its Harvest Luncheon and Local History Programs.

With its fascinating exhibits covering the extensive story of the region, Valley County Pioneer Museum is a must-visit for history buffs and everyone.

Check-In at Rundle Suites

Glasgow’s most famous hotel, Rundle Suites, is in the city’s busy commercial district.

The hotel opened in 1917, retaining its signature early 20th-century architectural style emerging amidst its more contemporary neighbors.

The rustic hotel contains 40 cozy and spacious rooms to accommodate every type of traveler.

Their Copper Suite Rooms even include luxurious features like bathtubs for the ultimate R&R experience.

The hotel also offers superb amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center and cruiser bikes that you can ride around the city.

Moreover, the hotel’s basement boasts a billiards room and bowling alley where you can hang out and relax with friends.

You can freshen up at the Turkish bath steam cabinet or get a haircut at the barbershop in the basement.

Thanks to its location, the hotel is also a walking distance away from the city’s restaurants and other attractions.

Rundle Suites’ excellent accommodations and neat features ensure an unforgettable stay in this iconic hotel.

Play Hockey at Valley Event Center

Valley Event Center is a fully-enclosed indoor facility where you can play hockey or ice skate.

HiLine Youth Hockey Association operates the facility and offers hockey programs for teens and adults.

They also have schedules for open hockey where anyone can play and have fun.

However, if you find hockey too intense, you can choose the open skate option for relaxing ice skating.

You can also enroll in their skating lessons if you still can’t find your footing on the ice.

The best part is that you don’t have to carry your gear as Valley Event Center also provides equipment rental for hockey and ice skating.

As its name implies, the center also doubles as a popular venue for various community activities in Glasgow, ranging from car shows to bazaars.

Whether you want to play hockey with friends or skate gleefully on ice, Valley Event Center is the place for you.

Take a Dip in Glasgow Pool

Located in the southern part of the city, Glasgow Pool is the city’s go-to place to cool off during a hot day.

The full-sized swimming pool opened in 1974 and is perfect for lap swimming or relaxing.

Moreover, its location within the city park also means you can enjoy nearby facilities.

You can break a sweat on the basketball and tennis courts before finally cooling down at the swimming pool.

You can also take relaxing strolls, lie on the open lawn, and soothe in the quiet environment.

It may not have many features, but Glasgow Pool offers enough fun for the day.

Try Craft Beers at Busted Knuckle Brewery

Busted Knuckle Brewery is a definite eye-catcher thanks to the rusty truck head sitting on top of their building.

More importantly, they have also been named one of the best breweries in Montana, having raked in multiple awards over the years with their flavorful creations.

With 12 different flavors, their beer selections include both seasonal and regular offerings.

Try their relatively strong Full Throttle IPA or the fruity Spark Plug Seltzer.

You can also enjoy their non-alcoholic beverages, such as root beer, cream soda, and kombucha.

Despite its name, the brewery evokes a friendly vibe, hosting fun activities like Trivia Nights and Bingo for patrons.

Busted Knuckle Brewery’s delicious beer and warm atmosphere make it the perfect spot to enjoy a drink and have a great time.

Go Camping at Shady Rest RV Park

Located along Lasar Drive in the city’s eastern part, Shady Rest RV Park offers a fuss-free camping experience thanks to its convenient amenities.

Each of their 40 RV campsites has full access to electricity, water, and sewer hookups.

Along with their bath and laundry facilities, they also have picnic tables which you can use for outdoor dining.

As a bonus, they also have Wi-Fi internet access, so you can stream your favorite show or check your emails while camping out.

On top of their peaceful and pet-friendly environment, you can also stroll around the adjacent Centennial Park and spend a relaxing time with fellow campers.

Moreover, the RV park’s location right within the city also means other attractions are just a short walk away.

Shady Rest RV Park’s basic yet handy amenities and relaxing atmosphere make it the perfect stopover for your next RV trip.

Enjoy Breakfast at Toodie’s Café

Toodie’s Café allows you to enjoy delicious breakfast meals anytime.

The restaurant’s spacious dining area radiates classic diner aesthetics all over its interiors, down to its retro-style chairs.

Along with the breakfast staples like ham, eggs, and sausages, you can indulge in their comfort food offerings like biscuits and pancakes.

You can pair them up with a cup of hot coffee, milk, or refreshing orange juice.

Moreover, these delicious offerings come in generous portions for a complete and satisfying meal.

The restaurant also takes pride in using only fresh and locally-sourced ingredients for its menu, ensuring quality always.

With its great food and homey atmosphere, Toodie’s Café guarantees a fulfilling dining experience for everyone.

Feast on Flavorful Steaks at Durum Restaurant & Bar

Durum Restaurant & Bar is one of Glasgow’s most famous dining spots.

Known for their tender and juicy steaks, you can also enjoy their prime rib steaks, available every Wednesday night.

Other sumptuous offerings on their menu include seafood marinara, shrimp, and fish.

You can also try their delicious salads and pasta before indulging in their main course.

Moreover, their daily and weekly specials are something to look forward to, such as braised short ribs and green chili-smothered chicken.

Keeping up with its family-friendly vibe, the restaurant also holds Kids Eat Free every Tuesday.

On the other hand, their bar offers a wide variety of drinks, wine, beer, and cocktails which you can enjoy after a satisfying and hearty meal.

With their mouth-watering menu and great drinks, Durum Restaurant & Bar is perfect for dining and chilling with family and friends.

Dine at FLIP Burgers & Treats

Despite its rather unassuming looks, FLIP Burgers & Treats is one of the top-rated eateries in Glasgow.

Located along U.S. Highway 2, the homegrown burger joint’s signature offerings come in nine sumptuous flavors.

Their eponymous specialty comes layered with their secret sauce, pepper jack, bacon, and a gourmet onion ring.

They also have a bacon-filled Breakfast Burger as well as Hawaiian-inspired Big Kahuna.

They even partnered with another local favorite, Eugene’s Pizza, to create a pizza burger for their menu.

However, you can also go full custom with their Make-It-Your-Own-Burger option and combine different ingredients according to your liking.

On top of its famous burgers, the restaurant also offers sandwiches, hotdogs, and chicken nuggets.

You can also try their soups and salads with those meaty delights.

As a humble restaurant that packs a punch with its exceptional food offerings, FLIP Burgers & Treats is a must-try in Glasgow.

Look for Bargains at Red Barn Gifts

If you ever forget to carry a few needed items during your trip to Glasgow, resupply them at Red Barn Gifts.

Located in the southern part of the city, the homegrown retailer offers a wide range of merchandise for your home and personal needs.

You can find a whole assortment of items in the store, ranging from houseware and pet supplies to clothing and apparel.

You can also find many children’s toys, from puzzles and board games to outdoor playthings.

On the other hand, you can also grab Montana-made snacks, treats, and seasonal products right at the shop.

Whether you’re looking for that last-minute gift or simple souvenirs for your trip, Red Barn Gifts is the perfect store for you.

Shop for Antiques and Sip Some Coffee at Mary’s Mercantile

Located along First Avenue South, Mary’s Mercantile offers a unique concept of combining an antique store and coffee shop for a highly memorable experience.

As a vintage store, you can find several interesting items ranging from tiny home décor to exquisite artwork.

Their inventory also includes cowboy gear and other Western-inspired memorabilia.

After looking around at all the fascinating merchandise, you can treat yourself to a cup of good coffee or delicious ice cream.

You can pair these with their tasty treats like cakes and pastries.

Moreover, Mary’s Mercantile can also be rented out for private events like birthdays and baby showers.

Mary’s Mercantile is a seamless blend of a vintage shop and café in a rustic atmosphere, a must-visit in Glasgow.

Play Golf at Sunnyside Country Club

Glasgow’s Sunnyside Country Club is the perfect spot if you’re itching to hit the greens.

Situated in the city’s northern outskirts, the golf course contains nine holes and stretches 3,233 yards from the back tees.

Despite its location in one of the more remote parts of the country, the course features neat fairways and a few bunkers for an extra challenge.

Moreover, it also boasts nicely-manicured greens for smooth rolls.

The course’s good mix of challenging and easy holes makes it highly accessible for golfers of every level.

On the other hand, the country club also features a cozy lounge area where you can relax after a tiring yet enjoyable game.

It may not have amenities, but Sunnyside Country Club’s excellent golf course is enough for a pleasant time.

Play Bowling at El Cor Del Lanes

El Cor Del Lanes, found in the northwestern part of Glasgow, is the city’s go-to place for a quick bowling fix.

The small bowling alley may only contain ten lanes, but it’s also packed with modern features like LCDs and an underground ball return system.

On top of casual playing with family and friends, you can also sign up for leagues if you’re feeling quite competitive.

You can buy snacks and other goodies at the counter and rent shoes.

Moreover, a bar also offers a good selection of drinks you enjoy after a game.

Thanks to its small-town charm and friendly community, El Cor Del Lanes offers hours of bowling fun for everybody.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Catch Fish at Fort Peck Marina

Fort Peck Marina is a paradise for anglers, located in Fort Peck, Montana, 19 minutes from Glasgow.

The marina is on the northern coast of Lake Fort Peck, home to trout, walleye, and the highly prized pike.

Moreover, the marina contains a tackle store that sells fishing rods, buckets, shirts, and jackets.

You can also avail of their guide service to maximize your chances of landing a big catch.

Fort Peck Marina also hosts 47 RV campsites with water and electric hookups, with captivating lakeside views as a welcome bonus.

The marina also boasts a full-service restaurant where you can enjoy a hot meal and a cold beer after a fishing trip.

Beyond a fishing hub, Fort Peck Marina’s excellent amenities help create memorable fishing experiences for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Glasgow may be a tiny city, but it can still hold on its thanks to its fair share of urban attractions.

The city’s offerings are no slouch, as it has fantastic restaurants, excellent accommodations, and great shops.

Its location in the middle of nowhere makes it more appealing to adventurous travelers seeking to explore places off the beaten path.

Explore the best things to do in Glasgow, Montana!

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