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20 Best Things to Do in Glendive, MT

  • Published 2023/02/16

Glendive is the county seat of Dawson County, Montana, and was founded by the Northern Pacific Railway when the transcontinental railroad was being built.

It is an excellent base for seeing this fascinating part of the country, but don’t forget to spend some time getting to know the city.

While there are plenty of opportunities to see animal bones, try fishing, or learn about the natural wildlife, you can stroll around Glendive’s charming downtown.

Glendive has a lot to offer tourists, from unexpected leisure places to prehistoric relics.

If you’ve never visited Glendive before, here are some must-see attractions and the best things to do in Glendive, Montana:

See the Displays of Prehistoric Dinosaur Fuels at Makoshika State Park

Welcome sign of Makoshika State Park

Zack Frank /

Glendive, Montana is a pretty small city with some of Montana’s most spectacular terrain and is a hotspot for dinosaur lovers.

Makoshika State Park is one of the most incredible spots to witness prehistoric dinosaur fossils since it encompasses some of the most spectacular portions of Montana’s Badlands.

Rock formations at Makoshika State Park

Zack Frank /

Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils and other fossil remnants and badland informative displays are held in their visitor center, which also has a gift shop at the park entrance.

In the summer, the park hosts Montana Shakespeare in the Park, Friday evening campfire programs, youth programs, and the famous Buzzard Day festival.

Grab the chance to step on the same pathways where actual dinosaurs once walked and see the explanatory exhibits at the visitor center in Makoshika State Park.

Capstone at Makoshika State Park

Teresa Otto /

Rest and Find Comfort at the Yellowstone River Inn

There are several hotels in Glendive to select from, but you will notice much difference when staying at Yellowstone River Inn.

They will do all they can to make your vacation at the Yellowstone River Inn as comfortable and enjoyable as possible from the time you arrive.

The Yellowstone River Inn, dining, lobby, casino, and event room, are a great place to visit for a day trip or a week-long holiday.

Makoshika State Park, which is just a short distance from your Glendive hotel, offers beautiful vistas.

You’ll be able to relax in comfort owing to our courteous staff and service and features available to all customers, such as airport shuttle, wireless internet access, dog-Friendly accommodation, and more.

Make Yellowstone River Inn your first choice of accommodations when looking for a place to stay!

Go Trekking at Baisch Dinosaur Digs

Dinosaur bones, fossilized wood, multicolored pebbles, and priceless recollections after a day in Eastern Montana badlands are all yours to take home.

Baisch’s Dinosaur Digs, LLC, organizes paleontological day tours on a privately operated ranch in Makoshika State Park, only a few miles from Glendive.

Much of the property comprises the muddy badlands, rich in fossils and highly eroded.

Trek through terrain that, although made up of shattered rock layers that have documented Earth’s history, conjures images of Mars.

Their professional guides will teach you where to hunt for fossils, dig them if any are found, mold or prepare them, and provide the necessary equipment and supplies for gathering.

See the Hell Creek geological features for themselves and get a little Montana mud in your nails.

Appreciate Dinosaur Fossils at Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum

The Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, created by Otis Kline and operated by a non-profit organization, is a private dinosaur museum in Glendive, Montana.

The museum has around 24 comprehensive dinosaurs on display and other unique fossils.

The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum openly displays its treasures in a religious context.

It also has some exhibits on the geological column’s beginnings, the fossil history and the age of the world, a Scriptural history exhibit, a theatrical, and a souvenir shop.

Grab a Mexican Meal at Mexico Lindo

There are plenty of restaurants in Glendive but go to Mexico Lindo if you’re looking for Mexican cuisines, like fajitas, quesadillas, and burritos.

This family-friendly restaurant, situated at 615 W Towne St in Glendive, offers a little bit for everybody.

During your visit to the city, stopover at Mexico Lindo for some flavorful meals.

You may enjoy Mexican cuisine how it’s intended to be enjoyed: freshly, flavorful, and enjoyed among friends and family.

Find your favorite meals in the dining room, sit outside on our patio and relax while eating, finishing off the evening with a cocktail or beer from the bar.

Stroll and Take Pictures of the Historic Bell Bridge

Daytime view of the historic Bell Bridge

Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The historic Bell Street Bridge is a 1,300-foot concrete bridge that crosses the Yellowstone River and is part of a pedestrian and cycling route.

The Montana Highway Commission designed the bridge, which was finished in 1926 at roughly $305,000.

The structure of the historic Bell Bridge

Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is one of Montana’s lengthiest, a notable structural triumph, and an essential aspect of the area’s economic growth.

Once a significant highway for automotive traffic, it is now one of the greatest sites in the region for a stroll and picturesque photo opportunities.

Guests are invited to stroll around and see the fauna that may be found along the Yellowstone River’s borders.

Gain Knowledge about Historical Events at Frontier Gateway Museum

With no entry costs, the museum consists of both historical and chronological contents covering prehistory through the twentieth century.

Fossils, cattlemen, homesteaders, pioneers, railway, Civil War, and countless displays from various times are among the significant exhibits.

Moreover, a set of actual medieval armor, a collection of sculpted figures from natural scoria rock, and a stunning exhibition of costumes are among the unique displays.

Murals on the external walls reflect historical events in Glendive and the nearby areas.

This lovely historical museum will transport you back in time from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Buy Flagship Beers at Cross Country Brewing

Cross Country Brewing, described as “Glendive’s first brewery,” is a selling brewery in Glendive with a tiny but impressive taproom.

The Cross family founded Cross Country Brewing in March of 2017. The Crosses have been residents of Glendive since 1951, and we are committed to preserving and growing their community.

The Brewery and Tap Room are housed in the former Cross Petroleum facility, which was vacant and neglected since 1990 until they renovated it for their brewing needs.

Customers may enjoy flagship beers and rotating taps at 320 E Allard St.

Stop in and taste a sample of their latest selections, or pick up a bottle to take home.

Purchase Wall Art at the Gallery

In Glendive, Montana, The Gallery is located on the grounds of Makoshika State Park.

The Gallery exhibits photos, paint, sculpture, and other arts to preserve Glendive’s and the surrounding area’s rich artistic past.

Choose from a wide selection of one-of-a-kind wall art that will instantly brighten up any room in your house.

These crafts are simple to make and give off a wonderful natural vibe.

Their educational arts programs are pervasive considering Glendive’s size, and they focus on showcasing local artists and are also on a mission to help up-and-comers.

They have a selection of items for sale if you want to take a bit of Glendive.

De-stress and Relax at the Black Bridge Recreation Area

The Black Bridge Recreation Area is located on the west side of the Yellowstone River and covers roughly 728.86 hectares.

Tourists and locals may enjoy recreational fishing activities, trekking, camping, and nature viewing at the Black Bridge Recreation Area.

This area serves the community by providing the Glendive neighborhood with much-needed outdoor recreation space.

Its mission is to protect local habitat, rehabilitate riparian areas along the Yellowstone River, and offer a leisure space for the public.

A fraction of the funds were used to build a road, a gate, and a fence for the community.

Check Out Brick-Oven Pizzas at Gust-Hauf

Beer-shaped neon sign at Gust-Hauf

Logan Bush /

The Gust Hauf, which opened its doors in 1965, specializes in fresh, brick-oven pizza and hand-selected microbrews.

They serve only the freshest ingredients in each dish, ensuring that each taste is as fresh as the last.

Whether you’re dropping by for a bite to eat with the family or to watch matches at their sports bar, their staff ensures you have all you need.

The bar is popular and a great spot to catch a game while in the city.

It’s also a great place to take the whole family for a delicious lunch which is why it is a local favorite for excellent pizza, burgers, and beers.

Discover their traditional brick-oven pies and combine them with either of their hand-picked handmade microbrews.

Purchase Items at the Farm to Table Store

Farm-to-Table was founded in 1998 to create a healthy local production system in eastern Montana.

Its mission is to strengthen rural communities within Western North Dakota and eastern Montana by developing a sustainable local food system.

To accomplish its objective of a local food system, Farm-to-Table collaborates with all sectors of the local food industry, particularly farmers, value-added businesses, diners, retailers, food services, and consumers.

They focus their efforts on educating people about local food systems’ ongoing economic, ecological, and social welfare.

They also promote farmer’s markets and create a Local Buyer’s Guide listing small farms and food producers, among other things.

Stop by the Farm to Table Store for local, regional, and Made in Montana cuisine.

In addition to organic, natural, hypoallergenic, and a vast selection of spices and cooking utensils, they also provide a broad selection of bulk products.

Try Gardening at the Glendive Community Garden

Gardening is the second most common leisure activity in the United States.

It is a terrific way to exercise while also allowing individuals to feed themselves and their families nutritious, fresh food.

In 2008, a communal garden located at 8th Street & B Avenue Glendive was created and began where 10×20 plots cost $10 apiece.

Each individual gets one plot, and more properties may become available once everyone who has signed up has been allotted one.

Participants were able to “discover upon doing” and better understand a valuable life skill.

Thanks to this initiative, local homeowners have enhanced their outdoor exercise while also feeding their families with healthy, low-cost fresh veggies.

Know More about Wine at the Vint Co.

Vint is the first-ever wholly transparent wine investing platform that allows you to purchase SEC-qualified stocks of the world’s finest wines.

Vint’s network of industry specialists customizes and builds collections of the world’s top wines about quality, authenticity, cost, and consumer expectations.

Wines are moved to one of Vint’s environment specialized storage sites, in which they are supervised, covered, and preserved in perfect condition.

They aim to make the winemaking sector more competitive to invest in.

They do so by improving transparency, encouraging diversity, lowering entry barriers, and giving our investors more options.

If you are passionate about wine and winemaking, you should certainly visit the Vint Co in Glendive to view their work and even perhaps invest.

Book an Overnight Stay at Astoria Hotel and Suites

The Astoria Hotel and Suites in Glendive is ideal for business travelers and tourists.

The hotel is just off I-94 and adjacent to downtown Glendive, making it a great conference location.

Their meeting and event facilities, which can seat up to 75 people and provide complimentary coffee, tea, and water, are welcome to the Astoria Glendive MT.

Each room has a 42-inch TV & high-speed Internet connectivity and, continental breakfast in the morning, and snacks throughout the day.

Discover their fantastic amenities, including a Jacuzzi, pool, and fitness center, and an excellent outdoor area with a huge gas grill and lots of seats.

Do Recreational Activities at Lloyd Square Park

Lloyd Square Park is one of the biggest city parks in Glendive, known for its sprawling recreational amenities.

One of the things to look forward to at Lloyd Square Park are its swimming pool, tennis courts, and picnic shelters.

Restroom facilities are top-notch also at Lloyd Square Park, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much time here.

Walking trails are also abundant here, offering nice shade thanks to its large trees.

You can visit Lloyd Square Park along North Meade Avenue.

Go Bowling at Joe and Dee’s

Joe and Dee’s is one of the few indoor amusement places you can find in Glendive, so you’d be hard-pressed to miss out on it.

It’s a bowling alley that offers a ton of fun as it’s geared towards families.

The place is charming, well-lit, and has a fresh ambiance that makes it a well-loved attraction even by the locals.

Beyond its bowling lanes, Joe and Dee’s also has an axe-throwing center which adds even more fun, easily occupying your whole afternoon if you want to maximize its services.

Equipped with a bar as well, Joe and Dee’s is a great all-rounder for a fun afternoon or evening with friends and family.

Go Camping at Blue Sky RV Park

Glendive is an underrated camping spot in Montana, and one of the best places to camp here is at Blue Sky RV Park.

A straightforward camping ground, you’ll be able to experience the rustic charm of Glendive as it’s not near any urban districts.

While it’s not a campsite equipped with showers or barbecue stations, it’s clean and has several picnic tables with good spacing.

Of course, you’ll get great views of Glendive at Blue Sky RV Park, particularly the quiet neighborhoods that surround it.

Found along East Relf Street, Blue Sky RV Park is a must-try for avid campers.

Try Your Luck at Greg’s Silver Dollar Casino

If you’re used to the huge casinos with bright lines in California, New York City, or other hotspot cities in the U.S., you should try out the vibe of a smaller, hometown casino.

Greg’s Silver Dollar Casino is a great place to experience this family-oriented casino atmosphere that’s not as common anymore.

Small and quaint, this casino is managed by a small team of competent and friendly staff that’s sure to leave a pleasant mark during your stay in Glendive.

While small, their facilities get the job done and the atmosphere is welcoming, making it one of the best indoor places to bond with friends and family.

Greg’s Silver Dollar Casino is located along West Towne Street.

Go for a Round of Disc Golf at Makoshika Disc Golf Course

Located within Makoshika State Park lies one of the funnest areas in Glendive—Makoshika Disc Golf Course.

Featuring an 18-hole disc golf course, Makoshika Disc Golf Course deserves its own recognition apart from the state park because it’s one of the best disc golf courses in Montana.

It’s a haven for lovers of this sport as it offers great and varied terrains that’ll sure to give you a challenge.

Players from all skill levels will have a blast here, including newbies to the sport as well.

The disc golf course also has great views of Glendive’s rolling hills, making the experience as scenic as it is fun.

SInce it’s just a stone’s throw away from the main attractions of Makoshika State Park, this is a convenient place to visit as well.

Final Thoughts

Glendive has a variety of festivals and events, including music, community art, and more.

There are many restaurants in Glendive, whether Mexican restaurants or food booths, to choose from.

Glendive has a variety of attractions, including relaxing recreational parks, museums, and prehistoric fossils.

If you like history, dinosaurs, and traveling, and have never been to Glendive before, see why you should not miss out on this tourist destination.

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