15 Best Things to Do in Franklin, TN

15 Best Things to Do in Franklin, TN

Franklin is situated in Williamson County, in central Tennessee, US. It is a sprawling city with rich history etched to it. Named after Benjamin Franklin, this city was a flourishing agricultural center.

The settlement dates back to 1799. One gruesome incident attached to the city the civil war battle fought on November 30, 1864.
The city has progressed gradually thereafter and has emerged as a unique and upcoming city.

It is a subtle blend of growth and aged history. This city offers a variety of places to visit, but we will take you to the 15 remarkable places which you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Hail a Cab to The Downtown

Franklin’s downtown
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Franklin’s downtown stands as a testimony to the fact that the city has very well preserved its history. The brick sidewalks and victorian architecture are aesthetically alluring for you and your camera.

The downtown gives out the vintage vibe. You can browse through boutiques, antique shops, and local cafes. The restaurants here sell the best food options at affordable rates. Hungry? Don’t wait to grab a delightful bite! You can also try out some local shop to buy a dress or a gift for your loved one.

There are various cute, fun, and quaint shops to explore and buy something different from the usual. It is usually calm apart from the commotion created by the tourists.

The streets are picture-worthy. Strike a pose and update your Facebook profile! The downtown emanates the true culture and essence of Franklin and also conveys the historical aspect.

A Stay at The Recording Studio

We know, you’re scratching your head on this! But let us spill the beans over.
It is true, all the music devotees and country music fans you can stay at a recording studio in Franklin. Dark House Recording Studio is one of the studios available for a stay.

This is one of the renowned studios where celebrities like Taylor Swift have recorded her albums. Apart from her, 65+ artists have recorded their works here.

Isn't it fascinating? The cottage is located in a private and silent space in the studio’s vicinity. It can house 7 people at a time. It consists of three bedrooms and two baths. Also, if you’re lucky enough you may get a studio tour too!

Make Way to The Gorgeous Leiper’s Fork

Leiper’s Fork
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Leiper’s Fork is revered for its authenticity and picturesque neighborhood. There’s this thing about small towns, they are very charming and friendly. Leiper’s fork is no different from this.

You can try out various activities to try out here. If you are a music fanatic, you can go through the vinyl records. If you’ve arrived early, sit down for breakfast at one of the local eateries.

Fork’s most happening place is the Distillery. Watching Bourbon getting brewed in front of your eyes is a lifetime experience. They also let you taste some flavors. This place appears as a countryside but is a gem when you explore it.

Find the Way to Classic Carnton House

Carnton House
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Franklin is known for its rich history. Carnton House stood as a witness to the grave battle of Franklin. Today, it is a cemetery to 1,500 soldiers. Now you’d be wondering how to get in there, where to start and how much time it would take.

We’re here to assist you. Touring Carnton House may take up to an hour. The tour operator may design your tour. The house on the inside looks exactly how you might’ve imagined by reading old American romance novels.

You can get an additional 30 minutes to walk through the outer spaces. Hiring a guide might be a good option as they convey the story beautifully. The storytelling connects you to the house and enriches the experience.

Luncheon at The Factory

The Factory assimilates local businesses and shops. It was a stove factory years ago but now is converted into a bohemian section. There are several restaurants and local artisan shops.

This place is known for live performances and entertainment events. Events are organized now and then to engage the audience and make tourist trips worthwhile.

You get a range of restaurants and delicacies to choose from. You should visit here in the afternoon and indulge in Franklin’s lip-smacking food items. Also, to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, you can nibble pretzels, donuts, and gobble up pastries.

The locals are pretty friendly and accommodating. Spend your day at The Factory and view Franklin from a local’s perspective.

Embracing Nature at Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Natchez Trace Parkway
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Natchez Trace Parkway is a double-arched bridge. It is a natural beauty displaying scenic views. The best time to visit here is during sunset when the sky is blending into the hues of tangerine.

The structure of the bridge is iconic itself but the panorama from here is impeccable. Seeing nature in its truest form is surely a blessing.

We would recommend this place to everyone who wants to experience solace and need some peace. Sip a coffee while admiring the serenity!

Sort Veggies at Farmers Market

Radishes at Franklin’s Farmer Market
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Franklin’s Farmer Market is said to produce the best veggies, fruits, and dairy. The ambiance of the market is crowded but you should visit it. It offers the best exotic products that are farm fresh.

The ripe fruits are unadulterated and picked right from the farms and supplied to the market. It is the main market in Franklin. The sole purpose of promoting this farm is that it boosts the local economy.

You should buy some local products. We’re sure it’d develop your taste buds. You can stay in, collect the veggies and cook at home!

Rumble Through the Timberland Park

Timberland Park is quite nearer to the Natchez Parkway. It is 72 acres away. We’re sure you must have been tempted to walk through the woods after you watched the Chronicles of Narnia.

Here’s your chance to fulfill your desire. Go to Timberland Park and walk through the woods that are at times snow-capped. Appears magical? Well, it is.

The trail is peaceful. The park is well groomed making it easier for tourists. The staff is very friendly and are at your service. It is the best place for an outdoor adventure.

Catch a Show at Studio Tenn

Studio Tenn is Franklin’s own theatre company. They convey their stories and tales through their performances. They perform the classical drama of old times and also musical theatre. The plays are educational and inspirational.

The Town of Franklin is one of the most performed plays and is widely loved. All the actors portray the ethos of the city. You should watch the play at least once just to understand the culture, ethnicity, and art of the region.

The tickets are available right on the spot and are not that costly. You just need to confirm the timings of the show beforehand. Studio Tenn is a well-acclaimed company so there is no chance of you facing disappointment.

They have dramas for every genre and it would feel really good to witness it. We would profoundly recommend you to watch the performance and appreciate their immaculate piece of art.

Boost Your Energy at Liberty Park

Liberty Park is spread out over 84 acres. It is an active park with innumerable activities to choose from. If you are an athlete, this place is just for you! You can go for a refreshing run or a brisk walk with air pods plugged in.

It incorporates a golf course, a walking trail, a baseball court, and much more. The local authorities are planning a lot more to make this park a go-to place always for everyone. You can also go for an evening stroll here.

And if you love furry dogs, you can wander in the dog park and play with them. The dogs are on a leash and trained. It is a tourist as well as a local friendly park.

It is a peaceful place to be with greenery around. Even there are small rides available for children. You can go here to chill and maybe read or journal something.

Check out The Vintage Gentry’s Farm

This is one of the oldest farms in Franklin. It was owned by a family whose lineage dates back to 1849. You should spend a weekend here and gain the farm experience. You get to go on a hayride, a pumpkin patch, and some other fields. It offers the perfect countryside experience.

They also have cornfields that are dense but intriguing. It is as vast as 400 acres. It is set near the rolling hills of Franklin. Small kids especially would learn a lot out of it. The owners are interactive and make you feel at home. They have been carrying the legacy for 165 years.

If you are fortunate enough, you may also get to hear stories from them at night near the bonfire. The couple adds new activities every year. It’d be a different kind of an experience there.

Dive Into the Memoir at Winstead

Winstead Hill Park
Srmiller50, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Winstead Hill Park is a historic site. It is a battlefield to be precise. It is situated south of Downtown. It is known as the memorial park. It consists of a 61-acre battlefield, a walking trail, and a civil war monument.

It is modestly sized and imparts valuable history lessons. The venue conveys the story of the civil war and commemorates the soldiers who fought till the last drop of blood. There is a bronze map that paves the path. It is a true reflection of the battle that was fought.

Let’s agree on this that each of us has an artistic instinct. We appreciate art and try to find the meanings of those metaphors. Gallery 202 is an art gallery that represents the artwork of more than 25 local artists. It has everything right from intricate sculptures to divine paintings.

As a tourist, you shouldn’t miss out on this one. It is a diverse place with many items displayed.
You’d be amazed by the style and proficiency of the artworks presented.

If you are someone who finds stories in paintings and are fond of reading between the lines, then this place must top your list.

Bow Down at St Paul Episcopal Church

St. Paul Episcopal Church
Skye Marthaler, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This church is at the end of the Downtown. This church was initiated in 1827 but services were held in 1834. It is a masonic structure with balconies on the second floor.

During the time of the war, this shrine was used as a barrack to shield from the enemy forces. The interiors are old and exquisite. The stained glass window is one remarkable feature of the church.

Those are called Tiffany glass windows.
We would recommend you to visit this place at the end, as you can sit back and relax. The divine tranquility that oozes from this church is assuring.

The courtyard is wide and calm. You can pray for the world's betterment here. And to ask the divinity to spread love and kindness.
We believe your prayers will be rightly heard!

Take Home a Souvenir

Winchester Antique Mall is one of the oldest shops in the city. It sells authentic products and has a lot of options. The prices are affordable too. They display beautiful antiques that may lure you.

You surely want to take a souvenir back home and this place is the best option for that. It has products suiting for everyone’s requirements. The atmosphere is quaint. You need to browse through to get an item of your choice from the vast options.

Buy something that would make you remember the blissful time you spent in Franklin. Didn’t have time to buy anything special for your family or friends? This is the location to grab something truly memorable at an affordable budget here in Franklin.

These were all the top 15 things to do in Franklin. We hope you enjoyed your trip here. But, we shall be back with another trip very soon. Till then, stay tuned, and have a safe trip!