15 Best Things to Do in Jackson, TN

15 Best Things to Do in Jackson, TN

Located 70 miles to the east of Memphis, the soothing city of Jackson falls under Tennessee as a county seat of the Madison County, its largest one.

Jackson is also the regional center for trade in entire West Tennessee. The city is 200 years old and hence holds stature, beauty and heritage of prime value to locals and visitors from all over the world.

With its rustic and genuine appeal there are loads of landmarks you can familiarize like out of the box car and movie museums; drink to your heart’s desire at some of the best distilleries and breweries, visit the ornate Casey Jones village or connect deeply with nature at the numerous nature parks.

There is also an array of market places and bustling streets with antique shops to steal your heart.

Other unique activities include games like the Jackson Escape Rooms. There are even music museums at Jackson to keep adding to your bucket list

A Truly Amazing Tour of The Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum

Rusty’s Tv and movie car museum
Thomas R Machnitzki (thomas@machnitzki.com), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The ultimate Hollywood museum is here at Rusty’s. This place is the perfect entertainer for you, your parents, friends or children.

The museum displays and houses more than 50 vehicles that have been used in various movies, TV shows and movie memorabilia throughout the world with two buildings.

Some cars are flawless models while the others are the real and only version available. There are also some adorable statues to add to the ambiance.

Famous ones like Knight Rider or Fast and Furious, Pee Wee’s Adventures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Dukes of Hazzard, the Batman bike, the Mystery Machine with Scooby, the Ghostbuster’s car, Wayne’s World, the Beverly Hill Billie’s Model, you name it!

Every movie you love might just have one item here, in other words Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum is a Hollywood lover’s or car maniac’s paradise.

Your kids are not going to want to leave anytime soon once they enter! Hence, this should top your list of things to see in Jackson.

Visit the Historic Casey Jones Village

Casey Jones Village
Tawnya92 / Shutterstock.com

This is a very interesting place to know about the local history and see the local architecture and lifestyle of Old Jackson.

There are loads of museums, old town shops, antique stores, centers and heritage sites at the Casey Jones Village.

The very home of Jones is here, with a museum dedicated completely on his family and him, their remains and artifacts.

The museum houses some of the most valuable American treasures, there is a music center that plays the life story of Casey Jones, nearby his song is played too.

There are trails to climb and 19th century furniture and royal memorabilia in display like gorgeous horse carriages! The world famous Brook Shaw’s Country Store is another major attraction here.

Some of the oldest restaurants in Tennessee are also located here. You can also be amazed by the rail model collection or array of valuable costumes from the past.

Visiting the Famous Samuel T Bryant Distillery

Love and interest for a delicacy of beverages and adding to the list by discovering local flavors of the place one travels to is the sign of a person with true class.

Samuel T Bryant Distillery is there to provide you with just that class and flavor. Located at the Lower Brownsville road, this distillery is open for events at their place.

They offer samples at their place and are also available for sales. Tours are a loved activity for visitors and tasters with the friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Coming to the “menu”, there are more than 20 sweet sounding products that they manufacture for example, moonshine whisky, brandy, rum, cream liquors, gin, vodka, grappa and more.

The moonshine whisky is a favorite with flavors like peach moonshine, apple pie moonshine and others.

Breathe in The Beauty of Mother Earth at Cypress Grove Nature Park

To be surrounded by the whispering of crisp mustard fallen leaves and the hush of lush green woods, to walk through a wooden bridge without seeing its end, to sit by the bluest lake, surrounded by birds and the clear sky; it all might sound like a dream but the Cypress Grove Nature Park makes it all come alive just the moment you step foot inside the gates.

Do whatever you want from swimming to fishing, picnics to trailing or even hiking in the rougher areas.

There are thin streams flowing by the woods which will win your heart when combined with the landscape and chirping birds.

Expect to end up seeing beautiful hawks or owls or even herons and turtles on your way. This is also a perfect place to quietly sit and find the solace in nature you have been yearning for.

A Magical Tour of The Century Farm Whinery

This is another calm and soothing landmark with the best wines of Jackson. Located at the Brownsville Road, this place has some of the best collections of wine and has even achieved local awards.

Visitors claim that the Century Farm Winery probably makes for the best quality wines in entire Tennessee. A quaint tasting room with sweet, fruity, dried varieties.

Welcoming staff and outdoors with the gorgeousness of a nature park to make for a picturesque setting.

There is even live entertainment on weekends and tours everyday accompanied by the personalized stories of the owner Tom.

Experience the Thrill at The Ballpark in Jackson

The next site will uplift your spirits and ask for a loud cheer as Ballpark is the most active and beautiful stadium in Jackson.

Set in a cozy manner, this huge stadium can seat hundreds of visitors.

There is also of course a snack bar around to grab your quick bite while you enjoy the endless baseball games that go on throughout the year.

There stays a constant crowd so one would not feel dampened at any moment inside this place. As the visitors claim, there are no bad seats in this stadium! So relax and enjoy a good game.

Get to Know the Flavors of Jackson at The West Tennessee Farmer Market

To truly reach the soul of any city a traveller has to mingle with the town like a local and the best way to do that is strolling through the markets.

The West Tennessee Farmer Market will leave you with a warm and lively aftertaste of Jackson’s lifestyle and maybe a bag full of fresh desserts or groceries!

Throughout the day and evening the market stays active and brimming with a range of goods.

Fresh local groceries, exotic fruits, mouthwatering street food and desserts, food trucks, flower shops, cookies, honey, candies, you name it. So stroll and enjoy his bazaar.

International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame: One of The Most Loved Landmarks

Located at the Church Street is this paradise for any music lover. Why restrain to music lovers alone, this specialty museum is one to steal everyone’s heart.

The exteriors steal your heart with huge graffiti on the walls, more like full-fledged paintings of world famous musicians, bands, singers and music personalities.

As you get in the ambiance, the owners and the equipment will blow your mind. There are wall paintings of Elvis, Beatles, all Rock n Roll musicians, Country singers and divas of the time.

You can also find the stage and instruments of famous artists collected as memorabilia.

Give Your Mind a Ride at The N.C. & St. L. Railroad Museum

N.C. & ST. L. Railroad Museum
Thomas R Machnitzki (thomas@machnitzki.com), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This museum is the hub of interesting and intricate rail memorabilia. There are model trains that will win your heart.

There is a model train city network with a detailed network of rails working through the lines. There is a mini-museum showcasing all the valuable rail road information and old memorabilia that they possess.

There is even an entirely decorated train car, inside which you can get in and enjoy your train journey feel.

There is even a railroad crossing to give a realistic feel. The engines with their intricate machinery chasms surely charm you to come back again

Shop with Class at The Butler’s Antique Mall

Located just a little to the peripheries of Jackson, this place can be your perfect drive-in mall for shopping and learning about a world full of precious antique objects.

Visitors wander around for hours on end checking rooms full of old, beautiful and vintage items of all price ranges, size and functionality.

Starting from home décor to glassware, paintings and silverware to leather collection, wooden collectibles to their brass and copper objects including gramophones, all of it is worth it.

The collections are of the utmost superior quality and curated over years while the ambiance is pleasing, friendly.

You Can Also Go for Adventurous Games Like the Famous Jackson Escape Rooms

One of the most mind hunting real live activities to do at Jackson is to try out the Escape Room and see if you actually find your way out! This is every traveller and local’s favorite go to indoor adventure location.

The Escape Rooms in Jackson are basically maze like rooms created with a theme, story or puzzle the hints of which will lead you ultimately to being unlocked off the room, or to escape the room.

There are some deeply maddening puzzles and clues embedded in the trivial equipment of the room which will give you a deeply entertaining time.

The Music Museum at The Carnegie

Not everyone knows it but Jackson in Tennessee was the actual founding places of the world famous Hard Rock Café or the House of Blues.

The founder Isaac Tigrett has stated multiple times on how he was inspired by this place in Tennessee.

This museum houses some brilliant musical memorabilia of these geniuses. It is famous for housing probably the largest Carl Perkins exhibit in the whole world, Sonny Boy Williamson, Tina Turner and many others have their history left here.

There are t-shirts of Hard Rock and other amazing souvenirs you can purchase. There are audio tours too here.

Time for An Active Day at The Donell Century Farm Adventure

A true break from the humdrum of the city into the serene countryside style embrace of nature along with fun activities to share the day with your young ones or simply spend some quiet time by yourself, the Donell Century farm adventure provides exactly that.

This area is adored by kids so it would be perfect for playing around with them at the multiple rides like the ladder or slide, zip line area or the bouncing bag.

You can also go for trailing. This area also features some adorable animals so be ready to pet them in this memorable trip.

Casey Jones Mini Golf Course Waits for A Game

Jackson features another unique activity for you to enhance your trip, the premiere miniature golfing course of Casey Jones.  

The area is deeply shaded and beautified with gorgeous wooded gardens of trees which will protect you from getting tired by the heat, there are little ponds to add to the scenic beauty of the place.

It is an absolute favorite of little golf players. There are little flower gardens and running water.

Facilities win your heart along with the sport and entertainment value of the place. The courses are clean and well maintained with 18 holes for multiple players there.

Heartfelt Enjoyment at The Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Travelling Jackson must conclude with a typical jumping fun and that can only mean “The Sky Zone Trampoline Park”.

Located at 65 E Park Square, this zone is an outdoor gaming area for people from all age groups.

There is the basic showstopper: the loved trampoline, there are areas for kids and adults simultaneously.

Apart from this there are other gaming experiences like the loved “Glow Nights”. There is also a snack bar to keep your spirits energized while you release all that work or life stress out of your system while jumping into air to your heart’s spree.