20 Best Things to Do in Lynchburg, TN

Lynchburg, TN
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The attractions in Lynchburg, Tennessee, reflect its small-town virtues and ideal Americana lifestyle.

It's no surprise that this little community in the gorgeous mountains of south-central Tennessee is famous for its whiskey.

Lynchburg is the home of Jack Daniel's whiskey, advertised worldwide as a product of a place with only one traffic light.

The Lynchburg Historic District, part of downtown, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

A scenic drive around the area reveals undulating hills, historic mansions and churches, and cattle and horse ranches.

In Lynchburg, things move at a slower pace, inviting and intoxicating all at once.

Here are the best things to do in Lynchburg, TN:

Learn to Make Whiskey at Jack Daniel's Distillery

Exterior and grounds of Jack Daniel's Distillery
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Jack Daniel's whiskey has become an iconic American product because of its striking black label and square bottle.

Taste history at America's first licensed distillery, the Jack Daniel Distillery.

Daniel Boone began distilling whiskey in 1863.

Alcohol samplers at Jack Daniel's Distillery
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Using cold, clear spring water from an onsite cave, Daniel felt the whiskey's success was due to its lack of iron.

Since its inception, Jack Daniel's has only ever used this water.

A statue of Jack Daniel stands guard outside the cavern holding this secret spring water.

If you want to know how they make Jack Daniel's No. 7 whiskey, the distillery gives tours that let you watch each step of its production.

Exterior of Jack Daniel's Distillery's fireplace
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Go Fishing at Tims Ford Lake

Tims Ford Lake is a 10,700-acre lake with 265 miles of shoreline located in a rural section of the state of Michigan.

Tims Ford is well-known across the mid-South for its clarity and depth.

Kayakers, boaters, and anglers flock to Tims Ford Lake's vast expanse.

Tims Ford Dam's construction began in 1966 and ended in 1970.

The dam spans 1580 feet over the Elk River and is 175 feet high.

You can fish for a wide variety of fish, including crappie, carp, brown trout, and yellow bass.

There's a decent chance you'll catch a fish here, whether you're baitcasting, spinning, or fly fishing.

Pack up your fishing gear and head to Tims Ford Lake.

Buy Sweet Treats at Lynchburg Cake and Candy Company

In 2003, Bill Thomas and his wife launched Lynchburg Cake and Candy Company.

For over a year, he worked on perfecting his cake recipe and setting up a shop to begin selling his cakes.

A Lynchburg-based candy maker, Thomas has created more than 268,165 pieces of candy and proudly claims to have perfected his mother's recipe.

His cake and candy shop is a small company in the city of Lynchburg.

This confectionery's delicious concoctions have appeared on The View, Food Network, and in the book Road Tasted.

Take Photos at the Moore County Courthouse

Exterior of Moore County Courthouse
Daniel Hartwig from San Mateo, CA, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As a result of the county's decision to build a new courthouse in 1967, the old courthouse in Moore County almost collapsed.

Tom Woodard, a Nashville architect, opposed demolishing the ancient courthouse.

Initially, he sought to enlarge the existing structure in a way no one could recognize.

Entrance doors of Moore County Courthouse
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A Lynchburg general contractor found bricks that matched the Moore County Courthouse exactly, so they put up two matching wings on the building's both sides.

Jack Daniel's Distillery also contributed to the remodeling.

When you look at the courthouse now, you won't be able to tell that half of it is old and the other half is brand new.

Have a Family Retreat at Whiskey Cove Lake House

Whiskey Cove, a lakeside vacation rental cottage on Tims Ford Lake in Lynchburg, lets you take advantage of both.

It's on one of the country's premier fishing and water-sports lakes, only a short distance from the distillery.

Whiskey Cove is a one-of-a-kind vacation rental because of its convenient waterfront location, private dock for guests' boats, and stunning open lake views.

The owners built the house to accommodate two families or a group of friends.

It also contains two separate but connected living rooms with kitchen and laundry facilities.

Besides a private dock for your boat, Whiskey Cove has an Aqua Lily Pad and two kayaks for you to use while out on the lake.

There are two public boat launching sites less than three miles apart.

See the Awesome Bikes at the Indian Motorcycle Lynchburg Garage

Lynchburg Garage, a collaboration between Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel's, is a new chapter in the brand's expansion into apparel and goods.

From 2016 onward, Indian Motorcycle has developed new ultra-premium, limited-edition bikes in collaboration with Klock Werks Kustom Cycles.

You may find the other bicycles and their tales here.

It features branded antiques, a pinboard to designate your hometown, and a large-scale map of the most fantastic motorcycle rides in Tennessee to help you find your way back home.

You can also purchase Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel's co-branded clothes.

It is just a few blocks from the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Explore the Moore County Old Jail Museum

Exterior of Moore County Old Jail Museum
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Moore County Old Jail, now on the National Register of Historic Places, was a detention center for more than a century.

The prison was built of oak timber and featured two eight by eight cells.

The city turned the old Moore County Jail into a museum after building the new jail in 1990.

Located at the square in Lynchburg, the museum is the perfect place to go back in time and hear tales of Moore County's heroes and criminals.

The building, completed in 1893, was a prison until 1990.

You'll see the cells that inmates called home as soon as you enter the facility.

This museum tells the narrative of Lynchburg and its people via artifacts, including portraits, prisoner clothing, and combat uniforms.

In Moore County, the only museum is the Old Jail Museum, which acts as a historical repository for future generations.

Visit Cave Spring Hollow

Lynchburg's most valuable natural resource is Cave Spring Hollow.

Jack Daniel's draws 800 gallons of water from aquifers thousands of feet underground every minute.

The water is cool and crisp, with a consistent temperature of 56 degrees.

Jack Daniel acquired the depression and its surrounding acreage for $2,148, a fortune back then.

What did Jack see in the water convinced him to buy the property?

There is no sand or blemishes.

However, the water in the cave is naturally infused with a mix of minerals from the cave's limestone strata, giving Jack Daniel's whiskey its distinct flavor.

The limestone also eliminates iron from the water, which is an additional benefit.

Iron has its purposes, but it's a no-go if you're making whiskey.

The water from this spring is used in every bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey sold worldwide.

Stroll the Lynchburg Historic Square

Daytime view of Lynchburg Historic Square
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The city's historic downtown square is a must-see in Lynchburg.

It became the commercial and civic center of Moore County when Lynchburg became the county seat in 1871.

However, an 1883 fire destroyed most of the buildings in the square.

You can find a wide variety of goods, from candy to whiskey and gift shops in the square.

Likewise, you can find everything from the American Craft Distillers of Lynchburg to Indian Motorcycles to horse-drawn buggy rides to cafes to BBQ in downtown Lynchburg.

Experience the Spooky Tennessee Paranormal Ghost Tours

The story of Jack Daniel is iconic.

During this walking tour, learn about the town's turbulent past, including its role in the American Civil War, natural catastrophes, lynchings, murders, and family feuds.

On some days, there are two excursions scheduled.

Walking tour schedules are seasonal.

The firm takes a break after Halloween and resumes in the following year's spring.

The festivities take place regardless of the weather.

You'll walk on rough terrain for an extended period.

Additional tours are available at Lynchburg's Haunted Home, as well.

Built between 1809 and 1920, the Haunted Home in Lynchburg has hosted several commercial enterprises, resulting in many ghosts, spirits, and specters.

The building has worked as a hospital, a boarding house, and a mortuary.

If you're lucky (or not!), you might spot one of the wandering ghosts with their own tale or two.

Dine at the Historic Miss Mary Bobo's Restaurant

It's safe to say that Lynchburg's Miss Mary Bobo's Restaurant has served delectable Southern fare for almost as long as the city has produced liquor.

It all began in the early 1900s when Miss Mary Bobo ran her boarding home.

Miss Bobo's in Lynchburg is a must-stop on each trip to the city, where every meal comes with a cup of sweet tea and a warm greeting.

Mr. Jack Daniel liked to order a slice of pie and fried okra whenever he went to the town's main boarding house.

Bring Lynchburg into your kitchen by finding your favorite dish.

Stop by Cowboy's Jack

Exterior of Cowboy's Jack along with two other shops
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Since it first opened in 2006, Cowboy Jack's has become a welcome addition to Lynchburg Square.

Randy Piper runs and owns the business.

The whiskey sold here is a limited edition that you can only purchase at the store.

You can also buy Jack Daniels and Lynchburg T-shirts, caps, glasses, and barware here.

This shop, dubbed Lynchburg's "museum of whiskey," is well worth visiting.

It's also a regular participant at the Shop Local Shop Lynchburg event.

Grab Fresh Produce at Lynchburg Fresh Market

Don't you want to shop for groceries in a neighborhood market rather than in a fluorescent-lit tin can?

The Lynchburg Fresh Market sells a wide variety of fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced foods and products in the town square.

This market exudes a beautiful rustic charm.

Of course, you may find other local items, products, and a bounty of locally grown vegetables in plenty.

Sip Fine Wine at Lynchburg Winery

If Jack Daniel's whiskey is too strong for you, try some wine instead.

Lynchburg is also home to the renowned Lynchburg Winery.

Two families work hand in hand to grow grapes and produce wine.

Taste some sweet southern-style artisan wines and more classic dry and semi-sweet varieties.

The Lynchburg Winery and Jack Daniels Distillery share a plaza in downtown Lynchburg.

Jackie's Gift Gallery opened its doors in 2002 in the historic Lynchburg Square.

Jackie's Gift Gallery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, is one of the oldest shops on the historic square.

The store offers a broad selection of Jack Daniel's memorabilia or souvenirs.

Visit the Jack Daniel Grave

Visiting the Jack Daniel Grave is a great addition to your itinerary once you’ve finished doing the Jack Daniel Distillery Tour.

Jack Daniel Grave is a quiet spot where you can learn a bit of history and pay respects to the great Jack Daniel himself.

It’s not a touristy area, so it’s a great and solemn way to see the tombstone of Jack Daniel.

His tombstone is a nice photo souvenir as well, as there’s a rustic aesthetic to it with a lot of stone weathering, accentuated by two cast-iron chairs.

Located in Lynchburg Cemetery, the Jack Daniel Grave can be visited along Cemetery Street.

See the Scenic Waters of Lost Creek Boat Ramp

Lost Creek Boat Ramp is an excellent place to experience the more shallow and narrower areas of Tims Ford Lake.

The place, as the name suggests, is a go-to area to launch boats, so if you’re bringing a kayak or canoe with you, this is a must-visit.

Still, you don’t need a boat to experience the beautiful waters of Lost Creek Boat Ramp, as there are plenty of locals here who go swimming as well.

Beyond that, the surrounding nature and the shore make it a great place to do some photography as well.

Fishing is also allowed, adding more variety to what you can do at the lake.

You can find Lost Creek Boat Ramp along Boat Ramp Road.

Celebrate the Lynchburg Music Fest

Lynchburg Music Fest is one of the funnest things you can do in Lynchburg, famed for its awesome local bands and festive atmosphere.

With a slogan “where music meets whiskey”, Lynchburg Music Fest is also a fantastic place to go for drinks, food, and just have a good time as you immerse yourself with the locals.

The music fest typically happens during the summer, and spans three-days—perfect since Lynchburg is a great summer destination.

Lots of sponsors are present during this festival, most prominently the Jack Daniel Distillery that Lynchburg is famous for.

Affordable and tons of fun, you can celebrate the Lynchburg Music Fest along Louse Creek Road.

Go Camping at Wiseman Park

Wiseman Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations even among the locals of Lynchburg.

The famous Jack Daniels himself was a staple visitor of this park, which is now renowned for being a great campsite.

Beautiful greenery with surrounding nature makes this a scenic place to go camping, whether via pitching a tent or bringing your recreational vehicle.

If you time your trip properly, Lynchburg’s country music festivals typically are held in Wiseman Park as well.

Even if you won’t go camping, you can simply visit this park as it’s conveniently just a few minutes south from the Jack Daniels Distillery.

Go Back in Time at Lynchburg Valley Inn

If you’re looking for one of the best accommodations in the city, Lynchburg Valley Inn is one of the best options out there.

Both an accommodation option and a tourist destination, Lynchburg Valley Inn is a historic home that you can tour, dating back all the way to the early 1800s.

While its rooms are modern, many areas of the historic home are still preserved, allowing you to gain a lot of learning and insight through first-hand experience.

The furniture, while vintage, gives you a comforting experience that really enhances your stay in Lynchburg.

Beyond that, Lynchburg Valley Inn has a scenic garden as well, and it’s located just a mile away from the heart of the city, found along Main Street.

Final Thoughts

Visit this little community that feels like home while enjoying Tennessee hospitality and whiskey.

Don't miss a chance to experience Lynchburg for yourself!

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