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20 Best Things to Do in Escanaba, MI

  • Published 2022/09/02

In the Little Bay de Noc in the United States’ Upper Peninsula, Delta County lies where the Escanaba, or commonly known as Esky, is located.

Escanaba has a lot of exciting and incredible things to do.

With Escanaba, you can have limitless attractions, such as sparkling waterfalls, lighthouses, parks, and taste their delicious brews!

If you are interested in trying any of the things mentioned, this place will be the best choice.

Here are the best things to do in Escanaba, Michigan:

Visit and See all the Attractions of Ludington State Park

Lake Michigan in Escanaba's Ludington Park

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If you want sunbathing, sports, picnic, or simply having a walk under the sun with a nice view, then this place is perfect for you.

The best thing about Ludington State Park is that it is not a usual park that you ever expected; it has nearly 5,300 acres of green space with athletic courts and fields, a gazebo, and a beach.

The Ludington State Park is also famous in Escanaba as the people’s favorite camping destination.

White Lighthouse in Ludington Park

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If you are curious why Ludington State Park is the favorite camping destination, every site has modern shower and bathroom facilities, total electricity, and outstanding sanitation in every area.

Spending time together with your family and friends camping to have quality time is always the best thing; Ludington State Park is the best choice!

Lake Michigan in Escanaba's Ludington Park

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Enjoy the Tasty Wines at Leigh’s Garden Winery

Once you’re done with the tremendous attractions in Ludington Park, you can also visit the most delicious wines in the town at Leigh’s Garden Winery.

Situated in the same street, Leigh’s Garden Winery was built in 1884, and the winery has always been committed to making the best wines downtown.

Other than its incredibly delicious wines, the atmosphere inside the bar is fun and enthusiastic; and the staff is exuding excellent service.

They have a lot of wines on the list at a very reasonable price.

If you want to relax for an hour or two with your family and friends, then why not stop by the Leigh’s Garden Winery?

Empower Yourself at Positively

If happiness is a choice and decision to make, nothing will hold you back from visiting Escanaba’s motivational and inspirational store.

Positively has already transformed many lives by selling their valuable items with a heart.

It is one of the popular gift shops in the City because its products constitute motivational sayings and words of encouragement.

The prices are reasonable; items are cute, unique, and perfect for gifts!

Saying words of encouragement to friends or family members is good, but giving them something special coming from your heart is something that they will never forget.

It can be a book, shirt, mug, souvenirs, or even a simple, unique stone with a short phrase of encouragement that is heart-melting.

The best part is that it will always remind them of your being a good friend or family member whenever they see that thing.

So, why not shop at Positively!?

Learn More About Escanaba at Delta County Historical Society

The exciting and beautiful attractions do not end in Positively! You can also learn more about the City’s history, local resources, railroads in the Delta County Historical Society.

The museum preserves the local features of the City and its relationship to the lakes and land.

Other than that, it also exhibits the collective large-scale of clothing and the land of 1905 motor.

You will never regret securing a ticket inside because it is more worthy than you could ever imagine!

Aside from the historical exhibitions, therein also lies a complete history of Escanaba with many pictures that you can see.

It is like traveling back in time where you can witness how the City of Escanaba came into being; how cool is that?

All the substantial history from its founding people, progress will be presented clearly.

If you are interested to know and learn more about this exciting city, visit Delta County Historical Society.

Try Upper Hand Brewery’s Beers

The endless fascinating destinations in nearby places never end in Escanaba, Michigan.

Why not taste the most excellent and most popular brewing shop in the City?

If you like to chill out and drink a flavorful can of beer, this place is for you!

It is one of the largest and oldest independent breweries founded by Larry Bell of Bell’s in 2014.

Each can of Upper Hand Brewery is made of love to all its customers who would like to have long-lasting satisfaction.

Aside from its tasty and high-quality cans of beer, the atmosphere inside is also fun; and the people working are genuinely welcoming to every guest.

Get a taste of Upper Hand Brewery, and you will never regret it after!

See the Attractive Arts at Bonifas Art Gallery

Since you are already at the Upper Hand Brewery, it is also your chance to visit the incredible comprehensive artworks of Bonifas Art Gallery nearby the area!

It is also known as “home to all the arts” in the town and Central Upper Peninsula region.

There is a sequence of regional and local art exhibitions being held every year by Alice Uren Powers, such as Detroit or Smithsonian Institute of Arts.

The arts center primarily focuses on the salient contributions of the town’s artists, and their works were solemnly appreciated.

If you are also interested in unveiling your art skills, you can also participate in various painting, drawing, and even cooking classes!

Why miss the chance when you can have it all by visiting Bonifas Art Gallery?

Shop at Sayklly’s Confectionery & Gifts

Who could resist the sweetest store in the town of Escanaba?

Not only the impressive attractions around the area, but there is also this one store that could positively capture your attention when you see it.

Sally’s Confectionery & Gifts has consistently captivated everybody in the City with their unique taste of homemade candies and chocolates.

Everybody finds their products delicious and challenging to resist, but nobody has successfully made the exact candies and chocolates ever.

Their homemade products were made from premium, exclusive and secret ingredients that will give you a flavourful sweetness!

A few of their best-selling products are Milk Pecan Snappies, Dark Sea Salt Caramels, Milk Peanut Clusters, Chocolate Drops – 12 oz, and Yooper Trail Mix – 12!

This is not just a typical store that you can imagine, but its popularity made it a traditional store of Escanaba.

Once you taste one of their products, you’ll be interested in tasting everything.

If you have a friend whose birthday is fast approaching, or you still haven’t got any presents for Christmas, then this store will give you the answer to that as they also have a wide variety of gift ideas.

Don’t miss the chance to satisfy your taste bud!

Pick Sweet Strawberries at Pellegrini’s Strawberry Farm

One of the best things and perhaps one of the reasons Escanaba is one of the most visited cities in Michigan is its limitless destinations near every area.

Who can combat their cravings for fresh strawberries?

You just went to Sayklly’s Confectionery & Gifts to have sweet treats of candies and chocolates, but don’t be guilty of tasting the garden-fresh strawberries that you can directly harvest from the farm!

The Pellegrini farm came into being in Italy and was established in America by great-grandfather Cipriano.

It all started with dairy ones with beans and cabbage.

The farm had extensively expanded its business to popular strawberry picking, and fortunately, everybody loves this innovation!

From there, the farm has consistently maintained and preserved its fresh products and cultivated their fruits to have a harvest on every 4th of July every year.

Yes, the Pick your strawberry during this time, so make sure to mark your calendars to join the picking with your family and friends.

Once you have your strawberries, prepare your ingredients and necessary equipment at home to make a homemade strawberry jam!

Aside from strawberry picking, you can also have Cabbage and Sugarbeet Farm that most of the time opens on every September 15.

Don’t miss the dates because it would be satisfying to pick your food from a fresh and healthy farm!

Feed Your Mind at the Escanaba Public Library

Exterior view of Escanaba Public Library

Andrew Jameson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After satisfying your taste buds with Escanaba’s variety of sweets and fruits, why not visit Escanaba Public Library?

With only an approximate 18 minutes of travel time, you can get a chance to read some of the books in one of Michigan’s State Historic Sites.

The library is vast, and everybody is welcome to enjoy reading some books and know more about not just the history of the Escanaba. Still, they also have academic, fiction, and non-fiction books!

Escanaba Public Library offers a variety of subjects that are free to read, and the calming atmosphere inside is suitable for your reading comfort.

Unlock and unveil your imaginations, and feed your mind with meaningful information from Escanaba Public Library!

Play With Your Family and Friends at Wells Sports Complex

Located at 1647 17.4 Road Escanaba, from Escanaba Public Library, you can have it in the nearby Wells Sports Complex.

Regardless of your age, you can go skating or play ice hockey in this place!

If you don’t know how to, that’s not the problem, because you can also have yourself enrolled in Learn-to-Skate programs; and it is also suitable for all ages.

Enhancing your skills in this sport, or if you don’t have any experience playing this before, then it’s time to discover it within you!

Learning a new sport is good, but learning and playing it together with your family and friends are everything!

Enjoy Watching Movies at Willow Creek Cinema 8

In just 7 minutes’ drive time, you can enjoy watching movies at the Willow Creek Cinema 8, located at 2701 3rd Ave N, Escanaba; you can have the great movie theater!

Aside from their excellent place for movies, therein is also a comfortable place for everyone.

The movie theatre is always consistent in providing entertainment by exhibiting a variety of shows.

The shows were appropriate for all ages, the seats were suitable for many people, and the food and drinks were well priced.

Moreover, the area is well-sanitized, even the restrooms!

You can feel at home in this movie theatre, so don’t forget to visit it!

Shop at the Country Roads Furniture and Gifts

If you are still searching for gifts and furniture, then you can get into this place in only 7 minutes drive time.

Whether you’re looking for decor, furniture, gourmet, fudge, foods, and gifts, everything here is available for you!

Situated at 4473 US-2, Escanaba, you can shop at this fantastic store!

As “ber” months have already begun, now is the perfect time to contemplate what will be the ideal present for your loved ones.

In doing so, you might see Country Roads Furniture and Gifts as the best place for that.

Their seasonal decor is rarely displayed, don’t omit the opportunity to get it all before they are gone!

Practice and Play Golf at Woody’s Run Inc.

If you love or are interested in playing golf, you can exhibit or discover your skills at Woody’s Run, which is just 7 minutes away from the last place!

Woody’s Run Inc. has been consistent in its commitment to provide the golf players in the town to discover their skills more and enjoy their sports at the same time.

They are open every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and you can enroll in the course from May 1 to October 1 every year.

What is restraining you from learning and developing new skills?

As long as you are alive, you can do everything!

Play Bowling and Have a Perfect Strike at Bowl-A-Rama

The fun in Escanaba never ends!

You can enjoy playing with your family and friends and have some exciting events as always.

Regardless of your age, you can freely play inside whether you have experience bowling or not; you are welcome!

Aside from bowling, the place also serves food and beverages and sometimes holds concerts every year when there are events.

In Escanaba, there is no limit to enjoyment!

Enjoy the Indoor Games at UPutt Family Fun Center

If you are looking for a magnificent indoor game, this is for you!

It is an indoor game that is fully controlled by climate, and the most unique here is that the place has the theme of glow in the dark.

How cool is that?

It is one of the most visited places by families who want to spend leisure time together.

If you want to play arcade games, blacklight mini-golf. or even celebrate birthday parties, then come to this unique Family Fun Center located at N Lincoln Rd, Escanaba.

Shop at North Coast Apparel

Undoubtedly, Escanaba is one of the best producers of modern styles of clothing and apparel with its distinctive design.

The beauty of the City is not limited to the destination attractions and fun activities but also clothing embroidery, graphic design, and printing.

Inspired by northern culture, the North Coast Apparel consistently makes special and unique designs for everyone!

Shop now, do not restrain yourself from dressing in modern designs!

1. Test your Skills at Escanaba Country Club

The earliest golf facility in Delta County is the Escanaba Country Club, which opened its doors in 1915.

A remodeling venture in 1991 increased the course’s initial nine holes to 18.

Each of the two nines has unique qualities.

The back nine is far more open, having water entering play on six holes, while the front nine has a more “traditional” tree-lined layout.

The 18th hole is frequently cited as one of, if not the toughest, closing hole in the Upper Peninsula.

The hole is 428 yards long, and the entry shot to the green, which is about 40 feet above the slope of the fairway, is entirely uphill.

Public access to their golf course, bar, and restaurant is available daily.

2. Order a Giant Sub at D&M Subs

Since it first opened for business in 1984, D&M Subs has been a beloved hangout for tasty sandwiches in the neighborhood.

Their subs are available on white or full wheat bread, gluten-free pastry, or wraps, all of which are freshly baked in the restaurant each day, as stated in the company’s tagline, “subs with a twist.”

They have 43 distinct varieties of subs, and customers may create their versions.

The meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces are piled high on the subs.

They are nearly two feet long and available in three sizes: small, giant, and family size.

Before placing an order, check out their monthly offers.

3. Appreciate the Talent of Different Artists at East Ludington Gallery

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s stunning Upper Peninsula is home to the gallery, encircled by the echo of ore cruisers, the sound of tides, and the heat of the beach’s dunes.

The East Ludington Gallery of Upper Michigan will undoubtedly have something to complement the elegance of your home, business, or cabin, regardless of whether your style is eccentric or practical.

The East Ludington Gallery is located in a sizable old structure in the heart of Escanaba.

There are many artworks on exhibit in the establishment’s numerous spacious rooms.

Their Upper Peninsula Artists provide the collector with works of innovation that range in size from tiny to massive but are always of the highest caliber and worth.

You’ll have a great time exploring the space and getting to know some working artists there.

4. Take a Photo of the Sand Point Lighthouse

Daytime view of the Sand Point Lighthouse

Mark Baldwin /

Since 1868, the Sand Point Lighthouse in Escanaba, Michigan, commonly known as the Escanaba Light, has served as an unofficial navigational aid on the northern side of Lake Michigan.

The Lighthouse is a rectangular building that is one and a half stories tall and has a brick tower.

A fourth-class Fresnel lens in a cast iron lantern chamber at the top of the tower produces a steady red light that can be seen for kilometers.

View of the Sand Point Lighthouse lamp

John Brueske /

The Sand Point Lighthouse stands apart since its tower faces the land rather than the water.

One of the rooms has relics from Sand Point Lighthouse, including pictures, books, interesting newspaper stories, and more.

At the Lighthouse, you can buy books that are related to lighthouses.

Night view of the Sand Point Lighthouse

Tony Savino /

Have an Afternoon Snack at Escanaba Marina

Sailboat at Escanaba Marina

Roadwardbound /

There are 165 boat slots, docks, and moorings in the Escanaba Marina, with some designated seasonal and periodic berthing.

At the further end of Escanaba’s downtown is Ludington Park, which includes the waterfront.

Boats scheduled to depart in the Escanaba Marina enjoy access to one of the best cruising and fishing regions on the Great Lakes and are surrounded by a lovely park environment.

They provide a wide range of services, including top-notch slip facilities, the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel, fresh water, the leasing and sale of storage boxes, and bike rentals.

Snacks, free high-speed internet, a nightshift watchman, and more are available.

Final Thoughts

The place of Escanaba is one of the most visited places in Michigan; aside from its wide variety of attractions, their locations are also not that far; thus, it is perfectly convenient for you if you want to have leisure.

The attractions are not limited; the place never fails to showcase its authentic and unique culture to every tourist to recognize its sense of nationhood.

So, if you happen to go to the country of Michigan, don’t forget to visit Escanaba!

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