15 Best Things to Do in Hart, MI

Hart, MI
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Give yourself a break from the frantic pace of work and life and find your way back to nature in Michigan.

The city of Hart is in Oceana County, Michigan, and is home to the famous Hart-Montague Trail.

Interestingly, Hart might be in the heart of Oceana County, but its name comes from Wellington Hart.

This is a welcoming city that values and celebrates its diverse population.

Despite being a famous holiday destination, this area also has a solid commercial sector, home to several enterprises selling products globally.

Here are the best things to do in Hart, Michigan:

Go Jogging at Hart Veterans Park

An aircraft on the grounds of Hart Veterans Park
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Hart Veterans Park is a great place to go for a jog or a stroll.

It’s beside Lake Hart, and because it’s very close to the water, you can enjoy the view from your run.

The park also has a monument dedicated to fallen veterans, including a historic jet from the Korean War.

This is a beautiful location to learn about the past.

Reflect on the sacrifices of those who have served the country.

Hart Veterans Park is a family-friendly park accessible to everyone, including members of your family with special needs.

Breathe fresh air and unwind in the park!

Wander the Remarkable Hart Historic District

Step back into the past at the Hart Historic District.

The state designated this location as a historical landmark in the early 1980s, and it is worth your time.

Exciting car events and live music concerts occur regularly in the vicinity.

The lovely Hart Historic District is also the perfect setting for your forthcoming wedding or family reunion.

You’ll find everything from quaint shops to beautiful landscapes.

Likewise, you’ll find collections of historical items, so get your camera ready!

There are food stalls around the district, so stop by for a bite.

Pet the Animals at Up North Farm Market

Prepare your baskets and head to the Up North Farm Market in Hart for a healthy shopping and animal petting adventure.

Likewise, you can see animals such as llamas, pigs, goats, bunnies, donkeys, and more at the animal barn!

Your children will undoubtedly enjoy the opportunity to try feeding them, particularly the llamas.

Go to the market’s lush gardens to join vegetable and flower picking activities.

Besides picking flowers and vegetables, you can shop at local stores for authentic and fresh goods such as coffee, beer, wine, and dairy.

Eat a sandwich at an Up North Farm Market concession stand if you get hungry.

Pick Flowers at the Up North Garden Center

Head to the Up North Garden Center in Hart, Michigan, and visit its colorful vegetable and flower gardens.

This 6500-square-foot market has given smiles to locals for years.

It’s also a well-known flower shop growing a diverse selection of perennials, hanging baskets, succulents, trees, and shrubs.

The garden center is perfect for everyone to play with butterflies and sniff the fully bloomed flowers.

Likewise, kids love the fairy gardens at the Up North Garden Center since they’re small enough for them to get lost.

Don’t forget to buy some gifts before you leave!

The friendly staff will help you find something special for your friends and family.

Watch a Baseball Game at John Gurney Park

The John Gurney Park in Hart, Michigan, is a fantastic location for outings with the entire family.

This park is perfect if you’re searching for a place to take the kids or just some fresh air.

Not only does it offer hiking trails and camping areas, but it also has a variety of other activities that are perfect for any age group.

The park features well-maintained grounds for kids to play and dogs to run free.

Likewise, John Gurney Park has a basketball court and baseball field in the garden, so you can watch a game or join in the fun.

The parking space is wide enough and even has an RV hookup if you want to camp out for the night.

Sip Fine Wine at Pleasant Valley Farm and Vineyard

Hart offers plenty of things to do; for example, you can try wine tasting, one of its most popular activities.

Pleasant Valley Farm and Vineyard has an excellent selection of wines and a perfect event space.

You can taste complimentary wines in the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding vineyard.

Not only will you drink some of the best wine in the region, but you’ll also take in some gorgeous scenery you’ve ever seen.

The family-owned Pleasant Valley Farm and Vineyard is a great place to enjoy locally sourced wine!

Learn to Play Golf at Colonial Golf Course

There are many things to do in Hart, Michigan, but one of the best ways to spend your time is playing golf.

The Colonial Golf Course is the go-to spot for avid golfers and beginners alike.

Jeff Gorney designed the course, which opened in 1999.

This stunning property offers two 18-hole courses and four nine-hole courses, so you can choose whichever suits your skill level best.

The course is a mix of short and long holes, so there are plenty of opportunities for both beginners and experienced players to have a great time.

If you aren’t feeling up for an entire game of golf, don’t worry.

You can always go to the Colonial Golf Course’s 12-acre driving range.

Then, you can sip a refreshing drink from their bar or restaurant while sitting on the patio amid the breathtaking view of Lake Michigan.

Find Clues at the Bamboozled Escape Rooms

Will you accept the “Hart” challenge?

The Bamboozled Escape Rooms will test your skills in finding clues and escaping from one of the rooms of your choice.

This activity should test the teamwork between families and co-workers.

The game’s objective is straightforward: find the clues in 50 minutes and get away!

Don’t let the magnificent sounds and lights trick you; focus on solving the puzzles.

You will indeed feel nonstop excitement during your escape at Bamboozled Escape Rooms.

Choose from three rooms: the shop, the den, and the dorm room, each with unique characteristics.

If you come on your birthday, you can play for free!

Grab a Fruit Basket at Rennhack Orchards Market

A bag of apples from Rennhack Orchards Market
Doug Coldwell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Prepare your basket and fill them with fresh fruits and vegetables at the Rennhack Orchard Market!

The family-owned market operates a farm, producing various high-quality goods, including cheese and dairy products.

They provide a diverse selection of goods, some even grown in nearby towns.

You can pick your apples, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables and fruits on the farm.

In addition, they have a sizable inventory of plants grown right on the farm itself.

You can shop for gift items, jams, and many more in their mini store.

Fill your baskets at the Rennhack Orchard Market!

Explore the historic Dale and Gail’s Music and Art Gallery in Hart to inspire your creative side.

This gallery is excellent for groups of all sizes, especially for couples!

Here you can watch a movie with live accompaniment from local musicians.

Some of their featured movies include “Beyond the Rocks,” “The Mysterious Lady,” and “Our Dancing Daughters.”

The gallery displays an extensive range of goods, including works of art, antiques, jewelry, toys, clothing, and furniture.

The gallery’s front door is incredibly colorful and imaginative, making it the ideal location for a picture-perfect snap.

Bring a date to Dale and Gail’s Music and Art Gallery!

Catch a Mini-Concert at Hart Commons

Bring the family to the Hart Commons, which serves as Hart’s community gathering place.

This location offers a beautiful vantage point to enjoy a picnic while looking out over the stunning city.

Likewise, the Hart Commons is the ideal location for small concerts and events.

The location offers free WiFi so you can keep in touch with your pals during a show.

This popular gathering spot is close to some of the city’s most well-known eateries and coffee shops.

Hike Doolittle County Park

Follow Filmore Road in Hart to find the historical Doolittle Park.

This park spans around 40 acres and includes several different natural paths that are excellent for hiking.

It has expansive lawns lined with towering trees.

As you follow the route, you will even come across the former residence of the Doolittle family.

Esther Doolittle, a local teacher, owned the parcel of land later donated to Oceana County.

Later, local boy scout Steven Miller developed the property into Doolittle Park.

Commune with Nature at Gales Pond County Park

Spend a couple of hours at the Gales Pond County Park in Hart and delight in the relaxing natural setting.

Sandhill cranes and ducks find refuge in the Gales Pond, especially in the summer.

Tourists should take a silent park tour to see unusual animals moving through the area.

In the past, this location housed a railroad, a sawmill, and a blacksmith shop.

This park was only dedicated in the late 1930s.

You can follow the natural scent of trees as you walk through the woods and nature trails.

The park has a sizeable picnic area with picnic tables and facilities for guests.

You can also enjoy the fresh air at the little dam at the Gales Pond County Park.

Drink Beer with a Friend at Big Hart Brewing Company

The Big Hart Brewing Company lives by its mission to provide the best and finest beer in Michigan.

For the production of its extensive range of genuine beers, the company draws inspiration from various brewing traditions, including those of Britain and Germany.

They also offer wine, such as Big hart House Red, Big Hart Hosue white, and Big Hart Pinot Grigio.

They enhance the beer experience of their clients by brewing drinks that might be strong, mellow, or hoppy using local ingredients.

In addition, they offer a menu that focuses primarily on Mexican food.

Let your kids choose from the kid-friendly menus while you enjoy some of the Big Hart Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic beverages.

Shop and Dine at a Studio Shop

There are great parks to visit in Hart, Michigan, but sometimes you need a break from all that activity.

How about a place to eat that also offers a shopping experience?

Grab a bite to eat at A Studio Shop while buying some souvenirs in its mini souvenir corner.

Here you can buy handmade jewelry, art pieces, clothing, and summer wear!

You will love eating here while enjoying the view of Lake Michigan.

The food is delicious, and you’ll want to take home some of their specialties, like their famous tomato soup or homemade bread.

They also provide many other options, such as salads and sandwiches, if you prefer those meals.

Check out A Studio Shop to admire the magnificent view outside.

Final Thoughts

Hart houses more than just parks and historical places; it is a home away from home.

This city has seen many changes in its time, which you can trace in its parks and other historic attractions.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Hart!

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