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15 Best Things to Do in Harrison, MI

  • Published 2022/09/20

People continually flock to Harrison, Michigan, because of its beauty and treasures.

This city is also proud of its motto, “20 lakes in 20 minutes.”

How did this place get such a moniker?

You can visit and enjoy the picturesque scenery of about 20 different lakes in a small amount of time!

Nestled in the wonderful Clare County, this city packs fun and excitement in its parks, attractions, sports complexes, and much more.

The city of Harrison in Michigan truly stands out from the rest!

Pack your bags and discover the best things to do in Harrison, Michigan!

Bask in the Sun at Wilson State Park

Entrance to Wilson State Park

Notorious4life at English Wikipedia, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Who needs a Caribbean vacation when you can enjoy the sandy beaches of Wilson State Park?

This 36-acre park sits beside a lake with beach access, cross-country ski terrain, and a campground fit for your outdoor getaway with your family or travel buddies.

Feast your eyes on the amazing views of Budd Lake and the environment that makes you feel at home with nature.

The campgrounds are also blissfully peaceful, well-kept, and complete with facilities coupled with trails and picnic spots, great for an outdoor date.

Enjoy all the different activities at Wilson State Park, located at North 1st Street.

Taste Heavenly Ice Cream at Dairy Queen (Treat)

If the heat is too much to handle, then worry not and enjoy a delicious cold dessert at Dairy Queen (Treat) on North Clare Avenue.

This ice cream and shake shop serves a wide variety of cold desserts, along with fries and burgers to help you refresh and recharge on a warm sunny day.

Dairy Queen serves soft-serve ice cream of different flavors, mocha chip shakes, snacks, and sides that pair with cold beverages.

They even make customized cakes!

Bring the whole family or your friends to Dairy Queen for the best sweet and cold treats you will never regret.

Relax in the Tranquility of Nature at Countryside Campground and Cabins

Your trip to Harrison must include a stop at this majestic haven on the city’s outskirts.

The Countryside Campground and Cabins, found along Old State Highway, is where avid campers enjoy the camp’s complete amenities and the peaceful aura of nature.

Guests can try various sports fields for volleyball and badminton, enjoy the picnic tables, and even chill at the well-kept and heated outdoor pool.

Visitors can also stay and relax in one of the homey cabins at the campground.

You will never feel the hustle and bustle of the city at Countryside Campground and Cabins, so you can relax and lie back for a while and enjoy life.

Go for an Exquisite Weekend at the Tamaracks

If you want to sprinkle a dash of extravagance on your vacation, then put the Tamaracks golf course on your itinerary.

This elegant country club is everyone’s dream destination, a place to create friendships, play different sports, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the estate.

The club boasts a 6,000-yard, well-kept golf course with an 18-hole layout, lined with trees and a mini-swamp at the center, perfect for a challenging and exciting golf game.

The club also hosts and organizes social gatherings and events for personal and special occasions.

The Tamaracks on North Clare Avenue truly shows what a relaxing and laid-back destination truly is!

Play the Games and Take the Rides at 4X Adventureland

Once you set foot in 4X Adventureland on Fairlane Street, you’ll sign up for exciting fun all day!

This amusement center has everything you need, such as racing your friends in go-karts and enjoying a great swing at the miniature golf course.

You can also add thrill and a mind-boggling challenge to your trip by trying their x’scape rooms, which will keep your mind thinking and your heart pounding.

They also have batting cages for people who need to practice and tune up their batting skills.

Fun and laughter are always overflowing here at 4X Adventureland, so it would be a complete miss if this is not on your to-do list.

Taste the Specialties of Sheri’s Family Diner And Pizzeria

Harrison is undoubtedly home to great and amazing restaurants, and Sheri’s Family Diner and Pizzeria on East Park Street is no exception.

Dining here is a flavorful experience with their menu filled with diverse dishes, from all-day breakfast favorites, specialty sandwiches, and burgers, to mouthwatering appetizers and flavorful pizzas.

The restaurant has a homey feel where you can satisfy your taste buds in a comfortable ambiance.

Sheri’s Family Diner and Pizzeria is the go-to place to taste home-cooked dishes and comfort food without breaking the bank.

Stop at this family-friendly diner and feast on the different flavors of Harrison.

Try Fishing at Budd Lake Public Boat Launch

Fishing at Budd Lake Public Boat Launch should be a perfect activity for a relaxing afternoon with a scenic view of Budd Lake.

Located on North Grant Avenue, the boat ramp is ideal for catching different kinds of fish, with an incredible view of the lake and the tall trees.

You can bring out a pole or rod and start fishing immediately, for the entire day, as you enjoy the sun, water, and wind.

Whether with family or friends, you will have a memorable experience at the Budd Lake Public Boat Launch because you will go home with your hard-earned dinner!

If you cannot wait to start fishing, hurry to the Budd Lake Public Boat Launch.

Feel the Harrison City Spirit at Harrison City Park

The Harrison City Park is in the heart of the city, making it a special spot and meeting place for locals and tourists to enjoy its community atmosphere.

This nature park has many great amenities, such as the park’s walking and biking trails and fitness equipment for those wanting an outdoor workout with fresh air and great views.

Athletes and sporty visitors would also love the sports fields and courts for tennis, baseball, and basketball.

You can also rent picnic shelters and pavilions with your travel buddies and family if you want a picnic under the shade of the huge trees.

Every day is a good day to spend outdoors at Harrison City Park!

Take a Dip in Budd Lake at Snug Haven Lakeside Resort

Are you looking for the best place to relax and spend your weekend getaway?

The Snug Haven Lakeside Resort, located on Hillcrest Street, welcomes you to a vacation you will forever hold dear to your heart.

Their quaint, cozy, fully-furnished cabins have an astounding view of the lake.

You can also dip into the refreshing and clear waters through the resort’s private access to the ramp.

This resort sits amid the beauty of nature, so you can take a break from the city’s busy life and enjoy the small things in life.

Take pictures and make every moment count at Snug Haven Lakeside Resort.

Practice Your Aim at Harrison Sportsmans Club

This next stop is for mature and experienced tourists looking for a more thrilling and challenging sport to try.

At Harrison Sportsmans Club, you can hone your shooting skills with their well-maintained shooting ranges.

Visitors can try shooting action pistols and junior pellet airguns or bench shooting, where you fire rifles on a table or bench.

You can also try archery if you have skills with a bow and arrow or hunting skills through trapping.

Found on North Harrison Avenue, the Harrison Sportsman Club values enjoyment but also practices conservation and respect for nature.

Enjoy a Great Swing with Friends at Devil’s Knob Golf Course

If you want to enjoy a golf game for beginners without paying higher prices and in a more relaxed setting, then the Devil’s Knob Golf Course is for you.

This nine-hole golf course is perfect for novices who want to practice and learn more about golf.

The little hometown course has forgiving and very wide fairways with beautiful greens and trees.

You can enjoy a fair and relaxed golf game on this lovely golf course for the right price.

Bring the whole family together and go to Devil’s Knob Golf Course for an exciting family outdoor outing.

Dine, Chill, and Mingle at Budd Lake Bar and Restaurant

With the growth of foreign cuisine and specialties, classic western food and drinks are something people will keep craving, always a taste of home.

If you’re looking for a place to drink and eat in Harrison, head straight to Budd Lake Bar and Restaurant on East Main Street.

From fully-loaded burgers, great steaks, and flavorful chicken wings to savory entrees and fresh seafood, you can sate your hunger at this restaurant.

Don’t miss the chance to take a drink of their spirits, tap beers, and cocktails to add a touch of heat and spice paired with great food.

Come to Budd Lake Bar and Restaurant for a fun night with family and friends.

Take a Break at Harrison Shady Acres Campground

Its tranquil ambiance, which pairs well with the captivating beauty of its environment, makes Harrison Shady Acres Campground one of the best campgrounds in the city.

The campgrounds boast complete facilities and amenities.

Whether camping on the ground, in your RV, or your campervan, you can make the most of your camping experience.

The greenery and trees of the camp are relaxing, adding a cool ambiance and shade.

The wide area is also perfect for enjoying sports, games, and gatherings.

Forget the city’s noise because Harrison Shady Acres Campground will help keep you connected with nature.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Clare County has more to offer than just the attractions in Harrison, so prepare for a tour around some of the other great destinations nearby.

Fall in Love with Breathtaking Nature at Roscommon State Forest Area

Tall trees at Roscommon State Forest Area

Darlene Stanley /

One of Michigan’s most protected state forests is near Harrison, the astounding Roscommon State Forest Area.

You can find this area in Roscommon Township, Michigan, 22 minutes from Harrison.

This nature preserve is popular with hikers and fans of the outdoors for its peaceful and undisturbed beauty.

It also has a basic campground, picnic sites, and cross-country skiing and birdwatching trails.

With the range of elevations and environmental settings, many flora and fauna make their home in this forest, so there is much to see and learn on your trip.

The vast expanse of nature will captivate your soul and make you feel one with the environment.

The Roscommon State Forest Area is undoubtedly one of the highlights of your trip to places near Harrison.

Enjoy a Bowling Game at Gateway Lanes & Lounge

Nothing beats a great game of bowling with friends and family!

Whenever you feel bored, and want to destress and enjoy a night out, bring your family or travel buddies to Gateway Lanes & Lounge in Clare, Michigan, 16 minutes from Harrison.

This bowling alley features well-kept lanes with automatic scoring, a great cafeteria, and good customer service.

Anyone can celebrate events and parties here, making your celebration memorable and exciting.

Unleash your competitive spirit while bowling at Gateway Lanes & Lounge.

Final Thoughts

To say that Harrison is an excellent place to live is an understatement.

It possesses incredible natural beauty and vibrant culture, with the right amount of serenity and liveliness.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Harrison, Michigan!

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