15 Best Things to Do in Ellijay, GA

15 Best Things to Do in Ellijay, GA

You might have been to the big cities of Georgia, but have you checked out Ellijay yet? If not- let us tell you how much you are missing out on. Ellijay has a lot of tricks rolled up in its sleeves just for you.

You already know Georgian peaches, but did you hear about the special apples of Ellijay yet? Forget the local delicacies- the waterfalls and the rivers look like they have just been taken out from a wonderful painting.

The Amicalola Falls State Park has some of the best hiking options for our adventure lovers too. These are the top 15 things that you must do on your vacation in Ellijay-

Take a walk around Downtown

Ellijay is a mountain town. And, life is exciting on a different level here. To know more about the local flavors and tastes- you need to take a walk around the liveliest part of town- the downtown area.

The downtown area is high spirits. All kinds of events or festivals are held here all around the year. Even if you are visiting at a normal time- you are going to see a lot of people around, there are a lot of souvenir shops where they sell beautiful art and craft that have been made by the locals.

There are handmade soaps that are kind of like the specialty of the people of Ellijay. Are you hungry? There are a lot of shops lined up from where you can eat fresh warm meals.

Check out the Amicalola Falls State Park

Amicalola Falls State Park
JayL / Shutterstock.com

Ellijay is more like the gateway to Amicalola Falls State Park. A trip to Ellijay without visiting the Amicalola Falls State Park is rather incomplete, and we do not want that to happen!

But it isn’t exactly in the heart of town- so you might have to drive. But, the beauty you are going to be enriched with has no match for the 20 minutes spent driving to the park.

The area is huge and almost has 830 acres of land. Did you know its name means ‘tumbling water’? Yes, that’s right- some of the waterfalls you are going to envision here at Amicalola Falls State Park are truly a treat for the sore eyes.

There is also a lodge resort inside, and there are just tons of ways by which you can have fun.
Did you know there is also a zipline? Go on- try that out.

The scenes are amazing along with adventure options. You might even go and stay the weekend!

Taste some of the juicy fruits of Ellijay

As we mentioned earlier- Ellijay is a mountain town. So, the fruits of these areas are juicy and of the best quality. You can find many orchards on your way to Ellijay and even around town.

You must have heard that name of Georgian Peaches. Well, you could try some of those here. Also, the Apple Festival takes place every year which we will be talking about later.

Ellijay just has the perfect setting for an orchard. The weather is favorable along with the great soil. People go crazy for their peaches here.

There are a lot of orchards that allow tours. You can go on a tour and check out their specialty. Did you know that these orchards make stuff from the fruits/ Yes, you can taste pies and ice creams? They are all organic! So, eat to your heart’s fullest!

Enjoy the rivers of Ellijay

Coosawattee River
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The name ‘Ellijay’ literally means ‘many waters.’ So, you can expect some fun with the waters here. After all, there are three major rivers here where you could have so much fun!

The Ellijay River, Coosawattee River, and the Cartecay River are the main attractions of Ellijay. So, what’s stopping you from having some fun? Let’s get going now.

The best thing here to do is just glide along the river. The waters are extremely refreshing. There are no strong currents here, so you can just sit back and float down the river. Tubing is one of the best activities you can do with the rivers in Ellijay!

Stay in town during the lovely Apple Festival

We talked about the remarkable apple festival before. But, we might not have mentioned how grandly it’s celebrated every year.

Many of you might have not known about the fact that peaches are not the only fruits that rule Ellijay. The state is more famous for its apples all over the world.

Also, it is the apple capital! So, this apple capital title deserves some celebrations, right? To let people know how good and juicy the apples of Ellijay are- they decided to host a festival by the name of the Apple Festival!

There are a lot of locals who come to sell the delicious goodies they have made from their apples. But, that is not the only thing. Many artists also come to perform.

There is a parade too! If you are in town during October- you might get to enjoy this quirky festival.

Or, just check out the local Gilmer County Fair

If you are not in town for the apple festival, then it’s too bad! Okay, don’t be depressed for Ellijay has another festival just for you! Gilmer County Fair is one of the best fairs in all of Georgia,
The Gilmer County Fair is packed with games and exciting activities.

You will just love it here with your family. There are a lot of rides here where you can go and have the best times of your life. Also, the food stalls are immensely good!

The infamous Ellijay Lions Club hosts this festival as means of raising funds too. It is more like a carnival of Ellijay!

Enjoy the scenes at Carter’s Lake

Sunset at Carter’s Lake
Theron Stripling III / Shutterstock.com

Ellijay is home to some of the most beautiful rivers and lakes. We already mentioned bout the kind of fun you could have in the rivers. But, did we mention how pretty the lakes were?

Yes, the lakes draw a lot of attraction and make tourists leave everything else and come take photos of them.

Carter’s Lake is the most prominent among the Ellijay Lakes. Being located in the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains- the lake has some of the best sceneries.

Also, there is no other reservoir as deep as this one in town. You can go fishing in the clear waters.

Shop a little at the local farmer’s market

Are you looking to shopping some organic produce? The local farmer’s market- Ellijay Farmers Market is one of the best places to head over on an idle morning and look for some fresh products.

Ellijay Farmers Market has a lot of vendors from all over the town. They set up stalls and sell home-made goodies. If you plan on visiting in the morning, try not to eat anything before you go there.

Ample breakfast stalls are selling warm waffles and pancakes. This does not take place during the winters. But, if you are here during those months- we recommend going to the New Ground Market.

Try out camping in Ellijay style!

Camping is a fun thing to do anywhere. But, did we mention Ellijay has some of the best means of camping? Yes, there are a lot of camping spots, but the locals like to call it glamping. Don’t know what glamping means? Well, it’s just camping in a fancy way. Are you interested now? Let’s go glamping!

Elatse’Yi is the ideal place to check out if you want to go camping in Ellijay style. Not many people get to know about this spot, for this is one of those hidden gems here.

The ambiance is just beautiful and filled with natural treats. Do catch the sunset, and try to stay up to catch the beautiful stars in the night sky.

The Gilmer Arts Gallery is one of the finest art galleries here in Ellijay. If you are looking forward to going and appreciating some of the best works in the town- Gilmer Arts Gallery might be the best location just for you.

They offer educational classes too. There are a lot of works on water painting and oil painting. But, if you want- you could take some of the classes they teach too.

They have got some of the experts teaching. They even hold a lot of exhibitions throughout the year where they feature works of the local talents.

Go wine tasting

There are a lot of luxurious things to enjoy in Ellijay. And, wines are one of them. There are some of the best Georgian vineyards here in Ellijay.

Are you tired after all the sightseeing? Have some free time on your hands? The most relaxing way to enjoy those is to just head over to an amazing winery and get to taste all of their lovely wines.

A lot of the wineries offer tours that allow you to explore the vineyards, and taste some of the sample wines too. Some wineries even have restaurants with them. So, you can enjoy a fancy dinner while sipping on their wines.

Try out kayaking on Cartecay River

We already mentioned tubing along the rivers, but Cartecay River has some great kayaking options that you do not want to miss out on. If you want to try out canoeing or kayaking- Ellijay should be the best place to get started.

The waters are extremely calm and provide some good views. If you go kayaking- you shall even get a surreal view of the river along with the shorelines.

Don’t worry if you forgot to carry your equipment for there are a lot of places here that rent out those gears, and you can enjoy a great kayaking trip in the river!

Learn a bit about history at Tabor House & Civil War Museum

When you were roaming about Downtown earlier- you might have noticed the Tabor House & Civil War Museum. Well, we will go exploring that. Are you interested to know more about the Civil War history of America?

Then, Tabor House & Civil War Museum can surely help you. Even the museum is placed in a house that is too old and has experienced some of the peaks in history as well.

Did you know this is one of the oldest ones in town? Yes, Ellijay is a place of historic significance, and Tabor House & Civil War Museum just makes it better.

The book collection you will find inside is amazing and filled with too much important stuff on the local history. Do check out the museum on a sunny afternoon and see all the things that helped to shape Ellijay.

See the amazing work done by the Ark Animal Rescue Foundation

Are you passionate about animals? Are you into rescuing cute animals and caring for them? If so, then we have a perfect little place for you to visit. Here in Ellijay- Ark Animal Rescue Foundation could be one of the most precious things you have ever seen.

They rescue all types of animals. You could find horses, ponies, rabbits, alpacas, sheep, dogs, guinea pigs, and even cats. Did you know you could even adopt animals from here?

Yes, apart from being a rescue shelter- Ark Animal Rescue Foundation is also an adoption center from where animals find their forever loving homes.

Snap a few pictures at Jacks River Falls

We’d talk about some lovely waterfalls of the Amicalola Falls State Park before, but wait, there is more to Ellijay. For that reason, we have chosen quite a picturesque location for you to head over to on your last day of the trip.

In the Cohutta Wilderness Area, the Jacks River Falls is present. But, before you get to experience the beauty of it all- you have to hike for a couple of miles. Exciting, isn’t it? You are getting your fair share of adventure and beauty at the same time.

The waterfall itself is too pretty, and the pool of water that has been gathered at the bottom is prettier! Did you know that the Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine has rated this as the best place to swim?

These are the top 15 things to do in Ellijay GA. Our trip ends here, but we will be back with something else shortly. Till then, stay safe and enjoy the trip!