15 Best Things to Do in Forest Park, GA

Forest Park, GA
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Forest Park, previously named Forest Station prior to its incorporation in 1908, is found about 8 miles south of Atlanta that’s thriving with a lot of recreational activities, both indoor and outdoor, for you to enjoy!

After growing into one of the most populous and largest cities in the entire state, this city is best known for its farmers' market, which has become the distribution hub of Georgia.

Their community is diverse and welcoming, perfect for those traveling with the entire family, especially with all the establishments and amenities they have to offer!

From world-renowned markets to recreational parks to restaurants with all kinds of cuisines, there’s a ton of fun and adventure that awaits you here at Forest Park!

Before packing your bags, check out some of the things you can do, sights to see, and places to visit with this list!

Have Lunch at Sonya's Southern Cuisine

One of the classic restaurants in Forest Park, Sonya’s Southern Cuisine has a great reputation for serving the customers of Forest Park with traditional meals where you can’t go wrong!

Their quality of service has garnered a loyal following, especially with their use of only the freshest ingredients.

Using basic home-cooked meals and recipes, Sonya’s Southern Cuisine serves its dishes straight from the kitchen to ensure great taste.

This favorite local eatery would be more than welcome to have you, so try and dine in!

Call ahead of time to book a reservation because this soul food restaurant is almost always fully booked!

Take a Trip Down to Atlanta State Farmers Market

Atlanta State Farmers Market is one of the largest outdoor markets in the entire world, and you can visit it on your trip to Forest Park!

In addition to being a major market hub that spans about 150 acres, guests who visit can also lounge at their garden center, where they host different wholesale and retail events and activities.

If you drop by, you can also purchase some of the freshest and highest quality of fruits being sold on the southeast coast.

Meats, fruits, vegetables, and other selections can be found sitting on arrays of stalls which you can buy for a great price!

Restaurants and cafés are also found within this market, where you can grab a quick snack to re-energize yourself or purchase a latte for that caffeine boost!

This farmer’s market is one of the busiest markets in the state, and its location right at the heart of Forest Park makes it easily accessible for those who wish to stop by.

Enjoy Latin Cuisine at Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill

Serving only authentic Latin cuisine in the city center, Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill fuses together Colombian, Mexican, and Salvadorian-inspired dishes!

Get a taste of diversity as you sample the traditional dishes this Latin restaurant has to offer, ranging from classic meals such as empanadas and fajitas to the bold flavors found in carne asada!

Their menu also includes vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions and preferences that’ll taste just as good as the original.

This bar and grill also prides itself on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure delicious servings and portions.

Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill is only founded in two locations, both of which are in Georgia, so don’t miss the opportunity to drop by!

Challenge Family and Friends to a Friendly Game at Funtime Bowl

This bowling alley is about a mile away from the heart of Forest Park, which you can easily add to your list of must-visit places in this city!

Funtime Bowl is one of the oldest establishments in this city, having first opened its doors to the community in 1958.

With over 24 fully-automated bowling lanes, you’re sure to improve your bowling skills and maybe even get a strike to impress your friends!

If you get tired from bowling, you can check out their game and arcade room with a pool table and a basketball hoop where you can practice your aim.

Their snack bar is also fully operational, selling classic finger foods and snacks that’ll keep you energized as you challenge your family and friends.

This facility is family-friendly, so you can bring little kids as well to join in on the fun!

Do Outdoor Recreational Activities at Starr Park

Starr Park is one of the more popular recreational outdoor parks in Forest Park with the number of amenities this establishment has!

Named after a late senator of this state, this park is about 18 acres in size and caters to everyone of all ages!

The younger visitors can take advantage of their play center that’s suitable for ages 5-12, while older kids can make use of their multi-complex fields.

Sports courts are also available for use, including tennis and volleyball courts and even a mini-golf course!

If you want to beat the heat during the summer, you may take a refreshing dip in their swimming pool!

This recreational park is packed with a variety of things to do with the whole family!

Indulge in Japanese Cuisine at KAWA18 RAMEN

KAWA18 Ramen may seem just like any other Japanese restaurant, but their menu definitely sets them apart from the rest!

Situated about two miles from the city’s center, KAWA18 Ramen features meals with special options for those with dietary restrictions and preferences.

With vegetable ramen available, vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy selections are available, and you don’t need to worry because they taste just as delicious!

The casual dining setup of this restaurant allows you to bond with family and friends over a delicious bowl of ramen, along with other Japanese cuisines such as tonkatsu, karaage chicken, and more!

Their bubble tea is also something you should definitely try, so be sure to add this restaurant to your list of must-visits on your trip to Forest Park!

Taste Authentic Chinese Food at Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant

Craving for Chinese food but don’t know where to go?

Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant is found within a mile of the heart of Forest Park and serves only the best, authentic Chinese cuisine!

Proudly serving the community of this city since its establishment roughly 25 years ago, this restaurant is one of the staple eateries found in Forest Park.

Guests have the option to select between their Mandarin menu or their Cantonese menu and indulge in classic meals such as spring rolls, fried rice, and Peking-style cooked meals!

Their portions are generous, to say the least, so you’ll definitely be leaving with a smile on your face with a happy stomach.

This Asian fusion restaurant guarantees high-quality dishes matched with high-quality service to ensure a great dining experience for you and the whole family.

Enjoy the Bold Flavors of Boniks African Cuisine

Having called themselves the best African restaurant in Forest Park, Boniks African Cuisine serves only the rich flavors found in Africa!

Bringing to you the cuisine of exquisite African taste all the way to this city, you can select from their wide range of classic meals and dishes, including soups and African rice.

Their dishes are only cooked upon order which ensures only the freshest and best quality!

This establishment has been part of Forest Park for over 20 years, serving the Nigerian community along with interested locals and tourists!

Whether you’re far from home in Africa or want to try something new and bold, Boniks African Cuisine has something that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Their location 5 minutes from the city center makes it convenient to pass by, so go ahead and try something new!

Practice Your Aim at Range, Guns, & Safes

Range, Guns, and Safes is an indoor shooting range whose original location is found in Forest Park.

There are 15 total lanes you can choose from, 13 for pistols and 2 for rifles.

If it’s your first time firing a gun, their trained professionals will be more than happy to teach you the basics, including safety procedures!

Seasoned or experienced shooters will appreciate the amenities this shooting range has to offer with the variety of firearms you can use.

They also have a gun showroom that is a must-see for those who appreciate collections of guns!

You can enjoy the thrill of firing a gun at Range, Guns, & Safes without compromising your safety!

Wind Down for a Night Cap at JB's Billiards & Bar

A short 5-minute drive away from Forest Park’s busy center takes you to JB’s Billiards & Bar, which is arguably the best bar in the entire city with its refreshing drinks and lively atmosphere.

Guests who drop by also have the opportunity to practice their singing skills during karaoke nights, where they can take the stage and impress the crowd!

They’re also known for their pool tables, where you can play against your friends or challenge a nice stranger to a friendly round of 8ball.

Make sure to avail of their drink specials, too, to maximize your trip to this bar.

The upbeat ambiance of this bar attracts a lot of people, so try and come early to ensure a table or two!

Try Out Unique Flavors at Angelia's Creations Cakes by Design

This home-based business bakery made by Angelia herself is a must-try!

In addition to selling classic flavors, her cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries have a fun twist to them, which those of the legal drinking age are sure to enjoy!

She sells these desserts on a regular basis but be sure to come early so you can secure a box for yourself!

One of their best-sellers includes popcorns infused with alcoholic beverages and flavors, including vodka, Hennessy, tequila, and more.

Only 5% of these drinks are used, so you won’t need to worry about having a little too much even if you finish the entire bag by yourself.

Guests also have the option to have cakes customized for any occasion, and this little bakery in the heart of this city will have it done for you!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Front exterior of Hindu Temple of Atlanta
Qwiddler, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Towards the southern end of Forest Park is another nearby city known as Riverdale that’s home to the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, where you can learn all about the spiritual side of this community!

This temple has been standing for over 30 years and has been a hotspot for tourists on their vacation since becoming the pillar of the Hindu community of Georgia.

Far exterior view of Hindu Temple of Atlanta
Qwiddler, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As a traditional place of worship, the ambiance and atmosphere of this structure are nothing short of heavenly that is sure to have you feeling relaxed.

The external features of this temple are also a sight you wouldn’t want to miss, with the ornate carvings of deities found on the exterior of the church and the elegance of the structure!

The Hindu Temple of Atlanta was originally erected to provide a safe place for worshippers in Georgia where they could happily pray and do their religious practices.

Explore the Hills of Reynolds Nature Preserve

In the neighboring city of Morrow, that’s only 5 minutes away from Forest Park, you can find Reynolds Nature Preserve, the nature preserve of Georgia that’s been a part of the community since 1867!

This land spans about 146 acres and is run by a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and conserving the natural resources and environment of this state.

This establishment also has hiking trails that you can explore that take you up the hills and highest ridges of the country, where your breath will be taken away by views of the pine forests and cool springs.

Guests are also given the option to tour around the establishment, either by themselves or with a guide, to learn about the surrounding area and its rich history that dates back to the early 1900s.

Reynolds Nature Preserve continually expands to this day, even opening a butterfly preserve in the late winter of 2020!

Take the opportunity to visit this site and see what all the fuss is about!

Tour the City While Eating with Midtown Atlanta Food & Cocktail Tour

What better way to explore this city than to do it by tasting their cuisine!

Midtown Atlanta Food & Cocktail Tour takes you around this well-known metropolis on a walking tour while you taste the array of food and drinks they have to offer.

This tour will show you the popular eateries with eclectic menus paired with the best drinks and cocktails around this chic city.

In between stops as you explore the restaurants, your guide will tell you all about the history of Atlanta, including the stories behind the surrounding neighborhoods.

The highlight of this trip is uncovering the secret gems and hidden restaurants that serve some of the best and most delicious dishes in the entire city.

Explore the libations and flavors of Atlanta with Midtown Atlanta Food & Cocktail Tour!

Challenge Yourself at Paranoia Quest Escape the Room

Paranoia Quest Escape the Room provides unique escape room experiences in the nearby city of Atlanta, a short 15-minute drive from Forest Park!

With several themes and difficulty levels to choose from, this facility is sure to provide you with enjoyable times, all while testing your ability to stay calm under pressure.

These challenges are best played in large groups, whether it’s with family or friends, where you must work together to solve puzzles, follow clues, and complete specific objectives in under 60 minutes.

Even if it’s your first time in an escape room or if you’ve tackled similar challenges before, Paranoia Quest Escape the room prides itself on being one of the leading companies in this field of adventure.

This escape room in Atlanta adds a little extra flair by spicing it up with upbeat music, sound effects, and lighting.

Try and drop by to release the inner detective in you!

Final Thoughts

Forest Park is packed with a variety of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, ensuring that you’ll always be happy with a full stomach!

You can also find fun-filled activities, ranging from shooting ranges to the best up-and-coming bars and even bowling alleys and game centers that you can spend with the entire family.

Soak up the sun at their farmer’s market or lounge back and do some outdoor, recreational activities at their popular parks.

This city’s location near neighboring communities gives you easy access to nearby facilities, which you can explore without straying too far.

See what adventure awaits you here at Forest Park in Georgia!