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15 Best Things to Do in Dillard, GA

  • Published 2022/03/01

Dillard is a city you can find at the center of the Blueridge Mountains and towards the top of northeast Georgia in Rabun County.

While the city holds a land size of over 4 square kilometers and a population of 319 as of 2019, there is a range of recreational activities you can try out in this area, along with different fun spots to check out.

Whether you want to see the natural sights of the area or enjoy the urban spots in Dillard, there is no shortage of options you can choose.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 15 best things to do in Dillard, Georgia:

Experience Horseback Riding with the Dillard House Stables

You’ll find plenty of outdoor activities to experience in Dillard, and one of them is horseback riding.

The best place to try this is with the Dillard House Stables.

The Dillard House Stables has been around for nearly a hundred years and offers different horseriding experiences for you to enjoy.

One unique experience Dillard House Stables offers is wading through a river atop a horse.

By choosing to book a horseriding session with this stable, you’re sure to get a memorable outdoors experience.

Go Fishing or Camping at Andy’s Trout Farm

For anyone who is a fan of camping, fishing, or both, you need to check out Andy’s Trout Farm.

While this farm is not open throughout the year, it is still a great experience to visit it.

It is especially ideal, given the number of activities you can choose to do.

When it comes to fishing at Andy’s Trout Farm, you have the option to bring your pole and bait or buy from the farm.

A downside to this experience is that you need to pay for any fish caught.

If fishing is not your thing, Andy’s Trout Farm offers you the chance to experience gem mining.

Aside from these experiences, you can hike through the area or check out the swimming hole.

As for the camping options at the farm, you can either rent a cabin or take camp at the campgrounds.

By choosing to visit Andy’s Trout Farm, you’re sure to get your fill of outdoor fun.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities and a Meal at The Dillard House

Get a combination of history, the outdoors, and comfort by visiting The Dillard House.

The Dillard House has been around since 1917 and currently features various facilities and activities for you to enjoy.

Some of the facilities you can check out at this historical site include an inn with different comfortable rooms and a restaurant with many delicious meals.

When it comes to the different activities you can try, the options include checking out the pool or having fun at the petting zoo.

Immerse in the Outdoors at Rabun Manor

The Rabun Manor is another historical spot you can check out in Dillard, and it is also an ideal place to book a comfortable stay.

While this site is not as prominent in facilities, there is still plenty to enjoy at the Rabun Manor.

One of the biggest highlights you can find at this venue is the gorgeous mountain views.

In addition to being a venue for relaxation, you can also book the venue for events and parties.

Book a Stay at Julep Farms

Get a combination of fresh produce and a comfortable stay by checking out the Julep Farms.

The Julep Farms is a unique resort spot featuring different facilities for you to explore and various options to enjoy.

If you’re looking to get a comfortable stay, you can find a set of cottages to book.

When exploring this venue, you can find different treats you can indulge in for both day and night.

For those interested in local wines and other alcoholic beverages, you can find a selection of blends in the bar area.

Otherwise, you can browse your options at the Coffee Bar or Kitchen.

Whatever you choose to do at Julep Farms, you’re sure to enjoy a treat.

Make a Stop at the River Vista RV Resort

If you happen to be traveling in an RV, you need to stop at the River Vista RV Resort.

There are over a hundred RV spots you can find at this resort, along with other facilities for you to enjoy.

Don’t have an RV?

Don’t worry; there are also cabins available for booking.

Some of the facilities you can find at this resort include a spa and swimming pool.

You’re sure to enjoy plenty of comfort at this venue.

Dip into the Pools at Sky Valley Resort

Treat yourself to some self-care and relaxation by booking a stay at the Sky Valley Resort.

At the Sky Valley Resort, you can find all kinds of facilities for both lodging and activities.

When it comes to the lodging options available at this resort, they range from RV sites to vacation rentals.

One unique option you can try is the hot mineral pools.

Several pools and tubs are available with different temperatures you can experience with plenty of minerals to provide treatment.

You’ll find no shortage of activities for relaxation and sports available at the Sky Valley Resort.

Relax at 12 the Spies Vineyards

Indulge yourself in some wine by visiting the 12 the Spies Vineyards.

There are around 14 wines you can sample at this vineyard.

If you are looking to book the vineyard’s tasting room, you’ll find it is only available on specific days.

You can find which find days you can book on the vineyard’s official website.

Along with the booking schedule, you can check out the vineyard’s online store and have a bottle shipped to your area.

In addition to all this, you can check out the schedule for different music events happening at the vineyard.

Overall, you’re sure to enjoy your share of wine and music when visiting this vineyard.

Have a Bite at Cupboard Café

There are plenty of places to grab a bite in Dillard, and one of them is the Cupboard Café.

At the Cupboard Café, you can find not only drinks and meals to indulge in but also a gift shop to peruse.

This cafe has been running since 1990 and is well known for its delicious selection of breakfast options.

If the different meal options are not enough to satisfy you, you need to try the various freshly made desserts available.

To go along with your choice of dessert, Cupboard Café offers a selection of coffee you can get from their coffee bar.

When exploring their gift shop, you can find all kinds of knick-knacks along with crafted items.

Savor Whiskey at the R.M. Rose Company

The R.M. Rose Company is the best place to visit if you’re a fan of whiskey.

When visiting this distillery, you will find a vast range of whiskey varieties to enjoy.

A few types of whiskies you can sample in this distillery includes blends that feature fruit and spices.

More than the variety of whiskeys you can sample, the R.M. Rose Company also provides a wide selection of other alcoholic drinks for you to try, including vodka and rum.

You can find this distillery by heading over to Franklin Street.

R.M. Rose Company also has an online store where you can get your choice of bottle shipped to your area.

View Local Art at the Gallery 441

Gallery 441 is an ideal spot to visit to explore the local arts.

Located off Highway 441, the gallery features various works from 35 artists.

In addition to displaying art pieces done in different mediums, the gallery offers classes and events you can enjoy.

There are all kinds of art mediums you can try at the gallery, and you can contact the staff or check the gallery’s social media page for what’s available.

Check Out the Glass Pieces at Dejavu Antiques

Among the different shops available in Dillard, you’ll find a selection of antique stores to explore, and one of the unique ones is Dejavu Antiques.

What makes Dejavu Antiques so unique is that they mainly feature glass pieces.

From glassware to vases and unique creations, you can find all kinds of antique glassworks at this store.

You’ll also find that Dejavu Antiques does glassware shows throughout the year, and you can find the show schedule online.

To find this store, you need to head towards Highway 441.

Peruse Appalachian Trader

Dillard has its share of antique stores to explore, and one of them is Appalachian Trader.

Unlike the other stores, the business did not start in its current location in Franklin Street.

Before settling in the former feed store, you could find Appalachian Trader in a former skating rink in 1985.

Now, with a vast collection of houseware and other old trinkets, antique enthusiasts can get their fill of fun by visiting Appalachian Trader.

Take Part in the Dillard Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival

Every city has different festivals, and for Dillard, that festival is the Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival.

The Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival features several bluegrass performances and all kinds of mouth-watering barbeque dishes for you to enjoy.

At this festival, you can choose to participate in the barbeque competition.

If the competition is not your thing, you can still admire all the work done towards the various delicious meats.

The festival generally occurs around the first week of August and is set in Franklin Street.

Purchase Local Items at Dillard Market

Just as there are plenty of stores to peruse in Dillard, you can find several markets in the area.

One of the markets you can check out for local crafts is the Dillard Market.

When visiting this market, which you find in the downtown area, you can find various house items, such as candles and lotions.

If you want to get a complete experience of the market, you can make an appointment by contacting the staff.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Ride through the Mountains at Goats on the Roof

View of the Goats on the Roof exterior.

Brian Stansberry (photographer), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Goats on the Roof is an attraction you can find at Pigeon Road and takes less than fifteen minutes by car to travel from Dillard.

One of the main features you’ll find at this venue is the coaster that takes you on a mile-long trip around natural sites in less than ten minutes.

Aside from the coaster, you have the option to try your hand at gem mining or enjoy a sweet treat.

You can also experience feeding a goat or peruse through the different items at the store.

Whatever you choose to do at Goats on the Roof, you’re sure to get a fun experience.

Revisit History at the Foxfire Museum

Foxfire Museum

Lucas Graenicher /

The Foxfire Museum is a unique historical spot that you can find in the woods at Foxfire Lane.

It can take up to nine minutes by car to travel to this site from Dillard, and once you reach the area, you’ll find several log cabins to explore.

Throughout these many cabins, you can browse through various historical pieces, and in exploring the area, you get the chance to see different people demonstrating the creation of several crafts.

By visiting the Foxfire Museum, you’re sure to get your fill of local history.

Search for Estatoah Falls

You can find several natural sights to explore in the nearby areas of Dillard, and one of them is Estatoah Falls.

The Estatoah Falls, which you can find within the Mud Creek area, is a set of waterfalls that hold the Spring Lake on top.

While this natural sight is not open for exploration, there are several spots in the area you can hike through to get a view of this natural sight.

You can also take the trail from Mud Creek Falls to Estatoah Falls and get even more views to enjoy at this path that spans over three miles long.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons one can give why you should visit Dillard.

If there is one top reason why you should check out this city, it would be the unique experiences you can get with various outdoor activities.

From wading through rivers on horseback to dipping in mineral pools, you’ll find no shortage of experiences available in Dillard.

That’s why, if you’re looking for a combination of the outdoors, relaxation, and fun, you need to consider Dillard as your next destination.

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