15 Best Things to Do in Dahlonega, GA

15 Best Things to Do in Dahlonega, GA

Dahlonega is situated in the heart of Georgia. It is a sprawling city guarded by undulating mountains. Now, let’s look at the historical perspective of the city. It is the same city that witnessed the major US Gold Rush and is a very important historical site.

Dahlonega in totality has a lot to explore. It has massive mountains, brimming waterfalls, and the world’s best wineries. Even though it is a famous spot, it is highly underrated.

Not contemporary underrated. It is a hidden gem that needs genuine attention. A visit to Dahlonega is a one-time experience. This city is to be felt, not just viewed.

Now, let’s look at the top 15 things you can do in Dahlonega. Note that they are pretty amazing and you must try them all.

Go Wine Tasting at Cavender Creek

Dahlonega produces the finest wine across the globe. Their local wines are authentic and taste specific. Cavender Creek has its vineyards and wineries.

They are among the top-notch wine sellers in town. The wines are handcrafted and made on the site. They also let you know the ins and out of winemaking.

The winery is rustic and aesthetic. The property is beautiful and has a resting room attached to it. This winery will exceed all your expectations.

The atmosphere is relaxing and entertaining. Some musicians play instruments to soothe the audience. You’ll have a lot of fun here coupled with glasses of wine.

Take Up the Lake Zwerner Trail

Lake Zwerner is the beautiful element of Dahlonega. It is around 5km long. It doesn’t seem like a hike, it is more of a pleasant walk. It is surrounded by woods and gets steep after some time. The lake is pristine and simply stunning.

The trail covers everything right from the woods leading to a beautiful lake. It is the most loved activity in Dahlonega. You will be refreshed and rejuvenated after taking up this trail.

It will act as a booster for nature lovers. You can feed some ducks at the lake as well. Every season offers a different look to the trail and the lake.

Steal a Glimpse of Consolidated Gold Mine

As we noticed that Dahlonega witnessed a massive gold rush in the 1800s. And that led to the popularity of the gold mines in the region.

Consolidated Gold Mine became the most visited place in time. The best way to explore the place is to take a tour. They take you deep down underground and in history too.

It will be a 40-minute tour that will introduce you to the structure and working of a gold mine. The guide is one of a miner only so he has ample knowledge about the spot. They tell you stories about the gold rush and miner’s lives.

It is a phenomenal place for all the history enthusiasts. They also offer gold panning. The path is well marked and maintained. It will be an informative and intriguing spot for sure.

Attain Peace at the Cane Creek Falls

Cane Creek Falls are located in a secluded region of Dahlonega. The tranquil atmosphere is enough to attract those who are on the lookout for serenity. It is the perfect spot for a retreat.

You can sit by the oasis and just experience the peace. You should confirm beforehand if it is open for tourists or not. The water is shallow and you can dip your toes in the cold water.

The area around is beautiful and is natural in its raw form. The area is deserted so if you are lucky enough you may get the waterfall to yourself. The atmosphere will pass on a calming effect on you and you’d rejoice in the moments.

Do not look at your phone or be busy snapping pictures. Just embrace nature and spend moments of silence.

Go Horseback Riding

Horseback ride in Dahlonega
ARYEVA / Shutterstock.com

Sunny Farms North Stables is a horse rider's favorite destination. Horse riding is an exciting sport. If you are good at it, you might enjoy riding to the fullest. And if you are a beginner, you’d enjoy every baby step you take.

They teach you the basics so you experience a comforting and enjoyable ride. The trail they take you on is scenic and worth taking up. If you are a seasoned rider, you may be given some challenging trails. The horses are trained and gentle.

It will be a beautiful activity and you’d cherish the experience. Make sure you snap a picture with your horse.

Spot Wildlife at Chestatee

Wildlife is an important element that is required to balance the ecosystem. The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is home to exotic animals that cannot be found elsewhere.

The zoo raises its bars from 10 AM to 4 PM. It is run by a nonprofit organization whose only motto is to preserve animals. You can feed the animals, but at your own risk. Make sure you do not cross the fence.

It will be a dynamic tour as you will meet a lot of new animals in their natural habitat. There are exotic and endangered species here. The zoo should be applauded for its efforts to keep the wildlife alive. It will be a fun thing to do in the morning.

Buy the tickets on your arrival and explore the preserve at your own pace. If there are kids with you on the tour, do take them as well.

The Dahlonega Walking Tour

Dahlonega is a scenic beauty. There are 5 different walking tours available for the tourists. Each one of them is different from another. Also, they are varied in nature.

One of them is a ghost trail, the next one being a grapes wine tour, then a food and cultural tour, and a few others. All of these are unique and niche-specific. No matter what tour you take up, enjoyment is bound to come.

Make sure you wear your sports shoes as the walk might be long and tiring. But during the whole time, you’d be occupied and will meet Dahlonega’s culture closely.

Relish the Wine at Accent Cellars

One of the well-known wineries in town is the Accent Cellars. They brew the best wine in the city; smooth and dark. Their collection is topnotch and of supreme quality. You get different flavors to taste and choose your favorite amongst the lot.

There are plenty of sitting areas available on their property. Be it indoors or outdoors. They also serve scrumptious snacks along with a glass of wine.

You’d feel that you are relishing some premium wine. No matter how much we appreciate here, the wine will speak for itself. The owner is approachable and is very passionate about wines.

He would tell you a lot about the wine and how it is made. The atmosphere is desirable and having wine in such an ambiance is a dream come true. It’d be a memorable glass of wine. The one that you won’t forget all your life.

Rummage Through Historical Documents in the Gold Museum

Dahlonega Gold Museum
Rob Hainer / Shutterstock.com

Dahlonega Gold Museum conveys the story of the US Gold Rush and the US Mint. It is a spacious museum that contains a detailed history of the events that happened and how they shaped the United States economy.

The building is attractive and Victorian in terms of display. They show a short film concerning historical events.

There are various chronicles, documents, and artifacts presented. It is an informative place with a lot of content to understand and interpret. You can roughly spend 2 hours exploring it all and also watch the movie.

Meander in the Gibbs Garden

Daffodil field in Gibbs Garden
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Gibbs Garden is a breathtaking spot in Dahlonega. It is a colorful garden with a lot to explore. You can spend 3-4 hours here and still would feel that time is lacking.

It has amazing ponds, bridges, waterfalls, and exotic flowers. The garden authorities hold fest to let more people know about the flora and plant life.

The Gibbs Garden itself is divided into three different gardens. Namely, Manor House Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and Waterlily Gardens. Each of these gardens contains different kinds of flowers.

Neither food nor water is allowed on the property. It is well kept and maintained. It is a refreshing and cheerful place to be.

Chestatee River Adventure, Here We Come!

River activities are always enjoyable and adventurous. We would recommend you to take up the Chestatee River Adventure now.

The organization offers kayak trips and tube trips. But we would recommend you to take up the Kayak. It is so much fun and daunting. You can reserve your slot online and get it ready on your arrival. They offer 3 hour long rounds, but that long would be exhausting.

The ride will be worth every penny that you paid. The river is calm and composed, providing a good space to kayak steadily. It will be so soothing that you would want to float forever and never move out of the Kayak.

Feeling Hungry? Head Over to Bratzeit

If you are in Dahlonega, you should not miss out on Bratzeit. They serve the best German and Swiss food in the town. It is the real deal, trust us. The essence and taste of the food served here are unmatchable. It is authentic and scrumptious.

Every single dish on the menu is delectable and you ought to try out as many as you can. The service is fast and excellent. You won’t feel you are in the States, the food is pure German and will take your taste buds to Germany. Great ambiance, delicious food. What else do you need?

Grab the Tickets to Holly Theatre

Holly Theater
HollyJoe28, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The historic Holly Theatre is a treat for performance and concert enthusiasts. This is the oldest theatre in town and puts on a marvelous show now and then.

The theatre is quaint and small. It has been entertaining the visitors for years now. The ambiance is energetic and the shows are worth watching.

You get cookies and wine for snacks in there. The best time to visit the theatre is at Christmas. They showcase Christmas special shows and keep the holiday spirit alive.

The performers are talented and entertaining. You will forever remember the performance you watched here.

Gaze Stars at the Astronomical Observatory

Star Gazing is such a romantic and enchanting thing to do. We are a fan of it and we know you are already imagining it. So, let us spill the beans. You can catch the constellations and stars from North Georgia Astronomical Observatory located in Dahlonega.

It will be a spellbinding experience. It is not something you capture in a camera frame, but something you capture in your memory forever.

Away from the pollution of the city, this observatory offers a spectacular view of the star-studded sky. The viewing begins at 9;30 PM. And only a few seats are available for the public.

You must reserve your seat prior so that you do not miss out on the magic. We are sure you’ll be left spellbound and enchanted after coming out of the spot. It is a paradise on Earth. So, make sure you take your beloved together and make some romantic memories.

Step in the Historic Smith House Inn

If you are seeking out comfort, book a room at the Historic Smith House. It is the most gorgeous place to stay over for a night. The property is clean and comforting. Also, note that they serve the best breakfast in town. You’d enjoy your stay here.

There is no hustle-bustle. The atmosphere is serene and calm. The rooms are huge and filled with all the facilities. It is almost as if you have found heaven right amid a bustling city. So, do book a night here. You won’t regret it, we guarantee you.

So, this was diverse Dahlonega. It was surely delightful to explore the boundaries of this stunning city. By the way, when are you getting your passport stamped again? Do not wait any more, here’s your cue to go en route.