15 Best Things to Do in Cave Spring, GA

Cave Spring, GA
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In 1832, settlers of English and Scottish-Irish descent established the city of Cave Spring.

It gets its name after the limestone spring inside a cave that produces nearly two million gallons of water every day.

This spring is the primary water source for nearby communities.

Likewise, the spring made the city a popular site.

Native Americans sourced drinking water and held tribal meetings here.

Cave Spring is in Vann’s Valley, approximately 17 miles southwest of Rome.

Today, this city in Floyd County is famous for its unique structure and picturesque square riddled with history.

Antiques, specialty shops, and famous inns are just some of the things and places to check out in this beautiful city.

Here are the best things you can do in Cave Spring, GA:

Visit the Cherokee Vann Cabin on Broad Street

Marker of Cherokee Vann Cabin
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The National Park Service has recognized the Cherokee Vann Cabin as a historical site.

It is also the oldest verifiable building in Cave Spring.

In 1810, Avery Vann of the Cherokee Nation built the cabin in its original location on Cave Spring Square.

The building is still there today.

In 2010, a local discovered the cabin beneath the ruins of the Green Hotel.

Exterior of Cherokee Vann Cabin
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Through the efforts of the Cave Spring Historical Society and volunteers, the once-dilapidated cabin has now become a popular tourist destination in Cave Spring.

You can learn about the city’s early inhabitants through its simple architecture.

Drop by the site anytime during the week to check out the two-story, hand-hewed log cabin.

Explore Rolater Park

Rolater Park on Old Cedartown Road is not your average park.

Instead of the usual playground, grass field, and picnic tables, Rolater Park invites you to a whole new world with its natural landscapes and historic sites.

Explore the cave off the town square and check out the stalagmites adorning the walls.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as you hunt for the legendary Devil’s Stool formation inside the cave.

You can also explore the Pinhoti Trail inside Rolater Park, Georgia’s longest thru-trail, stretching for 165 miles.

Swing from the Treetops with Daredevil Ziplines

Adrenaline junkies will surely enjoy cruising through the trees with Daredevil Ziplines.

Situated between Cave Spring and Rome, Daredevil Ziplines is an adventure staple.

Fly through Northwest Georgia’s rocky outcrops and pine forests.

You can choose between Daredevil Zipline’s “Dare Ya” and “Double Dare” zipline rides.

Thrill-seekers can zoom across 600 feet at 50 miles an hour, soaring over a lake.

Then, the bungee braking system kicks in, launching the rider across the lake and setting them on a sandy beach.

If you’re up for a friendly competition, try out the Double Dare adventure and race at a European-style aerial challenge course.

Become One with Nature at Brushy Branch Park

There’s nothing quite like spending a day in the park to relax and drown out the sound of bustling streets.

At Brushy Branch Park on Blacks Bluff Road, you’re sure to enjoy your quick escape from town with its scenic views and calm environment.

Enjoy six acres of natural wonders and get an all-access pass to Lake Weiss and Coosa River.

Brushy Park also has a boat launching area to take your boat to the waters and catch some fish.

After spending the day outside, head over to one of the park’s picnic pavilions to rest.

Get your fill of good food and refreshing drinks.

Take a Swig of the Best-Tasting Water in the City

Cave Spring has the best-tasting water in the city, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Inside Rolater Park, you’ll encounter the eponymous spring that produces two million gallons of fresh, clean water every day.

Fill your jugs and take the water home.

The spring overflows into a reflection pond and shallow stream nearby, where kids are welcome to dabble.

Further along, you'll see the park’s swimming lake, which spans 1.5 acres, perfect for floaters and water babies.

Get a Good Grasp of the Simpler Times at the Cave Spring Baptist Church

Visit the first baptist church in Cave Spring and remind yourself of the simpler times before towering buildings and busy streets became the new normal.

The Cave Spring Baptist Church is at Old Cedartown Road, constituted in 1836 even before the current building.

Slaves created the bricks used to build the church.

In 1931, Dr. Joseph B. Rolater bought the church for $10,000, but the city of Cave Spring received the property through a deed.

Today, the church remains a popular reminder of the city’s early years, even after extensive renovation and remodeling.

The Cave Spring Baptist Church has also become a go-to place for weddings and other special events.

Its original stained glass windows, picturesque balcony, and wide plank floors add flavor to any event.

Swing by the Georgia School for the Deaf

Front exterior of Georgia School for the Deaf
Cyntata2672, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Established in 1846, the Georgia School for the Deaf on Perry Farm Road is the state's only residential school that serves deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

The school stands on the grounds of the Hearn Academy.

O.P. Fannin, a teacher at the academy, built the school.

GSD is the 11th residential school for the deaf built in the US, which began with a simple log cabin and a $5,000 legislative grant.

Through GSD's efforts, residents and business owners could also efficiently converse using American Sign Language.

Explore the school's 480 acres and immerse yourself in one of the country's most critical environments for inclusivity.

Shop for Unique Finds at Antiques on the Square

Drop by Antiques on the Square at Broad Street if you want to take home a unique souvenir from your trip.

The store’s quirky exterior is enough to make you want to step inside and wonder what treasures lie ahead.

Antiques on the Square features antiques, vintiques, and mantiques from over 15 dealers.

You can also check out the shop’s greenhouse and garden center and find a great selection of plants ready for their forever homes.

You’ll also find dozens of bird supplies from this store.

Drop by Hearn Academy on Cedartown Street

You'll find important information about Cave Spring's humble beginnings from Hearn Academy on Cedartown Street.

The Baptists established the academy as a boys' school for manual labor in 1838.

Students learned agricultural and farming skills.

The preparatory school had six small cottages that stood as dormitories, with a classroom nearby.

However, the school building burned down in 1910.

After the fire, the school underwent restoration.

It eventually closed down in 1925.

Despite its closure, the school still hosts special events and parties.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Cedar Creek Park

Situated on Cave Spring Road, Cedar Creek Park is the perfect location to enjoy the great outdoors on a hot summer day.

The park has a campsite that can accommodate 62 RVs and 24 tents, making for an ideal getaway for big groups.

Paddle down Cedar Creek and feel the relaxing vibe of the calm waters.

You can also try fly fishing and striper fishing and enjoy other watersports activities like canoeing, kayaking, and boating.

Cedar Creek also has a driving range nearby, so you’re free to practice your golf swings.

Book a Stay at the Historic Hearn Inn

Relax and get a much-needed rest after a busy day at the historic Hearn Inn on Old Cedartown Road.

The inn was once a dormitory for the Hearn Academy.

Later, it became a female dormitory for the Georgia School for the Deaf.

The building has undergone restoration, furnished with a magnificent collection of antiques.

You’ll surely enjoy the inn’s rustic and peaceful ambiance.

Hearn Inn is also a stone’s throw away from other tourist spots like the Hearn Academy and Baptist Church.

Step outside this inn for several restaurants and shops to get the whole Cave Spring experience.

Let Kids Discover Their Love for the Arts at the Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc.

Incorporated in 2002, the Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organization that teaches young children the diverse ways of art expression.

Named after the photographer Alton Holman, the organization sits along Alabama Street.

He graduated from the Georgia School for the Deaf.

The non-profit organization holds weekly workshops with practicing and nationally acclaimed artists.

Enroll your kids in classes like wood splits basketry, crochet felting, woodcarving, and porcelain painting.

Alton Holman Heritage, Arts Inc. also prides itself in shaping young kids and their potential in the performing arts.

They also hold voice, stagecraft, acting, and stage movement classes.

Satisfy Your Cravings at Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on Broad Street

There’s no better way to end a fun-filled day than enjoying a great steak.

At Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on Broad Street, you’ll enjoy the explosion of flavors from the restaurant’s best-selling prime ribs and sirloins.

As Northwest Georgia’s very own pride and joy, Linde Marie’s also offers a selection of seafood and chicken dishes.

The restaurant’s impressive interior should also satisfy your design tastes.

Walk down the checkered floors and marvel at the sight of brick walls that give the restaurant a rustic vibe.

Check Out the Peddler on Alabama Street

Make your way to Alabama Street and find the best souvenirs to commemorate your trip to Cave Spring.

The Peddler is the city’s famous general store, where you can find just about anything.

The store offers home decor, gifts, antiques, and furniture.

Fill out your entire wardrobe with the store’s selection of clothing and accessories for men and women.

You can also check out the store’s scented candles for a more intimate souvenir.

Spend the Holidays Downtown

There’s nothing quite like Downtown Cave Spring when celebrating the holidays.

Feel the Christmas festivities as you take a stroll and visit holiday-themed shops and houses downtown.

The annual Christmas Parade also takes place during the first week of December.

Join the parade usually held at Rolater Park.

Enjoy the holidays with a small-town vibe as you shop for decor, great food, antiques, etc.

Final Thoughts

Historic places, scenic views, and extraordinary experiences fill the city of Cave Spring, explaining why it remains a popular tourist destination.

You’ll surely enjoy your time in this beautiful city while learning about its foundation and rich culture.

So, don’t fall behind and book your trip today!