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15 Best Things to Do in Eastvale, CA

  • Published 2023/04/29

The city of Eastvale is a suburban escape within easy reach of bigger and busier cities.

As part of Riverside County, California, the 13.1- square mile city is strategically located in the middle of Interstate 15 and California Routes 91, 60, and 71.

Eastvale boasts modern and award-winning schools and parks, perfect for those looking for a place to live permanently.

Its location makes it an ideal place for both work and play.

The area was once a dairy enclave transformed into a diverse community with many amenities.

The land of Eastvale was used for farming for about 176 years.

Its history is tied to its neighboring areas: Corona, Norco, Chino, and Ontario.

In 2007, five individuals representing the residents formed the Eastvale Incorporation Committee, pushing for its cityhood.

The city was then officially incorporated in 2010.

It remains tied to Corona and Norco as a Corona-Norco Unified School District member.

It also shares a zip code with Corona and Jurupa Valley.

Discover what living in Eastvale feels like when you visit.

For reference, save this list of the best things to do in Eastvale, California!

Visit Riverwalk Park

Go to Riverwalk Park for fresh air and quality time outdoors.

The park is located at 7674 Soaring Bird Court.

It’s perfect for traveling with kids as it features a playground.

If you want to stay active, the park has a trail to walk, jog, or bike.

It also has some outdoor exercise equipment that the public may use.

Riverwalk Park is the perfect area for your outdoor activities!

Make a Splash at Dairyland Park

Dairyland Park is one of Eastvale’s finest open spaces.

It is located at 14520 San Remo Drive.

One of the park’s best-known features is the water play area, where you can enjoy the water cannon and spray fountains.

It’s the perfect place to visit during the summer to beat the heat!

The park also has a dog park where you can let your dogs run free, play, and get exercise.

Dairyland Park isn’t just an excellent place for hanging out with friends and family and your pets.

Don’t forget to add this park to your list of recreational areas!

Take Your Kids to Half Moon Park

Half Moon Park is the perfect spot to visit if you want your kids to spend some time outside.

It is situated at 14383 Cherry Creek Cir.

Here you’ll find a playground where kids can have their playtime and meet new community friends.

The place has a peaceful ambiance that embodies the suburban feel of the neighborhood.

Feel free to find a spot to relax, read a book or stroll at Half Moon Park!

Join the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival

If you’re considering visiting Eastvale, you may want to go in time for the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival.

The fair is held at Riverview Recreation Park at 14600 Baron Drive.

As the only permanently built Renaissance festival in Southern California, it boasts the most interactive experience!

Since it started in 1998, the festival has entertained families and friends with fantastic vendors, staff, and entertainers.

Here you may learn all about the history of Germany from 1450 to 1600 A.D. while participating in the displays and activities.

You may also pick up Renaissance-themed handmade goods from the vendors.

If you get hungry, join the themed feasts and period food served at Koroneburg Renaissance Festival’s sit-down restaurant.

Celebrate Milestones at the Desi House

Consider booking the Desi House for the perfect venue for your special event.

You may find it at 13215 Altfillisch Court.

It is a 2.5-acre property that serves as a recreation and leisure venue.

Hollywood actor and producer Desi Arnaz built the house in 1960 in Corona to look like his childhood home in Cuba.

When Arnaz died in 1986, a family bought it and relocated it to Eastvale.

In 2015, the JCSD Parks and Recreation Department bought the house.

It reopened in 2022 as an event venue with unique architectural features and historic appeal.

The Desi House is a special place in the community that you may also want to experience for yourself!

Go Skating at Harada Heritage Park

Harada Heritage Park is one of the community’s favorite parks.

You may find it at 13099 65th Street.

It features a vast skate park that is perfect for skating enthusiasts.

The well-maintained park also has a dog park for your pets, benches for you to hang around, and a playground for the kids!

Aside from the regular fixtures, the park hosts live music events from time to time that you may catch for free.

Harada Heritage Park is not a spot you’d want to miss in Eastvale.

Fix Your Indian Food Cravings at Masala House

Masala House is the go-to Indian restaurant in Eastvale.

It is situated at 6993 Hamner Avenue.

You may choose from a variety of Indian dishes that are served here.

From rice and biryanis to parathas and snacks, the restaurant boasts authentic South Asian food.

Feel free to ask for the restaurant’s best-selling meals so that you may try a local favorite.

If you crave Indian cuisine during your travel, visit Masala House!

Enjoy Movie Night at Regal Edwards Eastvale Gateway

Catch your most-awaited films at Regal Edwards Eastvale Gateway in Eastvale.

The cinema is located at 12285 Limonite Avenue.

It shows the latest box office titles and classic hits from time to time.

Grab snacks from the concession and spend the night watching a movie, a classic recreational activity!

If you love cinema, you should consider going to Regal Edwards Eastvale Gateway when you find yourself in the area.

Order a Meal at Devil’s Kitchen & Teppan

Another local restaurant you should try in Eastvale is Devil’s Kitchen & Teppan.

You may locate it at 4910 Hamner Ave Suite 140.

The restaurant offers Japanese food for in-store dining and takeout.

It’s a staple in the community of Eastvale and is known for its excellent service.

Here you may choose from the modern interpretations of classic Japanese dishes that it serves.

Devil’s Kitchen & Teppan also promises to use only high-quality and fresh ingredients in its food.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Eastvale is closely located to popular attractions in the region, so you may also take the opportunity to visit them after exploring the city!

Learn Aviation History at the Planes of Fame Air Museum

Mitsubishi AM6 in Planes of Fame Air Museum

Ducatipierre, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Plane enthusiasts should add going to the Planes of Fame Air Museum to their bucket list.

It is located at 14998 Cal Aero Drive in Chino, California, 11 minutes from Eastvale.

Founded by aviation historian Ed Maloney, the museum preserves and educates the legacy of the aircraft industry.

Planes of Fame Air Museum features an extensive collection of aircraft and artifacts.

Boeing P26 in Planes of Fame Air Museum

Greg Goebel, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While here, you’ll learn all about stories from the past and the significance of particular aircraft in the nation’s history.

In the Aviation Discovery Center, you may try interactive experiences that will make you appreciate flying an aircraft.

The museum also conducts youth programs, student art contests, and college scholarships for aviation enthusiasts.

During your visit, try to catch the museum’s air show which takes historic warbirds, aerobatic performers, and vintage aircraft to the skies!

Supermarine spitfire in Planes of Fame Air Museum

Greg Goebel, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Feel the Thrill at Coffin Creek

If you enjoy an excellent thrilling experience, enter one of Coffin Creek’s horror attractions!

The horror house is within Riverview Recreation Park at 14600 Baron Drive, Corona, California, six minutes from Eastvale.

Here you may choose from several attractions with different themes and stories!

Among the popular attractions here is The Asylum, so don’t miss this one during your visit.

If you get too scared while inside, don’t panic because there are plenty of nearby exits, and the trained actors may assist you.

Check Coffin Creek’s schedules in advance so that you may time your visit and secure a ticket!

Here you won’t just enjoy a thrilling experience but also appreciate the artistry and effort put into scaring the pants off you.

Explore the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center is a famous local museum that you should visit.

It’s located at 7621 Granite Hill Drive in Jurupa Valley, Riverside, California, 19 minutes from Eastvale.

The museum will teach you about dinosaurs, rocks, minerals, and fossils.

School field trips are often held here for a reason—you won’t just have fun but also learn.

It offers several activities and expeditions throughout the grounds, so you may fully explore the place.

Schedule an expedition in advance, especially if you’re arriving with a group.

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center is also home to the Granite Hill Nursery, which features a selection of plants and cacti to choose from!

Spend a Day at GLO Mini Golf

If you want a fun indoor activity, consider going to GLO Mini Golf.

It is at 1299 Tyler Street, Suite E106, in Riverside, 20 minutes from Eastvale.

The place features a unique miniature golf course that glows in the dark!

It also has over 30 retro and state-of-the-art arcade games that all kinds of players may enjoy.

Additionally, you may try the virtual reality arcade and the themed escape rooms.

Gamers will also be happy to know that console gaming equipment is available at GLO Mini Golf.

You won’t run out of entertainment when you visit this miniature golf course and arcade just a few minutes from Eastvale!

Take a Tour of Amy’s Farm

If you want to experience peaceful rural life, visit Amy’s Farm.

You may locate it at 7698 Eucalyptus Avenue in Ontario, California, 13 minutes from Eastvale.

It is a working polyculture farm focusing on sustainable and organic farming methods.

The farm is also a known source of fresh produce for the local community.

Educational hands-on and guided tours are available for all kinds of visitors!

If you want a complete experience, you may also volunteer at the farm, as it is a non-profit organization.

Before leaving, pick up some fresh items from the farmstand at Amy’s Farm.

Appreciate the Plants at California Botanic Garden

See and learn about native California plants and animals at California Botanic Garden.

It is at 1500 North College Avenue in Claremont, California, 32 minutes from Eastvale.

The 86-acre garden is a living museum that conserves native plants to educate the public.

It is the largest botanic garden dedicated to California’s native plants, with over 22,000 plants, some of which are endangered or rare.

Pre-purchase admission tickets before you visit the California Botanic Garden!

Final Thoughts

The city of Eastvale in California is a fast-growing community with a lot to offer for recreation.

It is also near some exciting outdoor and indoor attractions from neighboring areas.

Before planning your trip, review this list of the best things to do in Eastvale, California!

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