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15 Best Things To Do In El Monte, CA

  • Published 2023/04/29

El Monte is one of the principal cities of the San Gabriel Valley, located about 12 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

The area was named for the prominent meadows when Spanish missionaries and soldiers settled there in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The population of El Monte is young and diverse.

Its population is around 120,000, making it the tenth-largest city in Los Angeles County.

El Monte is well-known for its business-friendly attitude.

It is a fantastic area to work, live and play.

The city’s community and senior centers, museums, public library, and a brand-new pool center are along Tyler Avenue.

Here are the best things to do in El Monte, California.

Shoot Hoops at Mountain View Park

Spend some quality time with friends and family at Mountain View Park.

The park is conveniently situated in a peaceful residential area near Parkview Elementary School.

Mountain View Park features baseball fields, playgrounds, basketball courts, a multipurpose venue, and picnic areas.

There are numerous green spaces where you can jog and do your morning exercises.

Feel free to bring your pals and shoot some hoops with the locals.

It’s also an excellent location to unwind after exploring El Monte’s various attractions.

Its multipurpose venues are perfect for hosting parties, from wedding receptions to birthday picnics.

The playground is beautiful for youngsters to run around and have fun.

The park is located at Elliott Ave, El Monte, California.

Explore History at La Historia Historical Society Museum

La Historia Historical Society Museum was founded in 1998 by locals of El Monte and South El Monte as a philanthropic endeavor.

El Monte is the San Gabriel Valley‘s first and oldest community.

They have various unique objects honoring Mexican-American culture spread throughout 8,500 square feet.

The museum’s archives have recently begun to record personal stories through oral histories, heavily emphasizing visual media.

Several El Monte locals are pictured in their cars in the photographs housed at the La Historia Historical Society Museum.

These drivers proudly display their vehicles in a manner that is distinctive to Mexican American Angelenos and their car culture.

The museum’s curator and volunteer tour guides give tours and provide insightful commentary on El Monte’s rich history.

The museum is located at N. Tyler Ave., El Monte, California.

Take to the Skies at Universal Air Academy (UAA)

If you’re looking for a genuine and exciting adventure, look no further than UAA Los Angeles Helicopter Tours.

Helicopter rides offered by UAA Los Angeles Helicopter Tours frequently rank among the most exciting and memorable experiences for visitors.

Tours typically range between 30 minutes and an hour, and each of their helicopters may carry up to four passengers.

See the majestic beauty of California from above while taking in the sights of El Monte, a city that has played an essential role in American history.

Whether you’re a local or traveling through UAA Los Angeles, Helicopter Tours can take you on a breathtaking tour of the city you won’t soon forget.

From takeoff to landing, you will be in the hands of highly trained professionals who prioritize passenger safety.

UAA Los Angeles Helicopter Tours provides breathtaking bird’s-eye views of El Monte’s top attractions.

Take a Relaxing Walk at Lambert Park

Lambert Park is home to an auditorium, community buildings, and meeting spaces across its 9.3 acres of land.

On the weekends, people from around the neighborhood come here to walk their dogs, hang out with friends, and have a cookout.

The park features basketball courts, baseball fields, perimeter trails, playgrounds, and shaded spaces.

It is an excellent venue for watching local baseball teams compete against each other.

You can also relax on one of their benches, which are always spotless and ready for use.

Gather your pals for a picnic in Lambert Park and enjoy the lovely vistas of nearby Mt. Baldy.

A vast community center with an auditorium, conference rooms, and a kitchen is available for the public for social or business gatherings.

Lambert Park is located at McGirk Ave, El Monte, California.

Explore Gibson Mariposa Park

The 4.3-acre Gibson Mariposa Park is a popular local park with a splash pad, bathrooms, and multiple play structures for children of varying ages.

Since its opening on March 10, 2012, visitors have flocked to Gibson Mariposa Butterfly Park to enjoy the outdoor picnic area, small amphitheater, and other amenities.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous park in El Monte, look no further than Gibson Mariposa Park.

The park’s name, Mariposa, comes from the Spanish word for butterfly, and the massive butterfly sculptures live up to the title.

It also features a vibrant playground for children and other facilities.

In addition, you’ll love the plants and lovely blooms that dot the park’s terrain.

The park is located at McGirk Ave, El Monte, California.

Practice Your Swing at A-1 Discount Batting Cages

Do you want to break the monotony of your trip to El Monte?

If so, A-1 Discount Batting Cages should be worth a look.

It’s an outdoor facility with automated throwing arms that can deliver quality pitches to each player.

A-1 Discount Batting Cages was founded to accommodate the growing interest in baseball and softball among the area’s youth and adults.

This fantastic venue allows baseball lovers to practice their talents in a secure and first-rate environment.

It’s an outdoor facility with automated pitching arms that can deliver quality pitches to each player.

It is more than just a batting cage facility; they also have a full arcade.

Fees have always been kept low, and using borrowed equipment remains free.

Bring your friends to practice at Peck Rd, El Monte, California, for a few hours.

Go Bowling at Action Lanes

Join your family and friends for a thrilling game of bowling at Action Lanes.

Bowling at Action Lanes is incredibly affordable and has a vibrant atmosphere.

They offer a secure environment for the entire family to enjoy.

It all started in 2004 when four avid bowlers got together to open Action Lanes to meet the need for a bowling alley in the area.

The bowling alley sits on a 35,000 square feet property that has been renovated and outfitted as a family entertainment center with 32 synthetic lanes.

It also boasts distinctively animated scoreboards and state-of-the-art acoustics and lighting.

While bowling, you and your group can choose from Action Lanes’ extensive snack menu.

Spend a few hours bowling with friends while munching on their delicious food.

They are located at Lower Azusa Rd, El Monte, California.

Enjoy Your Ride at San Gabriel River Bike Trail

The San Gabriel River Bike Trail is a great place to go on a bicycle ride.

The surrounding parks and natural features help break up the urban scenery along the path.

The San Gabriel River Bike Path provides users with a scenic and functional multi-use path from Azusa to Seal Beach.

The distant San Gabriel Mountains frame the trail’s northern section, while the southern section leads to the coast.

The San Gabriel River Bike Trail can be accessed from various locations, making it ideal for cyclists.

Pico Rivera’s San Gabriel River Road is the northern trailhead’s gateway.

The San Gabriel River Bike Trail is a great place to take a leisurely ride with friends or family and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can access it through Santa Anita Avenue in El Monte, California.

Visit Tony Arceo Memorial Park

The Tony Arceo Memorial Park, named for a fallen El Monte police officer, regularly hosts outdoor performances.

Tony Arceo Memorial Park also features open grass fields with trees, children’s play areas, restrooms, and picnic tables.

In addition, the Tony Arceo Memorial Park hosts the town’s annual Memorial Day ceremony.

This yearly memorial is a source of pride for the City of El Monte.

It brings together the women and men, as well as their families, who served in the armed forces of the United States of America.

Several trees dot the park and convenient street parking.

Occasionally, you may spot a group of parrots or a squirrel descending from the trees.

Spend a few hours at the park while having a picnic with friends or just lounging under the shade of the trees.

The park is located at Tyler Ave, El Monte, California.

Enjoy a Picnic at Zamora Park

Zamora Park is a five-acre urban park perfect for picnics and family outings.

Its large grassy area is excellent for kids to run around and play in the warm California sun.

Zamora Park has several picnic shelters and tables for delicious packed lunches.

There is a full-sized basketball court to shoot some hoops with your pals.

You can also take a relaxing walk amidst the park’s nice view.

Its playground is fun for children to run around, swing, slide, and build.

The park recently underwent renovations that included the addition of a playground, circuit trails, and fitness equipment.

Its wading pools are a terrific way to beat the heat and a great way to cap off your time in Zamora Park.

The park is located at Penn Mar Ave, El Monte, California.

Play Badminton at San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club

Play badminton at the San Gabriel Valley Club to pump your adrenaline.

The San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club is a massive facility with over 18 courts and over a thousand active members.

San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club opened its doors at its current location, 9255 Telstar Ave, in September 1995.

It was established through the effort of Bob Cook and Eric McMullin.

Bob was the President of the Pasadena Badminton Club, which had operated in a city-owned facility in Old Town Pasadena for over 40 years.

The Pasadena Badminton Club inspired the new club in El Monte.

With hard work and perseverance, SGVBC has expanded from a small tennis club to the largest in the region.

The club features a pro shop, virtual-reality golf simulators, a table tennis room, and badminton instruction.

Explore Rio Vista Park

Rio Vista Park is a tiny park area that spans 1.5 acres and features a grass field surrounded by trees.

The park’s public green space is adequate for the locals and visitors seeking fresh air and exercise.

Even though there is an airport over the river, this is a great spot to go if you need a break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The peaceful atmosphere of the trees and grass will help you unwind.

In addition, the park’s tiny walking circuit provides visitors of all ages with educational materials about El Monte and its surrounding area.

Learn facts about the Rio Hondo River and other plants.

Rio Vista Park is at Ranger Avenue, El Monte, California.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Catch Fish at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

The waters of Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

Kit Leong /

Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is located in Irwindale, California, 13 minutes from El Monte, among the foothills of Santa Fe Dam.

The US Army Corps of Engineers in California constructed the Santa Fe Dam and reservoir, which includes a 70-acre lake.

It’s a favorite spot for San Gabriel Valley visitors, only half an hour from Pasadena and Los Angeles.

The Santa Fe Dam and reservoir are hubs for local outdoor activities.

Sunset at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

Marcus E Jones /

Around 800 acres of the reservoir are leased to Los Angeles County by the Army COE, completed in 1949.

It’s a mecca for adventurers thanks to its abundance of open areas, natural variety, and recreational opportunities.

Water activities for guests include swimming, fishing, and paddling boats.

Enjoy the scenic landscape, whether hiking, riding a horse, or having a picnic at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.

Aerial view of Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

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Explore the Past at the American Military Museum

The American Military Museum, or Tankland, is an outdoor museum showcasing tanks, other military equipment, and memorabilia.

The American Military Museum is on Rosemead Boulevard, South El Monte, California, nine minutes from El Monte.

Military history buffs will find the museum a refreshing, educational, and enjoyable way to pass the time.

The American Military Museum has 180 relics on exhibit, all in different states of preservation.

Most of it is arranged in neat rows on a dirt lot next to Whittier Narrows Park.

Because of their excellent condition, some vehicles on display are rented out for use in films, TV shows, music videos, and other productions.

The museum’s permanent exhibits include uniforms, historical pictures, weapons, other artifacts from peacetime and wartime military history, and personal stories from veterans.

Guided tours are available, but you may also wander at your own pace.

Spot Birds at Whittier Narrows Nature Center

Whittier Narrows Nature Center has 400 acres of natural woodland, four lakes, and numerous native bird and animal species.

Wintering waterfowl find refuge in the lakes, which can be visited by birdwatchers and photographers with a valid permit.

The nature center features a museum with static displays of flora and fauna and interactive exhibits centered on the river environment.

The park also hosts seasonal events like hayrides, talks, ranger tours, day camps, bird walks, and a junior ranger program.

Tours for organized school trips are also available.

Trails throughout the park are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, making it accessible to all.

Watch the birds up close by renting binoculars for guided walks, field trips in nature programs, and self-directed treks.

Whittier Narrows Nature Center is located at Durfee Ave, South El Monte, seven minutes from El Monte.

Final Thoughts

There is always something for everyone when you visit El Monte.

You can enjoy a day exploring the area’s rich heritage while also enjoying its many restaurants and entertainment venues.

Enjoy the best things to do in El Monte, California.

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