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15 Best Things to Do in Dublin, GA

  • Published 2022/02/24

Dublin is considered the ‘Emerald City’ of Laurens County.

This small city in Georgia is one of its southern charms because of its rich history and a community full of life and character.

Historically, the Georgia Assembly incorporated the city as Laurens’ County seat in 1812.

This city is nestled at the Interstate 16’s and Hwy 441’s junction, and it’s easily accessed from both west and east.

Its network of highways makes this city very convenient to visit.

It’s an hour away from Macon and roughly two hours to Atlanta Airport.

Dublin is also a 45-minute drive to the city of Savannah.

This small city is considered Laurens County’s best destination for various attractions.

Its mild climate makes it a wonderful destination to warm up during winter.

Dublin is also a known destination for outdoor activities, such as fishing, golf, tennis, or hunting.

The city has dozens of shopping opportunities from more than a hundred shops centered on the Dublin Mall.

It has a historic downtown, teeming with restaurants, antique shops, handicrafts, and homemade specialties.

There are many awesome activities to do in Dublin worthy of your time and energy.

To find out what’s waiting for you in this so-called ‘Emerald City,’ here are the 15 best things to do in Dublin, GA:

Tour around the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument Park

Name sign on a rock at Martin Luther King Jr. Monument Park.

Kristi Blokhin /

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an important personality that has impacted African-American people’s lives.

His monuments are found anywhere in the United States.

One such monument stands out in Dublin, featuring beautiful murals and sculptures courtesy of Corey Barksdale and other masterpieces that pay tribute to MLK.

The MLK Monument Park is one of Dublin’s most popular attractions.

Stairs with quotes at Martin Luther King Jr. Monument Park.

Michael Gordon /

So, it would be nice to start your travel adventure in the city there and stroll around the area.

Touring this park takes you to the exact spot where MLK gave his amazing speech back in the day for the Civil Rights movement.

The entire park’s walls and walkways have vibrant colors.

At the same time, it is filled with beautiful art installations and murals that have different interpretations.

This park in Dublin offers visitors a completely unique way of learning history and heritage.

Name memorabilia surrounded with water at Martin Luther King Jr. Monument Park.

Michael Gordon /

Learn History at the Dublin-Laurens Museum

Whether you’re an average tourist or a history buff, you should pay a visit to the Dublin-Laurens Museum and get acquainted with the ‘Emerald City’s rich history.

The Dublin-Laurens Museum is nestled inside a historic building called the Pritchett-Orr-Clark home.

This museum in Dublin houses a vast collection of old artifacts, exhibits, and other relevant and valuable items that gives you a detailed backstory of the city.

The exhibits and galleries feature antique items and artworks from prominent artists in Georgia.

If you’re seeking more interesting history, just visit the Dublin-Laurens Museum.

Get Active at the Southern Pines Regional Park and Equestrian Center

Dublin’s southern tip takes you to the charming Southern Pines Regional Park and Equestrian Center.

This wholesome outdoor attraction in Dublin is for the entire family.

It spans more than 120 acres, featuring a vast water park, sports facilities, walking trails, picnic areas, events center, and a lot more.

Suppose you’re earning a break from the stress.

In that case, the Southern Pines Regional Park and Equestrian Center lets you explore and enjoy all of its featured facilities with your kids.

It’s a great place to shake off stress and get active with your family.

Its water park features 20 slides, a lazy river, and a splash pad for kids.

At the same time, its equestrian center boasts a vast facility where everyone can learn horseback riding.

Enjoy Harvesting Fresh Vegetables at the R & G Farms

The R & G Farm offers visitors in Dublin a unique tourism approach through its agro-tourism feature in its 10-acre countryside farm.

It’s the only tourist attraction in Dublin where you learn hydroponic farming and enjoy harvesting organically-grown vegetables and herbs.

This family-owned farm aims to educate the public the innovative hydroponic farming while making their fresh produce available to everyone.

R & G Farms are known for their organically-grown green vegetables, such as lettuces, romaine, kale, basil, and herbs.

They have a greenhouse where visitors enjoy picking and harvesting their selection of vegetables, which is a unique and fun way to learn to farm.

Most importantly, they open their farm to the public without charge, except for the harvested vegetables the visitors want to take home.

Watch Thrilling Races at the Herrin Compound

The Herrin Compound is a super motocross track in Dublin with a 9-sprint category racecourse.

It is also home to multi-titled superbike champion Josh Herrin.

The Herrin Compound is known throughout Dublin as a popular venue for motorsports racing.

It is also a well-known practice venue for super motocross enthusiasts.

For an adrenaline-pumping experience in Dublin, visit this place and watch its monthly races, featuring competitors in different skill levels.

Get Entertained with Live Performances at the Theatre Dublin

Exterior of the theatre dublin.

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Theatre Dublin is a premier entertainment hub that has witnessed the city’s progress after opening its doors in 1934.

Due to its age, the theater underwent a massive renovation in 1996.

It converted into a performing arts center from being a movie theater.

Today, the Theatre Dublin can accommodate 620 people through its seating capacity.

Side exterior of dublin theatre.

Jud McCranie, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At the same time, it has a grand concert piano, dance floor, concession stand, and projection equipment.

It’s where most of Dublin’s live performances, such as concerts, stage plays, and even movies are happening.

Most importantly, it’s the home of the Dublin’s Center for Performing Arts, where the Atlanta Pops Orchestra, The Drifters, and Mac Frampton regularly perform.

The Theatre Dublin has regular shows scheduled, which you can find on their website.

Buy Rare Collectibles at Miss Judy’s

Miss Judy’s is a popular antique shop in Dublin featuring classic treasures that you’ll rarely find anywhere else.

It’s a haven for antique collectors who want to add more rare finds to their collection.

It has a wide array of vintage collectibles such as glassware, jewelry, ceramics, kitchenware, and home decors.

It’s also a boutique store, featuring homemade cosmetic products from clothing, handicrafts, and cosmetics to food.

Miss Judy’s is not just your typical antique shop; it’s also a perfect souvenir shop in Dublin that you should check out during your visit.

Indulge in Delicious Food at the Southern Heritage BBQ

Head to the Southern Heritage BBQ if you’re craving top-notch barbeque while touring around Dublin.

This local barbeque joint in Dublin is popular for its pulled pork sandwiches, smoked brisket, Brunswick Stew, ribs, sausage, and BBQ baked potatoes.

There are many options on Southern Heritage BBQ’s menu that you can choose depending on your appetite and craving.

If you’re a barbeque connoisseur, you will surely appreciate Southern Heritage’s authentic southern-style barbeque.

They slow cook their barbeque and sausages in their pits to bring out its flavor and smokiness and achieve that fall-off-the-bone tenderness.

So, whenever you’re hungry, you know where to go in Dublin.

Join the Exciting Historic Downtown Dublin Walking Tour

It would be more awesome to join a guided walking tour for a more convenient tour around Dublin’s historic downtown.

Join the Downtown Dublin Walking Tour to ensure you have the best experience.

It is a self-guided walking tour that takes you to a dynamic experience of discovering the city’s 70 historic landmarks, buildings, and sites in the most convenient way.

In addition, the Downtown Dublin Walking Tour also has a vast collection of old photographs of each of its featured historical sites.

With that in mind, it gives you a more vivid look at these old sites of what they used to look like back in the day.

Visit Downtown Dublin Walking Tour’s official website to join this exciting activity.

Choose Your Christmas Tree at the Southern Cypress Farm

Everyone knows that a freshly cut tree is far better than the plastic Christmas tree you can buy at stores.

With that in mind, visit the Southern Cypress Farm if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree for the holiday season.

Every November, the Southern Cypress Farm opens its vast tree farm to harvest its sustainable popular Christmas tree varieties.

The farm has Carolina Sapphire, Murray Cypress, and Fraser Firs, the three most popular Christmas trees.

Aside from freshly-cut Christmas trees, Southern Cypress Farm also offers handmade wreaths, Holiday treats, and different kinds of gifts available at its gift shop.

Dine at the Saltwater Fishery & Flybridge Rooftop Bar

Dublin might be a landlocked city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh seafood there.

At Saltwater Fishery & Flybridge Rooftop Bar, you can indulge in fresh seafood served every day.

This restaurant in historic downtown Dublin is known for its delicious seafood dishes harvested from Georgia’s coastal cities and towns.

It offers diners an eclectic but laid-back old diner atmosphere paired with a friendly and accommodating crew.

It’s known for its crab cakes, seafood sandwiches, lobster macaroni, calamari, shrimp, grouper, and other seafood classics.

To complete your dining experience, the restaurant also has live music and a wide array of cocktail selections.

Discover the Old Dublin City Cemetery

Part of your Dublin travel adventure is visiting the Old Dublin Cemetery.

Suppose you’re asking why it’s worth it to visit a graveyard.

In that case, the Old Dublin Cemetery has a historical significance to the city.

This cemetery at the back of the First United Methodist Church has existed since 1811.

Historically, many of Dublin’s pioneers and notable personalities were laid to rest at the Old Dublin Cemetery.

If you’re looking for more historical insights about Dublin, this cemetery is worth a visit.

It’s where you’ll find the graves of Thomas McCall, Nancy Duncan, and many more.

Even the Dublin-Laurens Historical Society encourages visitors to check out the cemetery for further historical insights.

Be One with Nature at the Beaverdam Wildlife Management Area

With more than 5,500 acres of untamed wilderness, the Beaverdam Wildlife Management Area is perfect for outdoor adventures.

For outdoor enthusiasts and even casual tourists, this outdoor attraction in Dublin offers many outdoor activities, from wildlife viewing, camping, picnicking, fishing, and hunting.

With just a few minutes’ drive from Dublin’s downtown, this outdoor attraction is highly accessible.

It has miles of trails where you’ll encounter different wildlife, such as birds, deer, hogs, and turkeys.

If you want to take your experience there to another level, you can go out for a hunt available seasonally.

The wildlife authorities in this natural attraction let you hunt for small game, waterfowl, hogs, turkey, and deer.

Unwind at the Company Supply

Dublin is also home to a modern and eclectic restaurant worth checking out.

The Company Supply boasts farm-to-table menu items combined with an innovative culinary approach for a more delectable take on classic favorites.

This restaurant is also situated in downtown Dublin, making it accessible to everyone.

The building where the Company Supply is being housed is a century-old former dry goods store.

One of the best food items you need to try is their oysters, seared tuna, chicken, duroc pork, burgers, hummus, and various cheeses.

Most importantly, the restaurant boasts farm-to-table ingredients that don’t contain hormones and antibiotics.

All are sourced locally from organic farmers in Georgia.

Go on a Shopping Spree at the Dublin Mall

If you include shopping in your itinerary for your Dublin visit, make sure to visit the Dublin Mall.

It is the best place to shop and discover the different treats from its plethora of stores, from mainstream brands to local specialties.

Dublin Mall is the premier shopping destination in the city.

You can shop for apparel, cosmetic products, jewelry, sporting goods, food, and more at Dublin Mall.

After your shopping spree, go ahead and dine at dozens of restaurants that combine a diverse culinary experience.

Final Thoughts

Dublin is packed with attractions you won’t expect to find in a small city.

It is truly an ideal weekend getaway destination because of its plethora of attractions ranging from history, outdoors, arts, leisure, and entertainment.

Life in Dublin is laid-back, contrasting a bustling city, making it a nice escape for those seeking tranquility.

When you’re ready to visit Dublin in Laurens County, make sure to use this list as your itinerary for an amazing travel experience there.

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