15 Best Things to Do in Denton, TX

15 Best Things to Do in Denton, TX

Denton is a beautiful city full of scenic beauty, fun and adventure in Texas, United States. The city is full of parks, gardens, lakes and a lot of tourist attractions.

It is a great place to visit if you want to relax and chill on your vacation yet have fun at the same time. It is the perfect dream destination for many. Let us take you into the heart of the city and explore the top 15 things to do while you are in Denton, Texas.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Ray Roberts Lake State Park
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This beautiful, clean and well-maintained park in Denton is one of the top tourist destinations in the city. The trails in the park are well-maintained and marked, so you can go for hiking, walk your dog, or simply relax in the park.

The park also has a clean and beautiful lake where you can go fishing or boating. You can picnic by the day and camp all night near the peninsula in this park.

It is basically an all in one area where you can spend a whole day doing various activities like picnicking, playing outdoor games, hiking, boating, fishing, etc and camp overnight by the cool lakeside , all at a very reasonable rate.

You can also go for a swim on the beach, or simply get a tan! You can click as many photographs as you want in this park, as it is perfectly suitable for nature photography.

Old Alton Bridge

Old Alton Bridge
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This beautiful place sits in nature’s lap and is a very soothing and calming site! The site is full of well-kept and well-marked trails for you to go hiking on. The Old Alton Bridge is a very wide and elegant bridge to walk on and is definitely worth a visit.

The bridge was built in the 1800’s and is a historic site, it was originally built to serve ancient purposes of carrying horses and later for various vehicles and is now used for walking and enjoying the view around the bridge.

This park harbours a lot of flora and fauna; it has different types of colourful flowers and you can find lots of birds flying above in the sky. It is a great place to come and exercise, or to simply meditate.

Denton County Courthouse

Denton County Courthouse
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As the name suggests, the Denton County is a courthouse in the city that was built in the 1800’s and stands firm still. The Courthouse was earlier used to conduct proceedings but is now just a museum holding the history and artefacts.  

A lot of famous artists and singers hold their concerts and events in this place which makes the museum a great tourist attraction all around the year.

Although most part of this courthouse is converted into different area for public use and display, a part of it still remains a generic courthouse for the commissioner’s court. You could use this courthouse as the perfect spot for having a wedding, for this big and spacious a place would hold beautiful events. Overall, this museum-courthouse surely deserves a visit if you are in Denton.

Sharkarosa wildlife

This wildlife sanctuary in Denton is an amazing park that preserves the local wildlife of the city. The sanctuary is home a wide variety of plants and animals and you can get the chance to pet some of them at this park.

From smaller animals like monkeys, sheep, dogs, lemur to animals like giraffe, lions, tigers, this wildlife preserve pretty much covers it all. The whole vibe of this place is very calming and soothing. The staff is very kind and gentle with the animals and are very knowledgeable and learnt about them.  

You can get to learn about different species of animals and also get a chance to interact with the ones that you like. It is a great place to educate your kids about animals and the importance of wildlife and give them a real experience of these animals. It is a beautiful place to visit if you love animals and want to experience petting wild animals in real life.

Pilot Knoll Park

The Pilot Knoll Park in Denton is a beautiful and well-maintained park that remains a tourist attraction all around the year. The park is usually sunny, bright and warm in the summers and is a great place for lakeside camping.

You can go for a cute little picnic in the day and for a beautiful stargazing and camping night. You can also rent a boat during the day and go for a boating in the inbuilt Lewisville Lake in the park which is beautiful, clear and filled with crystal blue water.

This place is also suitable for kayaking, if that is what you like. It is a perfect place to go to whenever one feels out of touch with nature. The park is well-lit at night making it the perfect spot for overnight camping. It is a great spot for taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Water Works Park

This adventure water park in Denton is the perfect place for visiting with your family and kids. The water park caters to the need of all age groups as fun has no age limit. You can swim around in the pool, take some slides into the water, enjoy the waves, or simply sip some soda while dipping your legs in the water.

However you like it. The best part about this place is that you can bring your own food and drinks to enjoy in the park. There are some very big, high, curvy and adventurous slides for sporty and daring people and simple and easy rides available for kids.

It overall is a great place where the whole family can spend some quality time together.

Fortunata Winery

This winery in Denton is the perfect place for all wine-lovers! The winery is beautiful, well-lit and well-maintained, with outdoor seating and live-music.

It is the perfect spot for going for a romantic dinner with your partner, or for an evening dinner date with your friends! You can taste all different kinds of wine and choose the one that best suits your taste.

The winery provides a special 5 course meal and it is described as “top notch” by various visitors. You must definitely check this place out to have the best wine and diner experience in Denton, Texas.

Doubletree Ranch Park

The Doubletree Ranch Park is a pretty amazing park to go to for beating the scorching heat of Texas. The park is full of well-maintained trails for you to hike on, and have a couple pavilions that can be rented.

This park also comes with a beautiful lakeside and is a perfect spot for holding your dream outdoor fancy wedding. The park has splash pads for kids to play and jump around on.  

The park is full of lush green bushes and trees and is filled with colourful flowers all around the trails. The whole scenery here is breathtakingly beautiful.

South Lakes Park

The South lake park is another very beautiful, clean, well-kept park in Denton that is filled with the beauty of nature. This park is perfect for relaxing and chilling around. You can come here for picnic dates and have quality time with your loved ones.

This park comes with sports field, so you and your kids can go around and play various games like volleyball, basketball, football etc. The park also has a playground area for children to play around.

The pond in the middle of the park is clean and filled with sapphire blue waters, and is perfect for catching some fishes. It is the best park to visit whenever you want to breathe some fresh air for the park is very spacious and filled with freshness and greenery.

The Parker house haunted attraction

This haunted house in Denton is a great tourist attraction and is definitely worth a visit. The haunted house has a lot of scary attractions all inside the place. The best part about the house is the zombie paintball ride which everybody loves the most. There are a lot of props and actors outside the house to scare you! The inside of the house is the zombie ride and the outside this the scary haunted one. Do visit this place if you like haunted houses.

Texas fashion collection

Texas is very famous for its fashion and clothing, so how can you leave Texas without experiencing fashion in Texas style? The Texas fashion collection is a great store in Denton where you can find all kinds of fashionable clothing items that you want.

The guide is very knowledgeable and helpful and would definitely help you find the right articles according to your taste! The store is operated by students from art and design in North Texas University, so they have a really good taste in fashion and you can totally trust their style! Do visit this place if you love shopping fashionable and trending clothing!

College of visual arts

The college of visual arts and visual design gallery is situated within the campus of the college and has in display, various art works by different college students. The gallery also provides lots of yummy food for only a few bucks.

The artwork exhibited here is very creative and alluring and you must definitely check them out yourself.

Bayless Selby House museum

Bayless Selby House museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This historical site is full of artefacts. You can take a tour of the house and experience all the artefacts in display yourself. It is a great place to learn about this history of the city. The staff members here are knowledgeable and would brief you about all the articles in display.

You can find everything that a common 80’s household would have, from furniture to utensils to piano, this house has got it all covered! It is a great place for people who love knowing about the history of local towns and cities.

Visit the beautiful parks

There are a lot of parks and gardens to visit in Denton for the city is full of nature and beauty! These parks are a great way of reconnecting with nature! You can go around on picnics, watch the sunsets, do some paintings, have some quality time by yourself, or with your family.

The parks in this city are well-maintained and each one of them is beautiful, and each has a unique feature of its own. So wear your exploration shoes on and start exploring these beautiful parks and gardens in Denton.

Big Sandy Boat Ramp

The Big sandy boat ramp is a beautiful and historic lake in Denton! It is suitable for kayaking, boating, or fishing. You can take a dip into the water near the shore to beat the heat of Texas! You can sit around the lake and have a barbeque grill or a simple picnic.

The lakeside scenery here is beautiful and perfect to club with your picnic date! It is a nice area to explore around and you must pay a visit here if you’re in Denton.

By now, you probably have an idea about what places to visit and what to do when you’re in this beautiful city, but the true art of travel is only in exploring the unexplored and finding newer places. So wander and explore the streets of Denton, and complete your vacation by finding the hidden gems of the city.