15 Best Things to Do in Lewisville, TX

Lewisville, TX
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Lewisville, Texas, has the perfect blend of modernity, nature, and history, making it a charming destination for curious travelers.

It was once a derelict city with a small population but has now emerged as one of the fastest-growing populations in the whole country.

Along with this rapid growth came the development of various attractions that served the city’s residents.

These include nature preserves, theaters, community parks, and entertainment and sports facilities.

So whether you’re an intrepid adventurer, nature lover, or thrill-seeker, there’s something for you to try and enjoy.

Make this vibrant city in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metropolitan area your top choice for an upcoming weekend holiday!

Here are the 15 best things to do in Lewisville, TX:

Go Boating in Lewisville Lake

View of  Lewisville Lake
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With a surface area near 30,000 acres, Lewisville Lake is the largest body of water within the Dallas-Forth Worth Metropolitan area.

This artificial lake was created after the Elm Fork of the Trinity River was dammed.

Eventually, the reservoir turned into a recreational destination thanks to its proximity to urban areas.

Boating is a favorite activity here, as there are lots of little coves and channels to explore in the regions farthest from Lewisville.

View of  Lewisville Lake
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Party Cove is one of these locations, and it’s famous for its rowdy scene: flowing alcohol, blaring music, and people having absolute fun.

There are also other parks along the banks to visit, such as Westlake, Wynnwood, and Hidden Cove.

On the shallower areas, you can go swimming, kayaking, and shore fishing for freshwater game swimming underneath.

Explore the Wonders of LLELA Nature Preserve

The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) Nature Preserve is one of the biggest attractions in the city, both in size and in popularity.

It spans more than 2,000 acres of undisturbed and well-preserved woodland situated next to the eponymous lake, attracting thousands of visitors annually.

Because of its size, the location contains a considerable variety of habitats like hardwood forests, wetlands, and prairies.

And with that comes a host of wildlife, including native species like bobcats, mink, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, and waterfowl.

The main activities here are educational in nature, with programs like field trips, outdoor classes, and scouting activities targeted toward children.

But you’re welcome to go hiking along the scenic trails, camp at designated grounds, or go birdwatching deep into the forests.

There are many things to do and hidden wonders to see if you have a keen eye.

Play Sports at Lewisville Railroad Park

Lewisville Railroad Park is a sprawling sports complex and community park covering 269 acres in total area.

Because of its size, the destination has numerous facilities and attractions to see, whether you’re with family or friends who want to play.

There are three artificial lakes on the park, which add to the scenery, supply water to the rest of the park, and serve as a flood control system.

Next to these bodies of water are 16 fields for various sports.

You’re welcome to play a match on the soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, and football complexes.

One of the most well-known attractions here is the Lewisville Skate Park, recognized as the Best Skate Park in Denton County in the past years.

This 33,000-sq-foot attraction features deep bowls, vertical ramps, and other above-ground features ideal for amateurs and professionals.

Catch a Show at Lewisville Grand Theater

View of Lewisville Grand Theater
ThomasGilmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For those who want to see a thrilling show during their trip to Lewisville, make sure to stopover at Lewisville Grand Theater.

This facility is the center of performance arts in the city and has held many memorable productions over the years.

Within the award-winning attraction, you’d find comfortable seating, great acoustics, and atmospheric lighting that elevates the shows.

View of Lewisville Grand Theater
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From theater plays to acclaimed films, from children’s shows to engaging exhibits, there has been a diverse set of events held in the theater.

It’s where the local artists of Lewisville thrive, with occasional visits from other Texan performers and national celebrities.

So if you want to catch one of their shows, check out their calendar and buy your tickets!

Play a Few Rounds at The Lakes at Castle Hills

At The Lakes at Castle Hills, you can enjoy a wide variety of family-friendly activities, the chief of which is golf.

Their lakeside, 18-hole course is listed under the top 100 best in the whole of Texas, and that’s saying something owing to the sheer number of courses in the state.

With its lakeside views, well-maintained fairways and greens, and hazards that add to the overall look, the course provides scenic gameplay ideal for beginners and professionals.

The layout is fairly intuitive, but you need a good strategy and course-management skills to win a round.

If golfing is not your thing, the club still has tennis courts, a resort-style swimming pool, and other amenities that make for a convenient stay.

Don’t forget to try their tasty dishes at the facility’s own restaurant.

They offer savory meals and a selection of wine that’s perfect after your game.

Give Your Thighs a Workout at Interskate Roller Rink

Interskate Roller Rink is a favorite local destination that attracts families, locals, and visitors.

With a hardwood rink adorned by hanging disco balls at the center, this facility combines a retro and contemporary look that results in colorful and glittering interiors.

So bring your friends or loved ones and have a fun afternoon rolling skating under the dazzling lights.

You don’t have to worry if you didn’t bring skates as the facility offers quality gear for rent.

On occasion, the operators hold themed events, like Halloween and Ugly Sweater day, and you’re more than welcome to join in.

If you’re new to skating, there are engaging lessons you can try to understand the basics of this fun pastime—all ages are welcome!

Test Your Angling Skills at Lewisville Fishing Barge

The Lewisville Fishing Barge is a unique attraction that brings together the community to enjoy the resources of Lewisville Lake.

This structure has been around for many decades, floating on the edge of the water and attracting families and individuals.

Along the boardwalk, you can cast a line and wait for the freshwater game to take the bait.

You can reel in fish like striped bass, perches, various hybrids of catfish, and other species that are native or introduced to the lake.

Once you’ve had your fill, you can head over to the cleaning stations and prep your catch for the trip home.

This facility is open all year round, even in winter, so you can visit anytime you want.

One other thing that remains consistent here is the tight-knit family of regulars and shift operators.

So don’t forget to make friends and integrate yourself into their community during your stay.

Enjoy a Cooling Dip at Old Town Aquatic Park

View of Old Town Aquatic Park
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During hot summer days, there can be too many people along Lewisville Lake for your comfort.

Or it might just be too wild and unpredictable for the kids.

If that’s the case, come over to Old Town Aquatic Park, a seasonal recreational facility open throughout most of the year.

With its fun slides, cool blue pools, and splash pads, the attraction provides an exciting experience for the whole family.

There are also lots of inflatables as well as shaded areas where you can have a picnic or rest from playing all day.

The small lazy river is also great for a relaxing time on the water.

If you need to refuel after hours of swimming and playing, the park has concession stands offering tasty and satisfying snacks.

Ace a Hole in One at Lake Park Golf Course

Compared to The Lakes at Castle Hills, the Lake Park Golf Course is more accessible to the public.

So whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you’re welcome to visit during your tee time and play a few rounds.

This sporting facility is part of Lake Park, which sits next to Lewisville Lake.

While playing on either the 18-hole or 9-hole courses, you’d see glimpses of the body of water glistening in the distance, adding to the overall experience.

The course layouts are relatively easy, but don’t let your guard down, as there are some tricky spots.

Once you’re done with your rounds, check out the clubhouse for some tasty snacks and refreshments.

Sample Drinks at BENDT Distilling Co.

The perfect way to cap off a day’s worth of touring is with a nice glass of your favorite drink, and the best place to get one in Lewisville is at BENDT Distilling Co.

This local favorite is located in the Old Town district, quickly establishing itself as one of the premier distilleries in the city a few years after it opened.

So you can find a wide range of premium alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey and cocktails.

Since they are made from simple but high-quality ingredients, the unique flavors and aromas of the drinks become very distinct in every sip.

If you want to see the process of how each bottle is made, you can join a tour that brings you near the distillery equipment.

Otherwise, you can stay at the bar, have a few glasses, and drink your worries away.

Don’t forget to bring home a bottle of two to open during special occasions!

Have a Fun Family Day at Central Park

Lewisville’s Central Park is charming in its own right, so you definitely shouldn’t confuse it with the more famous one in New York.

Located in the very heart of the city, this attraction is a beloved community facility covering 39.5 acres of land.

There are a couple of pavilions for rent, woodland patches, lush grounds, and picnic benches within the sprawling area, open for visitors and locals.

For those with kids, you can let them play on the well-equipped playgrounds and socialize with other children.

If you want to do something more active, explore the trails on foot or on a bike.

These will bring you to hidden wonders and secluded areas where you can get some much-needed peace and quiet.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Once you’re done with your adventures in the city, why not check out these other places that are just a few minutes away?

See Historical Aircraft at Cavanaugh Flight Museum

View of Cavanaugh Flight Museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A little further south from Lewisville lies the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, a hub for aviation history and design.

With a mission to preserve and showcase the flight history of the country, this facility restores and displays artifacts that influenced the past.

View of Cavanaugh Flight Museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These include actual aircraft used during the World Wars and other conflicts that the United States was involved in.

You’ll find them in pristine condition within a vast hangar or outside under the blue skies that they once conquered.

So if you’re an aviation enthusiast, don’t forget to make a stop here!

View of Cavanaugh Flight Museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commonsc

See the Wildlife at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

A Family at at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
MaryAnne Campbell / Shutterstock.com

In the neighboring city of Plano lies another natural attraction, the often-visited Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

Spanning 200 acres, this attraction contains three major habitats that make it an ecological hotspot: Blackland prairie, riparian forest, and upland forest.

Thanks to the pristine conditions and relatively undisturbed state, these sections have become the home of Texas’ native wildlife.

You can explore the trails crossing and looping around the preserve to see animals like coyotes, bobcats, snakes, and turtles.

On the high observation tower, you can try spotting some of the avian species flying high above the canopy.

These include owls, waterfowl, birds of prey, and even turkey vultures.

Hear the Dinosaurs Roar at Jurassic World The Exhibition

If you’re a fan of prehistoric beasts, The Colony’s Jurassic World The Exhibition is a must-see attraction.

The attraction is famed for the life-like dinosaur animatronics inspired by the Jurrasic Park franchise.

It’s the closest you’ll ever come to get to meet an actual T-rex, that is, until scientists of the future are somehow able to clone fossils as they did in the movies.

For now, it’s better to see them roar and flash their fangs while being controlled by computer programs and humans.

Aside from the dinosaurs, there are other attractions in the facility based on the franchise.

You can ride gyrospheres, visit the lab where fossils were synthesized, and explore the jungles typical of the islands in the films.

Hardcore fans of the Jurrasic Park franchise will have a blast seeing all these wonders.

Join the Crowds at Lava Cantina The Colony

Cars and Cantina located at Lava Cantina in The Colony
Hope Bowers / Shutterstock.com

Lava Cantina The Colony is an events venue near Lewisville, focusing more on music and live performances.

The rock n' roll-themed Coastal Mexican restaurant is well-known for the bombastic concerts happening on the regular.

Bands and music groups come from all over to grace the stage and play their most famous songs in front of an excited crowd.

You can join one of these events and scream or sing with the audience, whichever you feel like doing.

And of course, don’t forget to sample their authentic Mexican dishes like tacos, salsas, and burritos.

Final Thoughts

While Lewisville is still part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, it has a healthy mix of natural and modern attractions that will keep every visitor curious about what’s coming next.

From vast preserves to community fishing barges, from stunning theater plays to roller skating rinks, there’s something for every preference.

So when making your itinerary, reference this list and add all the top spots to your trip!