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15 Best Things to Do in Ector County, TX

  • Published 2023/04/01

Established in 1887, Ector County honors the remarkable Matthew Ector, a jurist and Confederate general who served during the American Civil War.

This Texas county proudly bears his name.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ector County as you explore Odessa, its county seat.

Here, you can discover many activities that will test your limits while allowing you to appreciate nature’s wonders!

Below are the 15 best things to do in Ector County, Texas.

Read Books at Ector County Library

Exterior of Ector County Library

Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ector County Library is a public library that was established in 1938 in the city of Odessa.

This library was initially built in the former courthouse square jail, which was later expanded, and relocated in 1981.

It has a collection of more than 200,000 books, 212,887 items circulated annually, and has served over 165,000 locals over the years.

The Southwest History & Genealogy, Law Library, Teen and Young Adult, Audio Visuals, and many other sections are available for visitors of all ages to explore.

When you’re in Odessa, add the Ector County Library to your list of must-dos.

After all, it’s free and open for everyone to enjoy!

Immerse Yourself in Art Exhibits at the Ellen Noël Art Museum

Ellen Noël Art Museum is a museum and a fine arts center in Odessa named after Ellen W. Noël to recognize her philanthropy and leadership.

This museum was founded in 1985 and was initially known as Ellen Noël Art Museum of the Permian Basin (ENAM) before renaming it Ellen Noël Art Museum in 1995.

To connect people with art, the museum offers a variety of exhibits, cultural programs, lectures, and other activities that visitors will enjoy.

Some art collections are inside their Art & Exhibits section, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, legal and historical related documents, and many other items.

They also provide educational programs for people of all ages and a variety of events centered primarily on togetherness in arts.

Enjoy a Pleasant Stay at Pineview Village R.V. Park

Pineview Village R.V. Park is a rental trailer service located in Goldsmith.

The Pineview Village offers 800-square-foot enclosed lots with a private yard and truck parking.

It has a variety of amenities that will make you feel at home, including an onsite park and playground, free wifi, and a laundromat.

This RV Park is also pet-friendly and in a great location since numerous restaurants, shopping centers, and other forms of entertainment are nearby.

If you’re seeking a spot to stay in the city for as long as you want, Pineview Village R.V. Park will serve you well.

Learn to Fish at Comanche Trail South Park

Comanche Trail South Park is a linear community park established in Odessa.

This park is one of the great places to visit in the city as it provides a variety of activities that you will undoubtedly enjoy with your family and friends.

Locals regard the Comanche Trail South Park as a decent spot for walking and jogging due to its concrete multi-use sidewalks.

The park’s amenities include its 21-hole golf course, which is always open, and one of the park’s most popular activities.

Visitors also come here to learn to fish since there is a side-by-side pond for people of all ages and skill levels.

Relax in Solitude at Oasis North RV Park

Oasis North RV Park is an RV park in Gardendale, a census-designated place in Ector County.

This RV park has 64 new sites, with each lot measuring 25 by 65 feet, more than enough to give you a comfortable stay.

Visitors will surely appreciate its amenities, such as the laundry room, where residents can have free laundry.

They also have free wifi, exercise and tile shower facilities, and an event center that visitors can access.

With an ambiance of serenity, sparkling cleanliness, and attractive prices, it’s no surprise that this location is a popular spot for travelers to escape.

Experience the perfect balance between pleasure and affordability at Oasis North RV Park!

Experience the Tranquil, Serene, and Peaceful Rusty Boot RV Park

Rusty Boot RV Park is also one of the family-friendly RV parks that you can try in Gardendale.

If you’re searching for a relaxing, green, and quiet area to stay on vacation, this RV Park is a good choice.

The RV Park has amenities like a freshly remodeled recreational center, picnic tables, and a BBQ pit.

They also include a pool area, vending machines, large-screen TVs to watch various movies, and free laundry facilities.

Rusty Boot RV Park is well-known for its well-kept grass and trees and its garden setting, which makes your stay here refreshing and serene.

Remember the American Sniper at the Chris Kyle Memorial

Top half of the Chris Kyle Memorial

Cowsthatfloat, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Chris Kyle Memorial is in Odessa and is dedicated to the legendary soldier and military sniper Chris Kyle.

This 2,800-square-foot memorial plaza comprises Texas limestone and granite and features low walls that can also be used as seating spaces.

The memorial includes engravings of just about everything relevant to Chris, such as his tours of duty, medals, and, most importantly, his accomplishments.

The flags of the United States and Texas are also included, always raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset every day.

A visit to the Chris Kyle Memorial will leave you inspired and humbled.

You’ll gain a greater appreciation for his contributions to the country and deeper insight into the man himself.

Discover the life of America’s Hero at this remarkable memorial!

Hit the Ratliff Ranch Golf Links

Ratliff Ranch Golf Links is a link course in Odessa on 125 acres, featuring a great view of West Texas.

This Scottish-inspired link course offers four sets of tees ranging from 4,914 to 6,957 yards, making it more challenging and enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

This golf course’s chipping and green practice area is perfect for any golfer wishing to hone their skills.

It is also an ideal instruction place for those seeking to learn the game from scratch.

It also has a clubhouse where guests can purchase the latest clothing and equipment.

Buy golf balls and accessories from popular golf brands like Callaway golf clubs, TaylorMade, Titleist, etc.

If you find yourself hungry after a round of golf, Ratliff Ranch Golf Links has the Linx Bar and Grill, which serves delicious drinks and snacks.

Stay at the Cozy Lucia RV Park

If you’re looking for a cozy RV park that feels like home, Lucia RV Park is the place to go.

This RV Park is in Gardendale, in the center of the Permian Basin, just a short drive from three major cities: Odessa, Midland, and Andrews.

Regarding customer service, Lucia RV Park is known for raising the bar in the RV park industry.

As a result, Lucia RV Park has become the first option for all visitors, particularly oilfield workers and other traveling staff.

Visitors will fall in love with the environment of this RV Park since it is peaceful, family-friendly, and reasonably priced.

See Movies at Cinergy Odessa Featuring EPIC

Cinergy Odessa Featuring EPIC is in Odessa, where you can watch movies and play various games.

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) named this facility the World’s Best Family Entertainment Center in 2019.

It has eight theaters with 82 screens and food and drinks inspired by American favorites like burgers, sandwiches, pizza, tacos, salad, cocktails, beer, and many others.

This destination also features a variety of interactive games such as axe throwing, escape rooms, bowling, virtual reality, and zip lines that are certain to satisfy the entire family.

Cinergy Odessa Featuring EPIC is also available for various events such as children’s parties, field trips, team building, etc.

Catch World-Class Shows at the Ector Theatre

The Ector Theatre is one of the music venues that can be visited in Odessa.

This historic theater opened in 1951 and was later recognized for hosting tribute artists, classic movies, and other events.

With 750 seats, the Ector Theatre will provide you with the world-class theater entertainment you want.

It will not disappoint you either; they always bring top artists to perform.

You will never regret experiencing this location due to its beautiful ambiance, excellent performance, and a great facility that will drive you to come again and again.

Other Things to Do Nearby

You can still find many places nearby that you will enjoy outside Ector County.

Here are other things to do nearby:

Learn New Things at the Museum of the Southwest

A building at the Museum of the Southwest

Kara Browning, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Museum of the Southwest is located in Midland, Texas, only 19.2 miles from Odessa.

Only a 23-minute ride away, this museum will introduce its visitors to history, arts, science, and other fields.

The museum comprises four campuses with different functions, such as the Historic Turner Building for History and the Lissa Noel Wagner Wing for Arts.

You can visit Blakemore Planetarium to learn about space, while Fredda Turner Durham Children’s Museum is a family-friendly museum.

The Museum of the Southwest also hosts a variety of activities and exhibits that every visitor should check out.

Check Out Various Plants and Wildlife at Sibley Nature Center

Sibley Nature Center is a nature preserve in Midland, just 23.4 miles away from Odessa.

After a 30-minute drive, you will reach this natural preserve, which aims to teach tourists about plants such as flora and wildlife and the region’s history.

Sibley Nature offers a wide range of tours that children will love.

Join the Nature Center and Trail Tours, which allow visitors to see the collections housed within the center.

Aside from these are Youth Education Programs that aim to teach topics about the environment and are ideal for Summer Camps, Scouts, and many others.

Adult Lecture Programs are one-hour sessions that discuss natural themes ranging from gardening to creatures such as rattlesnakes.

Sibley Nature Center is also ideal for various occasions.

They are available for rental for special events such as birthdays and other celebrations.

See Performances at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

Exterior of Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

Nicolas Henderson from Coppell, Texas, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center is a performing arts center in Midland, just 13 miles from Odessa.

This facility was established in 2011 with the help of the communities from Odessa, Midland, and the University of Texas Permian Basin.

This facility has hosted various chorales, symphony orchestras, and ballet performances.

Visitors will also have fun watching Broadway performances and comedians, rock bands, and country singers.

This place provides an unforgettable experience and the best entertainment just 18 minutes from Odessa.

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center is ready to show you a fun night!

Enter the World of Oil and Gas at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is located near Midland, only 21.9 miles and 23 minutes from Odessa.

This museum, which opened in 1975, has a variety of interactive events and exhibits connected to the oil and gas industry.

The Petroleum Exhibits, for example, will teach you about Mythcrackers, Permian Reef, the Voyage of PetroTrekker, and other related topics.

Included in the exhibits is the Mineral Gallery, which features over 90 mineral specimens found across the globe.

The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is one of the best places to visit, especially for individuals who enjoy science, technology, and history.

Final Thoughts

Despite having few places, Ewithwithctor County provides various attractions that tourists, especially families, will love.

Add these best things to do in Ector County, Texas, to make your next visit more memorable!

Plan your trip today!

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