20 Best Things to Do in Coos Bay, Oregon

20 Best Things to Do in Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos bay is a spectacular city which is located on the coast of Oregon. The city is famous for being the biggest city on the entire Oregon coast. It is also the largest port of deep water between Seattle and San Francisco. The city is locally known as Oregon’s Bay Area.

Even though the city is one of the most famous travelling spot in oregano, it has not lost its local tradition and history. The city proudly presents its unique architecture and local flavor to the visitors and make them familiar with the legacy of the city. Here are the top things that you should do if you visit Coos Bay in Oregon.

Explore the city on Cape Arago Highway

The Cape Arago highway is a 11-mile-long road which starts in Coos Bay and goes on till the ocean coast. Getting on the road on this highway is probably one of the best ways of discovering and exploring the entire city in a short span of time.

The highway has scenic views and connects some of the famous tourist attractions. The highway has some of the most famous state parks along its route. It also has hiking trails which can be used for adventures like walking and hiking. The entire setting of this highway is a paradise and should definitely not be missed.

Shore Acres State Park

Shore acres State Park
Sherri R. Camp / Shutterstock.com

Shore acres State Park is situated on a property which was formerly owned by private individuals. However, the estate was developed into a park stretching over 13 miles and facing the beautiful ocean bay in the year 1940.

The park is filled with natural sandstone cliff and rock formations which make the entire park quite attractive and incredible to the visitors. The park looks magnificent during the winter and fall season, as high waves rushing against the rugged cliffs look unbelievably divine.

The State Park also has spots which are dedicated as picnic areas. The Park also has a consciously designed garden spread over 5 acres of the park land. This garden has a greenhouse and several small gardens such as Japanese Garden, a rose garden, and a pond which is loaded with beautiful lily plants.

The Park also has a few walking trails for people who wish to walk along the shore. The park is definitely a very good option for all those people who want to visit some affordable place and yet enjoy their time.

If you are visiting coos bay during New year’s eve or Thanksgiving, you can definitely not miss visiting this park as it is blazing with beautiful decorations done using lights and flowers.

Cape Arago State Park

Sea Lions at Cape Arago State Park
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Cape Arago State Park is another beautiful park which is perfectly suitable for adventure activities such as hiking, picnicking and watching wildlife in the area. This park has two trails which are in the north and south part of the park.

The Park also has a fishing spot and a specific area where you can enjoy the oceanic views and watch sea animals such as Sea lions and seals enjoying in the water.

The park also has arrangements for picnic tables and restrooms where you can also spot passing whales if you are lucky enough. Cape Arago State Park is a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and view beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Cranberry Sweets

Not many people are familiar about the fact that coos bay in Oregon is also famous for its sweets and candy industries. Cranberry sweets is one of those company which will fulfil your sweet tooth dreams.

The company was established in 1970s and used local berries for producing cranberry candies back then. However, the company grew with leaps and bounds and emerged to be one of the most famous sweets shop in the city selling variety of sweet items.

The shop offers items such as caramel popcorn, jelly candies, cranberry candies, all of which are made using natural ingredients. To make it more surprising, all these products are made using only the traditional methods.

Along with the regular items, the shop also offers complimentary items for testing. The shop also offers online services which make it quite convenient to get your hands on anything from this shop.

Egyptian Theatre

Interior of Egyptian Theatre
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The Egyptian theatre near broadwalk in the city is one of the few last remaining pieces of Architecture that were a part of Egyptian revival in the city.

This prominent building was opened in 1925 as a movie house and has seen everything since then. The theatre has been renovated a few times and is used for organizing events such as stand up and movie shows. It is also quite important to note that the Egyptian interior and decoration of the theatre was never changed.

This is a local theatre which showcases classics and independent movies and also conduct events such as film festivals. The theatre also acts as a museum for people who are interested in Egyptian architecture as many pieces in the theatre date back to the 1920s which makes everything very vintage and classy.

The Wurlitzer theatre organ in this theatre is the only surviving Wurlitzer which is used in theatres in the entire state. This place is a definite catch for all the art and history fanatics.

Coos Art Museum

Coos Art Museum
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Coos art museum is a historic wonder which is the central hub for art and traditional patronage in southern coast of Oregon. The museum was built in a building which was formerly used as Post Office and is presently a two story Museum which has five galleries and a big atrium promoting and preserving artists from the Northwest Pacific area.

This museum houses a huge collection of artworks which are produced by more than 600 artists. Some of these artworks are exhibited on the first floor while the others are stretched to the second floor. These pieces from the museum collection deal with diverse areas ranging from multimedia compilations to traditional arts.

While the collection of the museum is quite praiseworthy in itself, there is something else which attracts the visitors more than the collection. The exhibitions at the museum are frequently rotating.

The museum houses international as well as local pieces of art. Along with its classy exhibitions, the museum also provides opportunity for educating arts students. Workshops and classes are organized on regular basis for different age groups covering diverse topics.

The museum also organizes fun workshops where you can learn some basic art techniques and produce some original artwork.

Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge

Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge
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Conde B. McCullough memorial bridge is that piece of architecture which is definitely going to catch your attention even if you are not very fond of art and architecture.

The bridge was constructed in 1936 and stretches over 1700 feet along the coos bay. 11 years later after the completion of its construction, the bridge was Renamed after its leading engineer, Conde B. McCullough. The bridge was designed using inspiration from gothic style, art deco and modern art.

The bridge has wide sidewalks on each side making it a good place for walks as well. The bridge also has benches where you can sit and relax and admire the view of the ocean.

The staircase of the bridge would lead you directly to the Water Front Park. The bridge is a perfect location for people who love photography.

Coos History museum and maritime collection

The museum was originally started as the Coos county historical society in the year 1891. This was the second largest and oldest historical Society in the entire state of Oregon. However, the society was converted into a history museum in the year 2015.

The museum is quite big and is housed in a two-story building at present. The museum has an extensive collection of art and artefacts from historical periods. The collection has more than 50,000 items and half a million images. The entire museum is a living legacy of the history of the southern coast.

The museum has both permanent as well as temporary exhibitions. While the permanent exhibitions are arranged on the first floor, the temporary exhibitions are housed on the second floor.

The museum also exhibits a large number of items from shipbuilding industry which points out at the development of oversee travelling throughout the years. The museum is also open for organizing number of events such as lecture series and workshops. The museum opens from Wednesday to Saturday and offers free admission to everyone on Saturday.

Coos Bay Boardwalk

Coos Bay Broadwalk
Sheila Sund from Salem, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Coos bay Boardwalk at the end of the Anderson Avenue is a perfect place to shoo away all your blues. The Boardwalk provides best views of the bay, has a number of fun activities to do, and also features a fish market.

Broadway has three pavilions which depict Information about how the town was formed and developed. The Boardwalk also has an arrangement of a few picnic tables where you can sit for a lunch with cozy breeze.

You can walk along the Boardwalk and enjoy some time in the downtown. The Boardwalk also features several eateries which offer local food at affordable prices. The Boardwalk also has a few boutiques and specialty stores where you can buy gifts or personal use items.

Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area
Melanie Hobson / Shutterstock.com

Oregon dunes national recreational area is known to be one of the most famous dunes around the world, housing the largest temperature dunes which are as tall as 500 feet.

The National recreational area offers activities such as off-roading and hiking. The place can be very fun if you use their all-terrain vehicles and off highway vehicles.

A lot of private rental services are also available around the dune areas, which could actually cut you some trouble and make your experience an excellent one. You can also hire a guide if you want to or enjoy by yourself.

Oregon Coast Historical railway

Oregon Coast Historical railway
Victoria Ditkovsky / Shutterstock.com

Oregon cost historical railway is a non-profit organization which was established with an intention to protect and preserve the history of the local rail road and logging industry. The organization also takes responsibility for sharing the details about the same.

The organization has an extensive collection of engines and other trains. Some of the trains in the collections date back to 1950s. One major attraction is the Baldwin steam engine which is as old as hundred years. A diesel switcher engine from 1949 and a wooden caboose from 1946 are some other attractions.

The trains can be climbed by the visitors. There are some bells on the engines which can be rung. Designed in a form of a museum, the place is open only on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The admission is free.

Mingus Park

Mingus Park
Hugh Hull / Shutterstock.com

Mingus Park in downtown business district is one of the most scenic and beautiful parks of the city. The park has a lake in the center which is surrounded by walking parts, some beautiful fountains and other lush green plantations. The park is more attractive and beautiful during the night as it is decorated with fairy lights.

The lake in the park also has ducks which can be fed by the visitors. The park also has a Japanese Garden and a heated pool which can be accessed using a Trail. The Park has other arrangements as well such as the golf course, children playgrounds, and a big and spacious tennis court.

Three River Casino

Three Rivers Casino is a one stop destination for adult visitors where they can play games, relax, and get their hands on delicious food. Menu offers more than 250 games and additional facilities to the visitors.

They also organize special parties for visitors on weekend evenings. The restaurant of the casino serves freshly made breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The food served this restaurant is very delicious and you should definitely try ribs special if you are visiting the place either on Friday or Saturday.

7 Devils Brewing Company

A Bliss for all the adult visitors, 7 devils brewing company is a micro brewing company which specializes in producing high-quality and handcrafted beer. The drinks produced by this brewery are inspired from the coastal life of the city.

The company uses American ingredients to manufacture this beer. In addition to that the company has a rich collection of beers which are served during different seasons. Open on all days of the week except Tuesdays, the pub also organizes special events for the visitors.

The live music performance and concerts are some of the main attractions of this pub. The above also has some great food with wines, whiskeys, all of which is served in a unique style.

Restaurant O

Restaurant O is a restaurant which was opened with a very creative infrastructure in the year 2017. The restaurant serves different dishes from all corners of the world. It has a Michelin star chef who is known for his Italian cuisine all over the world.

The main specialty of this restaurant is its 6 and 9 course special tasting menu which comprises of local as well as seasonal dishes. The restaurant is also famous for serving special diet and vegan food. It also arranges private cooking class for people who love food.

Coos bay in Oregon is a very rich city when it comes to culture and local attachment. The city is known for its far stretching bays and beautiful sceneries. Being a photo genic city that Coos bay is, it is definitely a place that should be on your bucket list.

Explore Mahaffy Ranch with Your Kids

Visitors to the Mahaffy Ranch, situated approximately 30 minutes from Coos Bay, may enjoy a day of outdoor adventure with the family.

A typical You-Pick Pumpkin Patch harvest season lasts from the last week of September to October 31st, depending on the location.

There are a variety of exciting rural activities for children, including picking their pumpkins for Halloween.

These include horse rides, mazes made of straw, molehill slides, and corn cannons. Children will also get the opportunity to interact with farm animals.

When hunger strikes, the Snack Shack has various delectable treats.

In addition to fresh vegetables, cider, and other autumn favorites, the Harvest Market is a great place to stock up on these items.

Look Back on the Local Publishing History at Marshfield Sun Printing Museum

National Register of Historic Places-listed newspaper and job printing firm the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum.

Every week between 1891 and 1944, the Marshfield Sun newspaper was produced.

Even though the newspaper is no longer being printed, its history remains at the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum.

The Sun newspaper's original equipment and displays on printing and local history are on display.

Except on Mondays, the Museum is open every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

You may take a personal tour by appointment at any time of year.

Go Hiking Through Elliott State Forest

The Elliott State Forest was Oregon's first state forest, stretching from Reedsport to Coos Bay across around 93,000 acres.

Forests comprise about 70% of the area.

Although this is mostly for logging, it also provides a wide range of exciting leisure activities.

With breathtaking vistas of clear-cuts and densely wooded sections, the Ridgetop Drive gives access to the West Fork Millicoma River.

You may go hiking, although there aren't any designated paths to follow.

Swing Your Club at Coos Golf Club

The Coos Golf Club, previously called Watson Ranch Golf and Coos Country Club, is approximately 100 years old.

Positive comments about the course's friendly personnel, well-kept greens and fairways, and exciting layout make for an entertaining game of golf.

In the first nine holes, you'll encounter two lengthy Par 5s, rolling fairways, high greens, and elevation changes, all of which make for a challenging game of golf.

It's easier on the back nine, but you'll still need to be skilled and pay attention.

Try playing at this course when visiting Coos Bay if one is a passionate golfer.

Dine and Enjoy the Atmosphere at Coach House Restaurant & Lounge

The Coach House was established when it opened in the 1950s.

It quickly transitioned to a steakhouse from being a tavern for the local loggers.

It served as a Chinese restaurant before becoming the casual steak and seafood joint it is today.

For lunch and supper, you may have the popular grilled meats roasted over hot coals on an outside grill; however, the selection is more varied at dinnertime.

In addition to the standard steak and seafood supper options, you may also select the combination pattern, which includes your choice of meats.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can enjoy Coos Bay.

The area's many waterways and dune-lined lakes, rivers, and bays provide an idyllic setting and many possibilities for pleasure.

Given the city's proximity to the Pacific Ocean, you may enjoy many outdoor pursuits.