20 Best Things to Do in Branson, MO with Kids

Branson, MO
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When looking for a place where you and your kids can have an amazing bonding experience, one of your top choices should be Branson, Missouri.

This unassuming city in the Midwest is home to many exciting attractions, both artificial and natural.

From museums of oddities to grand views of the Ozark Mountains, the number of destinations is endless.

Your children will have a memorable time roaming around the city.

And you will too!

Here are the 2o best things to do in Branson, MO, with kids:

Take Selfies at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Outside View of Hollywood Wax Museum
Momwriter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Give your kids a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite Hollywood stars by bringing them to Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum.

This well-known facility houses life-sized replicas of famous celebrities, some long gone and others still starring in current and upcoming movies.

Visitors will get a chance to interact with these realistic wax figures and know them a little better with the information provided.

Take pictures and selfies with these uncanny replicas as a remembrance of your family’s trip.

Roam Around the Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

Another kid-friendly destination within Branson is Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area.

Overlooking Lake Taneycomo, the 140-acre wooded and rugged park has many attractions for those who love the outdoors and nature.

Bring your kids to a gentle hike that will bring them through a forest, waterfalls, glades, and scenic outlooks where they can view the magnificent lake.

There are also picnic tables within the area where you can rest and have some delicious snacks.

See the Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Outside View of Aquarium at the Boardwalk
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

Kids who are into the seas and aquatic life will have their minds blown away at Aquarium at the Boardwalk.

Before your family even enters, you will be already awe-struck by the giant, shiny octopus mascot crawling on top of the building.

Within the depths of the facility are many marine-themed collections and interactive exhibits that will let you and your kid engage with various fish and aquatic animals.

There’s the magical Jelly Infinity Room, Water Tunnel, Mermaid Palace, and Kelp Forest.

The Touch Pool is also a favorite since kids can get to know harmless and gentle stingrays, sharks, and crabs wading in shallow water.

Another exhibit of focus in the Aquarium at the Boardwalk is the coral reefs.

The facility aiming to spread awareness about these important marine species and encourage visitors to help with preservation efforts.

Hang Out With Animals at Branson's Promised Land Zoo

If tiny, colorful butterflies are not enough for your children, bring them to Branson's Promised Land Zoo.

This is the area’s premier animal attraction destination and one of the top-rated zoos within the US.

Here, your kids can get up close and personal with unique animals from all over the world.

The various exhibits houses mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians of various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Let your kids hang out with giraffes, pet a sleepy owl, or play with a tortoise—there are so many animals waiting for their attention.

It’s open seven days a week, so your family is welcome even on weekends.

Tour the Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, MO
Roland Arhelger, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Truth be told, most kids might not know what the Titanic is.

The movie came out when they weren’t even born yet, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy a huge ship just sitting in the middle of the city.

As the largest Titanic-themed museum globally, the Titanic Museum Attraction has 20 galleries, 400 artifacts, and a life-size model of the actual ship.

Bring your family to a self-guided tour and peak at the cabins and steam rooms, appreciate the nautical-themed artifacts, and let your kids learn about this ship and the stories of the people aboard.

If the tale proves to be too grim for your kids, you can always bring them to the sloping decks, grand staircase, or the cold water exhibit and let them have fun with these interactive displays.

They will have a swell time!

Play at the World's Largest Toy Museum Complex

World's Largest Toy Museum Complex will probably appeal more to adults who want to relive their childhoods with toys from the past.

But kids will love it as well since it’s a house brimming with toys.

The complex has six museums, each having its own theme or collection.

Within these facilities are more than a million toys, some dating back to the 1800s.

Most of these may be from days past, but that doesn’t mean that today’s kids can’t play with them anymore.

The exhibits are mostly interactive, so it can be a fun way to teach your kids how to use toys that you grew up with.

Not only is this a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but it’s also an opportunity to bond with your kids over things that you once loved.

Ride the Branson Scenic Railway

Branson Scenic Railway in Branson, MO
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

Boys (and girls, too!) will love to board real-life trains whose models they only get to play with.

Branson Scenic Railway is where they can get this unique experience.

Of course, adults are welcome too!

This vintage passenger train has a collection of unique passenger cars, traveling through a scenic route around the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

Red train engine of Branson Scenic Railway
Doug Wertman, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Everyone abroad will get to see the area's panoramic vistas, as well as the wildlife roaming around the woods and grasslands.

Since seating is unassigned, kids can roam around each car and explore the train's interiors.

It’s been restored and refurbished as well, with fittings that will give you the same first-class experience as those passengers from many years ago.

See Weird Things at Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Bizarre and one-of-a-kind oddities abound in the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum.

It’s a haven for kids who love weird and unusual objects that stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

The building itself is already remarkable, with a cracked facade that makes it seem like an earthquake has torn it apart.

But the main attraction is inside.

You’ll see eye-popping exhibits and galleries, supernatural objects and characters, nature-defying objects, and stuff that is just plain otherworldly.

Kids can also engage with some of the interactive collections, allowing for a more hands-on experience at the museum.

Bring them to this location during your trip and watch them wow their brains out!

Dine at Dolly Parton's Stampede

 Dolly Parton's Stampede in Branson, MO
Ted PAGEL / Shutterstock.com

Cowboys and horses and a whole lot of noise—many children would look forward to this experience!

The Dolly Parton's Stampede is a dinner attraction featuring delicious food and thrilling live horse exhibitions.

Within the 35,000 square foot arena, riders and horses perform daring stunts with special effects.

It’s a rare sight to behold, and your kids will surely be awe-struck.

There are also other performances like exceptional music productions that will have you wanting more.

All these your family will witness while dining on a mouthwatering four-course feast made by skilled in-house chefs.

It’s the perfect combination of thrilling entertainment and delicious food!

Make a Stop at Fritz's Adventure

If the kids are getting bored with museums and nature trails, then bring them to some hardcore but fun activities at Fritz's Adventure.

This 80,000-square-foot indoor park houses various activities for the whole family.

Some of the extreme and thrilling adventures to try are rope courses, aerial bridges, underground tunnels, laser mazes, warped walls, and obstacle courses.

There are so many things to explore, whatever your age or level of experience may be.

So let your family join the fun and add this to your itinerary for your trip.

Visit the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure in Branson, MO
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

This tropical-themed attraction is the perfect family destination for nature lovers!

Kids will have fun roaming the exhibits, such as the butterfly aviary, science center, banyan tree adventure, and mirror maze.

Not only that, but they will also learn about the rainforests and the various flora and fauna abounding within these ecological wonders.

It may just be the first time they encounter anything about rainforests, as the midwest isn’t exactly known for humid jungles.

Most of the animals here, especially the butterflies, are exported from exotic forests around the tropics, so it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get to see them flutter about.

With three-day wrist bands, you and your kids will have a lot of time exploring the interactive exhibits of the facility.

It’s an excellent way to appreciate what Mother Nature has in store.

See the Animals at Branson's Wild World

Another must-see destination in the city for animal lovers is Branson's Wild World.

Housing more than 180 species, the adventure park and aquarium are where habitats collide.

On one end, there are tanks filled with fearsome sharks, large snakes, and intimidating crocodiles that kids can view safely.

The Wolf Woods houses majestic British Colombian wolves raised in the facility.

There is also a Lemur Playground where these playful and sometimes mischievous animals roam and interact with zookeepers and visitors.

Some of them may approach your kids and perch on their shoulders—it’s an exciting experience!

For bird lovers, the facility houses exotic species worldwide, including colorful parrots, macaws, and cockatoos.

Explore Table Rock State Park

The Entrance sign in Table Rock State Park
Chad Robertson Media / Shutterstock.com

If you want to immerse your kids in nature and the outdoors, then Table Rock State Park is the place to go.

This 356-acre park sits right next to Table Rock Lake, which means many nature and water-related activities to try.

For those into water recreation, you can rent paddleboards, go swimming, or bounce at the inflatable trampolines floating on the lake.

There are also designated camping grounds where your family can set up a tent and stay for a few days.

Waterfall at Table Rock Lake
Sydney J Photography / Shutterstock.com

It’s the perfect way to bond with your kids while in the midst of trees.

During the day, you can go hiking on the gentle trails and spot wildlife like birds and small mammals inhabiting the park.

For those who only have a day to spare, there are picnic spots dotting the lakeshore where you can spend time relaxing and eating delicious food while kids run and explore the grounds.

Picnic table at Table Rock State Park
Bonita R. Cheshier / Shutterstock.com

Ride the Branson Mountain Coaster

Looking for a unique and customizable ride for you and your kids?

The Branson Mountain Coaster is a special ride that offers scenic views of the Ozark Mountains and thrilling descents into the alpine forests.

One of the most remarkable features of this ride is the customizability of your route.

First, you’ll ride to the highest point of the track, with many opportunities to take in the panoramic vistas of the area.

Then comes the descent; gravity will speed you up as you travel downhill.

Thankfully, you can control your speed and direction, especially if things get too intense for you or your kid.

The coasters also turn into a magical ride at night as the track lights up with multicolored lights that create a stunning and incomparable sight.

Make sure it’s a part of your itinerary—your kids will love you for it.

Spend a Day at Silver Dollar City

Christmas Decorations in Silver Dollar City
Nan Fry, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Branson wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the iconic Silver Dollar City.

The 61-acre amusement park houses many rides and attractions that will have you and your kids giddy with anticipation and excitement.

From exhilarating roller coaster rides to relaxed steam train rides, the theme park offers many activities for both the young and old alike.

Waterfall at Silver Dollar City
Andrea Willett / Shutterstock.com

The water park is the perfect way to cool off during hot days with attractions, such as wave pools, artificial rivers, and towering slides.

For those who want a more relaxed experience, the dinner cruise lets your family enjoy a scenic ride over Table Rock Lake with live music and scrumptious food.

Church at Silver Dollar City
Kssunflower66 / Shutterstock.com

You can stay for a few days longer by camping within Silver Dollar City.

There are cabin rentals and RV sites where you can stay and enjoy more time exploring all the facility offers.

Admire the Unique Design of WonderWorks Branson

Upside down building of WonderWorks in Branson
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

One of Branson's latest indoor tourist attractions is WonderWorks.

In the center of Branson's Entertainment Area, WonderWorks has an enormous upside-down mansion with a famous design that is impossible to miss.

Legend has it that the structure was originally a top-secret facility that accidentally raised itself onto the roof because of an experiment gone wrong!

WonderWorks will captivate you and the kids with its stunning appearance and great age-appropriate activities.

Explore four stories of unique and engaging discoveries and activities inside the museum.

Additionally, it has puzzles and displays that are sure to enchant, enlighten, and excite the whole family.

Take Endless Photos at Beyond The Lens!

Enjoy the countless picture opportunities, virtual reality experiences, search for Big Foot, hands-on activities, escape rooms, pop culture tour from the 1960s to the present, and so much more.

Go on an exciting tour of the modern pop culture industry at Beyond The Lens.

Try modern game consoles and discover conspiracy theories as you explore around.

They offer party packages, including entrance to Beyond The Lens and an immersive, interactive birthday experience.

Displays, use of the party room, the FlyRide and Flip Zone, pizza, and beverages are all organized by one of their incredible Techno-Trainers!

Watch the Branson Landing Fountain Show

Night view of the fountain show at Branson Landing
TommyBrison / Shutterstock.com

A picturesque boardwalk runs the 1.5 miles of Taneycomo Lakefront at Branson Landing.

The centerpiece of The Landing is a bustling town square that pans down to a stunning water spectacle costing more than 7 million that combines the first-ever fusion of splash, fire, lighting, and sound.

You will be astounded by the brilliant interaction of 120-foot geysers of water pouring from fountains and cannons of fire blazing, all coordinated to lighting and song.

Bridge at Branson Landing
RaksyBH / Shutterstock.com

The world-famous Wet Design, the show producers for the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Universal City Walk in California, and Downtown Disney in Orlando, created the water and fire display.

Depending on the weather, watch the Branson Landing Fountains offer amazing shows every day at noon.

Have Fun while Learning at Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Museum is a perfect pit stop for parents searching for kid-friendly educational activities.

The Dinosaur Museum is entertaining and instructive, including over 40 life-sized dinosaurs on exhibit, from the tiniest 1-foot micro-raptor to the gigantic 42-foot tyrannosaurus rex.

Discovering herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivorous creatures is only a little "preview" of what your family may learn at the Branson Dinosaur Museum.

Written descriptions of each dinosaur are on exhibit to aid with queries about their behaviors, the meaning of their names, and other topics.

There is a fossil display, a scavenger hunt, a gift store where you can buy a dinosaur to take home, dinosaur-related documentaries, and coloring pages.

Ride the World Famous Branson Ferris Wheel

View of the Branson Ferris Wheel
Khairil Azhar Junos / Shutterstock.com

Branson formally won the competition in 2016 to relocate the 150-foot-tall Navy Pier Ferris wheel from Chicago to their community.

It is now known as the Branson Ferris Wheel and is a real attraction for families traveling to the area.

The Granson Ferris Wheel is a huge rotating wheel that offers panoramic views to passengers.

This family-friendly attraction offers breathtaking views of Branson and the Ozark Mountains because of its high height.

Additionally, the wheel has more than 15,000 gorgeous LED lights.

Children of all ages will enjoy and be safe on the Branson Ferris Wheel.

Final Thoughts

Fun for the whole family awaits in the vibrant city of Branson.

From thrilling rides to weird museums, there’s something for everyone!

So reference this list when making your plans so you can maximize your vacation days with your family.

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