15 Best Things to Do in Charleston, MO

Charleston, MO
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Charleston is a city in the southeast of Missouri, within Mississippi County.

The city spans 12.57 square kilometers with a population of 4,878 and dates back to 1837.

Like many cities in Missouri, Charleston has several attractions and activities you can check out.

One of the different features of this city is the selection of beautiful gardens and lovely homes.

You can find other spots in the city that feature local history, the outdoors, and other activities.

Explore the best of the city with this list of the best things to do in Charleston.

Check Out the Mississippi County Historical Society Exhibits

Established in the 1960s, the Mississippi County Historical Society is a local history group that preserves local history.

Moreover, it is a local history spot you can find inside an 1899 Victorian country home that the group received as a gift in 1977.

This house has seventeen rooms with plenty of original designs and furnishings.

The exhibits in the main house include displays of period clothing and military artifacts.

Aside from providing exhibitions, the Mississippi County Historical Society house is an event venue.

The event venue concept stems from the original homeowners; the Moore family has entertained friends and family in a downstairs hall since the 1900s.

If you want to see the different attractions in the historic house, you need to send a tour request.

To locate the Mississippi County Historical Society, follow North Main Street Road.

Visit the First Steps into the Louisiana Purchase

The First Steps into the Louisiana Purchase is one of the few historical sites in the city.

This site is a Lewis and Clark Memorial interpretive site on Beasley Park Road.

Starting in 2003, the site commemorates the bicentennial of the journey's beginning and features a granite map of territories covered during the trip.

In addition to the site, there is a Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Visitors Center you can access via Whipple Park to get more information.

Some of the features at this center include different mural paintings based on journal entries by Meriwether Lewis.

Besides exploring history, you can enjoy taking scenic site photos at the First Steps into the Louisiana Purchase.

Set Up Camp at the Boomland RV Park and Campground

Camping is one of the different activities you can enjoy in the city, and the best spot for this activity is the Boomland RV Park and Campground.

The Boomland RV Park and Campground is a local campsite with a large field and different amenities.

You can find the RV Park and campground by Beasley Park Road behind the Boomland Variety Shop and near a gas stop.

The campground opens for RV and tent camping and provides access to different areas.

These areas include a pool and waterfront, but if you want to go swimming, you’ll need to check with the staff.

Besides this, the Boomland RV Park and Campground can provide a convenient space for a break at an affordable rate.

Check Out Products and Snacks at Boomland

Boomland, also known as the Boomland Variety Shop, is a shop along Beasley Road and features a wide range of items to browse.

This range includes gifts, apparel, and house decor like candles.

The store also features a range of snacks and food, including candies, jams, produce, and more.

If you’re looking to grab a bite of something, the store also offers pizza, ice cream, and fudge.

You can also check out Wally’s Chew Chew Restaurant nearby for a meal.

Besides being a variety store, Boomland is a known fireworks supplier with a 60,000-square-foot showroom.

However, you can only check out the showroom from the middle of June to the first week of July.

Meanwhile, the store is open daily and offers gas and lotteries.

You can check out the store’s bus tours if you want more out of Boomland.

Make a Stop at Casey’s General Store

Are you craving pizza?

If you want to grab a slice while exploring Charleston, visit Casey’s General Store on South Main Street.

All pizzas at this store feature dough made from scratch and fresh ingredients, plus real mozzarella.

In addition to fresh pizzas, the store offers a selection of sweets and drinks to pair with your food.

Even if you’re not craving a slice of pizza, you can browse various options at this store, including groceries and house items.

You also have the option to fuel up at Casey’s General Store.

Browse Gifts at Ivy Villa

It’s always fun to bring something home as a gift or souvenir after visiting a new place.

Many shops in Charleston feature a range of options, including Ivy Villa.

Ivy Villa is a local gift shop around East Marshall Street that features a range of gifts for different occasions.

Aside from being a gift shop, Ivy Villa features a bridal and baby registry, plus a selection of traditional items.

A few items at this store include plush toys, candles, bags, and other apparel.

There are plenty of gifts and treats at Ivy Villa.

See Local Antiques at the Rocking Chair Antiques and Collectibles

Browse antiques dating back to the 1900s by visiting The Rocking Chair Antiques and Collectibles.

The Rocking Chair Antiques and Collectibles is a local antique shop around North Main Street.

Unlike other stores in the area, the antique shop does not have a concrete schedule.

If you want to check out the vintage pieces at this spot, your best bet is to hope for the best by checking out the location or contacting the owner.

A few pieces you can find at this store include vintage china pieces, antique furnishings, and old decor.

Besides antiques, the store offers guests a chance to take a coffee break and chat with the staff.

Go Gift Shopping at Bear Creek Mercantile

The Bear Creek Mercantile presents as a local gift at first glance, but it is more than just a shop.

The gift shop sits around South Main Street and offers a selection of plants and apparel items.

You can also check out their events, sales, and classes.

In addition, the shop features a spot at the local farmer’s market where you can get a range of treats, including produce, jams, and baked goods.

You also have the option to check out their seasonal treats and products to bring home.

The Bear Creek Mercantile is a top spot if you like shopping.

Sing Karaoke or Play Pool at the Diehlstadt Bar and Grill

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the local nightlife in Charleston, and some of the options are dining and drinking at the Diehlstadt Bar and Grill.

The Diehlstadt Bar and Grill, which you can find by State Highway 77, is a local bar and grill that offers plenty of activities to enjoy.

Check out the bar and grill's karaoke night if you’re out on a Friday or weekend night and want some fun.

You can also play poker or pool on weekdays for those, not into karaoke.

Diehlstadt Bar and Grill may seem like one of many drinking and dining spots, but it is one place to have a fun night.

Dine at the Glenn

The Glenn is one of the locals’ favorite eating spots in the city.

Compared to other dining spots, this eatery features quality ingredients and different specials made from scratch.

Some meals you can enjoy at this eatery include soups, stews, and different steak dishes.

You can also sample the daily specials, ranging from sandwiches to salads.

In addition to various specials, the eatery offers a selection of desserts, cocktails, and other alcohol blends.

Moreover, the eatery offers dining events where you can enjoy a fine dining experience.

You can find this eatery by looking around South Highway 105 above Heartland Drive.

Enjoy a Meal at City Limits Grill

Every city has a list of places to enjoy a meal.

If you want a simple but hearty meal, check out the City Limits Grill.

City Limits Grill is a local eatery around South Main Street and features a list of dishes that include chicken wings, burgers, and pasta.

While the menu seems relatively simple at first glance, it offers a diverse selection of dishes for Charleston visitors.

In addition, dining at City Limits Grill helps support local businesses.

If you want to check out local dining spots in Charleston, check out City Limits Grill.

Grab a Pancake at the Waffle & Pancake House

If you’re craving something sweet, visit the Waffle & Pancake House at Truman Street.

It is a reasonably simple breakfast place that serves breakfast and lunch meals, but it is one of the top local breakfast spots.

You can enjoy a range of sweet dishes at this diner, from pancakes to french toast and waffles with fruit.

Likewise, enjoy a selection of omelets, skillet dishes, and house specials if you’re craving something hearty.

Whether you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth or stuff yourself for breakfast, the Waffle & Pancake House has plenty of options for different cravings.

If you want to dine here, check for possible schedule changes.

Grab Fresh Items at Housman’s Fish Market

A fish market may seem strange for an attraction, but if you want to explore the local shops, you must stop by Housman’s Fish Market at least once.

The Housman’s Fish Market is a local fish service that doubles as a restaurant with the freshest seafood dishes.

You can find the market around West Marshall Street selling various fish, including their best-selling catfish.

Even if you aren’t a fan of seafood, check out fresh local items at Housman’s Fish Market.

Check out Housman’s Fish Market if you want to support local businesses.

Experience the Charleston Country Club

Consider checking out the Charleston Country Club for plenty of perks and amenities you can enjoy with friends or family.

The Charleston Country Club is a prime spot for golf lovers.

Besides a nine-hole golf course, you can enjoy a pool and a fine dining restaurant.

While dining, you can enjoy a selection of lunch and dinner meals, plus a drink list that includes wines, bourbon, and more.

You can check out their tournaments if you are not interested in membership.

The club is around North Country Club Lane.

Join the Dogwood Azalea Festival

Celebrate spring and enjoy various experiences by visiting the Dogwood Azalea Festival at South Main Street.

The festival, which usually occurs around April, lasts three to four days.

One of the few things you’ll find aside from various events and activities are the dogwoods and azaleas in full bloom.

These events and activities include a bazaar, pageant, and marathon, to name a few.

In addition, you can check out carnival rides and have fun with shows and sales.

Fill your spring itinerary with fun activities and experiences and join the fun at the Dogwood Azalea Festival.

Final Thoughts

Charleston allows you to explore history, fun shops, and different cuisines.

Whether you want to check out old buildings or shops for unique gifts, there are several options you can pick from.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Charleston, Missouri!

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