15 Best Things to Do in Camdenton, MO

Camdenton, MO
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The city of Camdenton in Missouri is known for having two of the most popular tourist attractions in the world: Ha Ha Tonka State Park and Bridal Cave.

Located along the Lower Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, the city got its name from Camden County, where it belongs.

Explore its scenic cave, take a dip in the spring, go zip lining, or simply taste the fresh coffee downtown while watching people wander past you.

All these and more exciting adventures await you in the city of Camdenton.

Here are the best things to do in Camdenton, Missouri:

See the Historic Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins

Aerial view of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins
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Located on Natural Bridge Road, the historic Ha Ha Tonka Castle was built in 1905 and inspired by 16th-century European castles.

It was the family home of Robert McClure Snyder, a Kansas City businessman, until it became a hotel in the 1930s.

The stone mansion was destroyed by fire in 1942.

In 1978, the state of Missouri purchased the large property, now called Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

Entryway of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins
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Some parts of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins are closed to the public due to their weakened foundation, which could possibly collapse.

There’s an observation point across the park’s office, where you can see the entire castle.

Because of the property’s natural springs, it was named Ha Ha Tonka, meaning “smiling waters” or “big laugh.”

Daytime view of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins
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Start Your Adventure at Adrenaline Zipline Co.

Get your adrenaline rushing as soon as you step into the grounds of Adrenaline Zipline Co.

You can enjoy a scenic canopy tour, zip lining until you reach the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks.

See the breathtaking views of woodlands, lush green trees, and nature’s natural beauty from above.

Even kids can enjoy ziplining as long as they have adult companions.

The tour takes two hours to complete, which makes it more fun and exciting.

Family-friendly with experienced guides, Adrenaline Zipline Co is the first zipline canopy tour on the Lake of the Ozarks.

You can find it on South Business Route 5.

Stay at Sleep Inn & Suites Lake of the Ozarks

Find comfort in Sleep Inn & Suites Lake Of the Ozarks as soon as you arrive in Camdenton for a few days of adventure.

The hotel offers complimentary breakfasts, which everyone likes the most.

You can also swim in its nice outdoor and indoor pools or relax in the hot tub.

If you need to burn a few extra calories, you can use the hotel’s fitness center.

Sleep Inn & Suites Lake of the Ozarks is accessible via Highway 54 and is close to the city’s best tourist attractions.

Enjoy Caving at Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park

Rated one of the most scenic caves in the US, Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park offers beauty and a rich history dating back to the 1800s.

The cave was the temporary shelter of an Osage Chief named Conwee, who fell in love with Wasena, the daughter of another leader of a Native American group.

There are guided tours offered for visitors, and the temperature inside remains at 60 degrees regardless of the weather.

Tours last for at least an hour and will lead you through the Bridal Chapel, Lover’s Leap, and Mystery Lake, all surrounded by beautiful mineral deposits.

History says that Conwee had a strong desire to marry Wasena, although the latter wasn’t interested, which pushed the former to kidnap her and a companion named Irona.

Conwee, alongside his companions, concealed at the cave where Wasena tried to escape from and jumped off the high cliff, now called Lover’s Leap.

On the other hand, Wasena’s companion, Irona, fell in love with Conwee’s brother, Prince Buffalo, whom she married at the Bridal Chapel inside the cave.

Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park also features the Thunder Mountain Mining Company, which specializes in minerals, rocks, and gemstones.

You can find the park on Bridal Cave Road.

Buy Nice Souvenirs at Ozarkland Store

Exterior of the Ozarkland Store
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Souvenirs are among the best things to take with you back home from a trip, and Ozarkland Store doesn’t disappoint.

Offering beautiful home decor, handcrafted gift items, and Lake of the Ozarks souvenirs, this store is the place to be.

Everyone also raves about the store’s sweet treats like jams, jellies, taffy, fudge, and ice cream.

If you’re exploring Camdenton, drop by Ozarkland Store to buy souvenirs and gift items.

The store is located at Camden Court.

Get Your Morning Coffee at Sip Coffee House

Sip Coffee House has delicious locally roasted beans for coffee lovers who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee.

You can choose from its great selection of caffeinated drinks and smoothies served with pastries or go for a breakfast or lunch option.

Whether you want to dine in at the coffee shop or you just want to have a morning coffee run, Sip Coffee House provides both options.

It’s located on Highway 54, close to Dollar Tree and Verizon.

Enjoy Boating on the Big Niangua Arm

Camdenton is home to the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, which features its most pristine arm, the Big Niangua Arm.

By boating, you can enjoy sightseeing around the arm, where clear water flows.

You can see the beautiful natural springs on the arm, such as the Bennett Spring, the fourth largest spring in Missouri.

The boating tour will also take you to the Ha Ha Tonka Spring, located in the famous Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

The Big Blue Spring also adds nice views to the Big Niangua Arm, although it’s privately owned.

This part of the lake’s arm is also not congested, which is great if you want a peaceful boating trip.

Eat Authentic Mexican Food at El Caporal Mexican Restaurant

Here’s one of the restaurants in Camdenton that locals and tourists rave about.

At El Caporal Mexican Restaurant, you can enjoy authentic Mexican fares such as chimichangas, fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, and many more.

The jumbo margaritas and cold beer are also among their must-try menu items.

El Caporal Mexican Restaurant is located on Highway 54, adjacent to Star Nails.

Explore the Scenic Ha Ha Tonka State Park

The rushing waters of Ha Ha Tonka State Park
M.Curtis / Shutterstock.com

Apart from the iconic Ha Ha Tonka Castle, there are other notable attractions in Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

The large property’s grounds also feature about 15 miles of hiking trails, which lead to a natural bridge, a cave, bluffs, and a spring.

Explore the series of beautiful woodlands, rocky glades, and the entire property’s natural beauty, such as the Ha Ha Tonka Spring.

Wooden steps trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park
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You can also enjoy a picnic with your family and friends at one of the park’s picnic areas while getting in tune with nature.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park has a total of 14 trails, from easy to moderate to rugged.

The park is nestled on Missouri Drive, only a few minutes from downtown Camdenton.

A boat on the waters of Ha Ha Tonka State Park
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Have Me Time at Lake of the Ozarks Healing Arts Center

Schedule me time at Lake of the Ozarks Healing Arts Center with its professional massage therapists.

The spa offers unique services such as Naturopathy, Reflexology, Assisted Stretch, and Sonic Massage Therapy.

Many locals and tourists avail of its Assisted Stretch therapy, where shortened muscles get fixed.

This will be especially helpful after an outdoor excursion in Camdenton.

You can find Lake of the Ozarks Healing Arts Center in North Business.

Book Tee Time at Lake Valley Golf Club

Golf is one of the best pastimes in Camdenton, especially for those who want a laid-back adventure.

Enjoy shooting some holes at Lake Valley Golf Club while surrounded by the breathtaking views of lush greens and well-maintained Bermuda fairways.

The 18-hole golf course offers four different sets of tees to cater to all players of all levels.

If you get hungry, the golf course also has a cozy restaurant inside the clubhouse, offering delicious sandwiches, appetizers, and sides.

There’s also a pro shop where you can find all your golfing needs.

Lake Valley Golf Club is located on CC Blair Drive.

Take Your Kids to Camdenton Aquatic Center

For a day of family fun in Camdenton, head to Camdenton Aquatic Center, where the children can enjoy the water.

The city pool features a nice interactive play area for the kids and a bubble bench where you can relax while watching over them.

There’s a well-maintained spiral slide, which kids and adults can enjoy.

The pool also has a cool water-spinning vortex and a spacious lap swimming area.

You’ll love the concession stand offering different food, beverages, and sweet treats, perfect for your little ones.

Camdenton Aquatic Center is located on City Park Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

While Camdenton is filled with fun and exciting outdoor excursions, adventure-seekers like you may still want to explore beyond the borders.

With only a few minutes’ drive, you can explore and experience the beauty of nearby places past Camdenton’s city limits.

Drive through the Grand Glaize Bridge

Aerial view of Grand Glaize Bridge
Bryant B / Shutterstock.com

Did you know that you can enjoy the beauty of Camdenton just by driving through its neighboring places?

From Camdenton, you can take Route 54 East to Osage Beach through the scenic Grand Glaize Bridge.

The bridge was constructed in 1930 and was opened in 1931.

It was built with trusses under the deck so passersby could get a good view of the lake.

Because of its unique design, the bridge is called the “Upside Down Bridge.”

The Grand Glaize Bridge is only 13 minutes from Camdenton.

Spend Wine O’Clock at Seven Springs Winery & Vineyard

Located 16 minutes from Camdenton, Seven Springs Winery & Vineyard offers the best wine in Missouri, crafted in a time-honored tradition.

It’s nestled on 160 acres of gorgeous foothills, where Vignoles and Norton grapes grow.

You can enjoy wine tasting while enjoying the sweeping views of lush greens surrounding the winery on the porch and the patio area.

Choose from its carefully curated red, white, dessert, and sparkling wines.

You can hike the winery’s trails, which give you a closer look at the growing grapes.

Seven Springs Winery & Vineyard also offers a light menu with dishes like sandwiches, soups, cheese trays, and bread.

Visit the Camden County Museum of Missouri

The Camden County Historical Society preserves the county’s rich history while offering enjoyable series of events at the Camden County Museum of Missouri.

Visit the museum to see historical artifacts from the different cities of Camden County.

The items on display include furniture, clothing, photographs tools, Indian relics, firearms, and Civil War memorabilia.

The Camden County Museum of Missouri is located in Linn Creek, five minutes from Camdenton.

Final Thoughts

The charming city of Camdenton offers many beautiful and historic tourist attractions.

Explore the best things to do in Camdenton, Missouri, and go back home filled with memories to share with friends and loved ones!

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