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20 Best Things to Do in Bloomingdale, IL

  • Published 2023/03/08

Chicago, Illinois, has many suburbs with their own unique identities and charms.

One of these suburban communities is Bloomingdale, west of Chicago.

This small village may not be as popular as other travel destinations in the Lake Michigan area.

However, visitors will enjoy a unique travel experience filled with outdoor activities, a bit of history, and lots of fun.

The village of Bloomingdale is home to numerous community parks, natural areas, and museums.

It’s a fascinating destination for those who seek a quality weekend getaway.

In addition, this small village is home to a collection of restaurants, breweries, and shops in quaint vintage buildings.

Bloomingdale residents also organize various events throughout the year, besides the usual holiday celebrations.

Here are the best things to do in Bloomingdale, IL:

Stroll through Old Town Bloomingdale

Exterior of a hardware store at Old Town Bloomingdale

Teemu08 at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To immerse yourself in Bloomingdale, head to the Old Town Bloomingdale or the village’s downtown district.

Old Town Bloomingdale features historical buildings, shops, restaurants, and cafes.

It’s a charming place to wander, especially if you want to learn more about Bloomingdale.

Above all, Old Town Bloomingdale’s ambiance and the scenery are beautiful.

Spend hours walking through its elegantly decorated streets.

Likewise, don’t forget to drop by the Woldfen Brewing, which serves the town’s best craft beer.

In addition, don’t forget to taste local restaurants’ famous dishes to complete your experience.

Sip Fine Wine at Lynfred Winery

Visiting Lynfred Winery is like hitting two birds with one stone.

This winery in Roselle is Illinois’ biggest and oldest winery.

The family-owned winery has operated since 1979.

Its owners remain passionate about producing top-notch wine varieties in Illinois.

Lynfred Winery has provided guests and wine connoisseurs with a unique experience for four decades.

Aside from its top-notch wines and gourmet food, it also tells a fascinating story about its winery, which produces 25,000 cases annually.

To complete your experience, spend the night or a few days at the winery’s plush Bed & Breakfast housed in a 1912 building.

Staying at its B&B lets you taste different wine varieties daily.

Those who spend a few hours at this winery can still tour the place during weekends or buy unique souvenirs at its gift shop.

Commune with Nature at Meacham Grove

Meacham Grove Forest Preserve is one reason Bloomingdale boasts natural and quaint beauty.

This 255-acre natural attraction in Bloomingdale boasts scenic wetlands, meadows, and groves that meander through Spring Brook Creek.

In addition, Meacham Grove features exciting recreational opportunities for visitors.

Likewise, it’s a vast area that collects and filters stormwater.

On Meacham Grove’s eastern portion, you’ll enjoy the scenic wetlands where you’ll witness the local flora and fauna.

On the other hand, its western portion is home to forests, streams, and native plants.

Meacham Grove is famous for its perfect trails for off-road mountain biking, hiking, and skiing during winter.

To access Meacham Grove, head to its entrance along Circle Avenue.

Bring Out Your Inner Child at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

This famous indoor trampoline theme park has numerous locations nationwide, including Bloomingdale.

Kids and adults will love this indoor trampoline park’s massive facility featuring dozens of attractions.

If you bring your kids with you during your trip to Bloomingdale, go to this trampoline park immediately.

Urban Air has dozens of differently-themed trampoline facilities for all ages, making this place in Bloomingdale a must-visit attraction.

Browse the Bloomingdale Park District Museum

Bloomingdale is home to numerous historical places like the Bloomingdale Park District Museum.

Bloomingdale Park District Museum may look quaint outside in the village’s oldest building.

In addition, it is home to exhibits and thousands of artifacts collected from the area’s past residents.

The museum is in the First Baptist Church of Christ, constructed in 1849.

Visitors today can still see the original 1849 ceiling, the church’s knotty pine floor, and its original glass windows.

The building is full of history.

In 1860, the Bloomingdale Academy replaced the First Baptist Church of Christ as its occupant.

In 1892, it was the township office until they converted it into a jail cell in 1910.

In 1998, the building underwent significant restorations, paving the way for the Bloomingdale Park District Museum.

Make a Splash at the Oasis Water Park

Besides natural areas and museums, Bloomingdale is also home to a magnificent water park, the Oasis Water Park.

Oasis Water Park is famous for its three themed attractions: Adventure Island, Mango Bay, and Cuda Cove.

Each attraction has unique features instead of the usual pools and slides.

Cuda Cove is famous for its eight-lane standard-sized swimming pool, used for competition.

At the same time, it has a drop slide and a three-meter diving board.

Meanwhile, Mango Bay is known for its zero-depth entry leisure pool, water slides, sprayers, geysers, and spilling buckets.

Adventure Island is famous for its interactive water playground.

In its entirety, Oasis Water Park boasts a state-of-the-art facility that offers a wholesome experience for the entire family.

Tee Off at the Bloomingdale Golf Club

If you’re looking for leisure activity in Bloomingdale, head to Bloomingdale Golf Club.

Formerly the Glendale Golf Course, this famous course in Bloomingdale is one of the longest-running golf facilities in the area.

This famous golf course in Bloomingdale spans 6,200 yards.

It has operated since 1924, with designs from Tom Bendelow.

Experience a challenging 18-hole, par 72-par golf course which overlooks the natural and peaceful beauty of Bloomingdale.

It has a meticulously landscaped field, while its country club can host private and significant affairs.

Enjoy Peace at Mallard Lake

This 948-acre forest reserve in Hanover Park boasts a scenic picnic area overlooking a vast natural area west of Bloomingdale.

For locals in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, Mallard Lake is one of the most peaceful places for a picnic or relaxation.

In addition, the 85-acre lake is also famous for boating and fishing, which is the district’s largest recreational lake.

Its natural scenery is one of its best features.

You’ll enjoy watching vast fields, wetlands, and woodlands, home to numerous local wildlife such as herons, meadowlarks, beavers, and kestrels.

In addition, Mallard Lake has numerous trails, perfect for hiking and birdwatching activities.

To access Mallard Lake, you can head to Schick Road, just west of Gary Avenue, where you can park your car safely.

Admire Nature at Spring Creek Reservoir Forest Reserve

Another natural attraction you need to visit in Bloomingdale is the 90-acre Spring Creek Reservoir Forest Preserve.

This natural attraction in Bloomingdale combines paved trails and forested areas, home to many of the region’s local wildlife.

Spring Creek Reservoir Forest Preserve is famous for its scenic wildlife viewing deck, picnic areas, and fishing spots.

In addition, this natural area is home to an oak savanna and a young woodland surrounding the reservoir.

Overall, it’s an excellent place to bring your binoculars to spot various animals.

Join the Great Western Freedom 4 Run & Walk

Join Bloomingdale’s most exciting sports event, the Great Western Freedom 4 Run & Walk, every Fourth of July.

This footrace features a four-mile course taking you to the Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve and the Great Western Trail.

This fantastic footrace lets participants run through scenic natural areas in the suburbs of Chicago, notably the Great Western Trail.

This famous trail features a crushed limestone trail, making it an ideal path for runners to traverse.

If you missed the Great Western Freedom 4 Run & Walk, you could still hike the Great Western Trail, open year-round.

The trail spans 12 miles through DuPage County between West Chicago and Villa Park.

Don’t miss joining the Western Freedom 4 Run & Walk for a lung-busting but fun activity in Bloomingdale.

Walk Down Memory Lane at Roselle History Museum

This local museum in nearby Roselle is a fascinating place to learn history.

The Roselle History Museum features three historic homes which house many historical artifacts.

These objects tell the history of Chicago’s west suburbs.

Volunteers from the Roselle Historical Foundation help run the local museum, which has welcomed guests since 1978.

Roselle History Museum features the Sunner House, Richter House, and Coach House.

These houses are well-preserved 1920s buildings that house the museum’s artifact collection, offering visitors a closer look.

If you’re searching for Bloomingdale and Chicago’s suburb’s fascinating backstory, then go to Roselle History Museum is an excellent place to visit.

Drive a Go-Kart at K1 Speed

For an adrenaline-pumping experience in Bloomingdale, head to Addison’s K1 Speed indoor go-kart racing course.

This one in Chicago’s suburb is one of K1’s 60 locations nationwide.

It’s an excellent place to bring your family or travel buddies for exhilarating fun riding go-karts through its vast indoor racing course.

You can learn the basics before joining the race with your friends or loved ones.

Overall, K1 Speed is a must-visit place during your Bloomingdale travel adventure.

Practice Your Aim at Bull & Bear Axe Throwing

Bring out your competitive side with a visit to Bull & Bear Axe Throwing.

This indoor entertainment center offers you varied time sessions for your party.

The center also has trained coaches to guide you on the proper techniques to swing and aim.

Invite your loved ones, friends, and colleagues over for a fun time throwing some axes.

End an entertaining axe-throwing contest by savoring some Ghost Wings—the center’s bestselling snack on the menu.

You can find Bull & Bear Axe Throwing inside Stratford Square Mall on Stratford Drive.

Play a Round of Tennis at Indian Lakes Park

If you’ve got time for a simple outdoor excursion, Indian Lakes Park is the place for you.

Serving the community since 1971, this active park spans 4 acres.

Its facilities include a playground and a tennis court—ideal for groups looking to burn their energy and adrenaline.

With the stunning scenery of green foliage and paved walkways, there’s always something for you to explore at this seemingly small park.

Indian Lakes Park is right nearby Indian Lakes Resort on Bob White Lane.

Learn about the Story of the Haunted Tap Room at Wolfden Brewing Company

Wolfden Brewing Company, which opened in 2018, is one of Bloomingdale’s top-notch craft breweries.

From tasty ales and ciders to colorful blends of vodka and cocktails, this brewery has your taste preferences sorted.

If you come with your furry companions, you might want to check out the brewery’s dog menu, too.

But perhaps what makes this brewery more than your usual source of caffeine and alcohol is its haunting past.

The 1851 taproom building of this brewery has had some spooky tales to tell, mainly because of a resident spirit named Jack.

Feeling brave?

Talk to Jack yourself at Wolfden Brewing Company on West Lake Street.

Who knows?

You might just get an answer.

Try Your Hand at Fishing at Springfield Park

While in Bloomingdale, don’t forgo a visit to its largest park, Springfield Park.

Dedicated in 1988, this park extends to about 44 acres with half of it allocated to wetlands.

After many additions in 2017 and the following years, the park now features a community garden and a ballfield complex.

There are also batting cages for your baseball practice sessions, a stunning plaza, and a walking and biking path.

Springfield Park has a fishing area too.

And all around, the park stands out with stunning plants and shrubbery—a perfect nature escapade.

You can find this all-around park on Springfield Drive.

Solve Puzzles and Brain Teasers at Challenge Accepted

Sharpen your critical thinking skills because, at Challenge Accepted, you’re in for a challenging surprise.

Opened in 2015, this escape room facility features a wide selection of unique themes and storylines.

Unlock the mystery of Granny’s Attic or stop a missile made by supervillains from blowing.

Raise the stakes with the creepy stories of witches and evil twins.

There’s also a themed room with several locks and no keys!

Located inside Stratford Square Mall, Challenge Accepted is the best venue for some family bonding.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Dip at the Coral Cove Water Park

If you visit Bloomingdale during the warm summer, go to the Coral Cove Water Park to cool off.

This wholesome attraction in Carol Stream, Illinois, ten minutes from Bloomingdale, is famous for its beach atmosphere.

It features a relaxing ambiance and healthy fun for the whole family.

Coral Cove Water Park’s zero-depth pool is vast enough to cover the concession area to the slide pool.

Guests can go from one spot to another without going out of the pool.

Meanwhile, its main pool is perfect for lounging and pool games, spanning 25 yards long and six lanes wide.

In addition, Coral Cove Water Park features a spray and play dumping bucket area where kids and adults can have fun.

Enjoy Fishing and Birdwatching at Songbird Slough

This famous forest preserve in Itasca, Illinois, boasts a 390-acre natural area teeming with wildlife.

It’s 11 minutes away from Bloomingdale.

Songbird Slough is a famous destination for anglers and birdwatching enthusiasts.

This natural attraction boasts sceneries in Chicago’s suburbs that you won’t find anywhere else.

It boasts numerous paved trails, a magnificent birdwatching deck, a fishing area, and a picnic shelter.

Songbird Slough is a mixture of constructed and natural wetlands restored to provide local wildlife with new habitats.

Today, it’s one of Chicago’s most famous birdwatching and fishing destinations.

Celebrate Bloomingdale’s Septemberfest

Bloomingdale is home to an exciting and worthwhile festival to join: the Septemberfest.

Find it in Schaumburg, Illinois, 12 minutes from Bloomingdale.

This yearly celebration is an end-of-the-summer conclave where locals have fun with food and drinks throughout the weekend.

The Septemberfest kicks off with a grand parade at Old Town Bloomingdale, followed by live performances from musicians and entertainers.

In addition, there are dozens of wholesome fun from its rides, games, and carnival events.

At the same time, you can drop by food and craft vendors when you get hungry after a whole day of celebration.

Final Thoughts

Bloomingdale is an excellent reason you shouldn’t ignore small communities and suburban areas while looking for travel destinations.

This small village on the outskirts of metro Chicago is an excellent stop for those who yearn for a quick getaway.

Start planning your Bloomingdale trip today!

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