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15 Best Things to Do in Bell Buckle, TN

  • Published 2023/03/27

With beautiful Victorian homes and old churches, Bell Buckle is a town that shines in Bedford County, Tennessee.

It has a vibrant local shopping scene filled with antique stores and quaint vintage shops.

Besides its historic charm, Bell Buckle is in Tennessee’s tranquil farmland.

There are also lively festivals, leisure parks, and various places for recreation around this humble area.

Bell Buckle has retained its cozy appeal since its first settlement around the 19th century.

You can even visit the town’s historic downtown street, listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Your search for a serene refuge with tons of character and culture will be complete in Bell Buckle.

Check out this list to discover the best things to do in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Try Local Flavors at Bell Buckle Cafe

For a taste of local flavors, the Bell Buckle Cafe is one of the favorites in town.

This cafe showcases bright, vibrant colors with random knick-knacks, photographs, and fabulous decor.

Paired with a casual ambiance and delicious comfort meals, Bell Buckle Cafe offers a warm dining experience.

They’ve been in business for over ten years, providing guests with an easy, calming dining place.

While they serve a variety of cooking styles, their specialty is the Southern-style menu.

The staff is also friendly and welcoming, whether you’re a regular or a new customer.

At Railroad Square, Bell Buckle Cafe offers a comfortable dining experience with big local tastes!

Explore Blue Bird Antiques & Ice Cream Parlor

Sweet treats and fascinating history collide in Blue Bird Antiques & Ice Cream Parlor.

They have earned praise for creating some of the best-handcrafted desserts within the Tennessee region.

From homemade fudge and hand-dipped ice cream to sparkling sodas and fried pies, there are plenty of treats to try.

If you don’t like desserts, this restaurant also serves delicious cheeseburgers and sandwiches.

You can enjoy your food in a charming historic ambiance since the place is filled with exciting items!

Blue Bird Antiques & Ice Cream Parlor has various vintage furniture and home decorations.

Encounter the small-town charm of Bell Buckle at this quaint shop!

You can find it on Webb Road.

Smell Flowers at Lynfield Gardens

Lynfield Gardens is a beautiful farm allowing you to pick your produce!

Along the lengths of TN-82, this destination lets you purchase ripe, vibrant fruits.

They offer guests baskets and open gardens filled with fruits, specializing in thornless blackberries.

Besides juicy fruits, you can also pick up stunning wildflowers and make floral arrangements.

It’s an interactive, casual activity that’s great for people of all ages and personalities!

Instead of grocery shopping in retail stores, why not head to the farmlands?

You could also meet with the friendly owners and get tips on growing your produce!

To those seeking a mix of beauty and peace, head to Lynfield Gardens.

Use the Facilities at Bell Buckle Park

Bell Buckle Park is a central destination for locals and travelers in town.

It’s a public destination that balances leisure, recreation, and modern facilities in one venue.

There’s something for everyone, from walking trails and basketball courts to a children’s playground.

For leisure, you can relax at the picnic tables, make dinner with the grills, or get some shade in one of their pavilions.

Two striking sculptures are nearby if you’re interested in the fine arts.

Enjoy all they offer in a pristine environment with natural greens and clear sky views.

Visiting Bell Buckle Park is an easy choice in a small town like Bell Buckle.

You can locate this serene destination around the area of Peacock Street.

Learn History at Southern Charm Gift Shop & Hearth Room

At Southern Charm Gift Shop & Hearth Room, you can experience the long-lost appeal of charming, delicate tea parties from the past.

Since its popularization in the 19th century, tea parties have slowly become out of fashion for casual hangouts.

Southern Charm Gift Shop & Hearth Room is a gift shop that serves small tea parties for interested guests.

They have dainty tea sets, frilly lace decorations, and an intimate setting for comfort.

Meanwhile, the gift shop contains novelty trinkets, from clothes and accessories to other random treasures.

It’s located in Railroad Square, a few steps away from the historic downtown district of Bell Buckle.

Taste homemade scones, traditional teas, and delectable sandwiches in Southern Charm.

Read and Sip Coffee in Bell Buckle Coffee Shop & Book Swap

As its name suggests, Bell Buckle Coffee Shop & Book Swap is a place for reading while sipping your coffee.

It’s a splendid place to cozy up and unwind amid the smell of freshly brewed coffees and teas.

Their drinks list can suit various preferences, from local coffees and teas to boba and smoothies.

You can pair those refreshments with delicious baked goods or popular breakfast menu items!

They also provide a service where guests can take and leave a book with hundreds of titles from their shelves.

Whether it’s a mystery novel or an informative book, you can find an assortment of genres in Bell Buckle Coffee Shop & Book Swap.

It’s located at Railroad Square if you want to check it out!

Look for Vintage Goods in Phillips General Store

Phillips General Store is an antique shop with a little bit of everything.

At Railroad Square, this establishment has a unique assortment of foreign and local vintage goods.

Employees travel to different parts of the country to pick up exciting items to sell and display in-store.

From original pieces of the 19th century to items from today’s period, there are plenty of things to browse in Phillips General Store.

It can help immerse you in the old days when days were slower and technology was not as advanced.

With its wide variety, the shelves of Philips General Store can be amusing to browse!

Good finds will likely be within the establishment whether you’re an adult, a teenager, or a child.

See the store’s offerings for yourself!

Join the Events by Bell Buckle Chamber-Commerce

Bell Buckle Chamber-Commerce is a venue for some of the town’s most lively and popular events.

It hosts the RC-Moon Pie Festival, Bell Buckle Arts and Crafts Festival, and many other festivities that attract guests around the area.

Visit Bell Buckle Chamber-Commerce on festive dates to glimpse local culture and traditions!

You’ll meet the locals and see some of the products and talents they offer.

There’s always something going on, from blooming flowers and artwork to book signings and live music!

Like many other destinations in town, you can find this vibrant commerce in Railroad Square.

You shouldn’t miss community events and gatherings in a town like Bell Buckle.

The best part of going to a small town is meeting its friendly and welcoming residents!

Other Things to Do Nearby

See Ancient Structures at Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

A waterfall at Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

Carl Banks Photography /

You can get to Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park in Manchester, Tennessee, 27 minutes from Bell Buckle.

This place is an architectural gem with over 2,000 years of Native American history.

Native Americans lived there during the Middle Woodland Period, so you’ll find remains of their former homes and facilities.

This includes brick buildings, ceremonial sites, and one-of-a-kind formations.

Waters of Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

sstevens3 /

This park is mainly praised for its dramatic scenery, including waterfalls, prairies, meadows, and woodlands.

Interpretative panels are scattered within the trails to present self-guided learning experiences to travelers.

Activities range from fishing and birdwatching to hiking and exploring with a well-experienced Ranger.

Located in Manchester, Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park is a must-visit destination.

Ruins at Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

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Meet the Animals at Wilderness Station

Wilderness Station is a splendid destination for families.

It’s a recreation center that mixes outdoor adventures and animal-themed learning experiences.

This place is home to owls, hawks, snakes, and other animals.

You can see them in a safe environment and enjoy close interactions with the help of professional staff.

There’s also a backcountry campground near the Wilderness Station.

Travelers who want to experience the true wilderness and stay safe and supervised can visit this place.

Visit the Wilderness Station in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 20 minutes from Bell Buckle.

Join Lively Classes at Shelbyville Recreation Center

Shelbyville Recreation Center is perfect for travelers seeking fun activities!

Whether water or land, this center has many facilities you can enjoy once you become a member.

It includes indoor pools, parks, sports fields, and many other amenities open to the public.

It’s a splendid destination with various offerings for the whole family!

You could also join some of their classes, including aerobics, fitness programs, and martial arts.

The best thing is that the venue is only 15 minutes away from Bell Buckle, so dropping by won’t be challenging.

You can find Shelbyville Recreation Center along Tulip Tree Road.

If you’re looking for a chance to pace from the chill town, head to this vibrant recreation center close to Bell Buckle!

Learn History in Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum

Exterior of Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum

Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in competitive racing.

This venue has provided a space for displaying authentic artifacts and vintage items related to the Tennessee Walking Horse.

From the evolution of proper attire to horseback riding tools, the museum has an eclectic collection of exciting materials.

There are also informative panels and photographs to guide you through the learning experience.

You can easily buy souvenirs for your trip with novelty shirts, pens, mugs, and knick-knacks.

The walking horse industry was a massive part of Tennessee’s economic rise to fame, success, and popularity!

Visiting the Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum can give you deeper insights into the region.

You can find the venue in Wartrace, Tennessee, about ten minutes from Bell Buckle.

Enjoy Game Night at Lanes Trains & Automobiles

Book a game night with friends and family at Lanes Trains & Automobiles in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

Twenty-two minutes from Bell Buckle, this building is a center for modern games and recreation.

Its facilities are fully equipped with tools for convenient bowling, vibrant laser tag, and entertaining arcades.

You can also head to the on-site restaurant bar, which offers delicious American comfort meals and hand-mixed drinks.

Lanes Trains & Automobiles has everything you need for a night filled with fun and creativity!

For those interested, it’s located along the lengths of Butler Drive.

Let loose and play some thrilling games at Lanes Trains & Automobiles.

Learn How to Make Fine Whiskey at the Nearest Green Distillery

Exterior of Nearest Green Distillery

Nheyob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shelbyville, Tennessee, is home to Nearest Green Distillery, an award-winning facility for alcoholic drinks.

More than a distillery, this facility is famous for its story-telling group tours.

They allow guests to explore the distillery, witness firsthand the manufacturing process, and learn its history.

You can book guided tours inside the premises or taste their collection of whiskey and alcoholic drinks.

The place spans more than 300 acres with four special exhibits, so there are many things to see in Nearest Green Distillery.

Whether you’re a fan of alcohol or a historical buff, this venue can provide some entertainment.

They’re also praised for having open and friendly staff!

You can conveniently locate this distillery about ten minutes away from Bell Buckle.

Spend the Night in Cascade Hollow Lodge

Cascade Hollow Lodge combines peace and comfort with authentic history in Normandy, Tennessee.

At Cascade Hollow Road, this lodge provides a tranquil reprieve with modern amenities and old-school charm.

Established in 1959, the place went from being a simple farmhouse to a luxurious venue for staycations.

It’s filled with historic charm, from its lofty ceilings and stone fireplaces to its wooden exterior.

It’s also conveniently close to nearby attractions for thrills and adventures.

Just 24 minutes from Bell Buckle, Cascade Hollow Lodge is a great place to check out!

With all its features, the place offers a tranquil reprieve with a dash of historic charm.

Final Thoughts

Bell Buckle may not be the most exciting town, but it thrives as a reprieve from your busy lifestyle.

There’s no need to rush in exploring its abundance of local shops, parks, and old-fashioned establishments.

At your own pace, stroll around town and unwind with the best things to do in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

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