15 Best Things to Do in Cookeville, TN

15 Best Things to Do in Cookeville, TN

The small town of Cookeville is a very charming and hot vacation spot. The town is situated to the east of Nashville and is surrounded by unbelievable attractions.

With more than 150 waterfalls, expensive shoreline, unbelievable eateries, beautiful back Road, the city is home to some of the most famous artists and chefs in the world.

The city is blessed with infinite natural beauty and offers a lot of enjoyable things to do. The town also hosts a large number of festivals.

For ensuring hassle free and more comfortable trip to the city, we are compiling a list of the top places that you should visit and the top things that you should do in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Cookeville Depot Museum

Cookeville Depot Museum
Brian Stansberry (photographer), Mink Butler Davenport (enhancements), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the buildings listed on the national register of historic places, Cookeville Depot museum is famous place in the city which was originally built in 1909.

The museum is located in the Railroad depot of Cookeville which served the country only till the late 1950s. It has a very expensive exhibition of many artefacts which represent the history as well as the development of Tennessee Central Railway.

It is a railroad history museum and has various locomotives including a Red Caboose from 1920, caboose from the 1960s, track cars, a Baldwin steam engine from 1912, etc. With its very inexpensive exhibitions, and free entry the place is a great catch for budget friendly visitors.

Cane Creek Park

Cane Creek Park is one of the most romantic and cosy attractions in Cookeville. This park has various amenities for the visitors such as a playground, some picnic shelters, and even barbecues.

The park also features a lake, the Cane Creek lake which is perfect for enjoying activities like boating as well as fishing. The spot is also famous among the local fishermen and dog walkers. The trials of the park are ideal for jogging and walking and are surrounded by the beautiful Cane Creek lake.

This park also has some outdoor courts such as volleyball court and basketball court, making it an ideal location for group visitors and families alike.

Hidden Hollow Park

Hidden Hollow Park is one of the most dynamic and adventurous locations in Cookeville. This is a recreational club which was originally opened as a tobacco, cattle, and a corn farm.

However, it was later turned into a scenic park which presently features a swimming pool, fishing ponds, playgrounds, picnic areas, flood lights, various courts like Volleyball courts, a petting zoo, and a very cute stuffed deer named Dee Dee. It is a beautiful and cheerful natural space which is great for spending some leisurely time in the small town of Cookeville.

Tennessee Tech Campus Theatre

Tennessee Tech campus theatre is one of the best performing arts theatre in the city and has been entertaining people for 60 consecutive years. This place is a perfect place for couples who are looking for some fun activities in Cookeville.

A large number of actors and other performers have been showcasing their shows and entertaining the audiences. This theatre is located on the tech campus which is one of the most famous spot for entertainment lovers.

The theatre has a very comfortable and great ambience. Due to its entire setting, the theatre gives a very wholesome experience to its visitors.

Stonehaus Winery

A perfect place for taking a guided tour or a video tour, Stonehaus winery is a famous winery which is owned by a family. Along with its tours, the place also offers additional wine tasting events, and enables you to have a unique lifetime experience.

The winery also has a gourmet shop from where you can buy great gifts. Along with wines, the place also serves delicious food and have special gifts for all. Stonehaus winery in Cookeville is also famous for serving some of the most delicious homemade fudges in the city.

With its exotic wines, educational toys, and delicious food items, Stonehaus winery can be your favourite go to spot in Cookeville.

Delmonaco Winery and Vineyard tour

Delmonaco winery and vineyard tour is something that is perfect for having an extraordinary wine tasting experience. This place in Cookeville, Tennessee is beautiful and friendly.

The place offers guided tours of the winery. All the guides at the winery as well as the vineyard are quite friendly and acquainted with the knowledge of different wine products.

Some tours also provide complimentary wine tasting while the others require you to pay for wine tasting specifically. All the wines are made freshly using ingredients from the vineyard and are just heaven on the earth.

Wildwood Stables

For enjoying some extraordinary horse-riding experience in Tennessee, Wildwood stables is a perfect place. With additional beautiful scenery and picturesque location, Wildwood stables have long trails.

These trails are ideal for enjoying horseback riding as well as walking with your partners. The horses at the stable are very behaved and quiet. The place also offers various additional facilities like dinners and wagon rides. Even if you are a first-time rider, the rides with Wildwood stables will be safe and once in a lifetime experience.

Sparta drive-in

For all the visitors who are crazy about movies, Sparta drive-in is a perfect place. This drive-in theatre is very popular among the visitors as well as the locals of the area.

The place is known to be the perfect spot for serving some unadulterated entertaining and fun content to the viewers. The ambience of the drive-in is very charming, the food served is decent and fresh, and the staff is very friendly.

The theatre is designed in a retro manner and has a collection of some of the latest blockbuster movies. In addition, concessional food items like nachos and hamburgers are also provided to the visitors. With its perfect service and enjoyable environment, Sparta drive-in is a must visit place in the city.

Explore the Murals

Cookeville in Tennessee is one of the most famous cities for enjoying murals. The city has different murals which are protected and cherished by the locals with a great deal of care.

One of the most famous Mural is Our protectors murals which was painted to pay tribute to the Law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency technicians, paramedics, military personnel, as well as the helpful local people during the events of September 2001. The mural was painted by a local artist and is a picture perfect place.

Poet’s Coffee

Poet’s coffee is the best place in the city where you can start your morning. This coffee house is located in the historic Putnam County courthouse square. The atmosphere of this coffee house is quite laid-back but the staff is quite welcoming and enthusiastic.

With its large windows, poet’s coffee allows you to enjoy the outside world while enjoying your favourite cup of coffee. With its different options such as Americano, Cuban or espresso, the place will definitely be one of your favourites in the city. Along with delicious coffee, this place also serves various teas like green tea tropical, classic Earl Grey, as well as white orchard.

]The classical bagel with avocado, cream cheese and other sides makes a perfect breakfast at the Poet’s coffee. The place is perfect to enjoy and kick start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Cream City Ice cream and coffee house

Cream city ice cream and coffee house is another famous spot for hunting some sweet and delicious eatables for your sweet tooth. The place is famous for its creamy ice creams.

Along with its delicious ice creams, the place is also famous for offering a wide variety of ice cream flavours. Some of the most famous flavours are peanut butter cup, Black Cherry, cookies and cream, Tennessee fudge, caramel cone, cake batter, and many more.

Along with ice creams, this place is also famous for serving other desert items such as milkshakes, Affogato, Sundaes, and smoothies.

Seven Senses Food and cheer

Seven senses food and cheer is of the best restaurants in the city. The place is famous for serving authentic Southern and American styled dishes. All of these dishes are served with fresh ingredients which are procured locally.

The place serves lunch as well as dinners. With its extensive menu and great collection of sides like salads, tacos, boneless chicken wings, fried pickles, sandwiches, burgers, and many more the place is definitely a hit.

The main course of the restaurant is equally famous and will definitely make you want more of everything. With its culturally rich food and welcoming staff, seven senses food and cheer is a perfect place to grab your meals.

The Market on the Square

The market on the square is one of the best places to shop in Cookeville. This is a multilevel paradise for shoppers which offers different items on each floor. The street level is famous for offering different types of eatables, food items, condiments, and kitchen must haves.

For grabbing some cute home décor and interior items, you can check the store downstairs. The collection at this store is unique and always up to the trends.

The place is a one-stop spot for fulfilling all your shopping needs during a vacation to Cookeville. However, the city has other famous shopping stops as well which are equally great and worth checking out.

Dogwood Park

Dogwood Park
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dogwood Park is one of the freshest and beautiful places in the city. The place is perfect for enjoying some leisurely walks and personal time. Along with beautiful trails, the place also has a rose garden and various picnic spots.

Dogwood park also features a water park during summer which is quite famous among the child visitors. The park is also a great place for enjoying some beautiful murals.

Dog park in Tennessee is a perfect place to enjoy some time with family and click beautiful pictures away from the rest of the city. You can also get a great opportunity of meeting the locals and learning more about their beliefs and culture.

Cummins Fall State Park

Cummins Fall State Park
Ingogermany, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another famous park, Cummins fall State Park is situated almost 9 miles to the north west of Cookeville. This park is a famous location for day visitors and is extremely beautiful. The park is also famous for housing Cummins Falls, which is one of the most beautiful and largest waterfall in the surrounding areas.

With facilities like picnic spots, parking lot, and well-maintained trails, the park is extremely dear to the residents nearby. This park is perfectly suitable for enjoying some personal time and light adventure around Cookeville.

Outdoor Experience

For enjoying some outdoor experience in Cookeville Tennessee, you should definitely check out outdoor experience. Outdoor experience is a shop in Upper Cumberland region where you can get outdoor equipments and gear for all your adventure activities.

The shop has hiking boots, kayaks, Canoes, climbing equipment, fishing equipment, as well as equipment for hiking excursions. This shop could be a one-stop place for all your adventurous needs.

With its extremely easy and customer friendly service, outdoor experience will definitely enhance your experience of adventurous activities in Tennessee.

Cookeville is a very happy and romantic place in Tennessee. The city is ideal for spending some time with family as well as your significant other. Along with the major attractions within the town, the place is also surrounded with various explore able attractions which makes the entire journey more adventurous altogether.

There are other places like arcade, museums, and theatres in the city but the places listed above are the most easily accessible and budget friendly in the area.

While in Cookeville, you should also get in touch with the neighbours and enjoy some time with them. The city is great for enjoying some company, which could be easily found in the friendly and loving locals of the city.

The culture is rich and takes pride in everything this city has. From the food to its murals, the city has its own identity and uniqueness that would remain evergreen till eternity.