20 Best Things to Do in Crossville, TN

20 Best Things to Do in Crossville, TN

Crossville is a very simple yet delightful rural town located on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau. This small town in Tennessee is very gorgeous and a picture perfect vacation for people who enjoy being outdoors.

Due to its location, the weather in the town is very pleasant. In its small area, the town has surprisingly high number of golf courses, nine, due to which the town is also known as the “Golf capital of Tennessee”. The town is quite bountiful in terms of shopping outlets, museums, outdoor trails, parks, restaurants, and whatnot.

Located on a hilltop, it has a number of sports which are suitable for capturing beautiful views. Here are the top things that you should definitely not miss if you are visiting the city.

Cumberland Mountain State Park

Cumberland Mountain State Park
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Cumberland Mountain State Park is a magnificent natural retreat covering almost 670 ha of land. The park is quite beautiful and offers a lot of refreshing and rejuvenating activities for all its visitors.

The park is also famous for housing a beautiful lake which is perfect for activities such as fishing, and swimming. However, the lake can also be used for other water activities like paddle boarding, boating, kayaking, and feeding ducks and fishes.

The park is not merely a park, as it also has a golf course, a beautiful bridge, and several picnic spots. Due to its lush green setting, the park is a perfect place for spending some time away from city rush and busy life.

Stonehaus Winery

What good is a vacation for adults if it does not include tasting wines from different parts of the world?

Dealing with this specific part of vacation, the Stonehaus winery is a famous winery in the area owned and operated by a family. The winery is famous for its best quality and exquisite southern wines in the entire area.

From variety of home-made wines such as dry and sparkling wines, the winery also serves beautiful ambience in form of its antique decor. You can easily book a trip to the winery and enjoy both, otherwise as well as the beautiful indoors of this winery.

Along with the drinks, the winery also offers mouthwatering fudges, and gifting items for its visitors. These items include gift baskets and different wine accessories which are suitable for all the connoisseurs.

Homesteads Tower Museum

Homesteads Tower Museum
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Homesteads Tower museum is a famous highpoint museum which allows the visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding places. It also has a gift shop.

The museum is known for its perfect displays of artefacts, documents, pictures, and exhibitions which describes the history of people as well as the town of Crossville.

The museum is a perfect combination of educative, informative, and an exciting place. Climbing the 197 steps of the museum and reaching to the top of the tower is definitely going to be the best part of your visit to this museum.

Crossville Meadow Park Lake

Crossville Meadow Park Lake is a famous spot for fishing, boat riding, and camping in the town. Covering over 270 acres of land, the park is known for its calming and refreshing surroundings.

The lake in the park has a boat ramp and also provides renting services, enabling you to make the most out of your visit. The Park has areas specified as picnic spots where you can sit and relax.

Apart from the lake, the park also allows you to enjoy walking and jogging on it natural and scenic Trails. It is a perfect day out location if you are looking for a relaxing and not very active day.

Chestnut Hill Winery

Another well-known winery in the town, Chestnut Hill winery is one of the largest wineries in Tennessee. The winery is famous for providing a different experience to the visitors as it allows you to see the process using which wine is produced.

This means that you are going to see a lot of fermentation tanks and taste fresh wine coming right out of those big machines. Along with wine production, the winery also manufactures its own wine bottles with great precision and expertise.

From its manufacturing area to the tasting room, your visit is going to be very educative and thrilling including some delicious wines in it.

Military Memorial Museum

Military Memorial Museum
R. D. Mehlenbacher / Shutterstock.com

Located on the main street in Crossville, the Military Memorial Museum is a place for people who are interested in military and defense services. The museum has an extensive collection of objects which represent the bravery and determination of the soldiers.

The museum also pays tribute to the soldiers using its exhibitions. It also has a collection of items which were used in world wars and some pictures of camps where prisoners of wars were kept in old times.

This place is definitely a place with great historical importance and it is definitely going to make you feel proud and excited at the same time.

Crossville Model Railroad Club

Crossville model Railroad club is free tourist attraction in the town. The railroad club is a facility which provides an extensive information about the train model of the entire country inform of miniature trains and displays.

The club has miniature models of trains and train stations, towns, and scenic landscapes formed in a proper setting to describe the railways facility in the state. The entire place covers an area of 438 square meters.

Along with the club it also has a museum which shows major exhibitions describing the history of rail road in the state. The entire place is very informative and cute at the same time and is definitely going to make you feel really happy and positive.

Obed River Park

As the name suggests, the Obed River park is located adjacent to the Obed River. This park is famous for its first class Arboretum facility which has a lot of local trees.

The entire park is very scenic and has a very breezy environment with a flowing river and cool weather. The park has trails where you can just simply walk or enjoy bike rides over the paved trails.

This park does not offer activities like swimming or boating, but it’s a perfect location for picnics and casual outings. While in the park, you can also indulge in chitchat with a localite and be familiar with the culture and tradition of the town.

Antique Village Mall

Antique Village Mall is a shopper’s paradise for people who love to collect souvenirs from places around the world. The mall is house to a large number of artefacts shops. Along with the normal pieces, these shops also sell antique pieces.

The best part about this mall is that the shops sell everything. From accessories to furniture, from old toys to glassware, from old furniture to new interior decor items, the mall is loaded with artistic and unique pieces.

The prices of all the items sold in the mall are very reasonable. The shops sell collectibles as well as gift items. The staff at the mall is very friendly and amicable, and is definitely going to make sure that you get the object of your choice. Antique village mall in Crossville is one of those places where you will never get bored.

Crossville Flee Market

Crossville flea market is another famous place where you can collect unique items at very affordable prices. The market is in the heart of the town and is decorated in a way that it gives a very positive and vintage feeling.

The flea market has a number of stores which sell different items such as electronics, decorative, clothes, furniture and much more. The market is so dynamic that it also sells livestock, and some farm animals.

The place is hoarded with items which are produced by local artists, which would definitely add to your collections and help these small artists as well.

Cumberland County playhouse

Cumberland County playhouse is a theatre for performing arts and entertaining shows. This theatre has a big stage and is also the most famous entertainment spot in the city.

Cumberland County playhouse organizes various shows and theatrical performances on regular basis. Most of the shows and performances are from local artists to promote local art and their talent. Some of these artists perform their personal musical renditions and sometimes also originally prepared pieces.

In addition to the normal shows, the theatre also organizes comedy shows in order to strike a balance between the seriousness of the arts. This is a perfect place for all those who are interested in performing arts and appreciate local artists and their talent.

Crossville Outlet Corner

As was mentioned earlier, the town of Crossville is a place where you can shop anything and everything. In the same direction, Crossville outlet corner is another stop in the town which would fulfil all your shopping desires.

The outlet center is a mall with beautiful indoors. The mall is filled with stores and shops small and large, to satisfy your needs. From local products to branded products, this place has everything. Along with the shops, the Centre also has arrangements for children where they can enjoy various engaging activities.

The mall also provides rental services and the halls can be used for organizing events such as weddings, meetings, and other programs. The mall was recently renovated and catering services were added to its original services.

With all its arrangements and thoughtful services, the mall is one incredible place that would make you happy.

Homestead Harvest Restaurant

Homestead harvest restaurant is a restaurant which is located in the Cumberland Mountain State Park. This restaurant is the place that you should go to when you are tired of every other place in the town.

The restaurant offers some best food items in the entire town. Located on the banks of the lake Byrd, the restaurant serves beautiful landscapes as well. The restaurant has buffet options as well.

The menu of the restaurant is generally seasonal, but only the best items from southern foods are served to the visitors. With some of the best chefs of the town and well-trained staff, this is going to be your favorite place to grab food.

Dublin’s crossing

Dublin’s crossing is a famous pub in Crossville. This restaurant & bar is privately owned and managed with beautiful interior inspired from Irish architecture.

The atmosphere around the pub is quite warm and welcoming and comforts everyone. With an extensive menu, the food is very delicious and reasonably priced.

You should definitely try some sandwiches and Guinness irish beef stew for which this restaurant is known worldwide. The service of the restaurant is excellent. Being the most visited place in the city, the restaurant is quite busy, yet worth a visit.

Mega-Bites Karaoke Lounge

For all the enthusiastic visitors of the town, Mega-bites karaoke lounge is a perfect night out place. The lounge is in the form of a local bar and a restaurant which serve affordable food and drinks.

The services of the restaurant is unrestricted and continues uninterruptedly at every time of the day. The place becomes more lively and fun on the weekends.

The lounge is famous for its perfect arrangements of sound system, balanced music and light system, as well as best live DJs. This launch is your sign to party and live your life in Crossville.

Lake Tansi Golf course

Lake Tansi golf course is one of the most famous and largest golf course in the Golf capital of Tennessee. The course has won several awards and is quite beautiful and Magnificent, both in landscapes as well its amenities.

The golf course offers facilities for not only golfing but rents gold equipment as well. If you visit this golf course and do not know how to play golf, you don’t have to worry about it. Enjoy some time at the pro shop, or the driving range which are all setup within the premises of this famous and lush green golf course.

Crossville is a very charming and magnificent town in Tennessee with its own rural and calm settings. The town is perfect for spending some quality time with your loved ones and with yourself as well. Loaded with spas, boutiques, shopping centers, parks, and bowling facilities, you would definitely love every moment that you spend here.

Enjoy Various Activities at Garrison Park

Garrison Park is a great spot to spend the day with the whole family.

In addition to swimming, fishing, and hiking, visitors may enjoy this park's many other amenities.

Located beyond the municipal boundaries, it's a great place for kids of all ages to have fun.

Swimming, hiking, and fishing are just a few activities available in the park.

Adults may also enjoy a wide variety of picnic tables and grills and several play places for children.

Your children will be occupied and content with various options, such as rope climbing equipment, a slide, and a hammock.

Take in the Sun at Lake Tansi Beach

Tansi Beach is the perfect getaway if you want to unwind on a lovely beach.

There is nothing better than spending a day relaxing on the white beach and azure lake.

Swimming, windsurfing, and sunbathing are just a few options offered to guests.

There are various restaurants and pubs on the beach, so you may have a great lunch there.

Like other private lake bathing places, this one's beach is well-maintained and not entirely stony.

You must be a member or have a visitor card to access the additional services, but it is well worth it.

Learn about the Area's Art and History at Art Circle Public Library

Embrace your inner bibliophile by visiting the Art Circle Public Library.

It's a wonderful location to learn about history and art.

You'll never get bored visiting the library because of the diversity of exhibitions and how often they change.

Your favorite works of art may also be documented and shared on the website and social media.

The Art Circle Public Library is open seven days a week.

Have a Blast at Plateau Bowling Lanes

For something a little out of the ordinary, look no farther than Crossville!

At Plateau Bowling Lanes Inc, you'll enjoy the 24 bowling lanes, widescreen TVs, giant projection screens, and a modern sound system.

It also has an arcade area for even more fun at this fantastic indoor entertainment destination.

It's a great spot for a fun bowling game with your friends or family.

There's no limit to what you may do here since there's an on-site restaurant to satisfy your gastronomic desires.

Have a Stopover at Highland Square Shopping Center

There's no better spot to have a fantastic lunch than Highland Square Shopping Center.

Guests may choose from a broad selection of foods at its restaurant, which is open 24 hours a day.

If you need a drink or some groceries, it also has a local convenience store you may go to.

The shopping center is easy to find in one of Crossville's most popular retail locations.

Highland Square Shopping Center is only a short drive away from Interstate 40.

Final Thoughts

Crossville, Tennessee, is a quaint and beautiful community with a rural and serene atmosphere.

The town is a wonderful place to spend time with loved ones and oneself.

Attractions such as retail shops and shopping malls, parks, and bowling alleys ensure you'll enjoy every minute of your stay.