20 Best Things to Do in Lewisburg, TN

Lewisburg, TN
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Lewisburg, Tennessee, is a charming destination for curious travelers.

Lewisburg has easy access to big cities, with the state capital Nashville fifty miles to its north.

Tennessee natives consider Lewisburg a great place to live with its suburban charm and warm community.

Ready to explore Lewisburg, Tennessee?

Here are the best things to do in Lewisburg, TN:

Sip Fine Wine at Pickers Creek Winery

The family-owned Pickers Creek Winery produces the finest Tennessee-local bottles outside the city center.

Pickers Creek Winery was born from a shared love for wine between husband-and-wife tandem Phil and Lydia Butler George.

After years of aspiring, they got their own vineyard in their hometown of Lewisburg.

Phil and Lydia’s vision was to bring together the community, combining elements that make life more enjoyable like great music, art, and wine.

Try their wide variety of house-made wines, from their dry wines like Three Dog White and Harmony to their sweeter varieties like Moondance, Blackberry Blues and Give Peach a Chance.

Visitors can also see the different artworks from the family and other local Lewisburg artists.

The winery also hosts occasional events, such as live music and entertainment on the grounds.

Relax with wine in your hand at the Pickers Creek Winery.

Get Active at the Lewisburg Parks, Rec and Fitness

The 81-acre Lewisburg Parks, Rec and Fitness is a great place to get active and move.

The facility has multiple amenities for visitors who want to squeeze a bit of fitness into their vacation.

The indoor facilities have two basketball courts and a mile-and-half elevated walking track above.

There is also a fitness room with exercise equipment, from treadmills, spin bikes and weights that can accommodate any workout.

The facility also has three indoor pools and one outdoor pool, four tennis courts, a half-mile paved track, a beach volleyball court and a playground for kids.

There are also meeting rooms for small gatherings and events, where the center occasionally hosts local functions.

Try Cricket at the Cedar Farms Cricket Ground

Cricket enthusiasts should stop by the Cedar Farms Cricket Ground in Lewisburg.

It’s a great place to smash a few balls and practice your swing.

Located along Rock Crusher Road, the grounds are where local teams play, including those in the Nashville Tennessee Cricket League.

Visitors can come to the field to watch semi-pros play the game.

It’s an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn about the sport and for fans to see experienced players in action.

During off-peak hours, you can even bring your own gear and practice on the fields.

It’s a unique and exciting game, and you should definitely drop by the Cedar Farms Cricket Ground.

Meet the Community at Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is both a green expanse in the heart of Lewisburg and a hub for the local community.

The park spans over 15 acres, with the main attraction being the Farmer’s Pavilion.

Local farmers and makers sell fresh produce, delicious food, and locally made homeware.

Within the park’s grounds is the Calsonic Kansei Amptheather, which hosts little productions from local community groups.

The park is a great place to relax and catch up with friends and family.

You can bring a mat, set up a picnic, and chat the day away.

The Rock Creek Trail also crosses the park, adding a bit of scenery to your hike.

Savor a Classic American Meal at Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries

Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries is a premiere chain serving classic American fare in the South.

People in Lewisburg can get their fix at North Ellington Parkway, with the restaurant’s outpost serving favorites for the city's people.

Try their Famous Burger, which is always fresh and never frozen.

Get all the burgers with a side of fries or tater tots.

You can even build your own burger and customize your toppings, from onions, slaw, and grilled jalapenos and mushrooms.

You can also take on the five-five challenge.

Chow down on a 55-ounce burger with at least four toppings, fries and a 24-ounce drink.

If you can finish the whole thing in 30 minutes, your meal is free.

Play Mini-golf at Victory Fun Park

Along a small expanse on East Church Street is Victory Fun Park, an exciting little play area in the heart of Lewisburg.

Visitors can play an exciting game of mini-golf and challenge their family and friends.

There are also two batting cages at the site for you to practice your swing.

If you’re willing to get a little wet, Water Wars is the ultimate water balloon game.

After a fun day, enjoy their delicious shaved ice, which comes in 12 different flavors.

See a Movie at the Hi-way 50 Drive-In

See a movie at the Hi-way 50 Drive-In, the oldest drive-in theater on this side of Tennessee.

It's also a favorite destination for the family.

See the selection of new releases and nostalgic movies they’re showing for the week.

To complete the theater experience, they also have concession stands selling classic theater favorites like popcorn, sodas and candy.

The theater also allows visitors to bring their furry friends.

There's nothing like cuddling your cute pup while chowing down on your popcorn and watching your favorite flick.

Ride a Boat along the River at Duck Canoe

Connect with nature in Lewisburg as you kayak through Duck River with Duck Canoe.

They offer kayak and canoe rentals to use along Duck River.

The five-mile route starts from Milltown Dam to Howlin’ Hill, allowing you to see the abundance of wildlife in the river.

The river hosts over 151 species of fish, 60 species of freshwater mussels and over 22 species of aquatic snails.

Those who love nature and the water would enjoy their adventure at Duck Canoe.

Tee Off at the Saddle Creek Golf Club

Relax at the Saddle Creek Golf Club, near the Fayetteville Highway.

Member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects Gene Bates designed the course.

Experienced golfers will enjoy a five-star experience on this course, designed to challenge intermediate players.

There is also an area where beginners can learn the ropes and practice their swings before taking on the ground's primary holes.

The fields span over 6,700 yards, with a beautiful picturesque view of manicured lawns, rolling hills and freshwater ponds.

Then, you can unwind at the Taproot Public House, the in-house bar and grill serving delicious American comfort food favorites.

Pair your classic burger or hot dogs with a pint of their selection of draft beers.

Scream Out at the Malice Haunted Attraction

Are you looking for a fun night out?

Visit the Malice Haunted Attraction for some good old scares while in Lewisburg.

The Malice Haunted Attraction features an interactive horror house experience.

Let the place scare the pants off you as you step inside the different rooms.

If you don't feel like getting scared, you can try ax throwing, casket rides, and live performances from guest musicians and actors.

After your adventure, grab refreshments such as hot dogs, nachos, pizza, and popcorn.

Enjoy a creepy fun night out with friends and visit the Malice Haunted Attraction when in Lewisburg.

See the Fainting Goats at Goats, Music, and More Fair

Goats, Music, and More Fair is a Lewisburg staple since 2002.

This annual festival celebrates the fainting myotonic goats of Marshall County.

These goats got their name fainting goats because whenever these animals get scared, they fall onto their backs.

This fair features a variety of entertaining activities for everyone attending, including a 5k run and an arts and crafts show.

Live music guides you as you go from one fair exhibit to the next.

But the centerpiece of the fair is its Livestock Exhibit Tent, where you can see several farm animals.

One of these is the fainting goats!

Goats, Music, and More Fair takes place every October in Rock Creek Park.

Watch a Live Show at Marshall County Community Theatre

Marshall County Community Theatre is one of the longest-running theater groups in Lewisburg.

Chartered in 1983, it first showcased productions in various venues, including Marshall County High School and Marshall County Courthouse.

It officially settled down with the opening of the renovated 1913 Dixie Theater.

Several years later, the theater still stands, providing a multitude of acts and shows for everyone in Lewisburg.

From fantasy musicals like Into the Woods and coming-of-age plays like High School Musical, this theater always goes above and beyond expectations.

See what Marshall County Community Theatre has in store for you when you come by for a visit.

This theater is on West Church Street.

Marshall County Art Guild is your one-stop art gallery in Lewisburg that meets your art excursion needs.

This guild, established in 1977, features art programs and a well-rounded art facility you won't find elsewhere.

It also has a gallery that showcases exhibits and displays from local artists and community projects.

It also showcases a range of mediums, including photography, paintings, textiles, and more.

If you've got the time, register for classes and workshops at the guild.

Marshall County Art Guild's gallery is on West Commerce Street.

Challenge Your Loved Ones to a Game of Golf at Ewell Butler Golf Course

Is it time for golf?

At Ewell Butler Golf Course, it's always time for a round of golf.

This public golf course is a city-owned facility spanning over 2,000 yards.

Opened in 1952, this golf facility features a 9-hole layout with 4 sets of tees.

The course also comes with a practice range.

With its serene greens and refreshing foliage, the spot is a breath of fresh air for those learning and practicing golf.

You can find Ewell Butler Golf Course on Mooresville Highway.

Aim a Bowling Strike at Funtime Bowl

Funtime Bowl is your premier indoor entertainment center in Lewisburg.

Alongside its 10-pin bowling alley, the center also has an arcade center and a snack bar.

Feel the nostalgia wash over you as you have a go at the bowling lanes, air hockey table, and crane and arcade machines onsite.

Funtime Bowl is also a go-to spot for parties, birthdays, and other group events.

So, if you've got a special celebration coming up, have it at this center!

Get ready for an afternoon of fun at this center on West Commerce Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn about the Land at the Wyatt Archeological Museum

The Wyatt Archeological Museum is a unique destination in Cornersville, Tennessee, 15 minutes from Lewisburg.

The museum is a collection of founder Ron Wyatt’s acquisitions over the years, documenting biblical history.

The museum showcases both natural stones and artifacts dug up in the area.

Some artifacts are also said to be related to Bible stories, like the Ark of the Covenant.

The museum offers by-appointment visits and guided tours for visitors.

You'll learn the history behind the different exhibits and collections.

It’s worth a stop for those curious and seeking unique experiences in Lewisburg.

Feel the Christmas Spirit with the Hoover Lights

The Hoover Lights have become synonymous with Christmas in the area.

Find it in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, 22 minutes from Lewisburg.

Started by the Hoover family in 2005, the current display now boasts an impressive spread of over 80,000 lights, delighting visitors with beautiful nighttime displays of colorful and festive lights.

Visitors can park on the side of the road and tune in to the dazzling lights and music show, which runs every 20 minutes.

Hike the Cheeks Ben Bluff Trail Head

Located in the neighboring town of Columbia, the Cheeks Ben Bluff Trail Head is a great place to connect with nature.

It's 22 minutes from Lewisburg.

Considered a beginner-friendly trail, this is an over three-kilometer loop with great views of the Tennessee greenery and a little bit of the Duck River.

You can even bring your furry friends along with you.

Through the trail, there are also great opportunities to spot wildlife, from birds to squirrels.

Soak in the fresh air through the Cheeks Ben Bluff Trail Head.

Visit the Historic Lairdland Farm House

Designated as an official stop on the Tennessee Civil War Trail, the Lairdland Farm House in Cornersville is a unique Tennessee experience.

It's 21 minutes from Lewisburg.

Built in the 1800s, the Lairdland Farm House is a beautiful cottage that contains years of old collectibles.

Enjoy a fun educational tour in the house and around the grounds.

Book a stay at the adjacent Traveller’s Cottage.

Inside the home is a small Civil War Museum, highlighting photographs, keepsakes and memorabilia from the Civil War days.

The Lairdland Farm House is rich in local history, and an excellent stop on the road to Lewisburg.

Final Thoughts

Lewisburg is a quiet destination in Tennessee with a lot to offer.

Experience rich history, lush greenery and proudly locally-made food and drink.

It’s a great place to slow down and feel relaxed.

Explore the community and get to know this beautiful city better.

Book your Lewisburg trip today!

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