15 Best Things to Do in Battle Lake, MN

Battle Lake, MN
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Battle Lake is a bright city filled with opportunities for water recreation.

As part of Minnesota’s “Lakes Country,” it contains a small chunk of West Battle Lake.

It’s home to a small population: less than a thousand, according to the 2020 census.

From parks and nature trails to art venues and entertainment spots, you’ll find more to the city than its waters.

The community established diverse businesses to keep things exciting and attract more tourists.

Likewise, the city has come a long way from being a small town since its founding in 1881.

Learn about this thriving city and discover the best things to do in Battle Lake, Minnesota.

Try the Activities at Glendalough State Park

Visitors bench at Glendalough State Park
Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

Glendalough State Park presents a tranquil escape from towering buildings and urban areas.

It’s a nature paradise, consisting of vast prairies, lush woodlands, and calm bodies of water.

Enjoy various types of land and water recreation in Glendalough State Park!

Wooden bridge at Glendalough State Park
Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

You can go fishing, explore the forest, search for animal wildlife, or ride a canoe along a chain of serene lakes.

Campground sites, well-maintained trails, and established picnicking areas near sandy lakes also exist.

Glendalough State Park on a rainny day
Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

At Whitetail Lane, this park offers a reprieve from the bustling noise of the city lifestyle.

This place opens for all seasons; however, the permitted activities may change to suit the weather.

Commune with nature in Glendalough State Park.

Hike the Glendalough Trail

The Glendalough Trail is a cemented path primarily made from asphalt.

You can try biking, walking, and skating on the wheelchair accessible trail.

The 12-mile trail crosses several city attractions, including local shops, residential homes, and pristine lakes.

You also go through a series of woodlands around the Glendalough area.

It features a straightforward path, so it’s an easy trail for hikers and bikers of all levels.

There are several trailheads to choose from: the community center, the state park, or the park close to the Chief Wenonga Statue.

This trail is a splendid way to explore the city's sights.

Don’t forget to visit the Glendalough Trail.

Unwind at Bonnie Beach Resort

Bonnie Beach Resort started with a single cabin positioned north of Clitherall Lake.

A few decades later, the resort gained massive popularity and became a staple summer destination for locals and new travelers.

There are plenty of potential activities in Bonnie Beach Resort.

From swimming, boating, and fishing to hiking trails and searching for birds, this resort offers water and land adventures.

They also have a grocery store with tasty treats, frozen pizzas, drinks, and valuable items like live bait and premium gasoline.

With board games, video games, and a playground, kids can also have fun in Bonnie Beach Resort.

They also host a cool fishing contest, which you might want to join.

With cozy lodging and fun activities in one destination, check out the Bonnie Beach Resort.

Learn from Prospect House & Civil War Museum

Facade of Prospect House & Civil War Museum
Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The origins of Prospect House & Civil War Museum date back to the 19th century.

Civil War veteran Cap Colehour had it built in 1882 as a seasonal resort.

He successfully ran the inn for decades until his retirement.

Now, Prospect House & Civil Museum stands as a historical site that attracts visitors across the state.

Aside from its old-style architecture, this museum contains original artifacts of Cap’s experience in the Civil War.

You can book small, guided tours or explore the place independently.

If you’re interested, you can find the building along Lake Avenue.

Buy Local Works in Art of the Lakes

Art of the Lakes is a venue for one-of-a-kind artworks from residents around West Minnesota.

The displays have a wide assortment of vibrant sculptures, delicate jewelry, stunning paintings, and other means of creative outlets.

They also offer workshops to ensure the arts can grow and prosper within the community.

The classes feature different mediums, including oil pastels, watercolor paints, eco-printing, and much more.

Moreover, you can support the locals and purchase unique artwork from the exhibits.

Whether you want bright ceramics, colorful glasses, or a mellow painting, this gallery has them all in spades.

Art of the Lakes offers a great way to look into the creative talents of area residents.

You can find it south of Lake Avenue, in downtown Battle Lake.

Take a Picture at the Chief Wenonga Statue

View of the huge Chief Wenonga Statue
Steve Skjold / Shutterstock.com

The Chief Wenonga Statue stands towers over Lake Avenue.

It’s a painted statue that symbolizes an important battle between two native tribes around the area.

When you visit the statue, informative tablets tell you about its rich local history.

It also overlooks Battle Lake, offering beautiful vistas of the cherished lake.

You can have a picnic and feel the fresh breeze in your hair.

It’s a splendid way to relax and unwind.

There are also walking trails near the statue so you can roam the premises.

Learn a bit about local history and drop by the Chief Wenonga Statue!

Taste New Flavors in ABC Brewing

Built in 2017, ABC Brewing created its recipe for an iconic combination: beer and pizza.

Their craft beers are one-of-a-kind, featuring distinct flavors you can only taste from this brewery.

Meanwhile, the small pub’s artisan pizzas use fresh ingredients.

Then, the brewery carefully wood-fires the dough to perfection.

Altogether, the combination of pizza and beer go hand in hand for a filling meal.

You can enjoy this combo in a cozy setting indoors, equipped with a brick fireplace.

The outdoor area presents a sunny, tropical atmosphere with sandy floors, big umbrellas, and tall palm trees.

Treat yourself to local flavors at ABC Brewing, located along Memory Lane.

Join the Events at Lakes Area Community Center

Exterior of the Lakes Area Community Center
Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 2008, Lakes Area Community Center hosts various events to foster a tight-knit community within Battle Lake.

Watch adorable turtles race in a friendly competition, join live music events, and check out their open mic nights.

This non-profit organization stays true to its name, creating various ways to benefit people in the Lakes area.

Joining their events can give you a glimpse of the local lifestyle in Battle Lake.

It’s also a splendid chance to meet new people who can tell you more about the city.

Don’t forget to drop by the Lakes Area Community Center!

Play Tennis at Lions Park

If you don’t know where to go next, go to Lions Park!

You can find it along Lake Shore Drive, with active recreation and leisure relaxation amenities.

There are tennis courts if you’re looking to blow off some steam.

You can also spend a casual day at the beach area, have a picnic, or row a boat from the park’s launch pad.

One of the best things about Lion’s Park is its proximity to a beautiful lake, offering gorgeous views, calming lake breeze, and boating opportunities.

Kids can also enjoy the perks of a structured playground.

Moreover, the whole place is free of charge and open to the public.

Enjoy Tee Time at Balmoral Golf Course

With wide fairways and verdant plains, Balmoral Golf Course is a sight for sore eyes.

Built in 1961, this golf course features minimal water obstacles and sand traps.

It’s great for golf beginners and those who’d like to take it a bit easy.

Since the course is on the easier side, visitors can focus on the phenomenal views of the location.

Lush trees embrace the Balmoral Golf Course; their colors change with each passing season.

The fall season’s mix of orange, yellow, and red leaves is a favorite of the place’s frequent customers.

They also hold tournament leagues, junior golf, and golf instructions for those who want some coaching.

Situated on the lengths of southeastern Ottertail Lake, this 18-hole course is a must-visit spot in the city.

Go Bowling at Shoreline Battle Lake

Outside view of Shoreline Battle Lake
Steve Skjold / Shutterstock.com

Shoreline Battle Lake is a three-in-one destination for drinking, eating, and bowling.

Since 1949, Shoreline Battle Lake has become a constant source of family fun and entertainment.

For instance, you can play standard bowling and disco bowling there.

Their restaurant serves an affordable, full-service menu from breakfast and lunch to dinner and desserts.

It’s an ideal destination for social groups, whether family, friends, or co-workers.

Outside Shoreline Battle Lake, you can see beautiful sunsets and sunrises alongside West Battle Lake.

Drop by Lake Avenue to find this incredible destination.

Grab a Bite in Stub’s Dining and Saloon

Stub’s Dining and Saloon opened in 1969 as a traditional dining hall that aimed for a cozy ambiance.

After a change in ownership, the dining hall's theme shifted into a classier and more elegant version.

You’ll find velvet curtains, old-fashioned tabletops, and bell-like chandeliers.

Stub’s Dining Hall has become a place for casual dining within a traditional, sophisticated venue.

Steaks are their most popular menu item, served in various cuts and gradations, depending on your preference.

Sometimes, the dining hall will host live concerts to brighten the mood.

That said, it’s no wonder that Stub’s Dining & Saloon has operated for more than 40 years!

Try their steaks south of Lake Avenue.

Spend the Night at the Hideaway at Xanadu Island

The Hideaway at Xanadu Island has hosted some of the most prestigious guests, including socialites and a former US president.

It’s a rustic secluded getaway that offers cozy vintage places to stay.

Its island location gives you plenty of opportunities for water recreation, such as fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

On the island, you can explore and look around your surroundings.

Also, indoor amenities, like board games and televisions, can provide easy entertainment.

Children can also enjoy a built-in playground with hanging ropes, swings, and a wooden structure to climb on.

The Hideaway at Xanadu Island offers a tranquil refuge in nature’s surroundings.

The resort has become a staple tradition for many families who want a break from the city.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Reach the Top of Inspiration Peak

Inspiration Peak during Fall
JessMcNutt / Shutterstock.com

Inspiration Peak is a short, looped trail that leads to beautiful, sweeping vistas once you reach the top.

Its centerpiece is its glacial features, which make for a great walking and running path.

While the trail is shorter than others, it poses a challenge because of its steep and elevated terrain.

Fallen bark of a tree at Inspiration Peak
JessMcNutt / Shutterstock.com

Don’t worry, though; the pretty views are worth the hike!

You can always take a break at one of the trail’s benches.

Find Inspiration Peak in Leaf Mountain Township, Minnesota, about 20 minutes from Battle Lake.

Give this place a shot, and make sure to reach the top!

Ride a Horse at Silver Sage Guest Ranch

Silver Sage Guest Ranch is a family-friendly attraction that offers a fun way to explore the outdoors.

See the beauty of nature on the back of a well-trained, friendly horse.

An experience with Silver Sage Guest Ranch takes you through rolling hills, open plains, serene lakes, and mysterious forests.

They have provided stellar adventures since 1995!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the staff will teach you essential basics to ensure your safety.

You can find it in Clitherall, Minnesota, about 15 minutes from Battle Lake.

Wear comfortable clothes and put on some bug spray!

Final Thoughts

As its name suggests, Battle Lake is a city sitting amid many lakes.

However, there are many other things to do besides water activities water, like hiking nature trails and visiting entertainment venues and charming establishments.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Battle Lake!

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