15 Best Things to Do in Baldwin, WI

Baldwin, WI
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Baldwin is a quaint village that offers visitors and residents a charming and authentic small-town experience where you can live, work, and play.

The village continues to expand in St. Croix County in northwestern Wisconsin due to various opportunities available in the area.

Because of its location near Interstate 94, Baldwin is just a few miles from many places and serves as a home to over 4,000 residents.

The village is known for its welcoming community, well-maintained parks and flowers, and windmills.

If you're seeking the comfort only this village can give, look into this list of the best things to do in Baldwin, Wisconsin:

See the Fascinating Windmill Park

Travelers and residents frequent Windmill Park on US Highway 63 to take a breather and enjoy spending time with family, friends, or pets.

The Baldwin Windmill, dubbed the village's "ornament," stands out in the park as a symbol of Baldwin's beauty and heritage.

Local volunteers pooled donations to start building the windmill; through the collaboration of locals, it was completed in 1987.

Although it's non-functional, the windmill blades rotate during the summer, so you may want to catch that.

The magnificent structure and Windmill Park epitomize what the village is all about—beauty and harmony.

A small stream, Baldwin Creek, also runs along the northern part of the park.

If you happen to visit the area, don't forget to drop by Windmill Park and enjoy its relaxing view.

Learn about Local History at the Baldwin History Room

If you're a history buff or an intellectually curious person, check out the Baldwin History Room in the Baldwin Library on Cedar Street.

This library section holds books about the history of Baldwin, St. Croix County, and the state of Wisconsin.

You will also find historic maps, old editions of the local news provider Baldwin Bulletin, genealogical records, and an inventory of Baldwin's historic homes.

The Baldwin History Room features a historic photograph collection.

With a dedicated committee that preserves the cultural and historical resources of the village, gaining knowledge in this place is always accessible.

Enjoy a Picnic at Bailey Park

One of Baldwin's many lovely parks, Bailey Park is a known venue for festival activities on the east end of Main Street.

It is named after the founder of the village, Dana Reed Bailey, and extends up to one acre.

The park also holds the seasonal Main St. Farmers Market, which runs from the end of May to mid-October.

If you're in the area during this period, don't pass on the opportunity to buy fresh produce from the local sellers!

Bailey Park also has a gazebo, a playground area, and picnic tables that you may use during your stay.

Get Active at Mill Pond Park

Covering over 27 acres of land on Maple Street, Mill Pond Park is the largest general-use park in Baldwin.

Go to this park if you want to stay active or enjoy games and sports!

The park has softball and baseball fields, soccer fields, a tennis court, and a recreational skating rink.

It has concession stands and bleachers perfect for big and small sporting activities.

Mill Pond Park stays true to the village's offering of well-maintained parks and even adds variety to the community's needs.

Watch a Game of Hockey at the United Civic Center

The United Civic Center, home of the Blackhawk Hockey Association, stands on Maple Street, adjacent to Mill Pond Park.

The association provides hockey training and opportunities to Baldwin residents and neighboring communities such as Woodville, Hammond, Roberts, Spring Valley, and Glenwood City.

The indoor ice rink holds hockey games and tournaments, with a packed schedule from October to April.

The United Civic Center has a seating capacity of 450 and an ice rink that occupies most of its space.

Concession stands provide a variety of food and drinks for audiences, while a game shop even carries professional sporting supplies.

Enjoy a hockey match and discover Baldwin's budding athletes!

Hike the Wintergreen Forest Trail

If you want quiet time with nature and need exercise, you may want to hike or walk the Wintergreen Forest Trail.

Considered a generally easy trail to explore, it is located at Wintergreen Park on 60th Avenue.

It is surrounded by hardwoods and pines and inhabited by local wildlife.

The Wintergreen Forest Trail takes an average of 43 minutes to complete.

If you visit during the winter, you can try sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing!

Catch a Fish or Two at Pine Lake Park

Try out your fishing skills at Pine Lake Park if you're looking for activities to enjoy in the village.

Located on 120th Avenue, the day-use facility is a seven-acre site that was donated to St. Croix County in the mid-1970s.

Today, it has a boat dock and landing, a parking area, and a picnic shelter with tables and grills available for guests.

Some fish you can catch in the lake include panfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye.

Pine Lake Park is the perfect recreational area for families and friends who want to enjoy a shared activity!

Go Wild and Try Skydiving with Skydive Twin Cities

Jump from up to 13,000 feet above the ground with Skydive Twin Cities, a skydiving center located along County Road J.

Experienced owners and instructors run the center, which was established in 1975.

Whether or not it's your first time, Skydive Twin Cities ensures a safe and one-of-a-kind experience.

You may also jump solo or with a partner.

Their offerings include a video and photo of your skydiving experience, taken by a separate videographer.

They also have an area for spectators with seating and picnic area, and tables that are perfect for lounging.

Shop for Crystals at The Rock Shop

Before you leave the village, pay The Rock Shop a visit to learn about different crystals and take some home as souvenirs.

Whether you believe in crystal healing or enjoy the fascinating beauty of rocks, you will have a good time roaming this shop on Main Street!

The store carries rocks of all shapes and sizes, including quartz, black onyx, labradorite, and opal, among many other types of crystals.

The Rock Shop also offers a variety of classes by appointment—from tarot readings to reiki therapy.

You may want to give these a shot if you enjoy exploring spirituality.

Lounge and Play at Heritage Park

Located on 60th Avenue, Heritage Park is one of Baldwin's well-kept parks.

You will not run out of outdoor areas for relaxing or holding activities in this place.

This park features a playground where you can take your kids to play and bathe in the sun.

If you're a sports fan, feel free to kick a ball on the soccer fields.

Otherwise, if you're just looking for a quiet time, Heritage Park has gazebos and grills.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you're already in the area of Baldwin, you may as well explore the nearby places that are surely worth driving to.

Learn History at the Octagon House Museum

Exterior of Octagon House Museum
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The Octagon House Museum is maintained by St. Croix County Historical Society and is open for guided tours.

It is a museum complex, and the eight-sided Victorian house serves as its main building.

Besides the octagonal house, it has a garden house that displays 19th-century life through tableaux.

The Octagon House Museum also houses a carriage house where you will find a gift shop and a research center.

You won't just learn history at this museum complex, but you'll also love its historically relevant architecture!

Pick up Fresh Produce at Pike Hole Family Farm

Just a short drive from the village of Baldwin, you will find Pike Hole Family Farm's 10-acre garden in the city of Amery.

Here, you will see the gardens where the farm's family grows fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The farm also produces dairy and raises pasture pigs.

You may call them in advance if you want to pick up produce at the farm.

Otherwise, you'll find Pike Hole Family Farm's fresh crops at nearby farmers' markets.

For locals, they offer a crop-sharing system through community-supported agriculture.

With this system in place,  Pike Hole Family Farm provides a weekly supply of fresh produce to those who sign up for a membership plan.

Play a Game of Golf at the New Richmond Golf Club

Despite its air of exclusivity, public golfers are welcome at the New Richmond Golf Club, one of Wisconsin's top golf courses.

You will reach this golf course in less than 30 minutes when you drive from Baldwin, so be sure to pass by if you are a golf enthusiast.

It has challenging golf courses and is considered one of the best practice facilities in Western Wisconsin.

The New Richmond Golf Club's courses have unique landscapes, a challenging area with sand, water, and trees, and a scenic view with flower beds.

You won't just relish the game, but the beautiful scenery as well!

Harvest Your Own Fruits at White Pine Berry Farm

Add another farm to your list when you go to Baldwin.

White Pine Berry Farm, run by a local family, is an organic vegetable and fruit farm where you can pick your own produce.

Although people of all ages will have fun picking fruits and vegetables on this farm, it's a perfect activity for children and families.

Here, you'll find berries, asparagus, pumpkins, and squash, among others.

You'll also enjoy taking photos with the sunflowers, decorative pumpkins, and the corn maze.

If you happen to stop by White Pine Berry Farm during Halloween weekend, you can bring your dogs and allow them to play and run in the corn maze.

Go on a Wine Tasting Adventure at Belle Vinez Winery

Wine lovers shouldn't pass on a visit to this family-run winery in River Falls, just minutes away from the village of Baldwin.

Belle Vinez Winery offers a selection of wine made from both imported and northern climate grapes.

With a variety of wines available, they ensure satisfaction for all kinds of wine drinkers.

You can sip your glass of wine in their Tuscan-inspired winery or outside with a view of the vineyard.

The experience in the winery is truly unique as the whole family is involved in the process of making wine.

With beautiful views, Belle Vinez Winery is also the perfect venue for special events.

Final Thoughts

Baldwin is a delightful destination that lures people in with its rich green spaces and cozy small-town charm.

Despite its unassuming appearance, it has a lot to offer those who wish to visit.

If you plan to travel to this village, bookmark this list of the best things to do in Baldwin, Wisconsin!

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