15 Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

15 Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

If you’re planning on visiting the second most populous city and the capital of the United Arab Emirates and wondering if it is worth spending your hard-earned money on, you have come to the right place.

Let Travel Lens take you into one of the biggest oil-producing nations in the world and show you what treasures await you in this beautiful city Abu Dhabi, which sits on an island in the Arabian Gulf.

Abu Dhabi is a city full of cultural values, with a diverse and multicultural population that keep the age-old ancient traditions and values alive. It is truly mesmerizing to visit and spend time in this fascinating city. Now, let us take you to the world of Abu Dhabi and show you the things to do in this beautiful city that never gets boring.

Watch a Sunset on The Beach

Saadiyat Beach view
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One of the most fun things to do while you’re situated on an island is to go for a swim on the beach, watch the sunset, make sandcastles, play beach Frisbee, volleyball, have quality time with your family.

Saadiyat Beach in Abu Dhabi is a well-maintained, lesser-crowded, clean, sunny beach covered with crystal-like white sands; it has complimenting white water beds and lounges to add to the scenic beauty of the place and for your comfort.

The water is turquoise blue, and it is a great place to experience the Arabian Sea. This is one of the rare beaches where you can find the notorious bull and tiger sharks.

The sunset here is dreamy, filled with hues of orange and purple, with dolphins swimming in water. It is a great place to watch the sunset, take pictures and hang around.

Take a Dive Into the Arabian Sea!

Water jetpack Abu Dhabi
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It is time to turn your adventure mode on and indulge in water sports in the Arabian Sea. Your journey to the beach is almost not complete without indulging in some of the other water sports.

Parasailing at sunset and admiring the beauty of life, taking a dip into the water, watching all sorts of coral reefs and marine life. Water sports like scuba diving help relieve stress, calm the nervous system, and prove to be life-changing for the majority of people.

You can not only Scuba dive but perform snorkelling, parasailing, scooter riding, banana riding or many other water sports, so sip your energy drink and put your bold shoes on and experience the most life-changing water sport activities in UAE.

Experience the Massive Qasr Al Watan Library

Qasr Al Watan Library
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Are you a fan of reading or collecting books, or you enjoy visiting quiet and beautiful libraries in your leisure time and love the smell of old pages and books?

The Qasr Al Watan library is a very beautiful, well-kept and well taken care of modern library where you can find books from all over the world. It preserves a lot of the history and cultures of Abu Dhabi in its walls.

It is big, alluring, colour coordinated for aesthetic pleasure and a very significant library. One can spend hours and hours admiring the beauty and calmness of the whole place. This one should definitely be on your to-do list as one does not get to experience libraries like these too often!

Have an Up-Close Look at Marine Life in Aquariums!

Want to gaze at the beauty of marine life and watch all the fishes in the sea without actually having to go through the anxieties of scuba diving and snorkelling?

The Abu Dhabi history museum and aquarium got you covered! It is one of those really great museums that walks you through a chair lift and explains the history of the UAE. The museums of Abu Dhabi truly keep the culture alive.

You can find a great species of water and land animals in the aquarium, from turtles, sharks, small colourful fishes to even camels.

Yas Water World Abu Dhabi

Yas Water World Abu Dhabi
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One of the most fun places to visit in Abu Dhabi is the Yas Water World; this amusement park has each and every kind of water slides you can think of.

From more miniature rides for kids to giant water slides to rollercoaster rides to fulfil all your adventure needs, this park has got it all. It is a well-maintained, family-oriented park with good quality food. A must visit place if you are sporty and not afraid of rides.

High-Speed Car Chasing at Yas Marina

Yas Marina
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One of the most astonishing and different places in Abu Dhabi is the Yas Marina West Circuit. This formula 1, auto racing and running ground, is an excellent place for young boys and girls to watch high-speed car racing and various other events.

This Olympics ground is great for cycling, exercising, running and is definitely worth a visit.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
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You’ve probably been waiting for this one, were you? This famous indoor amusement park on Yas Island is the world’s first Ferrari based theme park and records for the largest space frame structure ever built.

The park has a great collection of displayed luxurious cars, including vintage cars; it is like a heaven for car lovers. This park has the world’s fastest roller coaster, named Formula Rossa, which makes this place super unique and famous.
The ambience is very chill and funky.

It is a family-oriented place, so you can definitely take your kids along with you for fun rides while you gaze at the beauty of high-class luxurious cars. You cannot be missing out on Ferrari world if you are in Abu Dhabi. 10/10 would recommend.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
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One of the most beautiful and serene places you could visit in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is the largest mosque in the country, and even though it is built by modern architectures, it is a perfect example of a traditional architecture build.

It has beautiful chandeliers, pearl-white walls, exceptional glass and marble works, with beautiful calligraphy designs. It is a genuinely magnificent mosque, alluring both to the eyes and soul.

A great place of worship, open on all days except on Friday mornings when it is only open for Muslims to provide tranquillity to perform their prayers. It is definitely a must-visit in Abu Dhabi.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi
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Are you a fan of art and aesthetic? Because the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi has in store for you the greatest collection of artefacts. It is an art and civilization museum located on Saadiyat Island.

It is a monumental building covering over 6 acres of land, with 8,000 square metres of galleries, making it the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula.

The museum is well-built and maintained and is situated in a beautiful location with plenty of artefacts, rich with history and heritage. This place becomes one of the most famous museums in UAE. You would definitely be missing out on a lot if you did not visit this place.

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi
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Not into outdoor sports and activities? Need not worry a bit! The Warner Bros world Abu Dhabi indoor amusement park has got all sorts of rides, restaurants, attractions, shops and shows for your ultimate experience.

This place is very family-oriented, and the rides are perfect for kids between 6-8 years of age. This cartoon theme based amusement park features characters from Warner Bros’ franchises such as Looney tunes, DC comics and many more.

This place caters to all age groups and is a great place to hang around and have a great time at. It is a must-visit, especially if you are into cartoons and comics and/or travelling with kids.

Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo
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The Emirate zoo in Abu Dhabi does not only give you the opportunity to view some of the rarest species of animals, mammals and reptiles but gives you the first-hand experience of feeding and touching these animals.

With over a hundred species of plants, birds and animals, including some scarce species of birds and tigers, this place is a great tourist attraction. What is more interesting is the fact that the animals are trained, and the park is totally safe for you and your family.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the land of Abu Dhabi is dreamy in itself; with the culture and history that it births, it becomes one of the most magical, exquisite and outstanding places to visit.

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve
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This protected wetland is the most heart-warming place you can visit in Abu-Dhabi; the area is covered with native flamingos sitting all over the shore and in the sea.

It is a great place to relax, take a break, go for a peaceful walk and just sit around in peace. You can go here for a cute little picnic near the shore or up the hill; it is also ideal for wildlife photography.

It is one of those places that bring utmost joy to the heart, and if that is something your heart has been craving for some time now, you must definitely check this wetland out!

Marina Eye

Marina Eye Abu Dhabi
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Want to experience the most breathtaking view of the whole city from 60 metres high above in the sky?

This giant observation wheel right opposite to the famous Marina mall is a vast big wheel where you can get a panoramic view of the whole city. Sitting near the shores of the Arabian Sea that adds to the scenic beauty of the ride, this wheel gives the most mesmerizing and magnificent view of the sea, buildings, parks, basically the whole of Abu Dhabi.

Visit the wheel at the time of sunset to get the best experience. The marina mall has excellent stores for exclusive shopping and various food lounges to gratify your hunger needs. This mall and wheel duo is truly a must-visit if you’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi.

Street Food

Streetfood in Abu Dhabi
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We’re pretty sure you have heard about the phrase; the way to a person’s heart goes through their stomach. Did you know that some of the best cuisines and dishes you love in your country are probably originated from Arabian nations?

Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of diverse, mouth-watering street food, the most popular and flavoursome being Shawarma; you cannot be missing out on this delicious wrap stuffed with chicken or lamb, served with Tahini or mint sauce.

There are various numbers of street food joints, like the Modern Jabel Al Noor, Zahrat Lebanon defence ST, Shish shawarma corniche etc., that provide yummy food. You must definitely try traditional Arabian street foods while you’re in Abu Dhabi.

Traditional Markets

spices for sale in Ahu Dubai traditional market
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By now, it must’ve been pretty clear to you that Abu Dhabi is a land of customs and traditions; it holds in its heart the history of its ancestors. The art and culture here is vast and beautiful.

Thus, one of the liveliest places to visit in this city is the city’s traditional marketplaces called souk. These souks have some great items like clothes, carpets, rugs, cushions, gold, fruits, nuts and a lot more in store for you.

These markets are pocket friendly and deal in high-quality products. Some of the few traditional markets are; Carpet Souk-for excellent quality handmade carpets, rugs, clothes etc.

The souk Qaryat Al Beri is an Arabian style shopping mall from where you can buy traditional style Emirati products. Souq Al Zafarana is a fresh fruits and vegetable market. There are loads of traditional markets in Abu Dhabi for you to explore, so what is the wait for?

This is not all Abu Dhabi is limited to. It is a land to be explored, with streets to be wandered, beaches to swim in, beautiful Mosques to attain some peace, foods to fill your heart and markets to dawdle in. It is a magical land for people who dream with their eyes open.

There is absolutely no reason for you to have second thoughts about visiting this fascinating place. We promise that the beauty and serenity of Abu Dhabi will remain in your heart forever.