15 Best Things to Do in Bellingham, WA

15 Best Things to Do in Bellingham, WA

The city of excitement- Bellingham is a hidden gem of Washington State. Located quite close to the Canadian province of British Columbia- Bellingham has a lot to offer to its visitors. Having the North Cascades National Park as its neighbor, Bellingham is the hub of adventurous activities. Also, it houses the infamous Western Washington University that makes it even more of a tourist attraction. Perfect for a weekend getaway- Bellingham is a nice friendly place to explore with a lot of natural beauty in its pockets. It is near the San Juan Islands making it an extremely accessible place from all parts. Now, let us have a look at all of the things Bellingham has to offer us

Hike at Whatcom Falls Park

Whatcom Falls Park
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Whatcom Falls Park might be the greatest tourist attraction in all of Bellingham. This is originally a park with more than 241-acres of land that has later been turned into a community.

Let us get a little bit into the diverse features of the park for it has a lot of spots to cover. Firstly, the park has four waterfalls! Apart from that, there are vast areas of woodlands and extraordinary sceneries. Some comment that these scenes are better than anything they have ever laid their eyes on. The moment you enter the park, your eyes will land on a rather old stone bridge that is now covered in mosses. Do stand here to get some of the best snaps for your Instagram feed.

Nature lovers, if you are reading this article- Whatcom Falls Park should be enough for you to book your Bellingham trip for there is everything in this park. Beautiful scene, hiking trails, BBQ grills, and even a fish hatchery!

Spend a day at Fairhaven

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Fairhaven Village was not so popular before 1889. But, it slowly started gaining popularity due to its economic aspect and location. The logging industry of this part started to flourish with time and the fact that it was quite near a seaport made Fairhaven quite a popular tourist destination.

Sharing beautiful views of Bellingham Bay, Fairhaven has a scent of the Victorian era in it. With buildings built in that fashion and streets made of brick, Fairhaven has made quite an impact on the tourism industry of Bellingham. It is now registered in the National Register of Historic Places which makes it all the more famous.

Go for Mountain biking at Lake Padden Park

Sunset at Lake Padden Park
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Lake Padden is a scenic beauty that is somewhat a nature lovers’ paradise in Bellingham. You can see anything you want to see here at Lake Padden. Mountains, lakes, forests, oceans- everything can be viewed from here!
Built around an area of 147-acres, Lake Padden Park is just a drive away from Bellingham. There are a lot of fishing options here at the lake as it is filled with a vast variety of fishes. cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, largemouth bass.

Apart from fishing, there are other activities you can do. There are both paddleboat opportunities as well as motorboats. There is also a picnic area and playground for kids. The best thing about this park and the lake is the serenity and the calm that surrounds it.

Visit the Boulevard Park

Boulevard Park in Bellingham
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On the east of Bellingham, lies a beautiful Boulevard Park which serves as one of the icons of the town. A waterfront that has views of both Canada on the other side and the States on this side- Boulevard Park is a local favorite.

There are many hiking trails where you can try out hiking with some panoramic views. Want to catch the best sunset of Bellingham? Boulevard Park is the best place to catch a glimpse of the heavenly sunset. Hiking in the backdrop of the Canadian Border Peak is a dream of many while others are just too mesmerized by the beautiful waters.

Admire the Lairmont Manor

Lairmont Manor is one of the iconic landmarks of Bellingham. It has been standing there for the last 100 years, and now it is like a gathering place of the town people whenever there is an important council meeting or any event discussion taking place.

The house was created by the initiative of Charles X. Larrabee, who is commonly known as the founder of the Bellingham. He hired an architect from Seattle to finish this dream house of his. Carl Gould, Sr was the man who drew the plan of this house that was built in the Italian Renaissance style and has 25 rooms in it.
People mainly use this beautiful structure for different events and big weddings.

Get amazed by the picturesque Lummi Island

Lummi Island
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Want to bless your eyes with something colorful and vibrant? Lummi Island has got just what you need. A community that has been specially built for artists and craftsmen of all kinds and types- Lummi Island is quirky!

Accessible from both Canada as well as the States, Lummi Island is filled with beautiful art galleries as well as streets filled with art. Paintings, photographs, arts, and different sculptures can be found in every nook and crook. The Willows Inn is a nice place to stay if you wanna spend a luxurious night here at Lummi Island and you can find a few fancy restaurants here too.

Boat at Lake Whatcom

Lake Whatcom
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Do you want to see the place from where all the drinking water of Bellingham comes? The Whatcom Lake single-handedly gives the drinking water for the entire population of Bellingham. And, it is not an easy task as the population exceeds 100,000.

But, there is also a part of the lake that has been segregated for other recreational purposes. You can go boating, fishing or even swimming in the Whatcom Lakes. However, there are some rules or guidances you need to follow for the lake serves as a source of drinking water for the residents. There are also several hiking trails around the lake. Hikers find these trails to be exquisite as some of them follow the outline of the lake giving some of the best views. The Hertz Trail is one of the most favored trails of Lake Whatcom.

Learn new things at SPARK Museum

SPARK Museum of Electrical invention in Bellingham
Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s face the fact- Electricity has changed our lives. But, do we appreciate it enough? Do we focus on the fact enough that without electricity life would be almost impossible now? Well, here’s an entire museum celebrating electricity. It pays our due respects to the invention of this gift.

Not only does the museum appreciate the invention of electricity, but it also contains everything we need to know about the invention of electricity and the events that led to this invention. You can roughly say that there are artifacts in this museum that cover a history of 400 years. Our physics geeks will be aware of the infamous- Tesla’s ‘Mega Zapper’ that is present along with the other interesting documents.

Bike at Galbraith Mountain

Galbraith Mountain
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Galbraith Mountain is one of the most touristy places in Bellingham. It offers endless possibilities for different activities. Adventurer souls mainly endorse this place as there are a lot of hiking as well as biking trails here. It is officially maintained by the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and boats of more than 50 miles of paved safe biking trails.

Members of Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition frequently visit this place but they highly encourage beginners to try out the trails. The trails are quite easy and beginner-friendly. On the other hand, they have some quite tough trails too. It is the epitome of adventure in  Bellingham and is something that you must check out.

Shop at Bellingham Farmers Market

Vegetable display in Bellingham Farmers Market
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Have had enough of adventure? Are you looking for a chill day that involves a lot of shopping and trying out the local delicacies? The infamous Bellingham Farmers Market is located in the prime location of Downtown Bellingham in the market area. It occurs every Saturday from April to December and is the liveliest market in Bellingham. If you are a fan of organic products, then it is a must-visit for you.

The farmers market supports the local organic farms that bring their products to the table. Also, you can taste out a lot of stuff like confectionery and snacks. There are a lot of events happening in the square. The sound of live music will hit your ears as soon as you enter the market.

Catch a show at Mount Baker Theatre

Mount Baker Theatre
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The Mount Baker Theater is a huge theatre located in the exquisite arts district in Bellingham. It not only supports the local artists and shows, but it is also quite well-renowned for hosting international performances too. Constructed back in 1927, the theatre is still going quite strong. Though it went through a lot of renovations back in 1965, the theatre has some old art vibes. You can also catch a musical here.

Take a snap of the scenic Larrabee State Park

Larrabee State Park
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Larrabee State Park has a lot of beauty and history attached to its name. The infamous Larrabee State Park also happens to be the first state park of Washington. In the ways of beauty, it offers some breath-taking views of the Chuckanut Mountains.

Being situated in a gorgeous location amid the Cascade Mountain Ranges, Larrabee Park has a lot in its sleeves just for you. Several hiking trails decorate the park. The Oyster Dome Trail is the most famous of them having both Samish Bay and San Juan island views. There are also a lot of campsites present in the park that are fully electric just for you to camp in.

Go skiing at Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mount Baker Ski Area
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Want an Alps experience right in the heart of North America? We have got your back. Choose the magnificent Mt. Baker Ski Area to try out your skiing skills. It is just 50 miles from Bellingham and happens to be America’s one of the biggest skiing destinations.

Locals call this a skier’s paradise for the royal slopes of Mount Baker are extremely snowy and powdery. But, the tourists cannot get their hands enough of the snow.
If you are a snow enthusiast then Mount Baker has 1000 acres of area for you to ski on. Still not interested enough? Wait till you hear how Mount Baker receives almost 600 inches of snowfall every winter. There are a lot of events hosted every year on Mount Baker along with some snow-boarding competitions too.

Pay a visit to the huge Whatcom Museum

Whatcom Museum
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The Whatcom Museum happens to be sponsored by the American Association of Museums. It is the ultimate place to see all the hype about the culture of Bellingham. The museum is so big that you cannot visit the entire museum in a day. It showcases more than 200,000 artifacts. All this collection cannot be held in one building so it lies through three Arts Districts. The Old City Hall and the Lightcatcher Building are all a part of this very museum.

Learn about history at Sehome Hill area

Sehome Hill Arboretum
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The Sehome Hill area has a rich and cultural history. Are you aware of the fact that it houses one too many activities of Bellingham? It can also be called a big factor that contributes to the economy of Bellingham. It has seen the participation of the locals in coal mining as well as logging. It also can be considered as an educational center of Bellingham. But, the overuse of the area led to its very destruction for which 100 acres of this rich land is now stated as preserved land of Bellingham. If you are into rocks, then you must definitely visit this area to watch the various rock formations of the region.

There are also majestic vertical walls of rocks at Old Quarry. Climbing on top it provides some of the best views of Bellingham.
There is also a place perfect for you if you want to try meditation in the great outdoors of the Sehome Hill Area. The Quiet Rocks are used by many to find some calm amid chaos.

These were the 15 top things to do in Bellingham. Of course, there is not everything on this list, but you can manage the rest on your own! What are you waiting for? A city filled with natural beauty, vast adventure opportunities, gorgeous mountains, and serene lakes is waiting for you! Go plan your next trip to Bellingham now!