15 Best Things to Do in Bellefonte, PA

Bellefonte, PA
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You’ll find a beautiful, historical town called Bellefonte in Center County, Pennsylvania.

This town is popular for its Victorian charm, rich history, and antebellum architecture.

Find several museums, historic sites, locally-owned diners and eateries, and even outdoor recreational facilities in the town.

You won’t run out of things to do in this charming town.

Enjoy the picturesque views and relaxing atmosphere, with a friendly community members and a thriving culture to give you an enjoyable time.

Here are the best things to do in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Talleyrand Park

A bridge at Talleyrand Park
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Talleyrand Park is a popular park in Bellefonte.

Visitors often go there to unwind and relax or admire this town's heritage and culture.

You can also find the 1889 Bellefonte Railroad Passenger Station in the park.

Established in 1974, the Talleyrand Park has become a community staple.

It’s a place for the residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors.

Memorial fountain at Talleyrand Park
JohnDziak, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This park has several amenities you can enjoy, including a playground, several pavilions, and paths ideal for walking and hiking.

Other attractions at this park are their Edible Garden, a land that grows several herbs and small flowers.

You can also check out their Sculpture Garden, where you can find several monuments and sculptures.

Check out a monument to Abraham Lincoln and some decorative fountains.

View of Talleyrand Park's water
Nicholas A. Tonelli from Northeast Pennsylvania, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Admire the Art at the Bellefonte Art Museum

The Bellefonte Art Museum is a popular attraction for artists and aesthetes alike.

Standing in the middle of town, this building has become a part of the community since its construction in 1810.

Before it became a museum, this property was the “Linn House,” home to several notable residents in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Showcasing the rich history of Bellefonte, this museum features various exhibits, displays, and artworks that tell you about their local history.

Their exhibits are also constantly rotating to showcase a variety of artworks from different artists.

They host unique special events and exhibitions that tackle the town’s history related to the Underground Railroad.

You can also find some works from China, Haiti, East Africa, and more.

There’s so much to learn and see at the Bellefonte Art Museum, so drop by when you can.

Learn Railroading History at the Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society

Bellefonte has a rich railroading history and heritage, which you can learn at the Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society.

This establishment’s mission is to preserve and promote the town’s local railroading heritage, a vital part of their culture.

The Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society houses artifacts and remains of their once fully-functioning trains.

You’ll find a wooden caboose, Budd Rail Diesel Cars, and speeder cars.

This facility also hosts annual excursions that tour interested guests around their historic railroads while providing a background on its history and significance.

Complete your trip to Bellefonte by visiting the Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society.

Go Fishing at Spring Creek

Spring Creek is known as the home to several species of trout and other fish, making it a perfect destination for fishing in all of Pennsylvania.

The most populous species in this stream are the wild brown trout, which attract anglers and fishers from all over town.

Guests can bring their fishing rods and bait and spend the day catching their lunch and dinner.

You can also spot other animals, including ducks that sometimes waddle by.

Spring Creek is open for other activities, such as paddling and fly fishing, to maximize your day on the water.

Tour Bellefonte with Local Historia

Local Historia offers walking tours where you can explore Bellefonte in all of its entirety.

This organization seeks to take you back in time by showing you the most important historic sites in town.

This tour will take you to various places in Bellefonte, from their popular train station to important wineries, eateries, and everything else.

You can customize each tour and request to visit specific locations and destinations, ensuring an enjoyable exploration.

Local Historia is a network of historians and reliable researchers, providing a historically accurate tour.

Book your tour with Local Historia before slots run out.

Stop by the American Philatelic Society

The American Philatelic Society, formerly the Match House in the 19th century, is now a stamp museum and library.

This establishment attracts researchers, bookworms, and philatelists from around the world.

Founded in 1886, the American Philatelic Society is now the largest facility for collecting and preserving stamps globally.

Due to its historical and cultural significance, this establishment has also landed on the National Register of Historic Places.

They also host tours around some of their most valuable stamp collections.

You’ll learn about the rich history of philately in America.

Mix education and fun at the American Philatelic Society!

Purchase Unique Jewelry at Jabebo

Jabebo is a unique gift shop at the heart of Bellefonte.

They recycle cereal boxes and other cardboard products and turn them into adorable earrings.

Their earring designs often fall under the category of animals and the environment, taking inspiration from wildlife and nature.

Jabebo has operated in Bellefonte since the 1990s.

Their business only continues to grow and expand; they even sell some products in Canada.

If you’re a fan of one-of-a-kind jewelry, then Jabebo is the place for you.

In addition to earrings, they sell various other products, including ornaments, graphic tees, and more.

Stop by Jabebo and enjoy some shopping.

Enjoy a Refreshing Beverage at Axemann Brewery

Exploring the town of Bellefonte may get tiring, so head to Axemann Brewery for a refreshing drink!

Roughly a mile from the town center, this brewery creates handcrafted beers and taps, combined with other styles and flavors.

Their extensive lineup of beers includes lager, pilsners, Kolsch, and many more to cater to all beer preferences and palates.

They also sell local wines and ciders while offering delicious food to pair with your drink.

You can buy from their onsite kitchen or buy street food from local vendors and food trucks.

Axemann Brewery also has open mic nights where anyone can take the stage and showcase their skills, such as stand-up comedians or musicians.

Sip on a Cocktail at Big Spring Spirits

Big Spring Spirits is a famous distillery and cocktail home in Bellefonte, found minutes from the heart of town.

This distillery prides itself on using only locally sourced ingredients as they partner with local farmers to support the community.

Since 2014, Big Spring Spirits has become a community favorite with all its high-quality spirits.

They craft exceptionally smooth vodka, premium gin, and award-winning cocktails.

The distillery focuses on green practices, and its tasting room has a LEED Gold certification.

Whether you’re stopping by for a drink or two or looking to bring home a bottle, Big Spring Spirits ensures delicious, handcrafted liquor.

Try Some Cider at Good Intent Cider

Good Intent Cider is the go-to cider bar with delicious flavors and options.

A short two-minute drive from the heart of Bellefonte brings you to this cidery that claims to make the best cider in town.

This cider bar’s owners decided to turn their cider-making hobby into a business, and thus, Good Intent Cider was born.

Since 2010, they’ve produced several bottles of cider.

Their bestseller is “Adam’s Apple,” a cider bursting with aromas and flavors of an apple orchard.

They also sell other fruit-infused flavored ciders such as Jupiter’s Cherry, Pineapple Hemp Tide, and more.

Check out the extensive selection of cider at Good Intent Cider.

Experience Local History at the Centre County Library & Historical Museum

The Centre County Library & Historical Museum was formerly the Miles-Humes or the Potter Home.

Today, it’s a library and historic site in Bellefonte.

Ann Elmira Humes, the former owner of the property, wrote in her will that her estate should turn the site into a library.

In 1956, the Centre County Library & Historical Museum opened to the public.

Today, it is the site of the former Miles-Potter-Humes home, a Pennsylvania Room, and four museum rooms full of exhibits.

Guests can stop by their library and read books about their local history.

Otherwise, you can simply check out the artifacts inside the museum.

This museum and library has also launched the first Bookmobile, which travels to over 29 neighboring counties in Pennsylvania.

Go Horseback Riding at Buffalo Run Farm

On the southwestern end of Bellefonte, Buffalo Run Farm is a horse boarding stable that also allows horseback riding.

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced rider, you will have an enjoyable experience at Buffalo Run Farm.

First-timers can also sign up for horseback riding lessons where professionals guide them.

You can also ride your horse on the guided paths or take a scenic ride in the surrounding woodlands.

During the winter season, Buffalo Run Farm offers a sleigh ride where you can take in Pennsylvania's powdery, scenic sights.

Enjoy a day full of activities at Buffalo Run Farm!

Play a Round of Bowling at Bellefonte Lanes

Bellefonte Lanes is the perfect indoor establishment for fun and activities, especially for families and groups of friends.

Since 1960, this bowling alley has become a community favorite with all fun and excitement.

Featuring 24 bowling lanes, this place will let you challenge your family and friends to a game or two.

They also offer food and drinks to keep you energized for the day ahead.

You can even try playing pool after you’re done with bowling.

Have indoors fun at Bellefonte Lanes!

Go Camping at Gram & Pap’s Fort Bellefonte Campground

Outdoor lovers and enthusiasts will have fun at Gram & Pap’s Fort Bellefonte Campground.

This camping site five miles east of the heart of Bellefonte provides various camping options, including RV parking spaces, cabins, and tents.

Indulge in several outdoor activities on land and in the water while taking in the breathtaking mountain scenery.

Guests can enjoy fishing by the lake and try out water sports.

You can also hike in the surrounding woodlands, or even go on a cave tour.

At night, feel free to gather around a campfire while eating marshmallows and telling spooky stories.

You can also bring pets as long as you clean up after them.

Enjoy the Bellefonte scenery at Gram & Pap’s Fort Bellefonte Campground.

Take the Kids to Governor’s Park

Spanning over 43 acres, Governor’s Park is the largest in Bellefonte, with a variety of activities for you to do.

Both locals and visitors flock to this park, one of the most active and crowded outdoor facilities in Bellefonte.

People often use this park for local sports tournaments such as baseball, soccer, and many more.

If you want to unwind and relax, head to one of their picnic tables and enjoy your lunch outdoors.

Otherwise, lay a blanket on the grass and soak up the sun.

Kids can also run around, play sports on the spacious property, and make new friends.

There are also walking paths for those who wish to take a stroll.

Enjoy some outdoor recreational activities at Governor’s Park.

Final Thoughts

Bellefonte is prosperous and thriving, with history embedded in its Victorian architecture, historic sites and establishments, and museums.

Its natural landscape and picturesque sceneries are also a sight to behold.

Explore the town by dining at their local eateries, visiting their museums and historic facilities, or simply relaxing outdoors.

Book your next trip to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, today!

You might find more things to do in Bellefonte, PA, after you arrive.

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