Where to Stay in Zurich

Where to Stay in Zurich

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This urbane city by the water coalesces innovative burghal life with nature in all its grandeur. Zurich is gifted with never-ending spurn of activities during the daytime and gracefully metamorphoses into countless events during the nightfall. Undoubtedly, with its manifold museums, assorted food festivals and reverberant nightlife, this city is one that is decidedly worth the splurge.  Situated in the very heart and spirit of Europe, the city of Zurich is a culturally vivacious, dynamically run, and delightfully set.  Long hailed as an industrious financial hub, Zurich, in no time has established itself as one of the largest and wealthiest metropolia. The hippest destination by any standard, with a stilted and post-industrial moulding,  the city is an epitome of hedonism and well-being.

Zurich is more than a stifling city of financial affairs and commerce. With its trifocals, the city spreads out into vast expanses with a touch of nature to keep you sane. It is somehow archaic while being modern; permissive while being thrifty. Moreover, gratifying and pleasant in every sense of the word. In short, be assured that it is apposite and cut out for people from all walks of life. Venture out with conviction to the best neighbourhoods in Zurich with our travel guide.


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Prominently known for being a global epicentre of the economy, the central business district is fragmented into two by a river. Sitting on the west side of the watercourse, the Bahnhofstrasse is an upscale and swanky neighbourhood. Home to several of Zurich’s tourist and cultural hotspots, it is an ideal location for luxury travellers and equally, for those who bag a fair sized budget. For popular photo opportunities, one must not fail to visit the famed historical monuments and many statues. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, With no shortage of place to indulge in fine dining, this neighbourhood also presents ample opportunities for serving classical cuisine that lingers in your soul. This shopping boulevard enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as it competently makes available excellence, elegance and quality on the thoroughfare. Starting from the main station, you can spot high-end, luxury brands on its lower half to the upper end.


This erstwhile district allures with its intercontinental gastronomy, extremely active nightlife and most importantly, its urban appeal. One can easily hail this neighbourhood as Zurich’s most flamboyant and multifarious district. You can relish global specialities while shopping at some of the best commercial spaces. The elegance and swiftness with which the street metamorphoses into a buzzing nightfall, is a sight to behold. One after another, many popular bars stands dotingly along the pathways. Furthermore, there is a multitude of selections obtainable when it comes to dining. This includes the many takeaways that cater delicious snacks. In short, it is safe to say that Langstrasse never sleeps and has made its way from the disreputable shackles of its former Red-light district. It has gracefully transfigured into one of the true hotspots in the city, thanks to the numerous upgradations that ennobled the district over the bygone years.

Zurich Town Hall

Zurich Town Hall
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Despite its perimeter being a little ambiguous, this neighbourhood outlines the area from Bahnhofstrasse to Limmat River. Although the area it embodies is fairly small, this region is central and is perfect for whistle-stop sightseers. It could be a superlative option for those with a view to understand and relish the wealth of history which Zurich boasts. Undoubtedly, this neighbourhood is famed for the Town Hall, which also happens to be its most celebrated landmark. Known locally as ‘Rathaus’, it stands tucked away in the very heart and spirit of Zurich. Although it is rather modest from outside, with its tasteful blend of Baroque along with Renaissance style, you can view the art and be accustomed to the history of Zurich’s political face. Other than letting the visitors have a taste of the rich past and glory of the city,it also opens door to multi-faceted and world-class entertainment. In addition to these, there are several quaint eateries to keep you satiated.

Zurich West

Zurich West
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Zurich West is full of variance, boasting an unpolished appeal. Despite being a former industrial site, it has been fast stretching into a region bolted together with art, design and culture. The factories have moved away and the region marks a gradual conversion into a buzzing centre of attraction. This has been consequently due to the vast expanse of spaces being utilized by ingenious minds. As a result, all those spaces where ships were once built and engines bolted, is now marked by railways arches, design boutiques and marketplaces. There are diverse second-hand stores and other catering establishments. On the other side, the Prime Tower stands staggering bragging of the country’s highest building until surpassed by the opening of the Roche Towers in Basel. Furthermore, the revived industrial buildings now accommodate everything from concert halls to luxury commercial centres.

If you are someone who wants to explore the cavernous spaces that mark the striking revival of the area’s rebirth, ‘Schiffbau’, a brick building that houses many of the original features of the former shipbuilding centre. Over recent years, this neighbourhood has also been the home to many live music and theatre companies who perform by the exposed theatre stages. If you are visiting on Mondays, you are in serious luck-admission price would be sliced to half the price. For dining, hop onto ‘Les Halles’ , one of those unequalled places where consumers can eat and drink with an antique view. The interior is uncommonly shabby and is replete with curios, second-hand goods, mirrors and posters embellishing the wall. For a more upscale choice, ‘La Salle restaurant’ is a great choice.

District 2

Placed towards the southern part of Zurich Town Hall and Bahnhofstrasse, this sweeping neighbourhood is for those of you who wants to experience the dashing city centre. However, the buzz and puffery is not the only thing that would keep you on the edge. This district is equally relaxing and is a superlative option if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In short, it offers the perfect blend of calmness and ballyhoo. This neighbourhood also does great service to satisfy the sports enthusiasts. Towards the northern overturn, stands the classic FIFA World Football Museum. With its hallmark and acclaimed exhibits, a capacious library, and a bar, this is a must-not-miss place for every football fanatic. Other than this, district 2 bags several other attractions. Housing a great number of acclaimed artworks (chiefly non-European), the Museum Reitberg is immaculate as it can get. The neighbourhood is also celebrated for the exquisite botanical gardens in addition to many well-kept greenhouses and outdoor gardens.

Aussersihl (District 4)

While staying in district 4, the visitors are sure to take pleasure in the authenticity of the city. While its positioning it residential enough to give you the pleasures of a local, it is equally quaint to open up paths to make you feel like a tourist. Filled with many must-visit hotspots, this neighbourhood is just the ticket for the savvy traveller in you.  District 4 marks the popular hangout centre of the night owls with its myriad nightclubs. With its soulful night scene, Indie music and alternative vistas, this is a place that will not fail you. After indulging in the long nights of dancing and drinking, you can also walk around and discover the beautiful parks in and around the district. If you are visiting during the summertime, you are in luck. These parks regularly host outdoor concerts and they could be a wonderful occasion to meet and strike up a conversation with the locals.

District 8

Sitting on the north-eastern side of the city, District 8 could be a great option for those visiting  to embrace the local side of the city. It is also suitable for travellers staying for a long period. Well connected with the rest of the city by means of extensive tram and bus networks, you will not be severely troubled to get here. With seamless transportation comes the prospect of exploring the many attractions. You will not be disappointed, for this region has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical attractions. This neighbourhood presents ample opportunities to indulge in the extraordinarily beautiful outdoors all the while offering a respite from the occupied hustle and bustle of the city centre.

District 8 is also known for its excellently protracted promenade and lake bathing spaces. This makes it quite an ideal place for families with young kids as the water is bound to keep them happy. Furthermore, the lush greens to run around in seals the deal. However, when visiting with family, be wary of the red districts that stand in close proximity. The neighbourhood can get thronged with sun-seekers, but be assured that the region has an abundance of spaces to welcome everyone.

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