Where to Stay in Valencia

Where to Stay in Valencia

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If you are planning to spend your vacation in Spain, then Valencia should be your fancy destination. This beautiful metropolitan city is often considered as Spain’s port city. This is mostly because of being the busiest port container in all over Europe. This Municipality is a treat for the eyes to watch because of its splendid monuments and structures. On the other hand, Valencia, with time has also proven to be holding the higher ground in terms of its cultural contribution. This is definitely not the kind of metropolitan city, you could avoid visiting. You can say that this city almost demands your presence for the extraordinary sights that it has to offer. You definitely would not want to miss visiting this place during the winter for its mild climatic conditions.

The natural surroundings of Valencia turn out to be quite impressive and interesting for all the tourists who visit Spain and end up vacationing in this city. As we have already talked about, this place is all about its natural beauty. Valencia is known for the famous fruit of the city called “Valencia orange”, which is the product of plenty of orange trees that you can find lined up along the beautiful parks of Valencia. Tourists can, in reality, have the fun of picking up these juiciest oranges right from the tree. Apart from that, Valencia also offers you the best of its celebrations, food, events, and tourist spots.

This naturally high profile city is best known worldwide for the tastiest paella dish and the Falles festival that it organizes. This festival is definitely to look out for. Even the architecture of Valencia is quite impressive, especially, the City of Arts and Sciences. However, the most important reason why Valencia is crowded by tourists is the La Tomatina festival. It involves the most exciting activity of the tomato fight.

To try out all these things, you can stay at all the wonderful and resourceful neighborhoods of Valencia. Let us now enlighten you about those splendid neighborhoods.

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Ciutat Vella/ Old Town

Ciutat Vella (Valencia Old town)
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If you are visiting Valencia for the first time, then this neighborhood is perfect for your stay. This town is practically the heart of this port city because of its location. This neighborhood is very compact as well as small. This makes it easier for the tourists to cover the entire area on foot. You can easily explore the entire neighborhood and see some very interesting sites. It is as if the alleys filled with cobblestones and the winding streets of this neighborhood shows you the way to your destination. Every street in this place is historically and culturally very profound.

Also often referred to as the Old town, Ciutat Vella offers a wide range of sightseeing and attractions. These attractions are quite popular in Spain. Some of the landmarks that you can discover in this neighborhood are Valencia Cathedral, the Silk Exchange, and the Central Market. These places are definitely a must on your list if you decide to reside in this neighborhood. This neighborhood presents you with the striking and stunning architecture of the Valencia City Hall. The Central market is this neighborhood’s most colorful and historic market with a variety of shops. You can definitely have the most amazing time shopping at this place.

Apart from that, if you love adventure and want to experience something exciting, visit Torres de Serranos and climb its top. This neighborhood is a vast area to reside in and to enjoy a long pleasant walk. You can find here Valencia’s best silk exchange at La Lonja de la Seda. You will definitely find this visit worth it. You can also take a peaceful stroll along the wonderful Calle Caballeros. The main attraction of this place, however, is the Torres de Quart, which is undoubtedly an excellent national monument and a 15th-century tower. You should try out this neighborhood for sure.

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Are you in search of a really cool neighborhood to stay in Valencia? Then, Rufaza is definitely your destination. This neighborhood is in the south of the Old town and has become almost a hub for the hipster tourists, who use this place as a retreat. This neighborhood is specifically and mostly a perfect match for the hipsters. You can discover many cool places to hang out, one of which is gin joints. It is the best place to got and relax with your friends with a  glass of gin in your hands.

You can also get vintage boutiques, where you can shop for quite trendy clothes. Right when you are done with buying trendy clothes, you can move straight to the art galleries, which are quite conjectural. If you are a fan of cupcakes, then you should try them at the high-end cafes that serve delicious cupcakes in this neighborhood. Bohemian fashion is quite trendy in Ruzapa and if you are fond of this style, then try them out here without fail. Ruzapa will definitely not disappoint all its tourists when it comes to offering the best and top restaurants, which are very innovative and serves tasty dishes from all over the world. Even, when you are in search of Valencian culture, visiting this place would be very effective. The nightlife in Ruzapa is extraordinary and you can both dance the night away as well as have some delicious beer.

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Poblats Maritims

Poblats Maritims
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This is the district that is quintessentially known for its marine connection. Poblats Maritims is the neighborhood that includes various other districts within it. This place showcases its traditionality as well as the essence of the fishing grounds. Another important attraction of this neighborhood is definitely the sea. You can spend a quiet and calm afternoon sitting by the seashore. You will definitely find various eating places around this neighborhood and can get to eat the best and the freshest sea-food as well as anchovies. There are a number of blue beautiful beaches where you enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The nightlife is also quite lavish around this neighborhood.

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Quatre Carreres

Quatre Carreres
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If you are traveling to Valencia with your family, then it is a must that you visit Quatre Carreres and make your stay fun. This neighborhood can be located right at the end of the very beautiful and lush Jardin del Turia. This is such a neighborhood where you can get to enjoy various fun activities that can excite the tourists at another level.

Among all the other attractions in this neighborhood, the most important tourist attraction is Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It is a beautiful and artistic place and is called the city of both Arts and Sciences that was initially built in the later 20th century. Flocks of tourists get attracted to this neighborhood mostly because of this wonderful attraction. Artistic creativity that you find here can completely amaze all the tourists who visit this place from all over the world. Apart from that, the architectural view in the Museo De La Ciencias Principe Felipe is something to definitely look out for. You can enjoy watching some wonderful performances at the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia. You can also visit the Parque Gulliver and play around the entire playgrounds with your kids. Another place where kids would love to visit is the L’Oceanografic, which is Europe’s biggest aquarium. Your children can be excited to discover all the amazing and fantastic sea creatures and some aquatic animals.

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Extramurs in Spanish means “Outside the Walls” and is known to be the third district in Valencia. Relatively located in the centre of Valencia, this neighborhood has several landmarks where you can pay a visit to. Some of the tourist spots of this neighborhood are the Botanical Garden of Valencia University and the Torres de Quart. These places of interest can offer you the best experiences ever. The cuisine of Extramurs is unique and exquisite. There are a variety of restaurants with authentic Spanish cuisine as well as some international delicacies. The neighborhood offers various bars, where you can experience a great deal of nightlife and have a great time along with your friends.

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El Cabanyal

El Cabanyal
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If you are an extremely simple person owing to nothing but traditionality and authenticity, then this neighborhood is perfect for you. It is known to be the district of the fishermen. So, it is absolutely obvious that you are in a real treat for some very fresh sea-food. This urban area has quite a unique historical past and an interesting palate of local flavors. These local flavors have quite an excellent taste. It is mostly a residential neighborhood with the best and luxurious hotels for you t reside in. While you are here, do not forget to taste the most authentic paella in this neighborhood.

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Do you ever feel like being on a shopping spree without having to think about the limit? Then you need to make this neighborhood your ultimate place to stay. There are different avenues in this neighborhood where you would get to discover a variety of boutiques with clothing that is definitely not out of fashion. They are also trendy shops, which can give a another level of fashion perspective.

Apart from that, you can also get to witness several modernist buildings that this neighborhood is adorned with. You will find the most amazing architectural work of Valencia in this neighborhood. The splendid architectural work in the plaza de Toros as well as in the train station amuses most tourists who plan to stay in this neighborhood during their vacation. You would also be definitely impressed with the Art Nouveau style that can be found beautifully decorated in the Estacio del Nord. there are some extremely calm and quiet hotels, where you could enjoy a lavish stay.

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This locality is a very lively one and can set the mood of all the tourists. It can be both exciting as well as a calm neighborhood for all the tourists. This neighborhood is culturally quite ahead from all the other neighborhoods and you can, in a way, find the entire world here. If you plan to stay in this neighborhood, then you got to try the high-end restaurants where you can eat ethnic and authentic dishes. They are a must to try. You can even visit the cultural shops in this neighborhood and buy at least one souvenir that can be a token for your remembrance. University students are mostly attracted to this neighborhood. This is mainly because of the concert venues and different bars that can make you experience excellent night-life. You can visit these places with your friends and can hang out with them.

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La Seu

La Seu
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If you have a restriction on your budget and still willing to stay in a great neighborhood and explore the beautiful city of Valencia, visit La Seu at once. You do not need to think otherwise since this place is pretty cheap. Comparing this neighborhood from the rest, this place has a charming effect on the tourists who visit this place. The two amazing sites that you can find in this town are the Sala Capitular and the Cathedral of Valencia. The interiors of these structures are extremely incredible and divine. Sala Capitular is obviously a must-visit as this old museum holds a lot of integrity of the past. This neighborhood does more than just charm its tourists, it even excites them.

The picturesque streets, the comfortable cafes, and most importantly the elegant and fun bars- everything about this neighborhood makes it approachable to the tourists. The hotels where you can stay are quite luxurious but affordable as well. While making your stay comfortable, you can visit the Banos del Almirante and enjoy its beautiful architecture.  Also, there are a lot of interesting artifacts, which you can find in the Almoina Archeological centre. The most peaceful thing you can do here has a peaceful and silent walk along the beautiful streets of La Seu and admire the art.

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