Where to Stay in Tel Aviv

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv

A sprawling metropolitan centre on the Mediterranean coast, a beachside party capital and a melting point of (mostly modern) architectural styles - Tel Aviv is all that and so much more. The seaside city is a multifaceted vacation prospect in the waiting and an increasing number of travellers are beginning to realise that. And that's not without reason! Between the bustling city centre, the pristine beaches and the artsy southern neighborhoods, there is just so much to uncover!

And over the course of a Tel Aviv vacation, you are likely to have your hands full, uncovering all of the city's historic capital while trying to keep up with the 24 hour culture all at the same time. That leaves very little time to worry about where to base yourself at and what hotel to pick. And that's precisely why we have done the homework for you! Here, we have listed some of the best neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv and what they might have in store for you traveller!

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City Centre

Tel Aviv City Centre
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The bustling centre is a good enough microcosm for all of Tel Aviv, bringing everything that makes the city great together in one space. Above all, it is home to some of the biggest landmarks that you will come across during your vacation: the central Dizengoff Square, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (known for its collection of contemporary art), the Israeli Opera and the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv (which also provides guided tours outlining the city's architectural heritage) are among some of the must-visits.

A few theatre companies and art galleries outside of the mainstays - many of which lie on the central Dizengoff Street - are also worth checking out. Also dotting the Dizengoff Street are several eateries that serve a wide variety of cuisines. Starting with your evening drinks to your craving for deli breakfast or take out snacks to even a hankering for gelato, the modern looking gourmet hotspot has you covered.

Just a little east of the city centre lies the neighborhood's equally busy waterfront. The area is home to several small beaches, all of which have their own unique vibe despite being fairly close to each other. Some of the popular choices include: the busy namesake Tel Aviv beach, the wide sandy strip of Frishman beach and the quieter Bugrashov beach.

The city centre lies in a prime locale and is easy to reach from any other part of Tel Aviv. The neighborhood's thoroughfares run north-south offering connectivity to parts that lie further out. Hotel and accommodation options are in plenty and among some of the finest that the city has to offer.

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Old North

Old town port Jaffa in Old North, Tel Aviv
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And despite all the big draws of the city centre, the neighborhood is still not seen as the true beating heart of Tel Aviv's urban landscape. That distinction lies with the port side neighborhood of Old North. Known for its extensive waterfront, this is the place for travellers looking to experience all the Tel Aviv luxuries. But before we talk about the port district, here's a special mention for the Old North's designer boutiques and fashion retail stores that can be found just about every turn.

Onto the neighborhood's waterfront then! Old North's sister coves are home to two very different looking beaches; while the upmarket Hilton beach draws huge crowds to watersports (kayaking, windsurfing among others) and volleyball games, the Metsitsim beach has a more laid back vibe. But your entertainment options go beyond lazy beach days as neighbourhood promenades offer gourmet delights and a nightlife that remains unmatched anywhere else in the city. It would be a good idea to take a walk along the road until you arrive at a venue of your liking!

Old North lies a little northeast of the city centre, but is fairly close to all major landmarks; you can take the Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda Streets, which will lead directly into the neighborhood. The upmarket appeal of Old North has also translated into the hospitality businesses being on the premium end of the spectrum. That plays a big part in making it a perfect place for a luxury vacation.

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Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv
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Head a little south from the city centre and you will begin to see a change in the overall atmosphere. And once you find yourself in the midst of artsy-looking quarters with cobblestone streets and an eclectic mix of architectural styles, that's when you know that you've arrived in Neve Tzedek. An older part of town, Neve Tzedek came into its own during the late 20th century, drawing Tel Aviv's artists, creative minds and young entrepreneurs to its recently gentrified quarters.

And today, even the most casual walk along the narrow neighborhood lanes will have you come across mural art, endless galleries and studios, craft shops, cozy coffee shops and much more - all housed in uniquely modern concrete constructions. An out of use railway station has been repurposed and serves as a mixed-use space with cafes and home-grown eateries and a charming old-world vibe. The 19th century built Suzanne Dellal Center and Rokach House lend further heft to the neighborhood's character - showcasing the region's performing arts and local history through regular shows and exhibits.

Neve Tzedek is about a 15-20 minute ride from the city centre. Connectivity should not be an issue, given the regular bus service. You can also always get a rental taxi to drive you around. Immaculate - if somewhat expensive - boutique hotels make up for most of the accommodation choices, but the neighborhood also has a handful of good budget options.

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Street in Florentin, Tel Aviv
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The exciting new neighborhood of Florentin, which lies adjacent to Neve Tzedek is next on the list. Florentin borrows its neighbour's artsy outlook, but still manages to stand out owing to its unique boho style of functioning. The streets here are more urban, the graffiti and street art bigger and bolder and the businesses more experimental. And as a result of all that, the neighborhood has also emerged as a hotspot for the city's younger crowds, who can be found loitering around the streets all day long.

And to trace the roots of the neighborhood's free-spiritedness, we will need to go all the way back to the early days of the 1900s when extensive redevelopment had begun. Lower rents drew in a good mix of youngsters and business people, who set up shop in what were earlier spaces largely used for furniture and fabric industries. Small restaurants soon gave way to trendy cafes and jazz bars, in-house workshops turned into bigger studios and the neighborhood managed to come into its own in the wink of an eye.

Florentin, which is the southernmost neighborhood on the list, could come across as harder to access at first glance. However, the neighborhood is by no means difficult to access as several major stops lie on its northern and western border. Inexpensive accommodation options including hostels and homestays make  Florentin one of the most affordable parts of the city to stay in.

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Kerem Ha Teimanim

Camel Market in Karem Ha Teimanium, Tel Aviv
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Another Tel Aviv neighborhood that exudes a lot of character is the compact Kerem Ha Teimanim. Known for its thriving gastronomy, this is also one those neighborhoods where you will find more worthy restaurants than one could ask for over the course of a vacation. Many of these establishments specialise in comfort food, while also serving such middle eastern as well as Mediterranean delights as saltah and salūf combos, hummus meals and shakshouka. Given the sheer number of options, you might want to explore the area before taking your pick!

The neighborhood also gives you a chance at shopping amongst the city residents; the Camel market sells fresh produce and all sorts of spices in an open air facility, while the Bezalel Market offers similar stalls for fabric and other clothing apparel. The markets can get a little busy during peak hours, but the experience of shopping like a local is definitely worth it.

Streets in the vicinity are lined with shady trees and obscure looking houses, but don't be fooled by the ordinary looking appearance. Sitting atop the northern end of Kerem Ha Teimanim are a few of Tel Aviv's best kept secrets. The Rubin Museum and Beit Bialik are both homes of renowned Israeli artists (painter Reuben Rubin and poet Chaim Bagman Bialik respectively) and showcase memorabilia and selected works; they should definitely be on the top of your to-do lists! The nearby Meir Park has quaint lawns and a memorial for Holocaust victims of the LGBTQ+ community.

The narrow crisscross streets in Kerem Ha Teimanim are all very pedestrian friendly and ensure that you never have to take any other means of transportation to commute within the neighborhood. The King George Street leads up to the city centre making access fairly straightforward. Mid range hotels are common, but you can also find a nice homestay for a more intimate city experience.

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Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv
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And for the last neighborhood on the list, we bring to you the outdoorsy Bavli. Tucked away into the northwestern corner of the city, this is the one area where you can experience Tel Aviv at its relaxing best. Vast green spaces dominate the minimalist cityscape, but none can quite match up to the appeal of the riverside Hayarkon Park. It is here that you can visit some of the city's best landscaped gardens, stroll along riverside trails, or take your bike out for a relaxing ride - all without ever having to travel too far out of the central quarters.

And besides the overall getaway vacation vibe, Bavli also has a few cultural institutions to boast about. The  Eretz Israel Centre, which houses a planetarium and museum celebrating Israeli culture, the stunning Glass Pavilion gallery and the Yitzhak Rabin Center all lie within the vicinity of the riverside. And if all of that doesn't do it for you, wait till you hear about the hot air balloon tours that can be available from the station over at TLV Balloon (also within the Hayarkon park premise)!

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And that's our complete list of neighbourhoods from Tel Aviv traveller. Take your pick and get packing for your next vacation; the white city awaits!

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