Where to stay in Singapore

Where to stay in Singapore

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Bringing together a canorous fusion of cultures, avant-garde architecture along with a variety of beckoning attractions, Singapore has undoubtedly become one of Asia’s most desirable destinations. It is in many ways the ideal foreword to South East Asia; it is conveniently compact while having a dreadful lot to offer. With a stretched catalogue of cultural attractions, a heavenly culinary arena and cocktail scene, a buzzing stretch of shopping lines, you are positive to fall in love with this city. However, Singapore is much more than the summation of its countless attractions. It is on a straight path to constant expansion, reinventing, and reimagining. Whizzing in and around this passion-meet-possibilities destination is quite effortless. Thanks to its efficient and widespread transpiration facilities. This island keeps becoming more trouble-free to explore with new metro-lines practically opening in the span of every 2 years.

Capitalising on its varied attractions, Singapore’s neighbourhoods offer a stay that you will long cherish. If you are worried about finding that perfect neighbourhood for an exceptional staycation, we got you covered. Here, we have enlisted our top picks on the best places to stay in Singapore.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay
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Home to some of the city’s most distinguishing architectural emblems, a visit to Marina Bay is definite to torrent your senses. Easily accessible by the means of Circle MRT Line, getting here could not have been easier. As Singapore’s most desirable spaces, it is home to towering structures like Mariana Bay Sands and delightfully durian-shaped boulevards.  Overlapping Central Business District, it is safe to say that while in this neighbourhood, you are never far from the action. With its dazzling illuminations, uniquely designed hotels that touch the sky, and other jaw-dropping attractions, you will fall head over heels in love with this part of the city. However, if you ever feel intimidated by the skyscrapers, do not dither to walk along the picturesque riverside esplanades. These are highlighted with inventive statuettes that escort you faithfully to Marina Reservoir, where you will doubtlessly come across attention-grabbing sights. This includes colourful kites flying high, kitschy dragon boat races, and if you are in luck, even hearty musical performances.

As the biggest frontrunner in the unprecedented expansion and development of the city, it is doubtless that Marina Bay is the de facto nucleus for people visiting Singapore. Many of the preferred attractions here are centred in and around Marina Bay Sands complex. Come to the Merlion, you will find this mythical symbol to be quite impressionistic- this half-fish half-lion structure is representative of the modest beginnings of the city. Not to forget that this is also one of the most societal and sought-after photo-op. Approach nightfall, the Gardens by the Bay becomes brilliantly illuminated with a kaleidoscope of hues and brightens up the whole area. This stunning futuristic park features oversized bogus tree structures that continue to wow endless parades of people.  Spanning across a total area of 50,000 square feet, the ArtScience Museum is another proud landmark you must not miss.

The multiplicity of attractions here would not be inclusive without the prominent Merina Bay Sands Casino and Singapore Flyer, which have easily become Singapore’s icon worldwide. Apart from the enticing options mentioned earlier, the area is jam-packed with fun and fascinating activities. All of this contributes effortlessly towards the complete spectrum that lures diverse visitors to flock to this spectacular spot every year.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road
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Named after the bounteous homestead orchards that formerly spanned across the area, this neighbourhood has fast transformed into a swanky quarter lined with commercial centres and mini-marts. From hosting Singapore’s oldest department store to luxury shopping haul centres, this neighbourhood is certainly a one-stop destination for getting all that you fancy. Getting here would not be too much of trouble considering the MRT lines conveniently link the district with other major parts of the city. For upscale fashion splurging, waste no time and visit ION Orchard, an expansive luxury staple area. If you are seeking more of an artistic blend with your shopping spree, then the outre –designed Orchard Central is best. Another fashion-forward mall that lures huge crowd with its constant deals and discounts, is 313@Somerset.  After shopping, you can always dine at the food courts at these malls. From hipster cafes to restaurants that serve international fares, you most likely will not be disappointed.

Although it is largely admired for its shopping scene and quality finds, this neighbourhood has plenty to offer other than being a shopper’s dream paradise. For that, we highly recommend venturing outside the mainstream into the less-explored side streets. Amongst them, the Emerald Hill Road is greatly admired for insanely scenic architecture.  The Singapore Art Museum is renowned for housing some of the most talked-about contemporary art. The National Museum of Singapore is the most well-known national monument in the city-state. Here you can see the many rich art collections that reflect on the nationalistic history of the city. After much hustle and bustle, head on to The Ishtana, a regal landmark that boasts of lush greenery.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island
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This man-made island is replete with featured attractions that are tremendously entertaining. Easily reached through a compact bridge that starts from central Singapore Island, this island is legendary for its massive Resorts World.  We highly recommend paying a visit to this neighbourhood, especially if you are visiting with family.

Amongst the prime attractions, the gigantic complex of white-knuckled rides, live movie shows, and exciting Hollywood sets, the Universal Studios is a frontrunner. Its vast dimension along with its brilliant portrayal of cinematic and geographic history lures great crowd.  This island is also famed for its confounding number of manmade expansions and developments that have transformed the face of the island to that of an astounding conurbation. This includes beautiful synthetic beaches that have faultless white sand (all of it imported from nearby Malaysia). At the Sentosa Beaches, the tourists will find plenty to do- from casual lounging to splashing around in the shallow sea.

If you are feeling adventurous, add to your already never-ending list of attractions, this forename too- the Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore. Situated at the Resorts World, this water park has a wealth of fun rides and slides to gratify those who are fond of the thrill. Even if you are not doting of the huge rush of adrenalin, you will find many fun activities to keep yourself on the edge. Among the many fun rides, the Ray Bay and Rainbow Reef are admirable options. Next on the list is the Skyline Luge which superlatively makes up for half-attraction and part-transportation.  Although the island is predominantly manmade, there is a captivating bit of nature to see and experience. As bearing light to that fact, the Singapore Butterfly and Insect Kingdom house a huge collection of insect species. Positioned in a luxuriant and sultry background, there are ample shrubbery and blossoming flowers that build a genuine and realistic milieu. There are a number of gushing waterfalls which facilitate to cool the air. For a rather historical lookout, the ‘Images of Singapore’ is a museum you should not miss.


Chinatown Singapore
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Chinatown presents a jagged contrast when compared to the rest of the city. It is characteristically marked for its low rise buildings and a culture that rupture out onto the streets. Here, you can see the daring red and gold tenors that sprint through the neighbourhood. Yes, buzzingly active and ear-splittingly raucous, Singapore’s Chinatown appeals to both tourists and locals. With its classy cast-offs, hawker fare and whoosh eateries, history and constructions, this neighbourhood is a riot of tints. Formerly marking an enclave of the city’s Chinese immigrant population, no visit to Singapore would be complete without visiting this locality. Markedly known for its representation of Chinese diaspora, nowhere else is the

As an area that is extremely proud of its heritage, it has its remnants on display. For the culture vulture in you, visit some of the enthralling places of worship which form a tapestry of cultural diversity in the very heart and spirit of the city. This long-standing arcade is home to some marvellous architectural structures which are not to be missed. Some of them include the Budha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum( it is designed closely following central concepts of architecture in Buddhist and Hindu spirituality), Sri Mariamman Temple (the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore), and Masjid Jamae (colloquially refereed as ‘Periya Palli’, this mosque is significant for its iconic architectural style).

Whether you are someone seeking to explore the traditional culinary scene or a gourmand who find fusion and experimentation irresistible, this neighbourhood’s offerings are positive to sate your appetite.   For relishing Chinatown’s multinational gastronomic tradition, make Food Street your initial stop. The Al fresco stretch of eateries provides a smorgasbord of appetizing hawker food. For those seeking a more refined option, there are Michelin-starred restaurants to take care of that. When it comes to drinks, Chinatown has a number of lively bars where you can meet people over a tipple.

Little India

Little India Singapore
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With its many beautiful temples, world-class shopping, heavenly food, and other splendid attractions, it does not simply get better than Little India. This ethnic commune is one of the liveliest of its kind. Characterized by not-so broad lanes and a dynamic community. Quite opposed to the otherwise orderly Singapore, this neighbourhood can get a lot cluttered and chaotic at times. Blending the old and new, Little India definitely holds true to its name and presents a slice of India without losing on its veracity. Come to this area expecting the unexpected.

When in town, do not miss out on the opportunity to visit Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, which is one of the most ancient temples in the whole of Singapore. Dedicated to Goddess of Kali, this place of worship has stood the test of time (air raids of World War Two) and has gone into extensive renovation ever since. Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple is another historically significant temple. The Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple (also referred to as the temple of a thousand lights) is a Buddhist temple that showcases an assorted blend of Chinese, Thai and Indian styles.  Standing strong with its vibrant kaleidoscopic colours is the House of Tan Teng Niah, one of the few existing Chinese villas in the predominantly Indian retreat.

For shopping, head on to Mustafa Centre that has just about everything you will ever need. Open round the clock, it is not infrequent to spot visitors heading out after shopping in the wee hours of the night. For shopping, it does not get better than the Little India Arcade, an assortment of commercial spaces that trade all kinds of sundry novelties together with street food and intricate textiles. Another particularly prominent spot for shopping is the Tekka Centre, a vendor midpoint that makes available everything from household items to sacred paraphernalia. For grabbing a hearty meal, one of the best places to visit is undeniably Banana Leaf Apolo. It is renowned elsewhere for serving food on a banana leaf, a traditional custom popularly observed in the southern part of India.

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