Where to stay in Incheon

Where to stay in Incheon

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The beautiful Incheon is known as the third-largest city in South Korea and is mainly renowned for its industrial port. The coastal location, combined with its picturesque views and an endless list of activities, makes it favourable among tourists across the globe. The city holds a great variety of events, including festivals, fairs and conferences. Below the surface, Incheon is also known for its rich royal heritage, offering visits to many historically significant buildings built during the Goryeo era. For those tourists who are fascinated by the historical artefacts South Korea has to offer, you simply must pay Incheon a visit. With the combination of fascinating sights and humid climate conditions, Incheon is definitely a strong contender when looking for an unforgettable trip away.

Incheon is culturally and religiously, a diverse city of South Korea and believes in being secular. Thus, tourists from any particular can consider staying in any of the great neighbourhoods of Incheon. Apart from this city’s inherent historical culture, Incheon is pretty much famous for being home to some professional as well as semi-professional sports teams. Some of these sports teams that the tourists can witness include, Daemyung Killer Wheels( Ice Hockey), and Incheon Electroland Elephants(Basketball). Some of the infamous sports stadiums of Incheon are Yeonhui Cricket Stadium, Munhak Sports Complex, and the Incheon Football Stadium. Incheon is also a trendy destination known for its beautiful islands, marketplaces, shopping centres, sandy beaches, elegant dining places, colourful parks, as well as extensive cultural centres. If you want only to be a short distance from all these attractions, then you should choose to reside in Incheon’s most beautiful neighbourhoods.

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Songdo-dong Incheon
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This neighbourhood is known mostly for being the business district of Incheon. Songdo-dong is said to be a smart city that is also a part of the free economic zone of Incheon. There are many features that tourists can enjoy when they visit this neighbourhood, including the towers in the business district, of Songdo-song’s most unique quality. Aside from this, the two essential hallmarks of Song-dong are Venice’s waterways and Central Park of New York. All Tourists from around the globe come to admire the ethereal beauty of both structures. For those tourists who appreciate everything eco-friendly, this neighbourhood will definitely be a breath of fresh air. The serene and tranquil area of Songdo-dong is away from pollution and noise, giving tourists the best opportunity for relaxation.

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Jung District

Jung District Incheon
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This district is entirely known for being the centre of historical artefacts, monuments, and so many other attractions. Tourists who visit here find this neighbourhood nothing short of impressive. The cultural and historical heritage of the Jung District makes this neighbourhood so prominent to the other countries of the world. You can witness here the historical monuments that hold much cultural heritage and significance to the district of South Korea. Some of these monuments are Hongyemun gate, Dap-dong Cathedral, Anglican Church, and the Jayu Park. If you intend to stay in the Jung District, then you will never run out of accommodation options, as the area offers many boutique and state of the art hotels.

Jayu Park also called Freedom Park, is the most beautiful park residing in this neighbourhood. This park is known to be the first modern park in South Korea. This park consists of the famous statue of General Douglas MacArthur, which is a delight to see for most of the visitors. Very near to Jayu Park is South Korea’s infamous official Chinatown. Right at the heart of Chinatown is the Peking Opera Wallis, which is a fascinating sight to look out for. One of the main tourist attractions of the Jung District is the Jajangmyeon Museum, which appeals to ages of all kind. This museum displays some amusing facts about the delicacy that is Jajangmyeon noodles. For those who desire an alternative option, you can find a variety of golf courses here.

A highlight for many who visit the Jung District is the opportunity to take a stroll along the seashore and admire the beautiful sunsets.

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Yeongjongdo Incheon
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Known for its beautiful rural landscape, sandy beaches, and green harms, Yeongjongdo is an incredible island in the disguise of a neighbourhood. Most tourists choose this neighbourhood to settle down mostly because it is situated close to the airport. Initially, this island was also known as Jayeondo island. This neighbourhood is one of the best places to stay in due to the wide variety of activities that the tourists can enjoy on this magnificent island. This neighbourhood is connected with a Bridge to other neighbourhoods and has a better transportation system. You can find some wonderful areas to sightsee on this picturesque island, including some great mountains, temples, beaches, parks, etc.

Right at this island’s centre is Bakeunsan mountain, surrounded by many highways. What makes this mountain unique is the presence of the Yonggungsa temple and the mystical water spring from where mineral water flows down the mountain. The prehistoric structure of this temple attracts visitors from all around the world. Tourists can find a certain solace visiting this site and can even get to witness the zelkova tree, which is almost 1300 years old. You can also visit the Yeongjong sky park with family, spending the day completing many interactive activities. In addition, you can experience an adrenaline-filled adventure on Mt. Baekunsan gliding range as there are some great sports activities around this place. For those who desire a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, the hot water spring at the bathhouse is the ideal spot to unwind.

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Wolmido Incheon
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The Wolmindo will offer you the best destinations spots to roam around and the best hotels to stay. This residential area is quite luxurious and allows access to all the beautiful features of Wolmido. For those travelling with family, this is the family-inclusive neighbourhood as there are endless sights for both adults and children alike. The highlight of Wolmido is often said to be the beautiful blue Wolmi Seohae sea.

The other incredible sights in this area that are favourable among visitors are the Wolmi mountain and the Wolmi traditional park, which are both equally breathtaking. They both offer excellent views of surrounding areas. Additionally, in regards to accommodation, many of the hotels are renowned for providing exceptional views and the highest quality service. Other attractions that are available to visit are The Arts Square, Meeting Square, Good Harvest Square, and Performance Square.

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Bupyeong District or Bupyeong-gu

Bupyeong-gu Incheon
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This neighbourhood will definitely give all its visitors a very lively and bustling experience. This neighbourhood offers you everything that you would be looking for- a vast underground market, where you can find several small shops with a variety of the finest goods to buy - right from clothing items, to make-up items, and so much more. The ultimate attraction of this neighbourhood is the vibrant concerts and cultural performances that are held at the Bupyeong cultural street. These performances last throughout the year and offer visitors both thrilling and unforgettable night.

There is also a great blend of historical significance and entertainment in the Bupyeong district. This district is known for its great nightlife with its luxurious, extensive bars and gourmet restaurants. The restaurants offer exquisite dishes, including a variety of cuisines and region-based delicacies. Alternatively, for fresh produce, you can also find a traditional market in the Bupyeong district, where you can get fresh meat and groceries.

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