Where to stay in Houston

Where to stay in Houston

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The state of Texas is known for one of its most popular cities in America- Houston. This fourth popular city of the United States engages tourists from all around the world with its most captivating surprises. The city experiences very hot summers but mild winters, which makes this time of the year extremely suitable for a visit. This metropolitan city of Texas lies mostly on the coastal plains with extensive grasslands, which makes this city quite appealing. Houston is the largest city in the United States with a cosmopolitan destination.

Being a cosmopolitan city, Houston has a lot more to offer than one can imagine. The city is known for its numerous ethnic neighborhoods. The coexistence of the traditional and sub-urban culture of Houston is an unsurpassed blend. This city’s diverse population belongs to various ethnic groups, making this city one of the most unique places to spend a  perfect vacation. Apart from that, Houston also offers its tourists a worldly experience and a great sophisticated quality life. This city will give you a lot to explore. This city is home to huge architectural buildings with historical importance. Visitors get attracted to the great nightlife and a shopping experience that Houston offers.

What people enjoy the most in this city is it’s exquisite art galleries and orchestra. There are countless museums of art ad science that can end up being a great learning experience for the families who visit this city. Most of all, if you are a foodie and love to explore for a place for its high-class restaurants, then you are bound to visit Houston. This elegant city bestows upon you the best culinary experience with its award-winning top restaurants. There are more than a thousand restaurants in Houston that feature the cuisines of more than 50 countries. To know more about this city, let us now explore its enthralling neighborhoods where you can definitely consider staying.

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Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston
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Known for thriving corporate offices and high-end properties, this neighborhood is the heart of Houston’s emerging business. You can witness here the magnificent high-rise skyscrapers. There are plenty of noteworthy buildings around this area like the Alley Theatre, Houston City Hall, Houston Grand Opera, One Shell Plaza. These buildings are some excellent examples of the artistic work of this district. However, that is not everything that Downtown offers you. This neighborhood can engage you in pretty amazing activities.

Downtown Houston predominantly is home to numerous public parks. The greenery around this area will unquestionably provide you with ultimate solace. Starting from the Tranquility Park, Sam Houston Park, to most importantly Discovery Green. Discovery Green happens to be the main attraction of Downtown and is a must-visit. The Sesquicentennial Park, a part of the Buffalo Bayou features Seven Wonders as well as the Big Bubble. This place can be a perfect place for you and your family to stay in. If you are in the mood of some club and cocktail time, then Market Square is the perfect area. You can also pay a visit to some of the theatres around this neighborhood to enrich your culture. Also, make sure to visit the Heritage Society Museum, which displays many historical buildings. If you plan to visit this place, try the delicious tacos and fajitas from the restaurants nearby.

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Known to be as Houston's dominant shopping area, Galleria-Uptown welcomes hundreds of visitors who have a knack for fashion. There are more than 300 trendy stores and boutiques within this neighborhood. The urban surrounding of this neighborhood blends quite excellently with the wilderness of the parks. This serene wilderness is ought to give you a very warm and calm taste of the neighborhood. Tourists from all around the world can enjoy in this neighborhood a nice, peaceful stroll along Memorial Park.

This neighborhood offers everything you need - huge skyscrapers, fashion retailers, business towers, parks, and most importantly world-class fine restaurants. This area maintains a top-notch culinary profile as it offers you more than 100 diners. The courses, the cuisine, the wine - everything in these restaurants demands your presence in Uptown Houston. Some of the great towers that you can find in this neighborhood are the Williams Tower, the Williams Waterfall, Three tall buildings of Oak Place, Four Leaf Towers, and Saint Martin's Episcopal Church.

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If you are the kind of traveler who loves to experience all at once and looking for a neighborhood that can offer such experiences, then Montrose is definitely the one. This neighborhood and its community life slowly yet gradually grows on you. As we have already mentioned before, Houston is culturally and artistically a diversified city. When you visit Montrose, this diversity can be noticed. This place organizes for its visitors some live theatrical shows which take place at the Stages Repertory Theatre. You can enjoy watching live rock performances and standup comedies. All these things can surely crack you up.

The Art League Houston welcomes you for a great artistic experience. There are some great contemporary arts that are quite amazing to look at. You can also enjoy some wonderful walks along with the perfectly quiet street. After that perfect walk, you can hit any bar for a glass of beer so as to relax and have a great time. Montrose offers some great bars where you can enjoy some good quality cocktails. You can enjoy these high-class drinks alongside the best and cheap tacos that you can get here. This neighborhood confers numerous restaurants, cafe, and bakery that showcases cuisines from different countries. If you happen to love antiques and are fond of fashion, visit this neighborhood for sure. You will find plenty of fashion boutiques, where you can enjoy being on your shopping spree.

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Midtown Houston

Midtown Houston
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Midtown Houston is known for its stunning nightlife and its popular bars that can completely set your party mood. Located just southeast of the neighborhood  Downtown, this neighborhood is also popular for its brilliant art and theatre places. The artforms are quite contemporary and vibrant that gives you a fair knowledge about Midtown’s history. There are more than a few museums, one of which is the Station Museum of Contemporary Art. If you are in a mood to watch some great plays, musicals as well as comedies, you can catch them at the Ensemble Theatre. You can also enjoy some artistic performances at Midtown Park.

Houston Fire Museum is a great museum for your children to visit. It speaks about the history of the fire department of Houston, which is quite moving. Enjoy classy wine and cocktails at the top-rated restaurants around this neighborhood. It can be just a perfect evening for a date with your partner. Midtown Houston is the kind of neighborhood that certainly knows how to engage its visitors with some live concerts- rock or hip-hop. Elizabeth Baldwin Park is a beautiful place to spend with your family. You can enjoy the contrast of wilderness and at the same time the tranquility of this place. You can even arrange an exciting picnic under the shady and beautiful oak trees.

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Greater Heights

Greater Heights
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Greater Heights is often referred to as The Heights or even sometimes Houston Heights. The architecture around this neighborhood is surely one of its best features and holds much historical significance. The other features that Greater Heights is its hippy style shopping stores and the excellent restaurants that are out of the world. The streets of Greater Heights can give its visitors a 19th-century historical essence. Visit the White Oak Music Hall to catch some pretty amazing musical performances under the clear blue sky.

The experience that you can gather from this scenario can definitely give you the best ever feeling. Apart from that, Greater Heights can offer you the best nightlife that visitors find to be very exotic. This neighborhood has the most excellent parks and the green environment can soothe your soul. Some of the Greater Heights parks that you can explore are Halbert Park, Donovan Park, Lawrence Park, Love Park, Milroy Park, Marmion Park, and Montie Beach Park. Alongside strolling along with these green spaces, you can also enjoy hiking and biking along the trails. For your early exercises, you can jog around the trail of Heights Boulevard.

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Clear Lake City

Clear Lake City
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If you are looking for an affordable neighborhood in Houston, then this should be your first choice. Apart from being affordable, this area is quite a safe place to settle in. Clear Lake City will give you everything that you might be looking for in a neighborhood. The residents in this neighborhood are culturally quite diverse and are family-friendly.  Clear Lake City belongs to the bay area where the tourists can get access to the Trinity Bay and Clear Lake waterfront. This settlement is what makes this neighborhood so attractive to the thousands of tourists who visit this place. Clear Lake City is also home to many high-rated schools and Universities.

When in Clear Lake City, make sure to visit the Space Center Houston with your kids. Here, they can enjoy exploring the Mission Mars exhibition as well as the Astronaut Gallery exhibition. This can help your kids to gather enough knowledge about space. You can also spend a peaceful afternoon with your family at Armand Bayou Nature Center, where you can find children’s discovery area and hiking trails for the amusement of your children. Enjoy a wonderful cruise ride along the Galveston Bay and spend a delightful evening with your partner.  This neighborhood is a perfect place to be with your kids. Entertain your children by taking them to the Putt-Putt FunHouse.  As the name already suggests, this place offers many fun activities such as rock wall climbing and bumper car rides. Also, you should definitely try out the different flavors of Pizza here. It is a must!

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Sugar Land

Sugar Land
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Another suited neighborhood for the kids, Sugar Land can assure you a safe and affordable stay. This neighborhood happens to be the largest suburb of Houston. It organizes various community events, which are a treat to watch. Public schools in this area can be found in plenty and are rated quite high. There are innumerable activities that can be enjoyed in Sugar Land by the tourists who visit this neighborhood to spend their vacation. You can take a nice comfortable walk around the neighborhood and enjoy visiting some upscale shopping malls or restaurants. You can find this mostly around Sugar Land Town Square.

Take your kids for a tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and visit the butterfly center and the planetarium. You can also enjoy the exhibitions that take place in the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery. This neighborhood, however, doesn’t disappoint even baseball lovers. Sugar Land happens to be the home to Sugar Land Skeeters and you can enjoy a good game of baseball. You can also be entertained with a Safari and a Splash night. Moreover, Sugar Land offers you with some adventurous activities like biking and hiking. If you love music, then you can catch a live concert at Oyster Creek Park’s amphitheater. Pizza and waffles are the ultimate comfort food that you can get here and honestly, they are the best!

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River Oaks

Known best for being a great shopping center and excellent art galleries, River Oaks is the most luxurious place to settle in. You can be amazed to find some ultimate fashion boutiques, which can be perfect for your shopping. Visitors enjoy a great orchestra in this neighborhood where conductors from all around the world organize a beautiful symphony. You can enjoy golfing at the golf courses for your entertainment.

River Oaks is also known for the River Oaks Park where you can play tennis in the tennis courts. You can click pictures around the famous pumpkin carriage that reminds us of the carriage from Cinderella. Some other parks around this neighborhood are the Homewood Park, Ella Lee Park, Del Monte Park, Rebecca Meyer Park, Pine Valley Park, and Sleepy Hollow Park. These municipal parks can be wonderful for your evening stroll with your family.

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