Where To Stay In Daegu

Where To Stay In Daegu

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An important centre for the electronics industry, Daegu is the fourth-largest city in South Korea, which is also known as "Textile City". This is because, apart from the electronics industry, the textile industry flourishes here as well. These are the primary economic sources of this city. Another prominent feature of Daegu is that the city has a comfortable humid climate that is subtropical. Daegu is also known for hosting some popular sports events like the FIFA World Cup, the World Masters Indoor Championships, and the World Championships in Athletics.

Many interesting local legends and stories are associated with Daega, which attracts many visitors into this city. These stories are mostly considered of great historical importance. Surrounded by many low mountains, Daegu offers numerous cultural places and sightseeings that are quite divine. This inland city is South Korea's most diverse city and is mostly famous Gatbawi or the Buddha stone. In the beautiful neighbourhoods of Daegu, you can find many Buddha temples, where you can relax, unwind and spend a calm and peaceful day.

A large number of Buddha followers visit this city mostly in search of finding such peace and serenity. The neighbourhoods of Daegu offers the safest and the most exciting experiences, where you can have a pleasant stay during your vacation. In some of these neighbourhoods, you can also find a few memorial halls, where the tourists pay a visit to be a part of some exciting lectures. Additionally, there are also some great market places, old buildings, and small old villages around the most popular neighbourhoods of Daega.

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Jung-gu / Jung District

Jung-fu / Jung District Daegu
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This beautiful district covers the entire Daegu downtown area. This neighbourhood even includes the districts of Seo-gu and  Nam-gu towards the west and south parts of Daegu. Both these districts are essential neighbourhoods and offer a vast contrast of activities. This neighbourhood holds the prosperous historical and cultural past of Daegu. The tourists who visit this place are always quite intrigued by its historical incidents that took place in the past. This residential area has been emerging as a mighty business zone over recent years.

There are also many luxurious hotels to reside in that can give you the utmost comfort. Apart from this, you can also find a number of shopping centres in the Jung District of Daegu. The two principal market places of this neighbourhood are the Seomun and Yangnyongsi markets. The Seomun market is a famous market in the Jung District and is traditionally a street market, which includes around 4,000 shops. There are many textile shops in this market where you can buy the highest quality and highly fashionable fabric materials. You can also find the famous Chilseong Market of Jung-gu where you can purchase beautiful, contemporary furniture. For the bookworms, there is the Daebong Library, which has more than thousands of different genres of texts.

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Dalseong-gun / Dalseong County

Dalseong-gun / Dalseong County Daegu
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This county occupies the western and the southern part of Daegu that lies along the magnificent River Nakdong and shares an integral part with the Dalseo-gu or Dalseo District. The tourists who visit get to witness the unique truck farming which is practised at an extensive rate in Dalseong-gun. You get to learn a lot of facts about truck farming, which is often referred to as a market garden. This garden is both aesthetically pleasing and produces a wide variety of different flowers, fruits, as well as fresh vegetables.

All these fresh fruits and vegetables are used in many of the restaurants, something which is to no shortage in Dalseong-gun. You can enjoy a wide range of cuisines made in these restaurants with the fresh vegetables produced on the farms. Tourism is known to play a significant role in the advancement of the economy in this district. Vast amounts of tourists come to stay and spend their vacation in this neighbourhood when they visit South Korea. It is impossible not to be impressed with the picturesque landmarks that this area has to offer. Two of the beautiful monuments of the Dalseong District are Naengcheon resort situated near Paljoryeong and Biseulsan. You can experience a tremendous adrenaline-filled adventure near the Biseulsan mountain. Enjoy a excellent trailing experience along the Paljoryeong mountain pass, taking in the beautiful views of the stream.

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Duryu-dong Daegu
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This neighbourhood is a part of Dalseo District, which, in turn, is also a part of the district of Dalseong. This neighbourhood is located in the western part of Daegu city and is known popularly for its famous Duryu Park as well as the Woobang Tower Land, home to E-World and the Daegu tower. Most of the tourists who visit Daegu during their vacation period should definitely consider staying in this neighbourhood for the opportunity to be close to these two sites. This area is all both family-inclusive- you can visit this incredibly beautiful neighbourhood along with your children as they will love the scenery out here. The Woobang Tower Land (E-World) is an infamous amusement park of Duryu-dong that is located on the beautiful upland hills of Duryu-san, round in shape. Tourists can witness the radiant blossoms that grow around the Daegu Woobang Tower Land.

The next best sight that this neighbourhood offers its tourists is the very famous Duryu Park. Tourists who visit this place are often quite astounded with the facilities that the park offers. You can find a large swimming pool for those who wish to take a relaxing dip, playgrounds that can be used for various purposes, a big roller skating rink, many tennis courts, a baseball as well as a football field, and Buddhist temples. These temples are located on the Cathedral pond-Oseak fountain and the grounds and are visited by a large portion of the tourists who come to this district. This park is also known for its scenic surroundings. The tourists who come to this park during the spring and autumn time, get to spot the blooming of the cherry blossoms that look absolutely divine. This park also organizes several concerts and festivals that are enjoyed by the tourists.

The flying lantern festival and the body-painting festivals that take place in this park are fascinating, radiant, and colourful. As a matter of fact, there are a whole lot of other activities that the tourists can enjoy around this neighbourhood. You get to view over 133 plants and tree species in this park, allowing the opportunity to appreciate and be at one with nature. Additionally, for those wanting to save money, look no further as hotels in this neighbourhood are very reasonably priced, allowing tourists to have an exceptional trip away without the extortionate expense.

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Suseong-gu / Suseong District

Suseong-gu / Suseong District
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Located in the southeastern part of the city Daegu, Suseong-gu is an incredible neighbourhood to stay in. This neighbourhood is known for being a prosperous place where you can find the district of hagwon, a rather extensive area. This district is considered to be slightly up-market, making it a real treat for tourists who do not mind the extra expense.

The main attraction of Suseong-gu is the beautiful turquoise Suseong Lake. The Lake offers natural aesthetic beauty which captivates the hearts of all those who visit. The serenity and tranquillity the Lake offers to tourists are just one of the reasons why it is so favourable. You can spend the day taking a stroll along the Lake, taking in its beauty and soaking up the sun. The other two attractions of the Suseong District are Yongjibong and the Sincheon riverside park. This neighbourhood offers some great restaurants as well that are high-end and provide the best quality cuisine. Whether you are travelling solo or with a loved one, the river park is the perfect destination to spend an unforgettable evening. One of Suseong's most convenient qualities is its location, allowing effortless and efficient travel from one area to another.

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